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Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker - Yellow Satin Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
  • from Washington, DC July 29, 2015Music Background:
    have played drums forever now learning guitar

    Gibson Melody Maker 2014

    Thank you Sweetwater for making this purchase possible. What a sweet guitar, have 2 Epi's and they don't even come close to this... My brother had a Melody Maker back in the 60's a little different from this one, I always liked his, now I got my own. Awesome color, set up really good out of the box, plays way better than my other 2 guitars, sound is awesome. I have an Epi. Special 1 with P90's and it sounds pretty good but not as good as this baby. Am still learning to play guitar have played drums for many years and finally decided to learn guitar. This guitar is so easy to play, love it. Comes with a real nice heavy gig bag, but am looking to buy a case for it. This one will be around for a long, long time.

  • from NC March 17, 2015

    I Love This Guitar...Really, I Do

    Just a little set up work and it's like an old friend. Pretty good right out of the box, but I'm OCD about my set up. Part of me thinks Gibson should continue making them, but part of me likes that there are only a few to be had. This could be an iconic instrument.

  • from United States February 9, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist, bassist, project studio

    A USA made Gibson at a great price

    This guitar is all about value. You may find some aspect that isn't exactly to you liking but double check that against the price. For me, I have a problem with the tuners, which don't seem to stay in tune all the time, but that problem can easily be fixed (replace them). The finish is thin, I scratched mine on day one. But this isn't a guitar meant to be kept behind glass. All the guitars I play on a regular basis have nicks and scratches. I keep going back to the fundamentals - mahogany body, carved maple top, two P90s, made in the US, nitrocellulose finish, Gibson, price point. It weighs about the same as a Tele instead of a Les Paul, which is also a big plus. The pick ups are not the broadest in terms of sonic palette, but they are also not like anything else I have heard.

  • from Fort Myers, FL January 18, 2015

    Melody Maker TV Yellow

    A Christmas present to myself. A keeper for sure.
    The P90 pickups handle anything from chimey clean tones to screaming rock.
    The neck is very close to the `59 Les Pauls I used to own back in the `70's. Very comfortable for chord work and lead.
    My only complaint:
    The guitar arrived very much in need of a set up (intonation, neck relief, and string height). This surprised me because the Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele I bought from Sweetwater, just the month before, came out of the box and still hasn't needed any adjustment.

    I am very happy with this Melody Maker and glad I made the purchase.

  • from Lynchburg VA December 30, 2014Music Background:

    Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker A+

    Great guitar and tone! Loved the sound of the P90's and the feel of the neck. Back in 1988 I owned a Les Paul called a Les Paul Lite Pro II and it is the exact same body lol! Great blues and rock tones! If you are looking for a great guitar the Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker will not disappoint!

  • from Baltimore, MD November 27, 2014Music Background:
    SemiPro-Pro for hire

    2014 Les Plaul Melody Maker

    Everything about it is perfect right down to the width and tummy cut! The pickups are the new generationof an old version era 1948 The AlnIII Rods pickup were called PU-290s of then were installed on the older jazz boxes then in '52 were switched over to the slit screws on the Gold Top Les Pauls with the elongated trapeze bridge anchored on the strap button. The '55-57 introduced the famous AlnV staple bridge pickup on the new Les Paul Custom mahogany top layered on a mahogany body, these Melody Maker LPs sound alot like those oldie but goodies. Maple cap on a thinner mahogany body, these guitars also feature the new P-90s with the upgraded Fender styled AlnV magnet Rods adding a bold unique even toned output and sweet and rude tone all its own. Better than the previous P-90s albeit when engaged with an Overdrive they yield a beautiful full bandwidth frequency response unique to its design, and with the thinner body it still carries it weight full chords and cutting midrange leads and for the price it can't be beat made in the USA, Tenneessee sweetness be it rock,blues, country you gotta try it , I did and bought one right off! And it comes with a beautifully lined thick gig bag/case protecting it as any good product Gibson would make it's Gibson at it's best.Try one and you'll be hooked especially with the beautiful round neck not too fat but not too skinny neither, just pure tones at the best priced Gibson out did themselves.guitar comes in 4 colors too.

