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Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from February 24, 2012

    The little amp that could

    Great amp for practise and small gigs. Easy to carry and enough power to keep up with the drummer. At 52, lugging around anything much over 50lbs. to practise is a pain. Should have picked one up years ago.

  • from new braunfels TX. USA! May 9, 2011Music Background:
    solo,bands,and recording....always a student of the art

    a must have

    i really was impressed by this little amp,its loud,great models,light weight,and all around must have if your a bass player!! Line 6 is always raising the bar ,i have the LowDown 300 pro and i love that amp as well but i rarely use it any more after buying this work horse...but i know it will waiting and ready when i need the big guns and i do get some smirks when i show up with a 1000 dollar Fender bass and this little amp but as soon as i plug it in and start playing they shut up pretty quick ha!!

  • from Orillia Ontario -Canada January 11, 2010Music Background:
    Song writer/recording engineer

    LowDown Studio 110 Bass amp

    Ok so I've been checking this amp in and out.
    Wow it's so versatile and good sound for it's size.
    Love the presets for bass, but wait.
    Guitar players if you don't mind not having reverb then this little puppy puts out -I put it on grind and set the opto-Comp to about 1 or 2 O'clock and shazam with the pre up all the way and the main volume between 4 and 6 and wow this thing kicks out a sound. I found if you wiggle the opto/comp knob so that the preset button blinks it gets even louder but with the same distortion effect.It seems it does that with other preset buttons too. The Synth patch tracks in seemingly only 2 octive range but is good for all those who like the number of sounds you can dial by adjusting the pre and opto/comp buttons. It's worth reading the manual to locate the variables of the knobs to max out sounds of more than just 4 preset sounds for Bass - altogether this portable amp for the bucks a good investment. PS# the XLR out works well to.

  • from Orlando, FL, USA March 29, 2009Music Background:
    Intermediate Musician

    Liked this one a lot

    I played this at a music store today, using an Ibanez SR300 bass as my test instrument. I'm an intermediatre player of funk and contemporary jazz.

    I was actually pretty impressed with the diversity of sounds I could get out of it, as well as the effects. The compression was good.

    The bass synth was OK, but it couldn't always keep up with my playing when I played fast notes. However, I don't see that effect as being a high-use effect anyway, so it didn't deter me in any way. An Octaver would've received much more scrutiny and usefulness, or an envelope filter.

    What I liked the most about this was the compact size and weight, as well as the control over the sound, with high and low mids, as well as an "overdrive" feature to add a bit of warmth.

    It also packed a lot of power for the size and weight. I could see myself using it at a small rehearsal instead of lugging around my cabinet and head.

    So, this one has me thinking.... I want it :)

  • from Whitsett, NC November 26, 2008Music Background:

    Low DOwn and Dirty

    I was blown away with the nice compact size, 26 pound, 24"x24"x24"(approximately). It has a great sound and is awsome for practice, no more carring around heavy stuff to practice. I am going to get the LD400 Pro soon so I will be All Line 6 amps including my Spider III guitar amp. Thank you line 6 for such great products.

  • from Layton, UT USA January 14, 2011Music Background:
    21 years piano, 14 sax, 12 guitar and bass. Semi-pro studio musician / composer / sound designer.

    Perfect for stage and studio

    I've had this little amp for almost two years, now, and I'm in love with it. I play it weekly at church, and have recorded with it in my own home studio, using the DI out. It's PERFECT for situations where you can't, or don't want to rely on the amp to provide all the sound for you (like when you DI in to a larger system).

    The only things I've found "wrong" with this amp are that you can't overwrite presets (or at least, I haven't been able to, yet), and there's no foot switch to change between amp models.

    I absolutely love using it's Synth mode with guitars, too... it's monophonic, but that doesn't make chords any less fun, just less predictable. :D

  • from July 31, 2010Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Great amp for ears and back

    It may not look like much, but it's pretty powerful. When I first used it at rehearsal, I put it on the floor next to me. I could feel it move my pants leg when I played. Very good power for its size. At 2:00 AM, your back will appreciate its weight and size.

    The various settings are okay, but you may end up using just one and shaping your tone before the amp.

    I run my bass signal to the mixer. The XLR output is a nice feature, eliminating the need for a microphone in front of the speaker.

    My guitarists love the amp and will probably buy ones for themselves.

  • from nyc December 23, 2008Music Background:
    music connoisseur

    line 6 studio 110

    my first bass amp. this amp is pretty good the 5 onboard amp models are nice. the one thing is that the eq must be readjusted. like if you have the clean setting and go to grind the eq must be recalibrated. other than that the amp is very versatile with the synth effect and the compressor. its great for practice reharsal and studio, just watch your eq gentlemen, and ladies.

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