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Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 T - Satin Gold Top Reviews

4.5 stars based on 24 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 T - Satin Gold Top?

Questions about the Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 T - Satin Gold Top?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Los Angeles April 13, 2017

    Gibson Les Paul Tribute-Satin Gold Top

    Great guitar good price, love the guitar so much I can't stop playing it. Sweatwater is fantastic Tad helped me with my purchases. Great company and great people.

  • from Cleveland April 8, 2017

    Great Guitar, Great Value

    Great guitar, great value. Gibson cut down on the cosmetics but not on the sound. Excellent pickups produce powerful, fat LP tone. As a woodworker, I like the use of the natural light color of the maple top to give the effect of binding on the gold top. The weight reduction on the mahogany slab is another plus. Gig bag is fine, another way to keep the price down without sacrificing tone. Out of the box setup was fine except for the string slots which needed to be lowered to suit my preferences. Appreciated the usual Sweetwater super quick shipment. Five stars.

  • from Frisco, TX March 22, 2017

    Great Guitar Great Experience

    I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul, and Sweetwater and Brad Jahn delivered! What a fabulous guitar the tones and ease of play make this worth every penny. After playing a lesser guitar I never imagined what a difference playing a Gibson would be. Sweetwater has been excellent, They communicated with me several times and gave me guidance as to what case to get for my guitar. The SKB case is so well built it is on par with the guitar. Overall, I had a great experience and will be buying all of my equipment from them. I'm eyeing those Marshall amps!!!

  • from North Las Vegas, NV March 16, 2017Music Background:
    hobby player

    Best Bang for the Buck

    Very nice fit and finish. I was a bit concerned over the quality trend that Gibson has been on, but this axe is really nice. Neck is very nice and comfortable, not clubby like the 50s tribute, the pups are really nice and take an odrive pedal very nicely. This is much better feel than the top of line epiphones, plus its lightweight. I'm a hobby player and play classic rock and texas blues, this guitar nails it. If you are on the fence for one, don't wait.

  • from Wheeling wv March 15, 2017

    Les paul gold top

    Awesome guitar wanted a les Paul for a long time but they were just priced to high for me untill this little beauty came out love it works for blues and rock great the look is nice as well sweetwater is the best in the industry had it in 2 days at my door

  • from Bayonne March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Guitar Collector

    Really good guitar

    it's simply an amazing guitar. Perfect tone and quality. The satin finish justify the looks on the guitar, but most importantly... it sounds really good and the action is fast. Good to play.

  • from Milwaukee WI March 7, 2017

    Worth Every Penny!

    Keeping the backstory to a minimum, I have owned a 1977 Les Paul Standard Gold Top almost since it was born. As it has been aging, I've wanted something to replace it with so I wouldn't have to bring the 77out on the gig anymore. Having Purchased numerous Les Paul models, I have gone away disappointed almost every time.

    Enter the Les Paul Tribute 2017 T - Satin Gold Top. Right out of the box it blew me away! Another reviewer above mentioned that it smells awesome. He's right! The build quality of this instrument is truly excellent. Any time I buy a new guitar I always go over it with a fine tooth comb to be sure the craftsmanship is up to par. This one is. The top is really sweet; I never thought I'd like the satin finish, but my mind is forever changed. No rough fret ends, paint is sprayed cleanly and evenly, fret board is even and straight, and the headstock and tuners are as perfect as anyone could ask.

    Plugging it in and playing it was a sheer joy. This one is probably as close to the 77 as any Les Paul I've ever played. The neck pickup has that ballsy low-end yet just enough bite; the bridge pickup has great crunch and really responds well to picking dynamics. As both pickups are pretty hot, they can be dialed down and clean up quickly without any of tone-suck that most other guitars come stock with, and no mods will be necessary. Why add a volume control if nobody is ever going to use it?

    Overall, from top to bottom, this guitar is right there with the best LP's I've owned and played. The only downsides are purely cosmetic, and Gibson just leaves all the visual appointments off, leaving behind a spectacular value and an excellent real, honest to goodness Gibson Les Paul that is within reach of more players. Hats off to Gibson for this and for the whole Tribute Series!!

  • from March 1, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend gigger

    Great Guitar - Excellent Value

    This guitar is a phenomenal value. Plays perfect in all regards. The 490R's capture that vintage Gibson PAF tone. Get a half-decent amp and a overdrive pedal and you are instantly in arena rock heaven.

