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JBL LSR305 5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 179 customer reviews
Questions about the JBL LSR305 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the JBL LSR305 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Derek Senestraro

    The JBL LSR305 monitors are fantastic - and a great value. I like them so much I just bought my wife a pair for her office!! They translate mixes well and just sound legit. Tight low end and very accurate mids. Hard to believe they are so inexpensive!

  • Cody Kraus

    No single addition to my home studio has made a greater impact on the quality of my mixes than JBL LSR305 studio monitors. They deliver an accurate representation of low end that I can trust will translate to consumer playback systems, like my car and home theater setup.

  • from June 4, 2017

    Best Studio Monitor

    My sweetwater sale engineer recommended these monitor to me and omg best investment I made in a long time. The sound quality from these has me blown away and the low end on these aren't lacking. The low end is nicely balanced and a good amount. If you have the money I would 110% recommend them.

  • from Detroit, Michigan May 27, 2017

    Flatscreen TV Speaker Upgrade

    I bought four JBL LSR305's for my mom for Mother's Day. I used two for the kitchen flatscreen TV, and two for the living room flatscreen. My 95 year old mother was amazed that now she could really enjoy great sound AND the ability to understand all the words that she lost with the flatscreen's internal speakers !!

  • from May 16, 2017


    Great speakers, great price.

  • from April 29, 2017

    As good as everyone says

    Shocking how good these sound. I've listened to (but not mixed with) the Rockets and the Yamaha. In this price point the JBLs blow em all away. Very clear and neutral sound. For home studio budget monitors these are perfect.

  • from Charlotte, NC April 26, 2017Music Background:
    Film/TV Composer. Re-recording Mixer.

    Still scratching my head.

    For several years I've mixed surround projects on JBL's LSR 25p satellite/LSR 12p sub combo. It's a THX pm3 approved system, and our film and TV mixes have consistently translated well. But unfortunately, this line has been discontinued. So when when another LSR 25p went south on us, we found ourselves short of enough satellites to mix 5.1 in multiple rooms simultaneously. (My stereo near fields are Focals.)

    It's hard to imagine anyone plugged into the pro audio community who hasn't at least heard of these LSR 305's. So what the heck, right? I'm thinking, "At this price, I'll pick up 5 and see how they do."

    They have less power than the LSR 25p's, so I needed to recalibrate my subwoofer. And I quickly took advantage of the -2dB high frequency roll off. Having done so, I dove into a couple of days of listening to familiar material and old mixes.

    So why am I still scratching my head? Because I still can't figure out how a monitor this inexpensive can be this good. Do they compare to other high end monitors I've also mixed on? Of course not. But the difference is less than it has any right to be at this price.

    I'm researching other, more high end options as a long term solution. (The Neumann KH 120's or forthcoming JBL 705p's are on my radar.) But in the meantime, I'm getting my work done efficiently and my mixes are holding up. What else can you ask from a monitor speaker?

  • from Chicago, IL April 21, 2017

    Great set of speakers

    I almost ordered the 8" ones, but opted for these to save a little money. Much larger than I expected, so for that I'm glad I didn't get the 8" model. Couldn't be happier with the sound. These sound great. Was thinking of adding the subwoofer down the road, but the bass output is so good I might skip it.

  • from North Carolina April 18, 2017Music Background:
    Studio owner and pro musician.

    Great Second Set of Monitors for Studio

    Great addition to my other set of monitors. Allows good comparison to my M-Audio M-8.

  • from April 12, 2017

    The best

    Excelent monitors

  • from Boston, MA March 27, 2017

    Bought 3 Pairs

    I was building my studio and was told to only go with the Yamaha's 3 years ago. When I went into the store I was told there are some new JBLs that came out. When I tried them, I never looked back. These speakers are so clear, direct and loud when needed. I really cannot imagine any other speakers right now. I also have the Rokit 8 but the clarity of the LSR305 is awesome. It came to a point where i just started buying them for around the house. Watching Hi-Def movies with these sound ridiculous great. My last pair I got the Limited Edition Red (Glossy), smooth. If you pick these up guaranteed you will not return them.

  • from Nebraska March 13, 2017

    Speakers like being at a live concert

    These JBL LSR 305 speakers have the best sound that I have ever
    heard from a computer. I listen to you-tube performances of classical
    music a lot. And the sound is just like I was at the actual concert
    and for many You-Tube performances it is just as if I was sitting
    right next to the performer.

    Like I said in the review for the cables that went along with these speakers,
    I am a newbie to sound production. My expertise is getting beautiful sound
    out of a piano. I had no idea what speakers to get for the Creation Station
    I just got. But that was no problem --if you do not know ask and you
    have an answer.

    Anyway I really thank Sweetwater for helping me set up a real
    music studio. Soon I will be doing recording of my own performances
    and compositions.

    Thanks so much Sweetwater for making my journey to producing music
    possible and actually relaxing and fun

  • from January 13, 2017Music Background:

    Just what I needed

    I listened to these JBL's, KRK 5's, and even the yamaha HS5's, and the JBL's are fantastic especially for this price range. The bass is tight and doesn't have the mid boost like the yamahas. A clear winner out of the three in my opinion

  • from Atlanta January 12, 2017Music Background:


    Andy has been a great help since I've shopped with sweetwater. Always has gave great recommendations and is very knowledgeable about his products. Definitely has made me a loyal customer. And the jbl monitors are doing their job. Thanks to Andy and the sweetwater family. Always grateful

  • from Seattle, WA January 5, 2017Music Background:

    Great sound!

    The monitors put out some amazing sound for my recording setup (Logic Pro X and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20). My mixes are sounding great, and taking very little time to get them there. Word of advice for a cheap fix to a common studio monitor issue... put a couple of yoga blocks under these speakers to eliminate the unwanted bass boost from your desk, and you'll be golden without spending hundreds of extra dollars on stands or isolation pads.

  • from Rogers, AR January 5, 2017

    Accurate monitors

    Just got these, and I've only remixed one recording, but it's clear that I've needed this kind of accuracy all along. I'm very happy with these, and I'm glad Stephen Oppenheim steered me toward these when I was about to order something else.

  • from California January 3, 2017Music Background:
    Synth player and song writer

    Crystal Clear Monster Monitors

    I expected these to be good but it's diamond clarity absolutely blew me away! I began to hear new little nuances like subtle hi hat delays and clearer reverb in old songs. I get lost just listening to music which is priceless. My synthesizers sound like beasts through them too. I don't need to apply distortion to them anymore to get unique sounds. Just the clean dry synth oscillators alone are harmonically interesting by themselves running through these monitors. I have had these for six months and I am so happy with them. I thought I'd need the Lsr308s but these are powerful enough. I am gonna spring for the sub woofer later although these do tremble the table. And as always, Nick LaMendola was spectacular at helping me out in finding the right products!

  • from South Eastern MI January 2, 2017Music Background:

    $300 Very Well Spent

    I've had these monitors about 2 weeks. My only regret is not getting them earlier. Since then, I've gone back and mixed some material that I recorded a while back. My mixes on what I had been mixing on prior to purchasing these didn't translate on other systems nearly as well as the fantastic translation that I am getting with these monitors (same tunes). Are there better studio monitors? I'm very sure that they are, and if I were working in a perfectly tuned room with $50,000+ worth of acoustic treatment, and doing pro audio for a living, etc., I would probably spend several thousand dollars on a set of monitors with better specs. However, that is not reality for me. My reality is that I am a hobbyist musician/working stiff on a budget, working in a room that is far less than perfectly tuned. Nonetheless, I am getting some great results and I am very pleased with my purchase. I think anyone on a budget...or even not on a budget, can't go wrong with these. I hope this helps. God bless.

  • from Bellevue, WA December 24, 2016

    Excellent Studio Monitors!

    I love these monitors, they are excelent for listening music or as reference studio monitors. I bought them two years ago and it is probably one of the best purchases in my life. These monitors work very well with a Yamaha Mixer MG10XU and with a Steinberg UR44 Interface.

  • from Houston December 5, 2016Music Background:


    I try not to sigh when I hear people talk about how GREAT a certain brand of studio monitors make their tracks sound. Transparency from reference monitors is the key -- not sonic enhancement. I've been doing this a while and needed a small pair of near field m's for a project. I've been spoiled contracting work in larger commercial studios. Most guys bring their own into a mixing environment, but I've been around my fair share of "nice monitors." I knew what I needed, but wading through the all the hype at this price range seemed crazy. I was able to locate waterfall prints for these and 3 other brands in the same price range. I could tell just by auditioning a few brands in the big box stores which brands to cross of the list. After I finally got a hold of the waterfalls I took a chance on these JBL's. I could not be happier. Transparency is excellent and allows me to get right on point with my reference mixes very quickly.

  • from Miamisburg, OH July 24, 2016Music Background:
    guitar player, computer streamer

    Love IT

    It"s just what i need for home studio along with the LSR310 subwoof. Thanks to my sales engineer and sweetwater for all the great advise

  • from Indiana July 18, 2016

    Excellent Small Studio Monitors

    I am using the LSR305's in a small bedroom studio. I am blown away by how flat they are. I compared them to several other models at Sweetwater HQ. In the 5" range for this price I don't think you will find a better speaker. If you are worried about bass response due to lack of front porting like I was, rest assured, these are more than fine in the bass response department. They are mostly flat which is what you want.

  • from July 16, 2016


    So, one of my Focal Solo6 speakers had an amp die on the midrange, and I had to send it in for repair. Though that was truly disappointing, I picked up the cheapest thing Sweetwater had, in order to hold me over while the repair was in progress.

    Short story, I'm amazed at what these JBLs can do, and once I get my Solo6 back, I plan to A/B them. Honestly, I'm hearing things that I did not hear with the Focals, and I spent plenty of time getting the Focals positioned as good as possible, yet very little time doing anything with the JBLs.

    Time will tell if it's just a euphoric sound, and not actually accurate. I'll give them another week and check back in... FOr now, I'm stunned by what a $300/pr of JBLs can do..

  • from June 9, 2016Music Background:
    Classical pianist; radio

    Excellent Quality and Price

    Our radio group bought a set of speakers for a small FM studio. They're excellent - very nice sound quality, and the price is very reasonable.

