Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw

Drum-mounted Microphone Stand with Felxible Gooseneck 5/8" Theading
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Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw image 1
Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw image 1
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Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw
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Mic Your Drums Without the Hassle

The Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw is just the thing you need when you want to mount a microphone directly to the rim of one of your drums. It's made from LP's proprietary plastic blend, allowing the EZ-Mount Mic Claw to hold up to years of heavy use. One of the things the engineers here at Sweetwater appreciate about this mount is how small it is, making it easy to stick it in tight spaces in your drum kit. The flexible gooseneck makes mic placement a breeze, and with its standard 5/8" threading, the LP EZ-Mount Mic Claw accommodates virtually any mic you can get your hands on.

Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw Features:
  • A compact and sturdy mountable microphone stand for your drums and percussion rig
  • Made from a proprietary plastic blend that provides maximum strength and durability
  • A spring-loaded jaw clamps down firmly on rims and drum hardware for extreme stability
  • Flexible gooseneck gives you many options for microphone placement
  • Standard 5/8" threading accommodates virtually any mic you can get your hands on
Add a mic to any drum with the Latin Percussion EZ-Mount Mic Claw!

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Manufacturer Part Number LP591A

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Could be improved

Purchased at a competitor store. The LP Claw is a clever design, but bulky looking. The rod nearly half hex (again, clever-to keep the stem and mic facing true so it doesn't twist when playing hard), half flex. This sets the mic a bit high off the rim (my LP Galaxies), almost like how a desktop lamp might sit. That might be the best for sound capture but I prefer a lower aiming position. Just me. Oh, and you don't get a whole lot of flex to position once in-place. The clamp itself is sturdy ABS-type material with a profile that bites well onto both conga and bongo (Pearl Bobby Allende's) rims. The clamping mechanism is firm but simple to install one- handed. If you want long-life, I would avoid snapping these in place as the top tooth of the clamp could wear and lose enough material to not be able to secure a good mount. Use your thumb-index-mid fingers to compress the spring mechanism to set. The material will likely fail before the springs ever do so I expect longevity as long as I don't crush or accidentally run over one. Purchased to replace a worn AUDIX drum mic clamp that was perfect in every way except that the clamp screw got stripped from over-torque and could not just replace that part of the clamp. Oh, don't buy drum clamps for anything other than drum mics. It just doesn't make sense. I will buy two more for my set-up when my other clamps fail.
Music background: Performer, small 2 person gig

Not that great

The Gooseneck is too flimsy and also too long. The clamp itself is great, it will not fall off. Just the gooseneck sucks. Anything larger than an Audix D2 microphone and its not going to hold position. i5 or SM57 barely holds in place. Regret buying 5 of these.
Music background: Pro Live Sound & Studio Engineer


Not bad, but the tension is not good to keep the mic from bending over via drum vibrations. Personally they suck for the cost.
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