    The guitar body and neck lack filler and there is no binding but this is a player's guitar not a museum piece. However, the overall fit and finish are still extremely well executed. I had read that the bodies are 2 or 3 piece but mine appears to be one solid piece of mahogany. The satin gold maple cap is flawless. The neck is considered a slim taper and feels similar to my 2012 60's Tribute LP. I am really impressed with this guitar.

    This was the first time purchasing a guitar from Sweetwater. I liked being able to select the actual guitar by serial number and it came set up perfectly - no horror stories whatsoever.

  • from Conway, AR February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Simi professional

    Best guitar for the price on the market

    An amazing guitar! If you like the feel of a satin finish neck and/or are use to playing bolt on necks this is the perfect Les Paul. If you already love the feel of a Les Paul and want something a little more raw, this is the perfect Les Paul. If you just want that vintage look this is... well you get the point.

    The 490r and 490t are much better than expected. They are close to the output of the Burtbucker Customs in the Standards but with even coils and Alinco 2 rather than 5 magnets. They can be really bright but also very smooth by simply adjusting the tone and volume. These also come with the quick connect system so if you decide you want different pickups later, it's super easy to replace.

    The neck feels amazing, the frets seem a little larger than those on the Standard and the body is just slightly thinner. I have a 2017 Standard HP which I purchased for the heel joint. The slightly smaller body on the Tribute makes the upper frets more accessible than the other non HP models in my opinion. The feel is there, the sustain is there, the sound is there... then the look just puts it over the top.

    Highly recommend, this is a fantastic year for Gibson. One thing, which I won't take a star for... get a case. The headstock angle makes the gig bag useless. Sweetwater has tons of great cases that will fit and I'm sure your Rep will help finding the right one!

  • from Santa Fe, NM February 20, 2017

    Gorgeous Les Paul

    As a guitarist for almost 50 years I am totally amazed at the quality of this guitar for the money. I have owned tons of Vintage Gibsons, Fenders and Gretschs over the years and this new Gibson LP Tribute holds its own with the very best of them. Tone, build quality, playability, looks - it's right up there. I once was a sales rep for Gibson on the West Coast so I had many, many Gibsons go thru my hands and I took the time to play them all so I can judge the quality of this modern Gibson with insights most folks do not have. The Gold Top 2017 LP Tribute is AMAZING. Now if you want AAA Maple, bindings, decorative headstock, gold hardware etc to justify spending $ or more this is NOT your Les Paul. If however, you want classic LP tones and the playability of a 1960's Les Paul without spending a lot of cash - then this is your Les Paul. It plays and sounds as good as any Gibson I have tried over the decades. It's simply a killer USA made classic LP for under a grand. VERY highly recommended.

  • from Europe February 19, 2017

    Gold Top

    First off, thanks to my sales rep Bob Mondok for keeping me updated on this guitar's availability as it is understandably in high demand. His gear advice and quick response is always appreciated.

    I got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom ages ago, and while I love that axe, getting a Gibson was always in the cards for me.

    I've been playing, writing and recording my own tunes since 1994...mainly hard rock and metal.

    To give a bit of perspective, in addition to the this Les Paul and the Epiphone LP Custom, I own an arsenal of other guitars including Gibson ES-335s, various Fender and Squier Telecasters, as well as Jackson, Dean and Washburn models.

    Headstock: No noticable tuning issues so far. I love these vintage style tuners.

    Neck: The slim taper neck was a key deciding point in my purchase of this beautiful guitar. The neck plays easy and smooth. The fretboard looks great, but I may rub on a bit of lemon oil when I change the strings
    Pickups: I have only played them through my Orange TH30 so far, and they sound great. Looking forward to hearing all of the tonal possibilities. In the past, swapping out stock pickups was always one of the first things I would do, but I think I will keep these 490s.

    Bridge: Seems to be setup great right out of the box, but I may fine tune it a bit.

    Volume/Tone Knobs: Great match to this guitar

    Body/Finish: The weight relief is nice, and it's well balanced. Not too light, but still enough heft to remind you it's a Les Paul.
    I liked the idea of a satin finish. I wanted a guitar that would wear well and that I didn't have to worry about polishing. I like my pretty, glossy guitars, but I am becoming more and more a fan of function over flash. I personally can't discern a glossy or satin finish by listening to a recording, so I thought, why not go with a workhorse guitar that was straight up built for playing? Nevertheless, the gold finish is beautiful and will wear nicely. The mahogany body is without filler, resulting in a "no frills", raw and beautiful color.