  • from Northeast Ohio May 2, 2016

    JBL LSR305

    Speakers generate a full sound for their size. Sound is natural and without coloring either the highs or lows. These speakers produce great bass for their size ( It would be interesting to see how the LSR308 compare). Build quality seems good and solid. Speakers do not have RCA jacks on them which could be a disadvantage for some users.Only down side might be the fact that the volume control is on the back. This could be a disadvantage if your input does not have a readily available volume control. Thanks to Sweetwater for quick shipping and a great purchase

  • from BROOKLYN, NY April 28, 2016Music Background:

    best monitors i ever purchased

    these monitors are the best...i chose these over the krk rockit 5. Very satisfied , you hear every thing very crisp sound .

  • from Mexico City April 1, 2016Music Background:
    Mixer & producer

    Amazing lil guy

    Wow. This lil guy it's amazing. The ratio between quality/price can't be beaten. I'm used to work with different brands and studios across town, from krk, Samson and m audio to barefoot, atc and amphion. This monitor is simply just great for my lil control room, tight bass with punch and definition (without rumble due the small woofer) the highs are clear and without any ear fatigue even listening for long period of times (taking breaks every hour) the kids are very neutral (acu ally the whole range is very clear) and this babies translate my mixes very well....from time to time I start a mix in my studio and then move to finish into another room with some really high end monitors like barefoot and the jobless m2 and I have not any issue with this.

    The stereo field And sweetspot is huge... Great for being able to adjust my rack hardware without loosing my sweetspot. This are really why the 3series is hard to beat, definitely I recommend this guy even if you have a bigger budget to spend ($1000 usd pair) so save the $700 and get some analogue toys

  • from Nevada March 15, 2016

    JBL LSR305

    I sampled quite a few different monitors in this class, including Yamaha HS5, M-Audio BX5, Mackies, to name a few. And I kept coming back to the LSR305. So I took the plunge and got a pair. When I got them home, I was blown away by their sound. I do compliment these with a Cerwin Vega 10" side firing sub. I also put these JBL's on some IsoAccostic stands. I've never had such a fuller and more clear sound to my mixes! My room is about 15'x15' and these speakers are plenty loud for a room this size. I was considering the LSR308 pair, and I'm glad I didn't get them. They would have been way overkill. If you are seeking a pair of studio monitors that won't kill your bank account, give these a strong consideration. But as any serious producer would know, you have to hear them first. Trust your ears and go with what sounds best to you. But these speakers are top notch and give a very nice representation of your mix. And you definitely can't beat them for the price. In fact, they sound like they cost about twice as much. Hope this helps!
    Happy Listening!

  • from February 12, 2016

    Improved Mixes

    I upgraded to these JBLs from a pair of M-Audio BX5s. I thought the BX5s sounded pretty good (and they do) but I found it hard to judge the low end and you have to be right in the sweet spot to get the highs. This was making it hard to get a mix that translated well to other systems.

    I swapped in the JBLs and the first thing I noticed was how well I could hear the low end. The sweet spot is so much wider too. There was a very real improvement on my first mix. I am finding that my mixes translate very well to everything I play them on. I'm very happy with these.

    I have read reviews where people say they hear noise even when there is no sound. I don't have that problem. If I get within 3 inches and the room is completely quiet then I can hear some hiss. But at any distance greater than that they sound dead quiet.

  • from Holts Summit, MO January 27, 2016

    Great workstation monitors

    For the price, I don't think I could beat these. I am using these at my workstation for editing - not hard core studio use. Very clean, well balanced, and these have a great stereo image.

  • from Omaha Ne January 3, 2016

    LSR 305

    A few comments on these speakers. I really like them alot. Bought them for a computer station and they work VERY well for that purpose. Having used JBL Monitors before (4406,4408, 4410, Control 1,5, 4312 and 4430) I can say with confidence that these have an excellent sound. I am not using any eq whatsoever, just what comes out of the stock HP soundcard, an old DC7800 minitower. For me these speakers are just so easy to listen to, they just kinda disappear. Moving around a bit I can hear each speaker pretty much equally. I don’t turn them up much at all, don’t need to. I saw on some other reviews a mention of background hiss, mine are silent as far as I can tell. I bought a second pair of the limited edition red ones, @ $99 each its a no brainer for me. The only thing I added was 2 longer power cords (10ft) as the factory cords were a little short for my application. I fully intend to watch for when the companion sub goes on sale, I am sure it will be a nice addition. All in all VERY happy with these monitors. Also Sweetwater gave excellent service and contacted me right away about my purchase.Thanks JBL and Sweetwater for an excellent product and buying experience.

  • from December 25, 2015

    Best Quality for Price

    I finally decided it was time to get studio monitors after only using headphones for producing. I was a little familiar with JBL's monitors and didn't even know they made monitors in this size honestly. So I went out on a limb and decided to try these out and the price was fair for the product. Now I use these just about every second of every day for producing and mixing and I'm glad I decided on these. The sound is very flat and natural no added bass like some monitors in this price range have. The only thing I would even think of needing is a subwoofer and that's if I had to think of something negative to say about these monitors. You can't go wrong with having a pair of these in your studio!!

  • from NJ December 25, 2015

    Really fantastic monitors!

    Bought these for my recording class at a school where I teach. I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but these are top notch monitors. Nothing on these will hold you back from making a great mix. I like them so much I plan on picking up another pair for my own studio. Highly recommended!!

  • from Stamford, CT December 2, 2015


    I loved these monitors as soon as I heard them. They are nice and accurate sounding with just enough low end in a smaller package to deliver a great mix. I thought the LSR305 might not have quite enough bass, but these worked out very well. Highly recommended!

  • from USA November 24, 2015Music Background:
    I produce various types of music ranging from death metal to dubstep. Guitarist, vocalist, drummer, DJ

    Great first monitors!

    I researched for a few weeks before deciding on which monitors to get. I was looking between these, some M-Audio ones, and of course the ever infamous, KRK Rokit ones. I decided to go with these and they have been so great to me. Got a JBL LSR310S now as well and it makes a world of difference. Put some IsoAcoustic isolation stands under them as well and they are outstanding.

  • from Palisades Park, NJ October 13, 2015Music Background:
    40+ year Tone Chaser

    Best bang for the buck hands down!

    I am amazed at the quality and sound of these monitors. I really do not think its possible to find anything better in this price range. Furthermore, I would put these up against more expensive monitors in a $500.00 price range. Super clarity, excellent bottom end, I could not be happier with these.

    I am running them into a new computer rig build using a switchcraft into my mobo in stereo and everything I throw at them is just amazing. From music, recording, video, and gaming they sound fantastic.

  • from Atlanta, GA September 22, 2015

    All Hype and All Worth it.

    Incredible speakers to say the least, and I can confidently say this having owned them for a year now. The detail and clarity on them is amazing for the price point. The sound stage/imaging they produce is very good. I'd go so far as to say that they are arguably the best deal in their price point. They get plenty loud, particularly if properly connected. They hardly ever get warm, even when left on for hours. They are also pretty light for their size.

    Yes, the hype is real with these.

  • from Polemeni September 1, 2015

    These Speakers Changed the Way I Mix

    Coming from KRK's these monitors have made my mixes a million times better I can actually hear if I'm mixing the vocal right when referencing other tracks because the vocal sits in the tweeter when you get it right. I rarely have to travel back and forth to check my mix I just let my ears rest and work for about a week continuously on making a song sound good on these and then I have a finished product.

  • from Murrells Inlet, SC August 9, 2015

    Great monitors

    Great sound-crystal clear!

  • from Los Angeles July 13, 2015


    Just superior in transparency to any speaker in its class.

  • from OHIO July 10, 2015Music Background:
    Broadcast, Keyboard musician

    Great nearfields

    The bass response from these little guys is wonderful when used as nearfield monitors. In fact, the whole audio spectrum is nice and clean. Quite frankly, I think they challenge my pair of JBL LSR308's. I would gladly buy another pair of 305's--or 308's. Both are hard to beat in their price ranges.

  • from Missouri July 6, 2015

    JBL 305

    These speakers are the best I have ever had! They are far better than the Bose speakers I have. I have them in my kitchen and I am thoroughly enjoyed listening to streaming music through my ipod touch.

  • from Chicago June 24, 2015Music Background:

    Great Studio Montiors

    All around great sound quality. What sold me to get a pair was the:
    -Frequency Spectrum
    They have a good flat response. Built well too! There is some hiss when the volume is up so I recommend either adjusting the volume to 50-70 and some balance cables. Would recommend.

  • from Lakeland Fl June 8, 2015Music Background:
    Musician recording artist Recording Mixing Mastering service

    Sound way better than they have a right to

    I was really blown away when I started working with these monitors in my studio the accuracy was simply amazing they sound as good or better than many monitors in a much higher price range the affordable price tag on these JBL 305s is truly the icing on the cake! They really do sound better than they have a right to for this price.

  • from Hattiesburg, MS June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Live Audio (FOH)

    Very Pleased!

    I've had my pair for about week, and they sound great even in a less-than-ideal location without acoustic treatment. I can't wait to get them set up properly in the home studio I'm building. I chose this model based on the reputation of JBL and the numerous stellar reviews, and all I can say is that it wasn't just hype! I love the rich response, and the flexibility offered by the trim filters. For an entry level monitor, I don't think I could be happier!

  • from San Diego June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Playing music for 40 years and engineering in the past 9 years

    Sounds really good!

    I bought a pair to use as near field monitors for my home recording. Sounds quality blew me away. Highly recommended.

  • from May 28, 2015

    Can't beat them for the money

    I just got these speakers last month, and I'm amazed how great they sound. No need reading tons of more reviews; these are your next monitors. They made the new Star Wars trailer sound incredible.Best purchase of the year! Get you some!!!

  • from Texas May 17, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Enthusiast

    Fantastic Addition

    I was looking for two more JBL active studio monitors to augment my existing JBL LSR2325P monitors (which have been discontinued) and came across the LSR305 series. I've had my LSR2325P monitors for over three years and they have really sweetened up over that time. The new LSR305's sound, response (though a narrower range) and the quality of construction are every bit as good as the LSR2325P's. The cone surrounds on the new LSR305's do not appear to be as stiff as the LSR2325P's, so they already have a very full sound to them. When you couple those attributes with second-to-none Sweetwater customer service and a great price, it makes for a very sweet deal.

  • from Winter Springs, FL USA May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Former Audio Engineer (retired)

    It's that Classic JBL Sound!

