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Blackstar LT Dual Distortion Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • Scotty W
    from Lawrence, KS February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Live and studio musician for 30+ years

    OD/Distortion Nirvana!!!

    Yes, 5 stars and truly blown away! Like most of us guitarists who've been at this for awhile, I've owned more overdrive or distortion pedals than I could count. All the standard TS clones, the boutique high $$ pedals, the cheap old standards (BD-2, DS-1) and still never got to where I was satisfied, that is until now. This new Blackstar unit sounds amazing and doesn't change the basic, inherent tone of my guitar. OD to distorto, it's all here in a well thought out layout. This thing is cheap compared to some of the others I've tried and will be a permanent part of my rig moving forward. Thank you BLACKSTAR!!!

  • Nathan
    from Denver Colorado May 18, 2015Music Background:
    40 years singer/songwriter/guitarist roots rock & country

    Half & Half

    Did some recording for a friend of mine. He had just bought this, unwrapped in box, said take it home, it's yours. Thanks, Phil! I really wanted to love it, and I do... to a point. My take: The "hot" channel (2) is great. I play a lot of classic country so I don't really have, or need a Marshall-y distortion sound, but now, whenever I do need it, it's there. It sounds like heated, cranked-up tubes to me (tested through a tiny solid-state practice amp, no less); plenty of Brit sizzle, not too harsh. Then: The "clean" side (1) is not quite as impressive. There is a bit of low end loss (I thought ALL overdrive pedals had cured that by now), a bit mid-rangey and you can't get a completely gain-less boost. Not really a problem, though, the cleanest boost you can get is still quite usable, just wish the level could go up a bit more and the gain could go completely down. Separate tone controls would have been nice too instead of "ISF" whatever that does. (Actually, it is subtly audible, but I think they could have just pegged it to the "Brit" side.
    All in all, though, a pretty fine pedal. I've paid more for a boutique 2-channel OD that sounded comparatively crappy; as a gift I'm thrilled. Would I pay full price for this? Depending on NEED: yes.

  • Jim
    from Sicklerville, NJ June 20, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro, gigging musician

    Does what it says it does

    To start with, reviews for these kinds of things are subjective. One persons treasure is another persons trash. This one, to me, falls in that nebulous middle region. It works and delivers some good sounds, and I really like the way you can set one channel different from the other. Helps when soloing to punch the Ch.2 button for more volume and gain. BUT...In the end, I ended up replacing it with a Boss OD-1X which sounds better...to me. Best way to go is to go listen to it live somewhere and if you like it buy it here. You probably wont find it cheaper anywhere else! It certainly is built like a tank, so if you like it, you'll probably have it the rest of your life.

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