    Gig Bag: Honestly the nicest gig bag I have ever seen. Exterior is sturdy and durable. Interior is very soft and although I was concerned about damage during shipping, the gig bag surely enabled safe and secure transport.

    Overall: Don't let lack of glitter and glam fool you. This guitar is a player's guitar and is worth every penny....and more!

  • from LA California February 15, 2017Music Background:
    Pro player

    Nice Gold top

    This is a very good instrument! Got it last Friday, and played great right out of the box! This is my 3rd guitar I've bought from Sweetwater. For a lower end Les Paul, this one plays like butter! The pickups are pretty hot! The fret board was pretty dry looking, so I rubbed some lemon oil on it, and let it sit over night, and now it's nice and dark, and plays great! I honestly can't put it down. I had an old 67 Les Paul that I sold years ago, and the pickups don't seem any different to me, great crunch, and even a great jazz sound on the neck pickup. Can't beat it for the price! And the people working at Sweetwater are some of the best people I have ever had to deal with! Go get one!!

  • from OH February 13, 2017Music Background:
    3 gigs a week

    Great value!!

    I received my guitar quickly and it was packaged properly to alleviate damage. After a detailed inspection I found it flawless, as the fit and finish were exceptional. I fired it up, and it met all my expectations. The 490's are warm and have that classic Gibson Les Paul tone. The Plek'd fretboard makes this instrument playable right out of the box. The string height was perfect, and the intonation spot on.
    The tuners worked well, and the instrument stayed in tune all through a set.
    The electronics are of high quality and were everything I expected.
    The finish is nice, and should age well.
    Even the "gig bag" that is shipped with this instrument is of good quality and wil protect it until you order a hardshell case.

    I highly recommend you consider purchasing this Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 T.
    Gibson has finally listened to real "players" requirements and have met them in this instrument.
    You will not be disappointed.

  • from Salt Lick, Ky. January 10, 2017Music Background:
    Rock N' Roll

    No Fool's Gold Here!!!

    Great affordable Gibson Les Paul!!! I have nothing negative to say about this guitar!!! The pickups are hot enough, even for a seasoned guitarist. The finish is awesome and should show the "worn look" really well. Don't think twice about buying one, just do it!!! You won't be disappointed!!!

  • from West Virginia December 29, 2016


    Looks Great! Plays Great! Smells Great! & The Price is Right!

  • from California December 27, 2016Music Background:
    working musician

    The Gold Standard for pennies on the dollar

    Gibson has done an amazing job with these guitars. The playability and workmanship is right up there with some of my vintage Gibsons, and it looks and sounds great too! Yes, the finish jobs on the Tribute series are simple spray on, there is no binding, etc, but it still looks, feels, and plays great.

    These are workhorse guitars - gig all over town without worrying about your prized vintage guitar - and from a few feet away no one will know the difference.

  • from Laplace, La. November 25, 2016Music Background:
    50+ years bending wires

    I Love This Guitar!

    After taking a break from solid body guitars and playing my Ovations, the guitar buying bug bit me. Instead of looking at more acoustic-electrics, I settled on this Les Paul. I cannot find one thing wrong with this guitar. It reminds me of, and plays like my Gibson SG. The fit and finish is perfect. The neck is perfect. The buying experience from Sweetwater was perfect. I couldn't be more happy with this guitar! Now if I only could remember the intro to Alice Cooper's "Caught in a Dream".

  • from Wheeling wv June 2, 2017Music Background:
    Intermediate player

    Les Paul tribute

    Was wanting a Gibson les Paul for a while couldn't drop 2800 for the standard but this thing came along and couldn't pass it up great guitar for the money looks great plays great all the old classics rock u can handle and blues get one you won't b disappointed
    Sweetwater rocks !! Thanks

  • from Santa Fe, TX May 18, 2017

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top

    A great deal for $ for those who can't afford $2-3 K for a Les Paul. Only wish they had made the finish gloss instead of satin. Other than that, a wonderful guitar.

  • from Pocatello Idaho March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Front Room Rockstar

    Way Cool

    Great guitar, looks good and plays well. I love the feel of the neck and fret board. Setup was perfect for me out of the box. I like the tone through my Fender Bassbreaker 15 combo.

    My Sweetwater rep, Scott Bennett, is great to work with and the service is top notch.