  • from Steen, MN November 1, 2014Music Background:
    Rock n' Roll since 1997

    Favorite Guitar

    This is my favorite guitar...ever. The satin finish makes this guitar very comfortable to play. The narrower body with belly contour also adds some comfort/playability. I love these pickups as well. They twang and they're fat. I'm very impressed by this guitar. My favorite part: It cost $550, it says "Gibson" on the front, and "Made in USA" on the back. MERICA

  • from Baltimore September 27, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong wanker

    Grat guitar great price great Idea Gibson

    Now this is "innovation" I can live with...More please, Gibson, thank You. (don't stop making them next week, OK ?!)

  • from Rockford, IL USA April 29, 2014Music Background:

    Pleasently Suprised

    Put it this way, in 1999 I bought a new Les Paul Standard at ******* *****. I paid two thousand and change. Was that guitar twice as nice as this one? Probably. Three times as nice? Absolutely not. Yet it was more than three times the price of this one.

    Build quality and playability is great. Love the carved maple top and it looks great in TV yellow. Well done Gibson.

    If this was my only guitar, I'd be fine with that.

  • from Minneapolis, MN February 13, 2014Music Background:

    Outstanding value

    I saw the adds for these and just had to see what I'd get for $ 569.00. I was very impressed with this guitar - fit and finish were top notch, and the sound is great. I have several Trads, Standards and Customs and the MM is the rotation now. An outstanding made in the USA guitar for a very nice price. Add the outstanding customer service from Sweetwater, and this is outta the park!

  • from February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist and regular jammer with a bunch of guys in a studio .

    A fine guitar with built in Mojo

    A really sweet guitar .Well made and solid in a good way .The pickups are different to most P90's more tuneful and bright .Mine seem to like being closer to the strings ,especially the neck which booms out if too low ..They sound like fatter Fender Telecaster pickups IMHO ,clear but rock and smooth out on overdrive .My wife who rarely comments on my guitars reckons it sounds the better than my strat or tele .I keep wanting to polish it and gradually bring up a shine .As its nitro paint you just use some compound and start polishing .
    i play sort of half finger style half Wilko ...weird.

  • from Oakland, CA January 24, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist; Tone Sampler; Old guy.

    Great value Les Paul

    Granted, the 2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker is not a spectacularly finished guitar. But, for a beginner or someone who wants a lot of fun with a light, bright, boss P90-equipped guitar, this is your $600 best buy of the year, IMO. Light weight but maple-cap mahogany provides very good resonance. The flat pole P90 pickups are less mushy than the standard P90s, even those on the previous generation economy MM. The lightning bolt bridge along with the plekked slots does a good job of keeping the guitar in tune, much better than my Trad Pro LP which cost me $1200 more. Sweetwater did a perfect (for me) setup. It played well right out of the box. For players who need a finer finish this guitar may not be up to your taste. But if you don't mind a little orange peel on the satin finish, this is your version of a well-designed but economical sports car.

  • from Chico, CA November 26, 2014Music Background:
    Part time professional in a working band.

    Sweet Guitar!

    I just happened to stumble on this guitar, on the Sweetwater site. It was an impulse buy. At the price, how could I not?
    The setup was good & playable right out of the box. Nice beefy neck, too.
    Flawless finish. I'll bet these these are destined to become a very sought after model. Really cool hybrid of old & new.
    My sales guy Dave Brow is the coolest. Thanks, Dave!

    Get one of these before you can't any more!

  • from Dayton, Ohio, USA October 22, 2014Music Background:
    Local band,clubs,Am legions,VFW's,senior dances etc.

    Gibson guitars, I own les paul jr. 1955' works from for 60 yrs.