    Years ago, I did recording engineering work in studios equipped with the now-classic, JBL 4310 monitors - the "grand daddy" of today's modern compact studio monitors. The 4310 was renowned for its clarity and solid imaging, with just that extra bit of "JBL brightness" in the midrange. Today, I find my new LSR305's offer very similar sound quality to the classic 4310's, but at a substantially better price.

  • from Las Cruces, NM May 11, 2015


    I was originally gonna buy the krk 5" monitors because my uncle has a pair, and they sounded awesome, but when I saw the ratings and read the reviews for these jbl's...I decided to get em and man was I happy!they sound Amazing with deep punchy lows, accurate mids, and smooth highs. Sweetwater will always be my go-to place for anything music. Thanks!:D

  • from April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Sounds great

    Using these speakers with an Apogee Duet 2 and wow the sound quality is amazing. One of the best setups I have heard in awhile.

  • from April 22, 2015


    I have used several pairs of monitors the LSR305's are the best I've ever heard. I'm blown away. Great pair of monitors, they perform and are affordable.

  • from March 27, 2015

    Amazing value

    I do not think you could find a better value, for the price they are astoundingly good. I was worried they would not have enough low end response but was very pleasantly surprised. they dig deep for there size and not just deep but also clear. The highs ar just as good with very good clarity, when I first got them they were a little harsh but have since mellowed out and are very pleasing to listen to now. Overall they are just a great sounding monitor at a great price.

  • from March 26, 2015Music Background:
    Senior Sound Engineer and Sound Designer in local theater for over five years.


    I've been using these studio monitors for almost 2 years now and they are great. We bought a pair of them for the sound booth in our theater and they are very reliable and sound great. I just rectally purchased some for my home use because of their quality. The quality with the waveform design is great. I was amazed about how loud these little guys can get and not loose their sound quality. On-top of all of that the price really makes the deal, you can't get the quality for that price anywhere else.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI March 4, 2015Music Background:

    GREAT output and response

    These have been great replacements for a 5.1 THX surround system, as a changeover in the studio to near-field accuracy vs. FX. They are not completely neutral - you still get a bit of a lower-end bump characteristic of that JBL sound - and, I love them. In fact, because of their small footprint, the lower end seems to balance perfectly with all frequencies. Get the MoPAD to decouple your monitors from your workspace. In our studio - running the full Sony Pro suite of products - we couldn't be happier.

  • from Jasper, TN March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Broadcast Engineer, Production Engineer, Recording Engineer, Radio DJ

    Excellent for Recording, Broadcast, or any application

    I've always been a fan of JBL, but have been known to use some of the lesser-priced competitors with good luck. On a recent studio build I found these JBL active monitors priced even lower than the set I was looking at originally, so I went ahead and bought them. Honestly -- if they were $100 more they would be worth the money! There's a LOT of quality sound in these studio monitors! JBL has always blown me away, but these gave me a whole new respect for the quality and sound that JBL has perfected through the years! Honestly, these monitors have convinced me that I will stick with JBL from here out and not cut corners!

  • from Orange County, CA February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Composer, pianist, artist, producer, mix and mastering engineer

    JBL, you really need to charge more!

    I bought these monitors as an extra set, specifically for referencing against my award winning Adam A7X masterpieces. I am blown away with the clear and focused midrange these display. I'm also baffled with how JBL can charge so little for such a high end product. These blow away all competitors in this segment and many above. Dont waste your time and money with other brands, these are the benchmark in this low cost segment. I must admit though, I wouldn't give up my Adams for these, but if I had a low budget I'd do all my mixing on these happily :-)

    Great job JBL! Great recommendation Nick LaMendola

  • from Vincennes, IN February 14, 2015

    Blown Away!

    These monitors are simply, Amazing! The sound quality is so incredible, you'd think you just bought $1000 speakers, but they are only $150 each! I have these paired with the LSR 310S, and I am just in awe of the quality. JBL has really out done themselves!

  • from Elizabethtown, PA February 13, 2015Music Background:
    Recording engineer, singer/songwriter

    They are the SWEETEST!

    Being old school, I have always relied on audio manufacturing names that I have known for a long time. I just had to try these small, but powerful studio speakers out. They delivered clean uncolored sound in several different rooms. Don't be fooled by the small size, because they deliver a big accurate sound. All the different tones in my recording came through just as i had recorded them, The price range on these are a steal. Big bang for your buck.

  • from Mason, OH February 11, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Amateur Recording Engineer

    Great studio speakers!

    I decided to upgrade my set up. I have been using a pair of Rolands KC-150 keyboard combo amps with an iKey sub (10") as my main monitors for the room. I use a pair of 4" Fostex on my desk.
    The Rolands are bulky and the way I had them set up were not very appealing to my wife (and you know how that goes). So, I sold one of my Rolands and did some research. Found a comparison video and it came down to 2 choices: this one or the Yamaha HS5. Based on the video comparison, the JBLs were truer to the sound of the original mix; plus $50 cheaper per speaker, lighter in weight and 11 W more powerful. The Yamahas are smaller (a plus) if I need to replace my desk monitors.
    Sweetwater delivered the speakers the next day I placed the order.

    All I can say is WOW!!! What a difference!!!! So much clarity, definition. coverage uniformity. I am sure my mixes will be much better from now on.

    I am extremely happy with my selection!!

    Now I know what I will buy if I need to replace my little Fostex as my desk monitors.

  • from Vincennes, IN January 16, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer and PA Installation Tech

    Blows my mind!

    I was going for something cheaper, but with great quality sound, and these little guys do NOT disappoint! They completely blew my mind with the quality coming out of them. Everything sounds tight, and the bass is just perfect. It really exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to add the LSR310S to these. If you are looking for high quality monitors for a low budget, you can't go wrong with these!

  • from Kaysville, UT December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Singer, Songwriter, Weekend Warrior of Live Sound

    Compares to twice it's price!

    I've had these speakers for a year now and I did a lot of comparing, as we all do, before buying these speakers. What sold me is the sound quality, to my ears, was similar to the KRK VXT6, the ones that are a step up from the Rokit's. I was never a big fan of the Rokits but did like the VXT's after hearing them in a friends Studio. When I heard these and found out how affordable they were it was a no brainer. I was quite surprised because normally you pay a premium just to have that JBL logo but they've really made quite the exception to that practice with these speakers. There was just nothing in it's price range with the same sound quality, even when compared to the beloved online Chinese store where first name rhymes with Bono (as in lead singer of U2) and last name rhymes with Price (-:. My home studio is a small (12ft x 9 ft) room so the 5's work really well. If you have a larger studio then go for the 8's, but not because of bass response because the bass is surprisingly good, but rather volume. The 5's volume is just right for me, but I think I would want more in a larger room, however part of that is due to my Scarlett 2i2 which is notorious for having very little gain. As far a bass response, I get plenty with these little guys in my small room. Before buying them I figured I would eventually get a sub to pair them up with but not anymore. No need for more bass in my setup. The 2nd thing that sold me on these speakers is their wave guide. Since I don't have the most professionally treated room I liked that their wave guide would give me even sound dispersion without me having to sit perfectly still. This is not a gimmick. It really does work, and it does it well and I'm not normally a fan of horn style tweeters in a home setting. So far mixes have translated really well and if you can't make a good mix on these speakers then it's not better speakers you should be looking for. Honestly, the only reason to buy something else, in my opinion, is if you can afford something not twice as much but at least three times as much so that you actually get something that truly is better than these.

  • from Omaha, NE December 1, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Symphony Musician, Bassist


    I researched 5/6 inch driver (8's were too big for my room) studio monitors for quite some time before I purchased these. The reviews do not do them justice! They are better in the studio than I could have imagined. The soundstage is excellent, frequency response is actually pretty accurate! I didn't expect to be feeling fundamental @50-60Hz but having spent my life in that frequency range I can tell you it's not joke. These are excellent nearfield monitors, I would recommend them to anyone.

  • from omaha, NE November 2, 2014Music Background:

    mighty mites

    these little fellers are WAY better than i expected. and sweetwater's service was ridiculously good. thanks!

  • from Florida October 31, 2014Music Background:

    JBL L SR305 Monitor's beyond expectations

    Fantastic monitor's. These monitors are way beyond what I expected.
    I bought them based on other reviews and they did not disappoint.
    Love them.

  • from Hawaii October 23, 2014Music Background:

    wow very surprised with these

    wow these monitors are no means cheap performance. At first, I was hessitant in going along with these pair for our AV room at church but much consideration and persuasion from others and weighing out the benefits between much higher price point monitors in the 5" and 7" I went along with these. I love the fact that the round ports are in the back not front which is a plus for me.
    Am so glad we decided on these which in turns save the church $800 from what i was going for. My goodness amazing clarity and definition . pretty accurate for its price.
    Can't go wrong with these. definitely adding a pair of these and LSR308 to my Mackies HR824mk2 for my home use and referencing. Really the spec and sound is just mind blowing.
    I can see future LSR305mk2 version of these adding power switch in front or power auto sensing switch on these and i think this will definitely blow out the competition in it price range. "Watch out" new standard are in town. JBL surely nailed it with these monitors.

  • from Moultrie, GA October 8, 2014Music Background:
    None, I just listen...

    JBL LSR305

    I upgraded my desktop speakers from M-Audio AV40's to the JBL LSR305's. I feel the M-Audio's are one of the best values vs. sound available, but the JBL's have much better clarity and are not quite as bass heavy as I found the AV40's to be (personal preference.) They also have a much larger "sweet spot." Their performance is much better at lower listening volumes. They are larger than the AV40's and cost over twice as much, but I would recommend them if your budget will allow. I am using a Scarlett 2i2 to an Apple computer and iTunes. I have no point of comparison to the competition in this price range and based my decision on two things. Forty years of satisfaction with JBL speakers and a lengthy discussion with Richard Whittington at Sweetwater about my listening habits and budget. If you are just a "listener" I highly recommend the JBL's, but, more importantly, recommend that you talk to Richard and the Sweetwater staff for prior to purchase.

  • from Miami, FL September 22, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer

    Super Good

    i really love the sound out these here. it have nice bass. mids and hi

  • from September 19, 2014


    These speakers are fantastic!

    They don't have as much low end as the LSR308, as expected, but they produce incredible sound. These would make awesome surround speakers if you have the space. I have a pair of LSR308s in my living room and I'm trying to find space for the LSR305s as surround speakers. My LSR305s are currently in the bedroom acting as TV speakers.

