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Godin LGX-SA - Trans Blue Flame AA Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin LGX-SA - Trans Blue Flame AA?

Questions about the Godin LGX-SA - Trans Blue Flame AA?

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  • from Berkeley Springs, WV March 8, 2016

    Very Happy

    I own a 96 Strat Deluxe that I bought new and became my dream guitar. For 20 years I've been
    searching for the next guitar to put along side of her. I thought I wanted a Les Paul and tried many.
    I have a Godin 5th Avenue that I love so I knew their guitars were underrated and priced well.
    I decided to give this beauty a try and have not been able to keep it out of my hands since it
    arrived. I also purchased the Roland GR-55 and a hard shell case although the gig bag is pretty
    nice indeed. I'm not going to go into why this guitar feels awesome to me because we are all
    different. But I can tell you this is one awesome guitar. Love the blue. And Jeff Barnett and his assistant
    Katie are the absolute best in the business. They cannot be beat.

  • from Central Virginia September 13, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Songwriter

    Very Nice

    Having never tried one before I was a bit skeptical. Nobody near the Blue Ridge Mountains had such a thing. "Sorry, We don't stock them thar Canadian bacon gee tarrrzzz."
    But on the vg forum people raved about them. So I called my favorite Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Mr. Patrick Dennis. Ext 1379
    "Send me the blue trans flame."
    After waiting an eternity, it arrived, he sent me pics even before I received it. A very nice Sweetwater touch indeed. Just to make you drool.
    All I have to say is buy one, they are great. Call Patrick Dennis, he will set you up and get one into your hands too. Five stars. Now I want one of the cognac burst ones as well.

  • from Chicago, IL June 21, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior since 1979

    My ultimate guitar

    I was extremely amazed with the tones of this 3 voice guitar having never played Ebony over Rosewood. It sounds amazing! I like to mix the acoustic sound with the humbuckers for a wall of sound that is very impressive.
    The neck is to die for. The best I've ever played, and I've played a lot of different brands. The quality of this guitar is just there in every way. I know it's hard to find one to try, but you should make an effort to get your hands on one before you spend thousands more. It's that good.

  • from Cheshire, CT April 27, 2013Music Background:
    seasoned hobbyist

    A lot to like in a moderately priced package

    My search for alternative guitars that could feed a guitar synth such as the Roland GR55 led me to the Godin LGX-SA. I already owned a Godin Acoustisonic guitar that I held in fairly high regard. I did my research online with respect to reviews, Youtube assessments and Ebay sales and seller commentary. Overall the picture looked pretty rosy. Lots of features at a price point well below 2K if you accept are OK with an AA Maple top. (as opposed to AAAA, not sold by Sweetwater) When you seek to purchase a guitar like this, (new), it will likely be based on a photo since the major chains don't seem to stock these guitars. (a Canadian product, BTW) Since Sweetwater had them, and offered a generious return policy, I felt there wasn't much to lose and took the plunge. I should mention, not only did I want synth access (SA) I also "needed" a blue guitar to add to my collection. (which includes 3 PRS models) The first one that I received played beautifully out of the box but had some surface and finish flaws that were minor, but bothersome to me. (bleeding of top color into maple trim, a small scratch on the lower bout) not bad but not typical of an out of the box experence. When I informed Sweetwater, they asked no questions, apologized very nicely, and without my asking, put a brand new replacement in the mail the same day they received my email with all shipping expenses on them. The replacement was much more to my liking....providing sufficient eye candy to quell the desire for "blue".
    They trusted me to ship the original back as opposed to first having to return it before receiving the replacement. I guess they value their customers.
    As for the guitar sound set, beautiful and varied tones abound. As for the communicating with my GR55, safe to say, best in class...virtually no lag when producing midi sounds. The ability to mix three volume levels (humbuckers, piezo and synth sounds) from the guitar itself, I believe, is a one of a kind control set.
    The LGX is also beautifully contoured making it very comfortable to hold against your body.
    As for looks, the LGX is elegantly understated. Subtle, raised contours of the carved maple top keep it interesting to the eye when compared to a flat top solid body guitar. If you don't care for blue, they offer this ax in a cognac burst finish as well.

    As for playability....nice low action and a comforatble ebony fretboard with seemingly just the right amount of curvature to it. I took to it immediately

    All things considered, I know a keeper when I see it. This one will stay in the collection indefinitely.

    Hope this helps.

