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Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker - 2014, Manhattan Midnight Satin Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Baltimore, MD November 27, 2014Music Background:
    SemiPro-Pro for hire

    2014 Les Plaul Melody Maker

    Everything about it is perfect right down to the width and tummy cut! The pickups are the new generationof an old version era 1948 The AlnIII Rods pickup were called PU-290s of then were installed on the older jazz boxes then in '52 were switched over to the slit screws on the Gold Top Les Pauls with the elongated trapeze bridge anchored on the strap button. The '55-57 introduced the famous AlnV staple bridge pickup on the new Les Paul Custom mahogany top layered on a mahogany body, these Melody Maker LPs sound alot like those oldie but goodies. Maple cap on a thinner mahogany body, these guitars also feature the new P-90s with the upgraded Fender styled AlnV magnet Rods adding a bold unique even toned output and sweet and rude tone all its own. Better than the previous P-90s albeit when engaged with an Overdrive they yield a beautiful full bandwidth frequency response unique to its design, and with the thinner body it still carries it weight full chords and cutting midrange leads and for the price it can't be beat made in the USA, Tenneessee sweetness be it rock,blues, country you gotta try it , I did and bought one right off! And it comes with a beautifully lined thick gig bag/case protecting it as any good product Gibson would make it's Gibson at it's best.Try one and you'll be hooked especially with the beautiful round neck not too fat but not too skinny neither, just pure tones at the best priced Gibson out did themselves.guitar comes in 4 colors too.

  • from Brownsburg, IN November 13, 2014

    Sweet little guitar!

    For the price you can't beat this guitar. Neck is good and comfortable, and those P90s can sing! If you're looking for a guitar to shred on, this may not be ideal but it can do just about anything else - and very well. Super light compared to a traditional Les Paul so that's a huge plus. Comfortable, very playable and packs a nice punch with those P90s. Can't beat it!

  • from Sacramento, CA October 13, 2014Music Background:
    semi-retired professional

    Great looking killer

    I should be used to Sweetwater's fantastic attention to detail and Gibson's fabulous tone, but once again, this guitar surpasses my expectations.
    From the nanoscale action and sumptuously rich P90S pickups to the satin finished tailpiece, made to match the beautiful and unique Manhattan Midnight finish and finally down to the tuner buttons, recalling my 1950s Gibsons, I am awed by it's elegant, inviting beauty and simplicity. The tone goes from raw to deep and sexy in flick and a twist. It's lighter weight, contoured body makes it very comfortable to play for hours. I'm an SG guy who loves this Les Paul. Very fast neck. If I can find a spot to hide it from my missus, I might buy another one.

  • from South Bend, IN June 16, 2014

    Great little guitar

    The 2014 Melody Maker is a killer little axe. The P90's on this are a bit different than Gibson's standard P90's. Compared to my P90 loaded Les Paul, the Melody Maker feels & sounds like a little hot rod. These pickups have more "grit" than the standard P90's. The Bridge pickup just plain rocks! The neck pick up doesn't clean up as much as the originals, but it still produces very useable tones. They are also brighter than the originals. I find myself roliing the volume & or tone knobs back a bit depending on what I'm playing. YMMV. The body of the guitar is about the same thickness as an SG, but it is still an archtop, just like a regular Les Paul. The neck is really, really nice. A bit on the chunky side which I like. But it's not too thick, it's very playable. The guitar's satin finish feels great. Especially on the neck. The Manhatten Midnight is a very dark blue. It almost looks black until you get it in the right light or set it next to a black guitar. There is something special about Gibson's guitars that use the all in one bridge/tail piece. The sound follows a more direct path to the body, which you not only hear but feel as well. The only thing I wish Gibson would do different is change the head stock to the narrower Melody Maker shape. I personally love that look & I think it ties in with the little "hot rod" feel of the guitar better. I like this guitar so much, I'm thinking of buying another one and slapping a Bigsby on it.

  • from SLC,UT December 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    2014 Gibson Melody Maker Home Run!!!

    My first Gibson Les Paul was a 1955 Gold Top and I've always had a thing for that sound and jonesing to own another. Last week while sitting at my desk I receive a call from Andrew Plassman from Sweetwater, he say's you've got to play the new Gibson 2014 Melody Maker! Knowing him from many other purchases I knew that it wasn't just another sales call, he was truly excited! That residual excitement came to me in the mail three days later. The feel, the look (Midnight) and the guitar in general is amazing, staggering would be a better word. Nothing in this price range even comes close. Gibson has finally offered up something that's not only affordable to everyone but moreover it's got that sound. The feel is perfect and fit's like a glove! Out of the dozens of guitars I've owned over the last 40 years it's really is the very best purchase I've ever made. This one could sell for twice as much and still be a home run!

    Thanks, Andrew and call me anytime!

  • from St. Louis, Mo. October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    I wanted a guitar with P-90's and have owned several Les Pauls. It seemed like the best of both worlds .. the guitar is much lighter ..almost airy and plays great, the P-90's SCREAM.. a killer price for a stripped down Gibson

  • from Ft Worth, TX August 19, 2014Music Background:
    Bass as a pro, guitar as a hobby, singer/songwriter

    Growls and sings

    Has become my favorite guitar. The neck just suits me, the p-90's are balanced just as I like ... they growl and sing at the same time. The body is so comfortable (makes me think about getting a Les Paul light) it sits on my body just perfect. The price is great, wish I would have bought it earlier in the year when it was 579. They raised it $50 bucks, probably after they knew what they had. This is one SWEET guitar. Gotta tell you I put an Earvana and a Resomax NW1 on it. I need perfect intonation. Stock tuners are good ... stays in tune. Overall look of the instrument is classic. I love it.

  • from Austin, TX June 25, 2014Music Background:
    a little bit of everything.

    Modern, with vintage leanings.

    Yes, it's a bargain but it's also just plain nice. If you want/need a P90 guitar in your arsenal you would be hard pressed to go wrong here. The bridge PU can muster a very nice Telecaster sound on a clean amp. The larger rounded neck profile is very comfortable and the satin finish does not detract from the instrument. Although a lot of folks buy mid priced guitars and upgrade them this guitar really is fine "as is". It's fairly priced, has great vintage tones and is gig ready. For punk, rock, dirty blues or aggressive old school 50's inspired country fried rockabilly it will deliver right out of the box. It is light weight and comfortable with a bright defined sound. Lots of note definition on the bridge pick-up or with both pick-ups on. Chords stay clear with medium overdrive or distortion. The neck pick-up is mellower but still well defined. The pick-ups in general are excellent and the maple top plus maple neck give it lots of spank and twang.

  • from Dracut, Ma. July 9, 2014Music Background:

    Les Paul Melody Maker

    This is a great guitar. Sounds great and the set-up is excellent. Only thing wrong and no big deal is one of the tone knob was put on at the wrong position. Where it should be at zero its at number four. The knobs are on tight so its not just a simple matter of pulling off the knob and repositioning it. Is there a knob puller? Like I said no big deal and other then that I love this guitar. Especially the price. And its a Gibson!

  • from United States April 27, 2014Music Background:
    No musical background. Learning to play this guitar is the beginning of my background.

    Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker guitar

    Being a beginner guitar player I really cannot offer a technical analysis of this instrument (considerations such as pickup response and the overall tonal aspects, etc.) but it sounds good to me channeled through my 35 watt Orange amp. I love the looks of it.

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