    JBL has an INCREDIBLE value product with both the LSR305 and LSR308!

  • from September 15, 2014

    Wonderful speakers

    Was looking for a more compact, yet highly capable desktop speaker set up. I originally used to have Swan M200MKii but they were so large that when I moved to a smaller desk I had to take these speakers out to the the living room. After doing a lot of research I ultimately decided on these speakers due to the widespread positive reviews (I had originally planned to just get a smaller pair of Swans).

    I'm thrilled with these speakers, and in my opinion they're much better than my Swans ever were. The details are unbelievable and the bass is wonderfully tight and coherent. After about a week I went ahead and also got the isoacoustic stand for these guys, and the sound improved even more. For the longest time I've sworn by headphones, but these speakers have me putting my cans aside more often than not. I highly recommend these, especially if you can purchase them at the buy one get one 50% off deal that I got.

  • from Los Angeles, CA September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer/Guitarist with a home studio

    Sweet Monitors

    I rarely give 5 stars to anything, and I should also say that I have a friend with a professional studio and I have no idea how these would fare in there. But for my little studio, I am blown away. Because of the room I have these too close to the wall, and I am sitting too close to them. But even so these guys totally disappear and I am left only with the music. Mixing on these has yielded terrific results. I am shocked at how good they sound for such a low price point.

  • from Batavia, IL September 8, 2014Music Background:

    Great Monitors

    Sound is excellent and the price was absolutely right with the buy one get one half off deal. I was also amazingly impressed with the amount of post sale followup by the the assigned Sales Engineer, Phil Potts. Will definitely look to Sweetwater's now for my future musical needs.

  • from Dripping Springs, TX August 2, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, part time recording engineer

    Great for home studio

    For their size, these speakers are surprisingly good. Lots of bass response and great high end. And they don't take up a lot of space. I have been exceptionally pleased.

    And speaking of pleased, I can't say enough about the customer service I've gotten from Sweetwater. My sales engineer, Dave, has been extremely helpful, and even caught a mistake I made in my order when I ordered the wrong size isolation stands for these speakers. I will do business with these guys all day long. Best customer service I've encountered anywhere. Seriously.

  • from Brooklyn,NY July 30, 2014Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Best Moniters out now

    i was going to get the KRK Rokit until my sales engineer told me about the JBL LSR305. So i bought it and when i hooked it up i was amazed by the quality and sound of this monitor. I recommend getting this monitor its well worth the money.

  • from Andover, MA July 7, 2014Music Background:
    amateur musician, performer (bass, keyboards)

    Is it live or is it LR305?

    Great monitors at a great sale price. It's the acoustic equivalent of looking through glass, regardless of the source genre you're listening to.

  • from United States July 4, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound small bands

    JBL the best

    best speakers I've had for my home stereo the kids love them too

  • from cin ohio July 3, 2014Music Background:

    great speakers

    excellant speakers.

  • from KC KS Region July 3, 2014

    Excellence at an Attractive Price Point

    True to the avalanche of good reviews on multiple websites, JBL have excelled in providing excellence at an attractive price point.

    The LSR305's are already integral to my mixing - Reviewing previous "final" mixes revealed aspects that needed attention that had not been evident.

    These are beautiful monitors to listen to, and a joy to work with.

  • from Los Angeles June 24, 2014

    Fantastic Sound

    Really full, balanced, rich sound, These are amazing speakers, at an incredible price.

  • from Omaha, NE June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Musician, Student

    Deeper than KH 120s.

    I overlooked these so many times until I finally heard them at a local GC. I recently just had a pair of Neumann KH 120s in which indeed sounded good. But in all honesty, these sound better to me, which shouldn't be right because Neumann is supposed to be top notch right? They sound deeper of course b/c of the frequency response, but the high end sounds exactly like, if not better than the Neumann's. These JBL's really are everything they're pumped up to be. I really had no idea about anything that JBL sold, let alone, I had no idea about the brand period. Don't be like me and underestimate a product because of the brand name. These sound like thousand dollar monitors so just go ahead and buy!

  • from Stillwater, MN June 5, 2014Music Background:
    Church musician; pro audio engineer; some recording

    Great little monitors

    tl;dr - good extension for small cabinet; great linearity.

    Some recording/production work has fallen into my lap, and my previous monitoring solution obviously wasn't going to cut it. I pulled the trigger on these after quite a bit of research. Here were my main criteria:

    -extremely low amplifier noise (after a few feet away you can't hear it, even in a silent environment). We are talking like 35-40 dB SPL; well into the noise floor of any recording.
    -VERY linear frequency response on-axis AND well-behaved as you transition off-axis. Google for the response charts.

    I'm not too concerned with max output as I'm using them as near-fields.

    Also, I went for the 5 versus the 8 because I didn't think the extra 10 Hz of extension was worth a total of $100 in extra investment (especially considering you really need the sub if you want to go deep).

  • from South Florida May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Former Pro, now hobbyist.


    I have been mixing my recordings on a very good set of computer speakers with a sub woofer. Recently, I had a few of those recordings mastered for a CD. After I received the mastered recordings ( with complaints from the engineer), I decided to bite the bullet and try these monitors. I could not beliieve the difference. My existing mixes were terrible with the EQ all out whack. With these monitors I was able to completely change the sound and mix on my recordings, and could hear things that I never heard before. Truly, the difference is amazing. Now I can really appreciate the capabilities of my Sonar Software and Plug ins. The new EZ Drummer 2 sounds better than anything I have ever heard. I used JBL Century L100s in the 70's. Why I changed brands is a mystery. Yes, they do live up to the hype.

  • from May 1, 2014


    Peter my sales rep recommended these in about two seconds once I told him what i looking for, for what purposes and my price point. These are better than others I've heard in the price range and even those more expensive. And of course sweet water 2 yr coverage is must for me now.

  • from Portland, OR April 18, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Recording Engineer.


    Why didn't I do this before? These speakers are awesome. The reproduction of sounds, the power, even for not so small studios, great; the imput choices the power adjustment very convenient. The size and the quality of JBL make these active monitors a perfect must for a personal and professional studio. I bought 5 of these for my surround recordings. Very happy with them. And, of course, the knowledgeable assistance and cordial qualities of Sweetwater makes the purchase even better.

  • from Phx , AZ April 18, 2014Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter, Student Engineer

    JBL LSR305 5" love'n em

    It's easy to think you have good speakers, until you get real monitors.
    NICE !!! I'll never try to mix without them again.

  • from Napa Valley, CA April 16, 2014Music Background:

    What a value!

    Based on all the reviews here, including those from professional sound people, I decided to purchase a pair for my home-computer DAW. I could not be happier. The bass response is the best I've ever heard in this size of monitor: crisp and punchy and unmuddy. And there is a noticeable transparency through the higher frequencies that allows me to hear every instrument more clearly than before.

  • from aberdeen, sd USA April 13, 2014Music Background:


    Superior imaging. No sub required. Other monitors I currently own: dynaudio BM6A, focal CMS50 and sub.

  • from Jonesboro, AR USA April 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Producer

    Fantastic monitor at any price!

    Over the 23 years I've been working in the studio I've used many different monitors--NS-10's, KRKs, Tannoys, and most recently Dynaudio. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dynaudios. But, when I ordered the LSR305's for a home mixing setup, I was blown away by their transparency and revealing nature. Also, the bass extension is extremely impressive for a 5" monitor. I'm very happy to have these as another mixing reference. Way to go JBL!

  • from NJ March 28, 2014Music Background:
    Recording/performing experience. New to DAW recording

    I couldn't be happier with these

    I've had these for a few months now, and I couldn't be happier that I chose them. I listened to every speaker in the 5" range, and these didn't so much have a certain overall sound like the others (Boxy, too bright, to much mids), but they just sounded great, period. Tight bass, good mids and clean highs, I just love listing to them (even movies). When I play back a mix on a pair of small computer speakers, they translate perfectly. To my ears, I have yet to hear anything better in this price range.

  • from Lacombe Louisiana March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Church worship leader

    LBL LSR305 monitor

    Sounds great, a great value for the price

  • from March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Amazing pair of monitors

    Bought these 305's on a budget for my home studio. Holy ****!!! These are incredible. They have so much truth and are precise as hell. These are worth at least $700. Top of line studio monitors for an amazing price. JBL never dissapoints.

  • from Philly, Pa March 21, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, music lover

    Great Monitors

    Received from Sweetwater very quickly and well packed. Love the sound you get from these near field monitors. Nice bass response and excellent sweet spot. Can't beat the value and price. Very much recommended if you want a great monitor reasonably priced. Buy these you'll be glad you did.

  • from Cleveland, TN March 21, 2014Music Background:

    Solid Solid!

    I really was blown away. I came up to Sweetwater campus and heard them but it was okay when comparing with the focals. When I desired to try them out and tested them in my space it was right on the money. I actually remixed a piece and was able to position some of the instruments better because of the clarity. Not too boomy and not to bright - Just a solid entry level piece.

  • from Michigan March 20, 2014Music Background:

    JBL LSR305 Monitors are wonderful

    The JBL LSR305 Monitors are wonderful,They look awesome, and they provide a nice flat accurate sound field in which to mix on. I use these in my small studio setup where my room size is 9x12' ft.
    I also use a Yamaha powered sub for more low end when doing final mix down. They actually have a very good (natural) amount of low end, but when mixing for final mixes it's nice to have the sustaining type of bass that a sub can provide at higher volumes.

    Sweetwater is by far the best place to get pro equipment , they are in a league of their own.

  • from FL United States March 17, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Student, Bassist

    Immediate improvement

    I spent a lot of time demoing studio monitors before I chose a pair of these but I was weary of how they would sound at home. After plugging them in, they sounded just as great as they did in the showroom. Amazing definition in the lows with a great top end. The quality you get compared with the price of the speakers is min-blowing and Katie was extremely helpful with the ordering process. Thanks again, Sweetwater!

  • from Portsmouth RI USA March 17, 2014Music Background:
    Recording/Mix Engineer

    Monitors that translate!

    I just bought a pair of the LSR305 monitors for my home studio and could not be more pleased with them. I have been having issues in the past with my mixes not translating and didn't realized before I bought these how much my old monitors where inhibiting my mixes. With these new monitors what you hear is what you get. these monitors are loud and clear and accurate.