  • from Daly City, CA, United States July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur lead guitarist with a Local Band (Hobbyist)

    Godin LGX-SA (Trans Blue Flame AA)

    whether an instrument is good on not based on 3 main factors:
    1. the appearance
    2. the materials
    3. the sound that it produces
    In terms of appearance, people like the color; they said "a rare color". For me, I'm stick to sun-burst color, but current trans blue has not been bothering me that much; the finish is good; that is all it matters.
    The materials used are in good qualities also; I have no problem with that.
    The sound it produce is also as good as my old PRS hollow II; since the bridges are different, they are producing their own favorable sweet tones.
    Over all, I have no complaints! I'm happy with it!

  • from Columbus, Oh February 15, 2014Music Background:
    Musician 40 yrs., Studio engineer 27 yrs.

    As a picky PRS owner I totally Love this guitar

    I tend to be very picky about guitars and went through several before I finally settled on this one. Up until now PRS have been my top guitars. I have owned 4 PRS guitars since my first PRS in 1987 and my favorite $3k Custom 24 and others. So you can see I have taste for expensive good sounding and well made guitars. I wanted something that I could use in performance and worship that offered the Guitar Synth and the Piezo in addition to Magnetic Pickups. I have tried several other guitars and various ways to get the 3 voices, including Parker and Wechter and this is by far the best option. Some of the other options lacked the Piezo tonal control that this guitar has or needed a GK-3 added on to get all 3 voices. This is by far the best sounding Piezo of the bunch I have played. (With the Parker being a second) The magnetic pickups also sound the best of the bunch. Yes, even better than the Parker magnetics.

    Workmanship and Quality of materials is definitely what you'd expect for a guitar in this price range. The finish is beautiful looking and seems more durable than others I've seen. I accidentally bumped the back of it against a metal door pretty hard and it didn't even leave a scratch. I though sure it would have left a dent. The knobs feel firm and smooth. All the hardware feels well built and appears to be high quality. (definitely not the cheap stuff) The output jack options are excellent and well thought out. Everything can go out the 13 pin or you can have any split combination you want. Be sure to adjust the input sensitivity on your guitar-synth module.

    Having tried the LGXT, I preferred this one (LGX-SA) for a number of reasons. First, the fixed bridge stays in tune better. I also think the tone of this guitar is slightly better because of the Mahogany Body and covered Pickups. (The LGXT has Maple body and uncovered pickups which sounded a bit harsh to me by comparison.)

    Regarding the Neck: I think anyone who likes PRS necks will be satisfied with the neck on this guitar. I used to play both the PRS wide fat and wide thin necks and find this neck to be very comfortable. By comparison the Parker had the fastest and thinnest neck I've ever played but it never felt right when playing acoustic styles. This neck works for a variety styles. It has just enough girth to feel good on acoustic style playing yet it's thin enough to feel good for fast electric styles. The highest 3 frets are little hard to access but that's pretty common with a lot of guitars. On the other hand the play-ability above the 12th fret seems better than most guitars to me. All in all, I'm actually quite impressed with this neck.

    A word about setup: Sweetwater does a great job with their guitars but I would recommend having your setup customized to your playing style. This guitar needs a different setup than a standard electric guitar. Most guitar techs set the strings too low for piezo pickups which pickup the tiniest string rattle. You wouldn't notice it with the magnetic pickups but it sounds awful on the Piezo. Make sure you get a tech that understands the importance of proper nut height with the ability to adjust it. If this is left too high your first 3 frets will consistently go sharp.

    I have several reasons for the 4 in stead of a 5. First, the biggest reason is that a guitar in this price range should come with a hard shell case not a gig bag IMHO. Second, no battery compartment access without a screwdriver. Third, I wish it had one more 3 way switch to toggle Piezo and Magnetic pickups. Fourth, I'm not 100% sold on the locking tuners they selected. I think there are better options out there (for the locking part). Fifth, the head stock is a bit small for me because I like to keep a clip-on tuner and capo on the head-stock at all times. (Like I said, I am picky, lol)

    But don't let those small issues keep you from getting this guitar. If PRS offered something like this I guarantee it would cost at least a thousand more and probably more than that.

    Overall, this guitar is great for many applications and is the closest thing to a one-guitar-for-everything that I have ever seen. This guitar is not only gorgeous looking but plays and sounds to match its looks.

Questions about the Godin LGX-SA - Trans Blue Flame AA?

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