  • from Peoples' Republic of NJ October 22, 2016Music Background:

    Another Great LP

    It's very tough to rate this guitar. I've a few other LP's in the stable and each fills a specific role for me. As with all the others, it was playable right from the box, no nonsense about taking it out for a pro setup. The overall fit and finish is excellent. And as with the others, this one has its own unique sound and feel. A bit more bite, a neck that plays more comfortably for me. I'm not sure if the weight relief means anything to me, I'm just a hobbyist. I bought this model because I expected it to be a bit different from my Traditional and Studio, as well as the others. It is, and in all positive manners. I've no negatives to report. This is a great playing, great looking instrument. I can't imagine how this model would fail to satisfy anyone wanting a rock-solid Les Paul without needing the pricey flash. Another first rate transaction with Sweetwater.

  • from April 24, 2017Music Background:
    Occasional gigging musician, longtime guitarist

    Affordable Les Paul, good quality.

    I'm glad I came across this LP, as I was in the market to get an Epiphone LP Tribute Plus. The price point on this guitar, the weight-relief, and the modern neck were all things that helped changed my mind. But it was knowing I could own my first USA Gibson LP without spending three times as much that really sold me. So, onto the guitar itself, starting with the good stuff: the guitar came ready to go with a great set-up. The body is finished beautifully- the satin gold is awesome, and the mahogany back has plenty of cool grain with a nice finish. The pickups sound nice and beefy with serious 'bucker growl through my OCD pedal/ Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb. Clean sounds are nice and woody, but man the thing just sings with distortion/crunch. The neck is fast, super easy to do bends- no dead spots/ no buzzing. These 3 factors alone (the finish, the pickups, and the neck) are enough to recommend it hands-down.
    Now onto the factors that prevented this from being a 5 star purchase: my biggest gripe is the finish on the neck. It's not a thick lacquer finish, which I am not a fan of anyway, but a lighter and thinner coat. However, I could feel the imperfections in the finish- especially where the rosewood slab interfaces the mahogany along the length. It may not bother other players as much, but the finish shouldn't be noticeable. My solution was to take 0000 steel wool along the back of the neck, and MAN, what a difference! I just worked on the areas that felt unfinished/imperfect and it feels amazing now- satiny and smooth. I feel like the guys and gals at the Gibson factory just need to put a little more time into the sanding/finishing to really give the neck a "finished" feel. I have an American Standard Strat, and it stands head and shoulders above this guitar in terms of the feel of the neck. After my DIY finishing treatment, at least it feels comparable. The next sign of mediocrity are the tuners- they are decent, but the guitar needs to be retuned after a hard session of bends/ shredding for 5 or 10 minutes. Finally, the electronics feel cheap- the tone knobs lack fidelity and only have an active range from 1-5 or so. The volume pots feel a little more accurate, but I plan to replace the tuners and the pots/wiring kit. With that said, this guitar definitely has mojo and I love playing it. Obviously, the cost means a few corners were cut when compared to a LP traditional. At least, in my opinion, there are a couple of relatively easy solutions to bring this LP up to par with Gibson's more expensive guitars. It does mean spending more money and a little elbow grease, but still worth it.
    James Masterson did an awesome job with helping me land the lightest of the bunch that I requested, and the guitar was at my door in 3 days! I highly recommend the new Tribute, and Sweetwater is the best way to get one!

  • from California November 18, 2016Music Background:
    Blues, Contemporary Christian, 60 to early 70 rock

    Poor Mans Gold Top Outstanding!!!

    First for the 4 instead of 5 star rating. The fret edges are/ were left with a rough finish. That said I would otherwise rate this model of Gibson Les Paul an excellent buy at a easy on the pocketbook price. I would call the Tribute Gibson's version of the Fender MIM guitar; very well made guitars with great look, tone, playability. The weight is lighter which initially feels strange if you happen to own a Standard like I do. I bought a brown Gator HSC although I will say that the gig bag it comes with is nicely made, thick padded. But I felt that the neck / headstock angle needs more protection to avoid a crack or break. The pickups sound fantastic. The 60's slim neck is perfectly shaped (at least IMHO) bug if you have big hands this may not work as well as the 50's thicker neck shape. Tuners are not the best of quality but still very decent. All in all I will not hesitate to recommend this model Les Paul. A real looker and player. I plan neck to get a Studio w/P90's.

  • from Utah March 15, 2017Music Background:
    lifelong guitarist

    Poor craftsmanship

    I read lots of reviews, looked at lots of YouTube videos, really excited to get my hands on one. It arrived with really rough frets, and worst of all, you could feel the joint between the rosewood fretboard and the mahogany neck from the third fret to the body. There appeared to be mechanical sanding marks around the 12th fret as well. It had really great tone, but honestly, my Epi LP felt like a much better made guitar.

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