    All gibsons I ever played, fretted great, I' ve played lots of clubs over 73 yrs of my life. Greatest gift is music as an old veteran it has opened lots of doors for me in other countries, even if you couldn't speak the language,music works universal. Love Gibson, you can not go wrong.
    I started at 13. That was the year my low income family got mine for me.
    Gibson does not make a bad guitar period. Les Paul's are great

  • from United States May 10, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician & luthier

    Melody - Mongrel ( Muts are the Best )

    I have both a Les Paul & a Melody Maker. This guitar really is a combination of best features of both. The BODY has a classic LP shape with a carved top - but it is much thinner & lighter than a LP. I like that the switch,pots, and jack are designed after a LP. ( I never liked the jack being attached to the pick-guard on my MM.) The maple top on the body gives the guitar a little more snap than straight mahogany body. The two P-90 pickups are well rounded and deliver a nice bright tone to cut through the mix. the NECK is very accurate, and seems somewhat slimmer than a LP. I like the full size LP head-stock and I think it contributes to the even tone, and slightly more sustain. The wrap-around bridge is adequate, but I think a tune- o- matic bridge would have intonated better and increase the sustain. there are only two things that I think Gibson could look into. I know that the finish is TV yellow. the guitar is true matte, but the finish appears as if it was painted in some guys garage. I guess I expected a little hard coat.( not that this is a deal breaker by any means). The other quip I had (which is not unlike many other modern new guitars I've sampled) the FRET ends could be dressed a little nicer. The guitar was delivered with a nice zippered thickly padded soft-shell CASE.All & All the Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker is a great guitar. It's simple, light, powerful, built well, and best of all - FUN to Play!....

  • from Miami Lakes Fl. March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Playing guitar for 50 years...

    Great Guitar!

    I can't complain much here, a really nice Gibson, especially for the money. I only wish I had pulled the trigger a month ago when they were going for $569.00, now its $620.00, but still a real good buy.

    Excellent workmanship, solid, spot on intonation, no problems whatsoever. I didn't care the strings Gibson put on the Melody Maker, I think they were 9's, switched to 10's, lowered the action a tad and it just plays great! The P-90 type pups are nice and punchy, they really clean up when you turn down the volume while using overdrive.

    If you're looking for an American made guitar that won't break the bank then this is the one, Gibson got it right this time!

  • from Miami March 19, 2014

    Great Guitar!

    I can't complain much here, a really nice Gibson, especially for the money. I only wish I had pulled the trigger a month ago when they were going for $569.00, now its $620.00, but still a real good buy.

    Excellent workmanship, solid, spot on intonation, no problems whatsoever. I didn't care the strings Gibson put on the Melody Maker, I think they were 9's, switched to 10's, lowered the action a tad and it just plays great! The P-90 type pups are nice and punchy, they really clean up when you turn down the volume while using overdrive.

    If you're looking for an American made guitar that won't break the bank then this is the one, Gibson got it right this time!

  • from United States March 13, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Singing for over 30 years.

    Great Guitar!!!

    This guitar plays and looks great. It sits effortlessly in your hand and the P90's give it a true rock n roll sound. Only issue is the tuners seem to slip. An extra $50-$60 for new locking tuners and the problem is solved. Still a bargain for a quality instrument.

  • from Rockford, IL February 14, 2014Music Background:

    d@mn good guitar

    My third Gibson. Haven't bought new since 1999. Was hesitant on this guitar as I feared it was "on the cheap" No, there's no ebony fingerboard. No, there's no mother of pearl inlays. No. there's no curly maple top. No, there's no gold hardware.

    What it has is this; 2014 Gibson made in USA Les Paul. mahogany body w/maple top. Solid craftsmanship. Solid electronics. Great value and gig bag to go.

    Good to very good guitar at a great price!

  • from United States December 23, 2013Music Background:

    Great guitar, great value, great service

    I'm really impressed with the quality of the Melody Maker 2014 that I just received from Sweetwater. Gibson really seem to be upping their game in $500 guitar market. I've played the older style of Melody Makers in my local music store, and I could never find one that was playable. The 2014 model puts paid to all of my concerns.

