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JBL LSR4326P Pak Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • AJ Becerra

    I just bought a pair of these for my studio, and WOW!!! My mixes have NEVER sounded better! If you're in a room that is less than perfect, you NEED a set of these monitors. The RMC that is built in to these is top-notch and is so valid for the spaces we mix in. I have used many "high-end" monitors before and NOTHING has translated the way these do. I can finally trust my mixes!!

  • Yuval Fuchs

    These monitors are a dream come true. Just hold the mic up in the middle of your room and they will recalibrate themselves based on your room's acoustical deficiencies. What's more, they actually come with an RTA mic in the box! But even more importantly, putting aside all of the bells and whistles, they just sound phenomenal.

  • TS
    from Nashville, TN December 12, 2009Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer.


    I purchased these monitors from David M at Sweetwater, got them in two days hooked them up, calibrated them and WOW..! In-fricin-credible…! Tight, full, round and the best center image I've heard maybe ever. The best 1k I've probably ever spent on my studio. If you are lost in the HR-824 wash or just not able to focus your mixes from lack of a perfect room stop reading this and buy NOW..!
    I would recommend these to my Best Friend. Matter of fact… I did.

  • Matt
    from Georgia March 31, 2008Music Background:
    Recording, mixing, mastering

    18 months later and still impressed

    I originally rated these shortly after I got them. However I just moved into a new room that is well treated, and I was blown away by these speakers all over again. Harmony vocals in particular seem to really come alive in these. I am hearing things that I really haven't heard before in some of my CD collection. Very impressed, still loving them I have the sub with them and it works great.

  • Leon Smith
    from Oklahoma City, Ok August 8, 2007Music Background:
    Formal education in classical music, over 40 years in broadcast television. Current job Special Projects Director for Public Television network for Oklahoma

    Great value

    Bought mine over a year ago. First project to mix was Purcell Opera for television broadcast. I was set to spend more for the Genelec 8040s but over the past year I have become a fan of the JBLs. We have Genelec 1030As in all our rooms at the station and have bought the 8040s for our new HI DEF rooms and they are OK but if its my money I much prefer the clarity of the JBL. Don't have the sub yet, the 4326 have enough low end in my studio at home(bedroom) and in a nearfield situation they seem just fine. The opera and all the other spots I have mixed at home have translated very well to broadcast and have not had any surprises when I hear it on the Genelecs.

  • Buck Anderson
    from The Swamp lands of Louisisana October 10, 2012Music Background:
    Ol' Pro

    Great sounding near fields

    My Sweetwater rep turned me on to these and I am way happy with em. Once you set em up and run the calibration Mic on em U R dun .They are way clear, and if you will set em up the way they ask you to, I don't think you can beat em. Nice tight lo end and very clear top end. The size is perfect for smaller rooms. They tend to sound better as you move em out from the wall. I think they say like three feet that may be tuff for some due to room size but they start gittin fat at around eighteen inches.

  • Terry
    from Bloomfield Hills MI May 8, 2012Music Background:
    Performing solo artist, new to home studios

    Perfect for My Use

    Ideal for my needs. My studio is presently set up in one room but will have to be moved eventually. The room adaptation setup system (complete with its own microphone and reference tone generator) is perfect for what I need. Using them for everything out of my computer and hearing things in well known tunes I've never heard before.

  • H Anderson
    from Washington DC December 12, 2011Music Background:
    Professional composer, videographer, documentarian

    JBL nearfield monitors a solid value

    A solid investment wide stereo field well-suited for desktop monitoring professional outputs. Monitors are well-constructed and of professional quality.

    Although room calibration may be arguably unnecessary (most rooms require notching around 50Hz), given that the purpose of monitors is to be confident of system outputs, this is a nice touch .

    System control software is OK but not great.

  • Matt
    from Georgia, USA March 14, 2007Music Background:
    Mastering Engineer, also doing Recording and Mixing. Musician

    Worth Every Penny

    Forget all the hype about "RMC Room Mode Correction" - these speakers are fantastic even without it. The RMC is a bonus that may or may not be helpful for you depending on your room. These speakers sound very linear and flat. Mixes translate well. The stereo imaging is fantastic. The subwoofer is smooth and even and it sounds more like a full range stereo system than a 2.1 system. JBL has done a fantastic job in getting quality suitable for mid-level mastering studios into a project-studio priced package. I would highly reccomend them. And yes, the RMC does work.

  • Clinton Jones
    from Hollywood, CA USA January 24, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Post-Production Mix Engineer/Editor

    Junky But Loud

    I'm becoming less of a fan of JBL products. First of all, the reference mic included with these speakers isn't that great so your room calibration is nowhere near flat. The room calibration for these monitors masks the fact that the mids are scooped and the low end is pushed up so that test material sounds good for a few seconds.

    Second, the tweeters are horrible - not smooth or ear-pleasing. The woofer is ok and can handle a decent amount of bass but still a sub will give you the best overall sound with these monitors.

    For the price, you can get Blue Sky's, Focal's or DynAudio speakers that sound much better and have a true flat response. I would give these 1 star except that I'm reserving that rating for the models without the room cal mode.

  • eastwestaudio
    from new york city August 3, 2006Music Background:
    motion picture sound design, recording engineer

    check out the dynaudios

    if you are considering these or the 4328s, i highly recommend ab-ing them with a pair of dynaudio bm5a's. the imaging of the bm5a's is so distictly better, and you can actually hear the high's.

    i tried doing the rmc calibration in my appartment and noticed little difference in the sound with the JBLs. they're not for me.

  • Mike Roe
    from IA USA May 13, 2006

    Fun to listen on

    I replaced my Mackie HR624's with the new JBL's recently. The bass on these is very tight and authorative. There is a noticeable improvement in transient response, as well. This speaker is very user-friendly, with all of it's advanced features. Setup is a snap. I'm very happy with them!

  • SingleTrackMind
    from Borneo side of Malaysia May 9, 2006

    God sent

    I had to repair my Mackie HR824s and after listenig to many types from KRKs to Dynaudio I settled on these JBLs. My home studio has a eiwrd room shape with one side open and one side partially walled. The Room Monitor Calibration was a cinch to set up and execute. It's just a great sound with no false coloring. It's god sent and just amazing technology. I have hear the future. I am selling my Mackies after I repair the tweeter on one side.

  • big biziness
    from la ca March 1, 2006



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