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Godin LGXT - Trans Blue AA Flame Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin LGXT - Trans Blue AA Flame?

Questions about the Godin LGXT - Trans Blue AA Flame?

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  • Joe Grandolfo
    from Chicago, Illinois April 14, 2016

    What a fantastic Guitar

    This guitar is the BALLS! It has FANTASTIC action and so easy to play. The looks and feel is fantastic and the sounds I can get out of it blows me away!
    I use this with a Roland GR 55 and play it through a Roland keyboard amp.
    The combined Piezo and Seymour Duncan Pickups allow you to balance tones perfectly for what ever you lay. I've played rock and folk thru it and the sound is GREAT.
    I HIGHLY recommend this guitar.
    The Sweetwater delivery was also FANTASTIC. I was cautious about getting a guitar thru mail order but found the delivery great!

  • Hoodust
    from Phoenix, AZ November 26, 2012Music Background:
    Little bit of everything, lot 'o' guitar


    The delivery man woke me up... I realized she had finally arrived. Wiping the sleep out of my eye with excitement building I opened the box, for once completely ignoring the candy Sweetwater graciously includes. Not particularly impressed by the gig bag I open it and don't take a breath for several seconds... it is that stunning in the morning light. Very dark, almost black in low light, the deep royal blue and amazing (how on earth they consider it only AA) maple dazzles under bright light. The back and sides, though apparently black in all but the brightest light are actually a very very deep purple, but still very handsome, particularly with the faux binding showing off the figured maple. I plug in and brace myself. After finding a good blend of the acoustic tone with the electric (usually around 40% piezo and full volume on the magnetics) I play a few chords that I have been thinking of articulating into a song some day and so help me I wept. This guitar sings like you wouldn't believe, and with acoustic, two very distinct but beautifully blendable humbuckers and the ability to split coil with every combo in between, you will have a very vast array of tone at your disposal. The guitar is very very bright, but can do distortion well also, and the "warmth" can be dialed in by using *gasp* a TONE pot that actually does something for once besides adding mud. The unfortunate thing is you'd be hard pressed to find one to play in person, but take my word, you are getting 4 times the value of this guitar and will not be returning it.

  • Chris
    from Portland, ME August 12, 2013Music Background:

    LGXT- mice build

    This guitar is certainly high quality, I bought it for its versatility. The electric part sounds great. The acoustic part is outstanding. The synth part, which is my primary use, is awesome! I would give it 5 stars if not for the fact that the tremolo, so far, is useless. If I just touch it, it goes out of tune. Also, for this kind of money you shouldn't have to spend another 100 for a case. But it is a beautiful guitar and rock solid!

  • Charles
    from San Antonio May 17, 2016Music Background:
    Studio Musician

    Godin Lgxt

    I have performed on both the Lgxt and Lgxsa for 5 yrs now. Currently own a 2003-5 and 7 models. It was time to bring in a new one while my fleet undergoes restoration from yrs on the road and stage. I ordered a 2015 transblue Lgxt. I was immediately shocked as to the poor finish, the figuring in the top is barely visible. The instrument felt cheap and not solid like the early to mid 2000 models. More importantly in 2015 Godin transitioned from ebony fingerboards to Micarta AKA Richlite. This has never proven successfull, Both Martin and Gibson had failed production runs using Richlite.

    The 2015 Lgxgt arrived horribly backbowed, Yet when we placed a nothed neck level on it the board appeared flush with the level but rocked back and forth. How can this be you ask? The richlite boards are not level and straight with e neck as a result the frets form the nut up to the 22nd are horrifically uneven and cannot achieve a comfortable string height. My tech refused to attempt to level them. I returned the Transblue Lgxt for a Cognac Burst Lgxsa, it to suffered from the same and unusable. Quality control at Godin has become virtually non existent as well. Since using them I had contacts up there and have noticed the steady decline over the yrs.

    if you are ok with excessivley high action then the uneven frets and fingerboard will less of a issue, keep in mind intonation will continue to suffer. If you are intent on buying one, I urge you to seek out a vintage 2005-2010 model. They were at the top of their game during that period. Comparatively the 2015's feel and look like a Toys R Us guitar.

    In closing. I am embarrased for them. What was a flagship and respected guitar, has turned into laughing stock of the high end guitar market

Questions about the Godin LGXT - Trans Blue AA Flame?

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