    Gibson appear to be embracing useful innovation, and it shows in this guitar. I'm sure that SW's 55 point check helped, so the guitar was playable out of the box. Thanks Gibson and SW. The finish on the guitar is almost flawless. The satin finish is opaque and well-applied. Looks like Gibson applied grain filler to the body--I really don't like the look of a guitar finished without grain filler--it's a cost saving, but I think it's ugly. The maple cap and neck don't need grain filler of course. The color is close to the TV Yellow of my LP Jr but more yellow and less Dijon mustard but not banana yellow. The body is thin, about 50% the thickness of my LP Std, and light--only 7 lbs. But it feels solid.

    The fret ends are smooth and playable, unlike my 2013 LPJ. The new (old?) P90S pickups are as described--more bottom end than I expected, nice top end sparkle, and lots of grunt when driving an amp. They sound close to the Gibson demo on YouTube--Nice! They're single coil, so there's some hum but a lot less than I've experienced with more traditional-style P90s. I really hate 60 cycle hum--there is a bit with these pickups, but it isn't bad.

    The lightning bolt wraparound bridge is a work of art--satin chrome, solid and cool looking. All top five strings intonate spot on. The low E is out. I haven't adjusted the allen bolts yet. That might help a little bit.

    The 50s style neck is thicker than the 60s slim taper profile on three of my other LPs, but it isn't crazy chunky--it feels just a bit thicker in the hand, which I like. I also appreciate the fact that the neck is made of maple, which should be stronger than mahogany and less prone to snapping at the headstock.

    Thanks, Gibson, for finally ditching those small strap buttons, which everyone has to replace.

    If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive, quality guitar that's made in the US, sounds great and is easy to play, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the Melody Maker. I love mine. Thanks to Sweetwater for making my purchase an easy and pleasant transaction!

  • from United States March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Regionally Touring Guitarist, Luthier, Repair Tech, Vintage Guitar Connoisseur.

    Lots of potential!

    I was super excited when I saw this model hit the market. I mean come on--a Nashville built Les Paul with two P90s that DIDN'T have that dead giveaway narrow Melody Maker headstock for around $600?!? Unbeatable.

    First off: the color is definitely not TV yellow, at least not the TV yellow from vintage models I've seen. Instead, it is an opaque mustard yellow. Great color, but you will be disappointed if you really want TV yellow. The stock photos on this site are pretty close to the actual color.

    Upon opening the box, I immediately took this guitar completely apart so that I could buff out the satin finish and there were a few things that really surprised me. One is that the pots are all connected to a circuit board, so no more loose pots that fall through the top of the guitar or accidentally swapping pots when modding. Also, the pickups just plug into the circuit board, so I imagine that switching them out would be incredibly easy. These may be a drawback for some but I love it. Taking everything apart also gave me the impression that this guitar is solid and very well built. Fit, finish, and fretwork are top-notch. The only "issue" that I can see is a little patch of pinhole-sized bubbles on the back, probably from the final coat of nitro. Given the choice between a bit of texture to a nitro finish or a guitar that looks like it was dipped in plastic, I will take this any day.

    All-in-all, this is a great guitar out of the box. Buffed out, this finish looks incredible! Add a pickguard and swap out the dopey truss rod cover. BOOM! You now have an guitar to rival any other Les Paul that will last forever.

  • from United States February 8, 2014Music Background:

    Inexpensive fun

    A great American-made guitar for not a lot of money. Light, fun, versatile. It stays in tune just fine and allows the player to channel everything from punk to jazz. Through a good tube amp, there's not a lot you can't do. The neck probably isn't a true '50s carve, but compared to some modern Gibsons, there's definitely more heft there, and it feels great. Mine is yellow, with a lineage that recognizably reaches back to the great TV Yellow juniors of the past. This is a keeper.

  • from United States November 2, 2014Music Background:
    detroit rocker

    Bad Apple?

    I would probably give this a 4.5 if it weren't for the fact that the neck is off and some frets are unlevel. It makes it very hard to get a lower action on it without fretting out on the upper registers. Even my tech told me to send it back, so, that's what I plan on doing.

    Other than that, it is a GREAT sounding guitar, for having a razor thin body...I was shocked. The creamy single coils are delicious. Dig it.

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