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Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - Viceroy Brown Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - Viceroy Brown?

Questions about the Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - Viceroy Brown?

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  • from Suwanee, GA August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Hobby Guitar Player

    Great guitar! Great Service!

    First of all, Ryan Murphy and the folks at Sweetwater are fantastic. They always ensure that you are happy with what your purchase, not matter the value.

    Regarding the Alex Lifeson Les Paul, this is a great guitar! It feels great and the tone possibilities are awesome! The piezo sounds fantastic. Being able to switch from the Piezo (acoustic sound) to an electric tone with the push/pull knob is awesome! Have not been able to put this down since I got it. All the features and details makes this a great Les Paul.

  • from NH, USA November 18, 2014Music Background:
    Artist in Residence for a major guitar processor company

    Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - Viceroy Brown

    Firstly, Robert from Sweetwater was great to deal with.
    The guitar is strikingly beautiful and immaculately built like one would expect from a famous brand Custom Shop.
    The weight is perfect for a Les Paul (8lbs 10oz). I find the neck very much faster than my other Les Pauls. The neck feels slightly wider and thinner than my Standard Plus.

    I love the Floyd on this. It is a Graphtech with a piezo pickup system. The Floyd itself is very smooth, responsive and is perfectly intonated. I prefer the feel of this one more than the Original Floyd on my other Axcess. It must be a Gotoh on the Lifeson.

    I found the action a little high so I removed one set of shims from the locking nut and now it is perfect.

    The piezo system is so cool with the ability to run it separately with it's own output jack or you can mix it with the magnetic pickups through the main jack.

    The tone is very Les Paul'ish with great bottom and mids with that LP sting on top.

    I can't say enough good things about this guitar. It has definitely become my number one.

  • from Ft. Wayne, IN December 5, 2013

    Playing in the

    This beautiful take on a Gibson classic can only be described as brilliant. Alex Lifeson or Aleksandar Živojinovi has used Gibson guitars since the late 1960s and initially used an ES-355 then later a Les Paul. When Alex went back to his Gibson roots he asked Gibson about altering an axcess Les Paul to really get a unique guitar that would be a workhorse that he could use on stage. The result was this gorgeous Les Paul with piezo saddles built into the floating tremolo and unique wiring system and duel input jacks one for just the magnetic pickups and the other the piezo, which can be blended and almost give the sound of an acoustic accompany when blended or just a straight acoustic sound with the magnetic pickups rolled off completely. The neck joint is routed out and allows for free access of the upper frets of this guitar. The radius is a 12' inch which allows for easy playing for those with larger hands and also makes bar chords a breeze to fret as well as the ability to bend notes without diminishing or killing the note. This is possibly the most comfortable Les Paul I have ever played. It approaches the unreal for those who think ans feel. The Witch Hunt is over, Gibson finally has modernized the Les Paul for the New World Man. So put down your copy of Tom Sawyer and Fly by Night and order yourself the new and limited Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul. You'll be glad you did once experienced playing in the Limelight with this Working Mans' guitar.

  • from Painesville, OH March 14, 2013Music Background:

    A real Beauty

    Great action and such a selection of tones. Love the tremolo and it holds tune really well. Finish is beautiful. Have not used the dual jacks yet but I am looking forward to playing with the different combinations of tones from the pickups. Awesome guitar!

  • from Portland, Oregon November 28, 2016Music Background:
    35 years a guitarist and hobbyist recording engineer

    Beautiful guitar.

    I have a lot of guitars. This one is very special. It plays like a dream (after I spent a couple of hours nourishing the fretboard and polishing the frets) and the set up is very nice. The intonation was pretty good, G string was a little off (no surprise there).

    My biggest gripe is that it is really really good at picking up radio stations when the battery is plugged in for the Ghost Bridge Piezo pickups. I was more than a little shocked to see zero shielding inside any of the cavities, and the ghost piezo board not secured to the inside of the body.

    I will have to spend a considerable amount of time adding shielding to try and minimize the loud and obnoxious bleeps, squeaks and radio that the ghost piezo hardware generates. Pull the battery out and it is dead quiet, plug it back in and noisy.

    Despite the noise, the mix of piezo and magnetic pickups is really, really nice. I have an Ernie Ball JP6 and it's system doesn't hold a candle to this system. Maybe it is the same, I don't know, nor care, whatever the mojo they did to it makes it sound fantastic!

    Some lack of attention to fit and finish, but as far as Gibsons go, this is way above the norm.

    That being said, once I have the noise issues all worked out, I will have an heirloom guitar that will last a few lifetimes.

Questions about the Gibson Custom Limited Edition Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess - Viceroy Brown?

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