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Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus - Honey Burst, 2013 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Washougal, WA May 8, 2014Music Background:
    30+ years of breaking ear-drums with thunderous riffs

    Sonic Brutality

    First, let me start by saying I thought that customer service was a lost art, but these folks have proven me wrong. This team has a great focus on customer service and made this transaction effortless.
    Secondly, I had never own a Gibson product until this year because I always thought the shape of a Les Paul was awkward when sitting vice the typical strat body style. I also hadn't thought about these beasts since the very first one I ever handled in the 80's that had a baseball bat for a neck and the damn thing weighed more than i did at the time. I give props to Gibson for remaining one of the true American products that has superior craftsmanship. The "Paul" i bought is 9+ pounds and sounds every bit as evil as it weighs. I debated for over a year about what type of guitar i was going to buy next to add to the various axes that i have, i feel i definitely made the best choice in selecting this instrument over some of the other key manufactures choices; plus this was a decent price for a standard plus variant. Prior to this purchase, I bought the Les Paul Future variant and while the aesthetics of the guitar are not as pretty as this one, it has every bit of the craftsmanship and tone. One last note, these dudes also hooked me up with a bag of candy in the shipping box......nice touch as the candy was Bit-O-Honey! (one of my favs) what a great tie into this beautiful Honey Burst Guitar!

  • from Louisville, KY USA March 18, 2014Music Background:
    45 years of playing guitar.

    Almost a GREAT guitar

    I just got this guitar a few weeks ago and it's my first Gibson ever. I'm proud to be in the fold. I have the honey burst, beautiful finish and for an AA grade top, it looks fantastic.

    Everything is fine with the sound with a few exceptions. It plays wonderfully and I've never had a guitar with intonation as good as this - sometimes when you play the same chord at different positions on the neck, some notes will sound out of tune, but not with this baby. The clarity and articulation between notes of a strummed chord are such that you can hear each individual string, and not a mush.

    About the only problem I have is the coil tap sounds, which to my ear, sounds lifeless and dull. I guess I was expected more "quack" or something, but it sounds like a single coil with the tone rolled back. Not a great sound. It's good for some jazzy type things, but that's it. I was expecting just a bit thinner sound for rhythm - Gibson dropped the ball on that idea. I would recommend changing out the capacitor to send a different set of frequencies to ground, or better yet, go with a circuit similar to what Reverend has on their guitars: a bass roll-off rather than a treble roll-off.

    Overall, it's

  • from Jasper GA January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Playing 38 years.

    Les Paul

    I really like this guitar a lot. Love the wood gain an the color. Pickups are great. If you going to buy a guitar just go ahead an get a good one. Not a Epiphone or SG Gibson. Les Paul is the way to go. Cost more but you get what you pay for.

  • from Madison, WV November 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, playing live gigs.

    Amazing guitar, but with issues.

    I received this model from my wife and family as a gift for my 30th birthday and immediately fell in love. The top on this guitar is GORGEOUS. I've never owned a gibson guitar but the feel of this neck is beyond anything I've ever played, its like this guitar plays itself. The burstbucker pros have a really nice, clear tone that offers some really nice kick with overdrive. Pull the neck tone knob and get ready to melt some faces. The tone splitting and phase switch is a nice tool that is becoming more useful as I become more acquainted with this beauty. Now for the bad part. I've had this guitar for 5 months and had to take it in for warranty work due to the fact that the inlays began to come off of the fretboard because not enough glue was applied to the inlays and the truss rod has had to be adjusted several times already. I don't know if this is common but i would think a 3000 dollar guitar would have better quality control than my 2005 epiphone les paul custom (no issues in the 5 years I've owned it ). Having warranty work done was a pleasure thanks to rodger morillo of morillo guitars. Fantastic work, fast turnaround, and an awesome guy to talk to. Overall, I love this guitar and look forward to passing this beast on to my kids someday.

  • from Minneapolis Minnesota May 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobby guitarist, singer, songwriter for 30 years

    Pleasantly surprised

    I've been waiting to get a Les Paul since 7th grade when my friend Stan whose father had a black Les Paul Custom turned me onto blizzard of Ozz. This would have been 1980 or so. Fast forward to 2013, and I decided to buy my own Les Paul Standard finally. This guitar feels no heavier then my Fender Strat. It stays in tune quite well for a Les Paul thanks to the Grover locking tuners. The Burstbucker pickups in combination with the mahogany body are amazing! The output is surprising, as is the sustain. But what I love most is the way sustained chords decay into harmonic overtones. The intonation of this guitar is also very good. There are no dead spots on the fretboard and no buzzing. The neck is very fast and playable. Even my friend who plays a Jem was shocked. Yes, this guitar is expensive for the average player. But if you wanted a Les Paul for as long as I have, you will not be disappointed if you decide to buy this one. I also have to give credit to my sweet water rep Chris. The treatment I've received over the years with Chris and Sweetwater is second to none.

  • from February 10, 2013Music Background:
    Non-Professional Musician

    The great Gibson LP Standard Plus Honey Burst 2013

    This guitar sounds great and it's beautiful. It blows your mind since the very first time you open the case. The best guitar I own so far and I'm quite happy with it. Look for the one that you like the most and go for it. Gibson is selling as AAA very diferent figured pieces of wood, so you have to find the best for you, as I did.

  • from New York, NY January 1, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing Les Paul

    After years of buying and selling Les Pauls. I have finally settled on the one I was searching for. I had been close before in the early 1990's but still lacked the wow factor of everything coming together. The knowledge I had gained as to my personal preference was worth the wait.
    I have never had a Les Paul as beautiful as this. I love the honey burst finish. The Sweetwater images were a bit too over saturated, hence the color was not correct and seemed more cherry burst than honey burst. I took this into consideration and my guess proved correct.
    The neck is a surprise as I was expecting a slightly flatter ES-335 60's profile. This neck is a little thicker but fits the Les Paul more, I do love the neck very much.
    The pick-up configuration is a blessing as I can play many more songs live without swapping guitars. Having options is really brilliant. The burst buckers sound wonderful, I am astounded how warm and soft they sound turned down a little and then bright and punchy once they are cranked up.
    Overall the Sweetwater experience is fantastic. They look after every thing I asked for and even discussed the shipping with weather considerations in mind. They are just brilliant to deal with.

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