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Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6"x14" G-Bubinga Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6"x14" G-Bubinga?

Questions about the Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6"x14" G-Bubinga?

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  • Aaron Rom

    The Tama G-Bubinga snare drum combines plenty of power with a surprising amount of sensitivity, resulting in a snare that is incredibly versatile. It has become my go-to snare for all of my projects.

  • from October 30, 2015

    Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6

    Perfect in every way! I have had nothing but compliments on this snare, Looks and sound!
    I am using it as my main snare. I have an Evans Dry head on it and sound amazing!
    Absolutely not one negative thing to say about it!
    This baby is Heavy!

  • from Chicago il December 2, 2014Music Background:

    Backbeat hard this one

    Ok this things hot ! Tama made this happen a real people can afford.i have a lot of snares but now you don't have to spend 800+dollars to get this sound .Made from starclassic hardware it's super stable to all tunings G-burbinga shells are a little thicker by 1mm than other shells in the slp line really let's you know it's heavy your ears too buy this thing please. Got mine from joe Schafer @1393 you will love this drum ghost note city and huge crack all to had

  • from Las Vegas. NV. June 22, 2013Music Background:
    Played professionally in Vegas Main Rooms, toured with Wayne Newton (yeah I know) Junior Walker and the All Stars. Lola Falana, Eddie Russ (Europe) Started home studio approx 1984. Grew into Commercial studio in 1991, currently the longest studio in opera

    Great Versatile Drum

    I bought this drum because of it's ability to be tuned across a wide range of tunings. Right now I have very deep and FAT. However that required the use of a Remo ring but it sounds great. I've had up at a "normal" pitch and it is rich and warm with a nice crack when you get into the rim,
    Great in the studio.
    If you go on the Tama site they have video of each of SLP drums.
    Check them out. All the snares have an overtone or ring to them. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not. But varying sizes of Remo Rings will partially to completely eliminate that overtone should you want to.
    I'm not a style over substance guy, but I must say this drum is a beautiful looking snare with the Black Nickel hardware,
    I've had more than one comment on how good it looks,
    Plan on replacing the batter head though.
    All drum companies ship their drums with the lowest line of heads,
    I just put a coated Ambassador on it and was good to go,

  • from United States January 29, 2013

    awesome snare

    this thing is amazing!!!! so easy to tune and the sound you can get from it is great. its a very dry drum, which makes it great for recording

  • from Massachusetts August 19, 2016

    Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6

    Right off the bat this snare is great! When arrived I immediately replaced the heads. There's no way the stock head would survive. I am currently using this as my main snare. The versatility is endless. I tuned it medium that way it has pop along with the nice ring a snare should have. I have an auxiliary snare I tune to the moon but this one deserves better! This is by far one of the heaviest snare's I've ever owned, Which in turn causes it be real full and pronounced. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because a couple of the lugs lost a little coating when tuning and when you play a lot of outdoor venues in the summer the moisture hit's them and then there's surface rust. Not very attractive on this Beautiful Snare!

  • from New York August 22, 2015

    Great snare at a great price

    First impression: this drums looks very nice, it isn't a show piece but it certainly looks pretty! I'm a fan of the Starclassic lugs, hoops look nice, and the throw off is very nice.
    Playing: tuned it up to a low tuning, and after some tweaking (I'm not a tuning master So it took me a few minutes) I got a nice fat and loose sound. Snare wires were loose at this point and have it a nice wet tone, I could already here the styles this would fit into.
    Tuned it up to medium tension (tightened snare wires to a medium tension) and banged away! The drum had good response (with better heads I can imagine this would only get better), it was articulate at soft volumes/rolls, and barked when hit hard. This drum sounds very good!
    Tuned the tension up to medium high and whoa, the sounds I like, sounds like a cannon with rimshots, thunderous low end, a nice crack, and good wire presence.
    So overall I am extremely pleased, this drum is a worthy studio and stage piece for any level of drummer. Oh yeah and the price tag is unbelievable for this kind of quality!

  • from Washington, DC March 27, 2013Music Background:
    45 years of drumming!

    Tama S.L.A. G-Bubinga

    Excellent snare drum with a rich sound and response.

  • from Mountlake Terrace, WA August 11, 2015

    Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6

    The only thing I did not like on this drum is that Tama China put cheap metal pressed in Air-vent. Its a shame Tama did this to this nice Bubinga G snare. Should have put in a threaded nut type Air-vent or the wood airvent that was always used on the Tama Starclassic Bubinga drums pre-China from Japan.

Questions about the Tama S.L.P. Series Snare - 6"x14" G-Bubinga?

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