    Based on reviews I went the 305s instead of the 308s. I'm mixing in a 10' X 12' room and these monitors sound great. Even for a 5" monitor the bass sounds great and I can get an accurate mix. If you're concerned about the power rating 41W LF/41W HF, don't be. These monitors a much louder and clearer than my old 75W LF/45W HF monitors. The imaging is fantastic. Not only can I mix better with these monitors but I can also mix much quicker.

    I can't believe how inexpensive these monitors are, I got my in Feb 2014 when Sweetwater had buy one get one 1/2 off sale. I was saving up to buy a pair of $1500 monitors but so glad I held out and got these. If you have a home studio and need monitors that can translate your mixes but don't have a big budget these are definitely the monitors to get!

  • from Lakeview, OR March 13, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and hobbyist

    Simply amazing!

    I needed to get a good pair of reference monitors but didn't have a big budget. At the advice of a good friend of mine, as well as Matt Adams from Sweetwater, I went with the JBL's. I am simply amazed by how great they sound! Tight lows, crisp highs, and everything in between, with great stereo separation. I would highly recommend these if you are on a budget. You won't regret it.

  • from Bedford, IN March 12, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, drummer, home studio hobbyist.

    Great Monitors!!!!

    I was in the market for an affordable set of powered near-field monitors, but didn't want to sacrifice quality for price. After a good deal of research I decided to get the JBL LSR305's, I can honestly say that they have not disappointed! They sound great and put out a very wide frequency range without over emphasizing any frequencies (bass, middle, treble) in particular. They can get nice and loud without falling apart and losing clarity, and have a surprisingly tight, deep bass response. I KNOW I made the right choice when I bought these monitors!! They look beautiful too!!

  • from Comstock Park MI March 11, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Monitors

    Excellent speaker for the price point. Plenty of base in the 5" size even for most recording applications.

  • from United States March 7, 2014Music Background:
    Radio engineer

    Excellent sound and quality

    You will be amazed! These little things put out a very nice clear sound. Great price point too!

  • from San Luis Obispo March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Musician


    I feel like I have rediscovered music after listening to these. I have been producing for over 5 years now and never felt that I needed an adequate monitor set up. After taking a recording arts class at a local college, I knew I needed some studio monitors. I looked around on the internet and was originally leaning towards the M-Audio BX5's. I came across a page that was promoting Sweetwaters sale on the LSR305's. I started looking up reviews and couldn't find a bad one so I pulled the trigger and bought a pair. After these monitors arrived at my doorstep, I set these up on top of some MoPads and was instantly blown away. I hooked them up around noon and kept them playing until about 10 at night. I just couldn't stop listening. Everything I play sounds so crisp and warm and punchy. This is the perfect studio monitor. They look pretty cool also. If you are in the market for a pair of studio monitors >$500, I would say either these or the LSR308's. Can't see how you could go wrong with these. There is no comparison between these and KRK Rokit5's. Look up the monitor comparisons on youtube. Buy these now and thank me later. Peace!

  • from March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Post Production - Sound Department.

    Tremendously satisfied.

    I'll be brief. I work in sound design for film and I woke up this morning and my first urge was not to go to the bathroom but to turn these monitors on and get to work. THAT'S how good and realistic they sound.
    On top of that I believe my sales rep Jason Koons and Sweetwater DEFINE what costumer service should be. I am very very pleased and can't think of no other store I'd go to buy my gear.

  • from Euclid, OH March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Beginners Bliss

    First off, let me thank my sales engineer Alan Miller for his more than outstanding customer service, overall genuine salesmanship and the referral to these very monitors. The construction of my bedroom studio is more than 75% complete (20 bass traps_ 2 diffusers to go) and let me tell you, there isn't a nearfield in existence for this price that will ever compare to the jbl lsr305s.

    I fired them up right out of the box, without any room treatment and they blew me away. The lows are tight and punchy even without any acoustic treatment, the mids and highs are very clear and pleasing to the ears. With treatment however, these monitors provide the flattest response without completely eliminating the warmth and fullness of sound that is typically pleasing to the ears.

    Basically, if you have a $300 +/- monitor budget, you'd better go with these or the 308's. Have fun, and may the force be with you.

  • from Boynton Beach, FL February 20, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Drummer, Composer, Song Writer, Lyricist.


    I didn't think that these small monitors would have more punch than my previous ones (KRK Rokit8). They sound Crisp, Bass sounds Clean and the quality of the sound doesn't go away where ever you stand. Amazing work by JBL, I Def recommend these. The best Monitors I have had in a while. (Better than Yamahas)

  • from Atlanta, GA February 11, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Great Studio Monitors At Any Price.

    These monitors are amazing for the price i paid for them,very detailed highs and mids although lacking in lows but that's to be expected from a 5 inch woofer. I'm hearing things in songs I've never noticed before, these things are honest, and thats what i needed most out of studio monitors.If a mix is bad it will sound bad,if its great it will sound great!!

  • from Grabill, IN USA February 11, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar, Hobbyist and beginning recorder

    Great Studio Monitors

    These JBL studio monitors are above and beyond what I expected! They are definitely great for a start up studio and would probably even work well in an experienced studio. The clarity of these monitors are to die for. If you are in need of monitors, these are the ones you need.
    Sweetwater's sales team directed me to these and they were right about everything they said.

  • from Princeton, NJ February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist recording, lve sound and mixing engineer and musician

    Asoishing litle monitor

    I assumed from some other reviews that these monitors would deliver clean, accurate sound with a good image and so-so-base response (even with a port, how much can we expect from a 5-inch woofer?)

    I was wrong in my assumptions on two accounts -- the stereo imaging is *really superb* (even outside of the sweet spot) and the base production is plenty, even for a dance mix. Unless you're looking for floor shaking, special-effects level subsonics, you won't need a sub-woofer. These monitors produce beautifully balanced sound across the entire spectrum, and don't take up a lot of space.

  • from NJ February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Recording, Live sound, Guitar.

    Love em

    I really like these. Great sound and a great price. They can put out a surprising amount of bass for a 5" speaker. The highs aren't harsh at all, and the bass sounds very tight. Best money I ever spent for my home studio.

  • from Woodstock, MD February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Smoking Good Monitors

    For the record, I have not been a fan of JBL studio monitors in the past. I have been away from audio engineering for about 15 years so when I was looking to re-establish a production studio, I knew I needed to get up to speed with what was out there. I spent the last several weeks deciding on a set of near field monitors. I come from the NS10 generation but really wanted a self contained amplified set of monitors. I visited a few places and listened to KRK (not good), Yamaha HS5's (nice), Alesis (not true enough for me), Genelec and these JBL's. I didn't want to spring for Genelecs or even a set of NS10's and when I heard these, I knew I didn't have to.

    All I have to say is if you don't buy these, you are nuts! These are so smooth they are scary. Very well defined and remarkably loud for their size. Once I got them into the studio I played a few well known tunes just to get an idea of how they color the sound. The answer - very real. I plan on getting my mixes solid, then going to a high end studio for final mixing. Once I do that, I will let you know how they compare to the mega bucks monitors.

    For now, I have no issue with tracking and premixing through these baby's. You simply cannot go wrong with these.

  • from Suffolk VA United States February 7, 2014Music Background:
    You name it I've done it!


    I was quite surprised at the clarity of these little guys! I had just done a mix and after hearing these I am remixing for sure! Thanks again to Ryan Murray, my sales engineer for turning me on to them!

  • from Perth Amboy, NJ January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Mine, none.

    JBL L SR 305 5" Active Studio Monitors

    This was a gift for my grandson for Christmas and when he hooked them up he called and said they were the best present ever. He said the speakers were so clear. He is big into music. He writes, raps, records, and everything else you would do in a studio, which he has. He also DJ's and performs. Stating all this just to show he knows his stuff and was very impressed with these speakers.

  • from Seminole, FL January 4, 2014Music Background:
    musician, performer and home studio fanantic.


    I am really pleased so far with these. When comparing a completed CD of 9 songs that I mixed and I am very familiar with these monitors neither added or took away nothing that I could notice. If there is is anything and I found it subtle, the bass is just a very tiny bit less but I can still clearly hear what is going on in the lower frequencies.
    They are not small in size, I couldn't imagine anything much bigger like the 308's fitting on my desk.

  • from Memphis, TN January 1, 2014Music Background:

    Great Monitors

    These monitors are a great addition to a home studio.

  • from December 26, 2013Music Background:
    Audio QA Engineer at Fortune 100 company, Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Composer

    Best of its class

    CONCLUSION: Went through KRK and Focal, I decided to give JBL a try. And guess what; I'm keeping them for good.

    I do composing as well as mixing for work/hobby. With enough savings I recently got a new, small and adequately treated studio to work with. It was time for a new set of monitors.

    First when I tested KRK, it was very smooth but felt as if they were designed to reveal flaws in aggresive manner. It just wouldn't translate well to the real world situations. Then I tried Focal CMS, it had somewhat relatively small sweet spot. They were very accurate and flat except highs. Unless if I bump up the volume, it was hard for me to spot background/white noise on vocal tracks as well as movies and other critical listening. I just couldn't justify the price/value for them.

    So I decided to go with a subwoofer + matching 5~6" monitors. I picked LSR305 thinking that they'd do 'meh-okay' job matching my new JBL LSR6312SP. I received them, plugged in and OH MAN!!! I just couldn't believe my ears. My jaw dropped. They definitely do not sound like a sub-$500 monitors at all. Wide stereo imaging with very workable lows and highs; they revealed white noise on vocal tracks as well as Hollywood movie mixes, even at adequate volumes. And the best part is that these translate very well to the real-world situations. I don't even turn on my subwoofer unless if I'm doing a critical mixing/monitoring.

    Compared to $1000 monitors, these tend to have little less details on lows and accuracy. But unless if you need a hyper-critical-listening-environment(7-digit budget projects) almost everyday, LSR305 will give you the trustworthy results. I think I'd have to spend $1500+ per speaker on my next upgrade to get a complete satisfaction over my current setup.

    To get the best results, make sure your room is treated and you have a good source (audio interface and cables) to begin with. I only needed a sub because my work status varies from indie-games to critical mixing and monitoring. If you have a small room, and not willing to spend more than $1000, I say LSR308 with no sub should be adequate.

    Finally, kudos to Tom Koch for the good service!

  • from Dallas,TX December 16, 2013Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Beautiful Sound!!!

