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Lock-It Straps LIS 016 LL-CHOC Guitar Strap - Dark Chocolate Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • Randy Arsenault
    from Waterford Michigan June 9, 2015

    Lock it straps

    Best of both worlds, great comfortable strap AND a locking device without replace any strap horns on your instrument. Safe,secure and comfortable.

  • Scott
    from Acworth, GA November 12, 2014

    Best Locking Strap Yet

    I have tried two other models of locking straps and this one is by far superior to either of those. I use a headstock adapter on my acoustics because I like the balance better than a front strap button. I got the leather version of this model and it is the most comfortable and easiest to operate strap I own. The locking mechanism is extremely positive, I have no fear of it popping loose. I also like the absence of metal or plastic adjustment loops to scratch my guitars.

  • Robert Joyner
    from Hillsborough, NC July 2, 2013Music Background:

    Lock-It Guitar Strap-Love It

    I dropped & busted one of my prized Gibson acoustic years ago & I wish I had been smart enough to invent this strap. This is really the answer to musicians that have acoustic guitars that play while standing. Your guitar does not have to altered in any way. I have had a couple of near disasters since by almost dropping my guitar using conventional straps. It's also simple to switch to a different guitar. I love this strap, I feel confident that I will not drop another guitar while using it.

  • Gary McPeek
    from Bellevue, OH April 30, 2013Music Background:
    Blues, blues, and more blues


    This is my 2nd Lock-It strap. I'd really be hard pressed to buy any other style of strap after using these. The 2.5" leather strap is like glove leather. It's new and feels like an old broken in favorite. Not cheap, but if I were to only buy one strap over, this leather strap would be it. The locking ends had to be designed by a player. I looked on the Lock-It site and I see they make a "reversed" lock for the strap pin on the back of the heel. These people are dialed in......and made in the good ole USA. I won't lend this strap to anyone.

  • Tom
    from Altoona, Ks October 22, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Player


    Exactly as avertised.

  • ROB
    from OK, USA July 19, 2013Music Background:
    Liturgical Musician, Song Writer, & Casual Performer

    Lock-It Guitar Strap - EXACTLY what I needed!

    I was in a musical stage production - cast in a scene where I was involved in both slinging my Taylor 410ce guitar on my back while involved in stage action, then whipping it around to accompany one of the musical pieces - not something I felt comfortable doing with my prized Taylor while using a conventional "loop-over-the-strap button" type of guitar strap. The Lock-It Strap solved all of my worries and fretting (pun intended) and enabled my Taylor's stage fright to stay locked in its case!

  • Michael B Cargle
    from Dexter, Mo. May 8, 2013Music Background:
    Bass player for Church praise and worship

    Lock-it strap

    I thought I would try the new Lock-It strap instead of installing strap lock hardware. I am very pleased. It holds your guitar very secure. I went with the leather model. It is wide and comfortable. My Gibson Thunderbird bass needs the front end of the strap to be reversed, which is easily done with the leather strap. Simply take the front loop and reverse it. I would highly recommend this strap.

  • Groovus
    from East Central Ohio December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Semi=pro musician, home recordist, long time player

    Good Strap due to the locks

    This is a strap that I really don't regret buying since I needed a high quality wide strap with the "Lockit" strap ends. I am a big fan of this locking strap since I don't want to modify my guitars with straploks just to secure my axe. For the negatives, I wish the strap could have been a bit more supple and padded. It is not very thick compared to some premium straps, but those don't have the lockit function. Maybe a bit of leather conditioner would help the suppleness factor. As I said, I would buy this strap again if I didn't have it, but I might even spend even a bit more if it had those qualities that I noted.

  • eric
    from kingsland, tx. February 21, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    guitar stap

    wish I had this strap long ago, will get another soon.

  • Jonathan Fields
    from Allentown, PA June 7, 2014Music Background:
    Retired EE, gigging musician

    Not a low slip strap

    I bought and returned one of these because my T5z is neck heavy on a strap. I wanted something locking since I can no longer use my poly Planet Waves locking straps due to slip. Compared to a suede strap it is too slippery, and the edges are stiffer and were uncomfortable against my neck. Many leather straps have a low slip underside even if the top side is not suede. It is a very nicely US made strap, the locks work as advertized, and if you don't need low slip or very supple (or smooth) edges for comfort, it is a great choice. Sweetwater handled the return with class.

  • Mark
    from Chicago, IL February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Recreational player, Jams and Gigs as they come.

    Not a true locking strap!!!

    Got this for my Gibson LP Standard AAA Plus. I figured this would save me from having to have to back out and replace the strap button screws. The actual 'lock' on this strap is a thin sheet of nylon/plastic, that is spring loaded. It fits nicely on the strap button, but as my head stock tilts up (picture having no amp and you are lowering your ear to the fretboard to hear a note while tuning), the strap button pushes up on the 'lock', and it will become undone.

    This is a very nice strap though. Nice leather and quality. Made in U.S.A. I like the wide leather straps because they ease a bit of the weight of the guitar, due to the width. I will be moving this one to my Strat though, and getting a set of Schallers or Grovers for my LP for true locking.

  • Frank Morelli
    from Henderson Nevada June 4, 2013Music Background:

    Not what I thought

    The locking ends are excellent, but not comfortable around the neck. I play mostly in a t-shirt and the edge of the leather are irritating. I had to add other padding.

  • Frank Francois
    from Fenton MI45 January 26, 2015Music Background:
    45 year music hobbyist

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    If you have strap buttons larger than a strat or Les Paul, it's almost
    impossible to get on. It does lock snug on the ones that it fits.
    I would not buy another one, so check the size of all your strap buttons
    before you think about buying one.

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