    Wow, I just got these monitors and they sound amazing!!! The sound is really clear, the bass is really good for 5 inch woofer, and even though these are near field monitors, they sound really good a few feet away. These are my first monitors, so I have nothing to compare them to.However, they are awesome and I can't believe the price is so low for this quality!!!! I highly recommend these to anyone, especially if you're looking for your first pair of studio monitors and you're on a budget.

  • from Orlando, FL USA December 15, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Songwriter, DJ, Music Producer, Hobbyist


    I am a DJ/Producer and I was looking for some studio monitors for my apartment and my budget was around $150!for each. I bought the M-Audio BX5's and didn't convinced me, I took them back to the store and then I saw this big boys: 305's.
    I tried this guys and BOOM! just amazing. I produce dubstep and trap music so I was looking for a lot of low end however not a damp on it.
    My honest suggestion is: if you are looking for studio monitors with this price in mind, then I would say DEFFINITELY get this. No doubt. Trust me, you will be happy as I am.

  • from Parrish, FL December 14, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard and sound

    Nothing else needed

    It's pretty simple, Priced low, build well, looks and sounds great. It there anything else. I can't imagine needing anything larger then this.
    Highly recommended!!

  • from Detroit, MI December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Stop thinking. Buy them.

    Like many others I have shopped for studio monitors that could blend clarity in the highs and mids with tight, punchy bass on the low end, all while staying within a relatively small budget. I tested these monitors for 2 hours at a local Guitar Center.

    The competition: Mackie MK5mk3, Rokit 5, Yahama HS50, Tannoy Reveal 501A.

    Mackie - A little too much low end, lacked highs
    Rokit - Junk, artificial sound
    Yamaha - Nice, lacked a little low end, very bright but more expensive
    Tannoy - Too woofy, bass was not tight sounding at all when pushed

    I have owned Opals, Equators, Yamaha NS80s, and many more in between. Simply put, these monitors are the most accurate representation of sound in their price range. Nothing comes close. And all at $120/monitor? There's no reason NOT to buy these. I would recommend these to anyone on a budget (and anyone not on a budget).

  • from Cocoa, FL (near the space center) December 3, 2013Music Background:
    gguitar player, vocalist, songwriter, all as a hobby, not pro

    JBL studio monitors

    These monitors are wonderful. I would not have believed a speaker of such small size could reproduce such deep bass, and the detail and clarity is everything it should be. I have since added a JBL 2310 powered subwoofer, and the system now shakes the earth. Not with volume, although that is more than adequate, but in depth. This set-up delivers all the way down into subsonics. I would have to say that in the same price range, JBL is the best.. Also, there were some issues with noise, and Sweetwater totally took care of the problem in the most satisfactory way. Their customer service, both before and after sale, is second to none. I simply won't do business with anyone else for audio gear anymore.

  • from Newport News, VA November 24, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician and songwriter


    So, these would be considered entry level studio monitors? Incredible clarity and sound in a small package! I'm very pleased with this purchase!

  • from New Jersey November 11, 2013Music Background:
    Full Time Voice Over Artist

    Great sounding monitors at a great price

    As a full time voice over artist, when I was recently upgrading my home studio I wanted to get a great set of studio monitors. These JBL monitors were highly recommended by Sweetwater as a great value and a solid choice. They deliver! I would recommend them for anyone looking for great sound at a great price.

  • from Philadelphia October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Acoustic Engineer, Producer, Song Writer, Recording Engineer

    Amazing Sweet Spot

    I was skeptical about these monitors because of the low cost but they are amazing. The low end is ridiculous compared to the size the the high frequencies are just as nice. Being trained as a Naval acoustic engineer, I had to run some sweeps and i have to the say that the FFTs were pretty flat across the board. The mix translate well from these monitors very well, too. Not to mention that JBL's research in horn design does allow for a wide sweet spot.

  • from NY October 11, 2013Music Background:

    Bargain of the year

    Man, these things sound so much better than I was expecting. So much better than using cheap computer speakers. I have these connected to my computer using the scarlett 2i2. For under $500 I couldn't be happier. They sounded a little flat when I first turned them on. But when I flicked the treble switch in the back they really came to life. Solid construction. Only negative is the effect switches in the back feel cheap. The power switches are very solid though. And let me tell you the packaging is fantastic. These are double boxed in JBL factory packaging. Sound much better than the price would suggest.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK USA September 30, 2013Music Background:
    Home Studio

    JBL never fails!

    Super light weight, tight bass, clear mids and the highs never crack.

    These were exactly what I was looking for and I feel I'll never have to upgrade!

    I highly recommend saving your money for these if you're thinking about buying something cheaper. The difference in $200 studio monitors to the $300 dollar studio monitors is worth every penny.

    The only con is if you're tight on space, they don't make a 3 inch woofer model. A JBL LSR303 I'd assume. But that's only if you're REALLY tight on space, and in that case I'd just suggest headphones anyway!

  • from NY September 20, 2013Music Background:

    JBL LSR305

    These speakers are excellent. I combined them with a pair of IsoAcoustics stands. I have a small Cubase 7 / iMac mix station. I am now awaiting fame and fortune as the ultimate music mixer.

  • from Washington, DC September 6, 2013Music Background:
    Post Production Audio

    Great speaker

    Excellent for nearfield monitoring. I use them in a small room for audio post production, and get great clarity and fidelity in subtle vocal elements. Great bass fidelity too.

  • from Pennsylvania September 1, 2013Music Background:

    Great NF Monitors

    I've been working with the Behringer 2031's for quite a while and barely made it by on my mixes. I've upgraded in every part of my studio but the mixes still were not translating the way that I needed. I spoke with Matt Masek and htold him my situation and that I was considering new monitors. He said that they had recently A/B monitors running the Focale, the JBL's , and the Presonus. He said that they all have merit, however he was highly impressed with the JBL's because the sound was very superb at this price point. At his advise I gave them a shot and BANG, instantly I heard all of my problem frequencies in previous mixes. I was sold immediately. My wife and son heard the difference immediately too whos ears are not trained for that kind of detail. I strongly recommend these monitors for anyone who'd like to mix with ease and get accurate translation.

  • from May 9, 2017


    I love these speakers. All I really needed from them was: 1. to be able to enjoy listening to audio at my workstation 2. be able to hear basslines clearly and 3. do some very minor mixing. For the price, I hoped they'd sound pretty good but didn't expect the moon. They're the bomb! They sound great. I don't feel like I'm making due at all.

  • from Oakland, NJ April 12, 2017Music Background:

    JBL LSR305 Studio monitors

    I am using the JBL LSR305's in a living room set-up and the speakers are separated at approximately six feet and connected directly to a Marantz CD player. No volume control on the CD player so sound output for each speaker is balanced and controlled via the rear gain controls on the respective speakers. I was somewhat apprehensive to use this CD-to-speaker connection but it works just fine - must remember to turn gain settings on speaker prior to shutdown. The input sensitivity settings on the JBL's are set at -10dBV for consumer level gear and the output of the Marantz CD player is 2Vrms, which by my calculation translates to +6dBV output. According to the JBL on-line manual the maximum input level at -10dBV is +6dBV, so the output of the CD player is adequate to drive the internal amps to maximum output. Once again, care to lower the gain settings on shut down so that there are no rude surprises on start-up!

    Oh, and the sound: just marvelous! Voice and treble are very revealing. No noise from the amp - very quiet. Most surprising is the very good bass response: No bloat, just precise pitch on bass instruments. String bass is extremely enjoyable: cello, double bass very nice! Organ recordings are very exciting, although my relatively large living room mitigates overall impact and, of course, the JBL's are only 5 inch woofers. Voice is very well produced and with the lights turned off it almost seems the singer is in the room.

    Overall very pleased with the purchase - and the SweetWater personnel were very knowledgeable and helpful. In retrospect, I would recommend these speakers wholeheartedly, although for larger spaces such as mine one might want to go with the larger JBL LSR308's. I would guess they would offer the same sound signature but with an extension in lower bass.

  • from February 15, 2017

    JBL LSR305

    Very impressive. As a producer of reggae music I needed a near field monitor that would give a true representation of the bass and drum sections. Now they sound so mellow and the mids and highs have such clarity. Having these monitors have greatly improved my mixes. On the recommendation from a friend, I bought the LSR305 and have not regretted this.

  • from February 13, 2017

    Good Speakers

    They are good!

  • from December 28, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter/Studio Owner

    Don't let the low price fool you..

    I bought these to replace my KRK Rokit 8's. My studio isn't very big 14X12. They have a very flat response, so mix to sound good on these, and it'll sound good anywhere. Not hyped. I write & record Country/Americana music, and these monitors have a great bass response. Very true sound. Again, don't steer clear of these little gems because of the low price tag.

  • from December 6, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musican and recording hobbyist

    Impressive detail

    I was looking for a set of portable monitors to bring with me for location recording of classical music. I knew I would be springing for the sub anyway so I didn't bother with the 8 inch version. These monitors have a great sense of clarity, life-like realism, are neutral sounding, and overall impressive performers. They will certainly get the job done for me.

  • from San Francisco December 5, 2015

    Good Little Monitors with Decent Bass

    These small babies have nice, clear sound with decent bass compared to other 5" monitors. Mine arrived very well packaged, with no defects. Maybe after broken in, it will sound better. Bass response is a little bit weaker compared to 8" monitors, it is not as deep and tight. But still, for a 5" monitor, it was well beyond my expectations. The pricing was great, so it was no brainer to get a pair to test ($198 a pair). Must say wasn't disappointed.

  • from nashville October 3, 2015Music Background:
    home recording enthusiast

    nothing bad to say about these monitors

    i have never seen any product with more 5 star ratings than the JBL LSR 305's. about the only thing i would suggest as an improvement would be to have the on/off switch in the front instead of the back for easier access. otherwise, i'd have to agree with all the accolades concerning great, flat sound and separation that makes mixing and listening to any genre of music a pleasure.

  • from Los Angeles June 4, 2015

    Great Sound

    The Sound from these speakers is much more than I expected

  • from dunsmuir ca. June 1, 2015Music Background:
    over 40 years as a player and engineer

    perfict combo jblsr305 and yamaha hs8

    recording and mixing for 20 years in my home studio. these jbl's give a good low level full spectrum image , I am very happy with these. thankyou carl schwindeman, dunsmuir ca.

  • from May 22, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Technician, Guitarist

    Great Little Monitors

    These monitors have really good separation between the mids and the highs which is great for a small/medium sized room. There is plenty of bass which you really don't need that much for a small room and I love the fact that you can cut some of the bass to adjust for your room being boomy. I bought these since my KRK's crapped out on me after repairing them which I got them running but they died on me a month later. Which I didn't feel like spending more time doing diagnostics, buying parts, and soldering. Overall these are great monitors and you can't really beat the price.

  • from Mexico March 17, 2015Music Background:
    Retired audio professional

    Simple, no frills, trustwhorty monitors

    Just got these for a home studio setup after reading a lot of reviews and comments on them. I was afraid they were going to be light on bass, but to my surprise, the bass response is fairly good and punchy even if they don't go lower than 40 hz. For the price, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These are just plain honest monitors, and they sound like they are forgiving of room conditions too. No extra bells and whistles, the appearance is minimalistic, but the important stuff is there, and I've already made some mixes that are translating fairly well to other speaker systems without much hassle.

  • from EufaulaOklahoma February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Song writer live and studio engineer pro musician

    JBL great product

    Sales men Jake Griel cut me a great deal and they are very good , use them along with my NS 10s and vintage JBL l100 s and they make mixing easer comparing all three speaker sets

  • from Mi February 1, 2015Music Background:
    Just for fun, Guitar, WX5, Bass,

    JBL LSR305 Happy Customer

    I had been using an older set of Sennheiser headphones for mixing and recording tracks I eventually got tired of having headphones on my head for extended lengths of time. We had an opportunity to stop at Sweetwater retail shop with the intention of getting a new set of headphones and a set of near field monitors. After auditioning several sets of 5 and 6 monitors the JBL LSR305s were the clear winner. I am now using the LSR305s for mixing and a set of Audio-Technica M50x headphones for tracking. After listening to the mix on several systems I am enjoying the final result. Using LSR305s monitors has reduced the rework time needed to tweak the mix for playback on other systems. Happy customer J

  • from St. Louis, United States December 9, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Teacher, Guitarist

    Lives up to the claims

    Great set of speakers for an entry-level price. The hype about the stereo spread is for real - spatialization and panning come through very clear. The sweet spot is also very wide. Overall they have a pretty balanced sound, but I am using them with the JBL LSR310S Sub, so I can't say for certain how they sound sans sub. Overall a great deal for the price.

  • from nj September 23, 2014Music Background:
    rec engineer

    Solid set of speakers

    for the on-sale price and its capabilities, it's a great product. great studio monitors for beginners. bass is ok, and if u are looking to get deeper sound, u will need subwoofer. medium and hi are great.

  • from Uptown Chicago September 13, 2014Music Background:
    Favorite pastime

    JBL Sweetens the Spot

    Bought a pair to replace my Logitech Z. Nice clean sound with a much wider sweet spot. Turned off all effects and heard other sounds playing in the background of my favorite house jams. Can't beat buying from Sweetwater; always stellar service and great packaging. Sweetwater get the Five Stars.

  • from MESQUITE, TX August 15, 2014

    Hard to go wrong

    Given the price these are outstanding. Very sweet stereo image. Once again Sweetwater's service was just as good. And the current deal is too good to pass up. Some people complain about all 5" monitors not having enough bass. Are you mixing a band of tuba's??

  • from NJ August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Many years performing and recording

    Consider the 8"s

    I'm 100% happy with these, but in retrospect, I would have went with the 8 inch model in light of this great deal. You won't be disappointed either way, they're great. !00% accurate, and they are very easy on the ears. I set them up high on stands, so the woofer is at ear level, and the sound is just perfect to my ears, and the mixes translate perfectly.

  • from Santa Ana, CA July 25, 2014Music Background:
    A bedroom musician since 1977

    Superb sound

    My first studio monitors were a pair of Yamaha MSP5As. They were awesome but I had to sell them when I moved to the US. When I saw all the rave reviews of the LSR305, I didnt believe them because these monitors only cost about half of what I paid for the Yamahas. Still, I decided to give them a try and I cant say I regret it. They sound really great, very clear, detailed and accurate. When Im not using them for mixing my own music, they are superb for listening to other peoples music, or just as fancy computer speakers.

    There is only one thing about them thats not perfect. If I sit close to them with nothing playing, there is a constant hiss from the tweeters. Its not affected by the volume control (except when at minimum) so I expect its just noise in the power amplifier. Its very quiet and if I sit back in the correct position (according to the equilateral triangle rule) its virtually unnoticeable.

  • from July 11, 2014Music Background:

    little speakers that could

    These little monitors are incredible, very articulate, This is my first set of studio monitors so i don't have experience with other sets but do enjoy a good sounding set of speakers, they will show you if the sound was not recorded properly, i am using them for editing video, but also make a great set of speakers for just pure listening enjoyment.

    The bass is alot deeper sounding than i was expecting for a 5" woofer, but never seems bloated. the highs a very clear, a little piercing at first at least in my small space, but set them to -2db and sounds just right they are also mellowing out some as the tweeters break in.

    Overall just unbelievable sound quality for the price. highly recommend them

  • from Charlotte, NC March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Studio owner, Bassist, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician,

    Great monitors

    I recently got a pair of these and the LSR10S sub for my studio.
    It was either these or the Yamaha HS5 + HS8S.
    They sound VERY similar (Very flat for the price)
    The JBL's might lack a bit midrange definition compare to the HS5 (not as bad as the KRK rockits), but the tweeter is much smoother and let's you mix longer with less ear fatigue.
    The stereo imaging is better on the JBLs as well.
    My control room isn't small and I compose film scores as well, if wasn't for that I wouldn't need the sub, The 305's have great bass response by themselves, Half a point off for tiny floppiness in the midrange.

  • from Louisville, KY March 26, 2014Music Background:

    JBL LSR305

    This is a great product. I have a small studio in my basement and these speaker blow me away. They are crystal clear and can get VERY loud. I mainly record rock and pop music though I do record rap beats as well. They all sound great. I would suggest however if you want more bass to go up to the 308's. These are great for many applications. Exactly what I expected.

  • from Kent, WA March 11, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, virtual instrument orchestral music

    Very Happy With My Purchase

    As a hobbyist, I needed to get some studio monitors on a VERY limited budget. Saw the Buy One Get One Half Off sale in February, couldn't pass it up. I had read the favorable reviews of the product. But one concern was whether the 5" version would give me enough bass for my music, which is 100% virtual instrument orchestral. I was told what I knew was true, that the 8" would give me better bass response. So I vacillated between greatly exceeding what little budget I had to get the 8's or settling for the 5's. The room I work in is small, and I really wanted these to fit OK on my desk instead of having to pay even more for monitor stands. I decided to stay on budget and hope the 5's would do well enough. Now that I've had them a couple of days I am very happy with my decision. I don't suffer from Bass Disappointment syndrome.

  • from Lakeland, FL March 3, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Amateur Recording


    For the price, these monitors are fantastic. For 5" drivers, the bass response is superb and the tweeter design gives a very accurate reflection of your mix. I've only mixed one track with it so far, but that one track translated quite well. If you are in a well tuned room and have your monitors calibrated and placed at your ears correctly, you will get great results.

  • from Grand Junction, CO January 25, 2014Music Background:

    JBL LSR305 5" Monitors

    Really good monitors! For my small room these monitors are a nice change to an old pair on monitors that colored my sound. At first I looked at the Presonus and Tannoys, but after a recommendation by Tom Koch, he suggested that these would work out better for me. Great advice Tom

  • from Minneapolis December 13, 2013Music Background:

    JBL LSR305 5" Active Studio Monitor

    I was looking for an affordable monitor system and purchased the JBL LSR305's on the recommendations of my Sweetwater representative, Robert.
    These monitors were VERY well packaged and like all Sweetwater purchases, delivered on time!
    Enough about SW. these monitors are VERY nice sounding. Rich highs and booming bass depending on your mix. They reproduce orchestra equally as well as Rock & Roll. These boxes will not fill a large auditorium but have more than enough volume for most studio or small gathering events. I am very happy with this purchase, the JBL's perform exactly as described by Robert.

  • from Albuquerque November 25, 2013Music Background:
    Producer/Post Engineering/Multi Musician

    Deep dope sounding monitors

    Quick, safe delivery. Good price. Sound is clear and accurate for the price. The Mopads are a must if the speakers sit on a desk or table. Very pleased.

  • from Dresher, PA November 13, 2013Music Background:


    First studio monitor. Bought a pair after reading some nice reviews and I have to admit that they sound great, IMHO. I paired it with Scarlett 2i2 and they are perfect. The switches on the back feel kinda cheesy so 4.5 stars for me.

  • from Omaha, NE USA August 23, 2013Music Background:

    Great budget audiophile powered speakers

    I did recently got a pair of these speakers from a different store and I can say they do sound really great. They do have good lows, mids and highs. Also they aren't like super bright on the highs so it won't hurt your ears. They do play really low bass for a 5in woofer but I sometimes feel that the bass is little boomy and not tight. But I think they sound like a Poly type woofer to me and sounds sorta like cheaper bass. But for $300 pair they do really sound good and have more bass than the M-Audio BX5 D2. For the highs they do really play clear and clean and can hear things I never heard before. Basically these sound like a nice budget type speaker system. I always trusted JBL speakers so that's why I got them. This is my first JBL LSR series speakers I ever owned. I have heard other better JBL LSR series at a store or have owned better JBL speakers like the Studio Series but these are great powered speakers for it's size and go really loud. Also they don't get hot since they are Class D type amp.

  • from May 6, 2017

    JBL LSR305 5" Powered Studio Monitor

    I love JBL! I want one pair of everything they make! Don't worry I will find a room to deploy them!

  • from April 8, 2016

    JBL LSR 305

    Great bank for the buck. Really smooth highs and accurate lows.

  • from Texas February 22, 2016Music Background:
    Live and Studio Engineer

    Studio speaker

    My studio speakers are ok and for the price they are worth it

  • from Bellmore, NY October 20, 2015Music Background:
    Musician/ Mastering Engineer/Fledgling studio engineer!!

    These things are great!

    I bought these as replacements for my old KRK V4's, after a lot of positive feedback from other studio owners. Having read reviews about their bass end being a bit fierce, I was curious to see just how fierce it was. Well, straight out of the box, they were as smooth as silk - I can see why people like them! Sure the low end is more pronounced than some others speakers, but nothing that has caused me any mixing problems! Back for your buck? You bet! Highly recommended to anyone with a limited space and a limited budget!!

  • from Nashville, Tennessee May 4, 2015Music Background:
    Former professional Musician, engineer, and songwriter

    Great Pair of Speakers

    I recently purchased this set of LSR305 5"Studio speakers. They were delivered sooner than I had anticipated. When I plugged them up, I could tell a big difference from my other speakers in the studio. They were clear and powerful. They were a very reasonable price too. I would recommend these speakers to anyone who has a small studio like I do, because they are more than adequate. JBL is a well established brand and you can't go wrong getting you a pair of these speakers.

  • from Orlando, FL March 23, 2015

    Crisp refined sound quality

    These are excellent sounding monitors. I have not yet used them for studio work, but I play all my music through them and play guitar through an Eleven Rack and through these speakers. They truly deliver superb sound quality, make no mistake.

    Small ding in the score because I don't find these speakers to be very loud. Certain applications like playing an old song or sometimes playing guitar I have pushed these speakers to the max. Monitor placement is sooooooooooo important with these speakers. I also did not like the short 5ft power cable that comes with these. Monitors need to be spaced out, and 5ft cables don't help!

    I ordered a JBL LSR310s subwoofer to try to fill out the bass, and an 8' cable to help the right speaker breathe some, so perhaps my rating will change after they've arrived.

  • from United States November 18, 2014Music Background:

    As good as advertised

    I'm not a seasoned audiophile or mixing engineer, but I do know good sounds when I hear them. These monitors are very clear and honest. I have been told that my mixes have improved since I bought them.

  • from Los Angeles, CA USA November 15, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, singer

    Love 'em!

    These monitors are fantastic. Great depth and precision. The sweet spot for listening was pretty easy to find once I had them set up properly, and it just sounded fantastic. Off-axis sound is pretty good as well, but I'm addicted to that sweet spot. Totally puts me in whatever space I've put the track in while mixing. Fun to listen to, but also revealing due to their precision.

  • from CA September 18, 2014Music Background:
    been playing guitar over 50 years, hoping to get it right some day

    Good price, good sound

    When these went on sale I was unable to resist! Have ALWAYS loved JBL speakers in my guitar cabinets, so was confident that these would not disappoint. So much better than the computer speakers/sub woofer that I had been using!

  • from League City TX August 15, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Nice and Professional

    First of all I love the way these moniters look very nice and well built. The top end and mid range are very transparent. The tweeter is not harsh on the ears, where as the m-audios 5'' have that harshness. The bottom end is ok it's not a big thump like jbl advertise I would look into a sub with these moniters. The volume control is a step or have a click turn which is very nice. The input sensitivity is a little odd to me need to read the manual for more understanding. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it was made in China and lastly BIG UPS TO MY SALES ENGINEER Kent Sallaz who turned me on to these moniters and all of my studio needs.

  • from The 409 - Texas July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, FOH, Musician...Former commercial studio owner...

    KRK killers!

    i have owned a set of krk v5's for years. Several months ago one of the low frequency drivers began making some intermittent noise. The krk's are what they are... i was going to buy a direct replacement for them... Until i heard THESE (lsr 305). Amazing highs. Punchy lows. Very accurate mids. in my tiny room (12' x 8') i dialed back the highs and boosted the lows. For the price... These are EXCEPTIONAL near fields. I AM MORE THAN PLEASED.

  • from Montana July 8, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician / Producer

    Love them

    Great sound and image field. good bass response and clear highs.

  • from SF June 17, 2014Music Background:

    Four Stars

    Great imaging, has tonality

  • from Los Angeles April 12, 2014Music Background:
    40 year hobbyist

    These are bettter than i thought they woud be!

    my 1st experiencewith any recording at home these monitors are crisp and full sounding great product, and they were recommended by the Sweetwater staff! thanks guys!

  • from April 3, 2014

    A Perfect Fit

    I bought these monitors on a recommendation from my chief engineer.
    Perfect ratio of color/accuracy, tones and mixes translate very well to other systems. I got them on special sale, even sweeter. They do, however, need a 5-10 hour break in period, so be patient, they will loosen up for you.

  • from NJ, USA March 21, 2014Music Background:

    Great Speakers for the price

    I,really love these JBL speakers. Nice setup with my MacBook Pro and Apogee One.
    Thanks Andy.

  • from December 14, 2015

    A nice value play

    Needed another pair of monitors I could tote around AND not worry should they get some rough handling. These hit the mark...working exactly as advertised. The only rub is there's a very audible hiss emanating from the tweeter. It's not perceptible if you're sitting back say 7-10 ft but if you're up close say within 3 ft you'll get it. I suppose it's the tradeoff one makes at this price point, and I can live with it. They compare well to my Dyns (BM5 and compacts), although sonically they absolutely fall short of the Dyns performance (and build quality). Then again the Dyns were over 3x the cost so they ought to shine a bit brighter! Regardless the 305 is a keeper which I hope lasts a long time!

  • from maine March 19, 2016

    JBL LSR305 5

    it`s a good buy for the buck! JBL could have put the on,off switch in the front instead of the back.

  • from February 7, 2016Music Background:
    Home studio enthusiast


    I bought these monitors from Sweetwater a year ago. First pair of JBL's I've onwed. Was really enjoying them in all aspects, the very small, practical footprint, the bass response (even for a small speaker), the very friendly sweet spot and stereo image, and the natural "no frills" sound they offer, making mixing tasks that translate well to other systems much easier. I could not believe the value, it was a honeymoon....that lasted till yesterday, when after only 1 year of use, one of them just went dead. These are not the first pair of active studio monitors I've owned. In fact I've owned or used quite a few over my lifetime, from Alesis M1 MKII actives, Krk V6, Dynaudio BM6, Genelec's, Tannoys, to name some. Never had an active reference monitor failed in such a way. using clean Furman power, no power surge, no beating, didn't even used them at high volume....Today suprinsingly it turned on again and worked well for a while... I felt relief!. Then I had to take my daughters to the park so I switched them off thinking everything was going to be ok. Came back, its dead again. I switched power cords, the same, I tought maybe the fuse, open it and fuse seems fine. One thing I notice was that the circuit boards where all plastered with some white silicone in such a incompetent manner. I don't know if that might be causing a bad connection somewhere...a local told me he had a similar experience, where one of them would start making erratic noise for no cause. I went online to try see If I could find the power asembly somewhere, then I strated reading more and more, and it seems power issues are pretty comon in these. I know they're cheap, but I wasn't expecting them to fail like that....I was hoping more from JBL...

  • from Phoenix, AZ September 17, 2015Music Background:
    professional recording artist

    All Hype

    Not sure what the fuss is all about but I would like to add my experience with these monitors and sub. I was not impressed at all once I got them in my studio. Right off the bat one of them didn't power up right away and the power light was dead on arrival. 2nd, the monitors and sub are severely underpowered. If you are ever looking to give these a go and really turn them up forget it....they are in no way monitors that can push any real volume or air. I knew within 30 seconds these were going back. If you live in an apartment where you can only mix amd play back your final mixes at really low volumes they would be fine and sound fine at lower levels. But as I stated, if you want any volume look elsewhere and spend the money. You will be disappointed if these aren't your 1st set of monitors. I have to repeat how disappointing these monitors were. I read all the reviews like you are doing right now and decided to give them a go. Because of my experience, I figured I would help the other discerning ears out there and help give you a truthful experience from a true recording veteran that wasn't down with all the hype these are getting.

  • from Chicacgo February 22, 2016

    Flaky after two months

    I loved these speakers at first, but after using them for about two months, one stopped working. Power light went off, so I assumed a fuse had blown. Turned everything off for the day. When I came back to it the next day, to my surprise, the speaker came back on--for 15 minutes. Then it made a popping sound and went off again. This has happened a few more times since then. Sometimes it turns on (and then shuts off in about 15 min) and sometimes it won't turn on at all. It's now in the shop for warranty service. Interesting thing was when I dropped off the speaker at the repair shop, the person at the counter said it was the second one they had gotten in that day with the same problem. Bad batch??

    So far, the other speaker is working fine.

  • from Alabama January 14, 2017Music Background:
    Studio Musician

    Constant Issues

    Like many others have stated, I have had one or both monitors fail to power up many many times. Usually within days it will work fine again but consistently plugging up to work on tracks and having only one monitor working properly is unacceptable. Very poor JBL.

  • from Pittsburgh , PA October 17, 2015

    Not Happy

    I bought 2 of these . I didn't open them right away because i was moving . After a month of use , one of them started to shut off randomly by itself. I contacted support and i have to go through the manufacturer warranty thing. I should have bought different monitors.

  • from west palm beach January 7, 2014Music Background:
    10 year drummer/ recording artist

    JBL LSR305 5" Active Studio Monitor Review

    These speakers sound great but I've only had them for only a few weeks and there are times when I am mastering a track, I hear a pop which can be very annoying. I might just return them.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    On a budget? (Who isn't?) Looking for great monitors for your studio?? (Again, who isn't?) Then you definitely need to turn your attention to the new LSR305 and LSR308 monitors from JBL. The JBL LSR family of speakers has been highly regarded from the beginning, and these new members of the family only enhance that reputation. These are 2-way monitors with a 5-inch and an 8-inch woofer, respectively, driven by 82 and 112 watts of power, also respectively. They'll play plenty loud for most situations.

    The speakers are rear ported, which helps to enhance the low-frequency response. You're given controls for tailoring the highs and the lows to your room, as well as a level control on each speaker. Easy to set up, easy to use.

    What sets these speakers apart are the highs. JBL is using a brand-new waveguide, called the "Image Control Waveguide" on the high-frequency driver, and the results are spectacular. The LSR300 series speakers have some of the best imaging and smoothest high frequencies I've heard in a moderately priced speaker.

    I was sent both LSR305 and LSR308 models for this Hands On profile. The only real difference is the bass extension and the extra bit of oomph in the larger model. The highs and mids are quite similar. I played a wide range of material through the speakers, both reference tracks I always use for evaluating speakers and room acoustics and my own multitrack and stereo mix files. No matter what I played through them, they maintained their poise, with full bottom end, clear mids, and those wonderful smooth but detailed highs. When mixing, I had no problem getting the bass guitar to sit with the kick or to find the sweet spot for the vocal level or guitar solo level.

    I'm quite impressed with these monitors. They sound great regardless of price, but at their price point, they really are standouts.

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