Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module and ToneMatch

Portable PA System with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/4-channel Mixer, Loudspeaker Line Array, Powerstand, B2 Bass Module, and Carrying Bags
Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module and ToneMatch image 1
Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module and ToneMatch image 1

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Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module and ToneMatch
In Stock!

Get Ready for Awesome Onstage Sound!

This Bose L1 Model II system combines Bose's premier T1 ToneMatch audio system with their leading line-array speaker system technologies. Set up the Bose L1 Model II onstage, and you won't believe the amazingly clear sound it projects - to virtually every corner of the room. With nearly 180 degrees of consistent tonal coverage, each performer hears exactly what the audience hears. What's more, you can use ToneMatch to optimize each source - plus add effects - for instant, studio-grade results with your Bose L1 Model II.

Bose L1 Model II Single B2 with T1 ToneMatch PA System at a Glance:
  • Wide, uniform sound coverage
  • Includes the ToneMatch audio engine for multichannel power
  • Deep bass from small enclosures
  • Light and easy
Wide, uniform sound coverage

The Bose L1 Model II system's breakthrough Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker system produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees. It projects that sound onstage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred - with little drop off in volume and tone. The Bose L1 Model II system also features Articulated Array speaker technology for better tonal balance. The loudspeaker's 24 vertically mounted drivers are precisely angled to create clearer highs and more consistent tone in the room. Even people off to the sides of these stage speakers enjoy well-balanced, detailed sound - all courtesy of the Bose L1 Model II.

Includes the ToneMatch audio engine for multichannel power

This Bose L1 Model II system comes with the T1 ToneMatch audio engine, putting Bose's largest library of customized presets at your command. These ToneMatch presets instantly optimize instruments and microphones for your L1 Model II system, all at the touch of a button. Different presets can be independently assigned to each of the engine's four channels. For example, select exact microphone presets for the microphones you're using on channels 1 and 2, your guitar model for channel 3 and your bass model for channel 4 - all at the same time. Bose's engineers often work with manufacturers directly to expand the ToneMatch preset library - and updates are available to you free, with easy downloading via the engine's USB port.

Powerful Bass for Your L1 Model II System

The Bose B2 bass module is a high-performance flexible bass module purpose-built for your L1 Model II system. Packing two 10" high-excursion woofers in a compact, roadworthy enclosure, the B2 features a rear panel switch that lets you select higher or lower bass levels to suit your particular application. Proprietary technology in your L1 system automatically senses the switch position and provides correct equalization and power. If you require maximum bass impact from your L1 system, the Bose B2 bass module is what you need.

Light and easy

The Bose L1 Model II power stand weighs only 24 pounds, and its four retractable legs make it very easy to transport and set up. The power stand also has a simplified control section; the single line-level input can be used with instruments, microphones, mixers, laptops, MP3 players or DVD systems.
All of the system's components are also built to handle the road. That's because the loudspeaker has a rugged, reinforced grille, and each package includes padded carrying bags for major components.

Bose L1 Model II Single B2 with T1 ToneMatch Compact PA System Features:
  • Proprietary 24-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree coverage for audiences of up to 500
  • Consistent tonal balance from front to back
  • Less drop-off in SPL over distance than most conventional loudspeakers
  • Compact, lightweight design sets up and tears down in minutes
  • Durable components easily connect without the need for speaker stands
  • Includes loudspeaker line array, powerstand, B2 bass module, and carrying bags
  • Included T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine/4-channel mixer instantly optimizes instruments and mics
Ramp up your onstage sound with Bose's L1 Model II PA system!

Tech Specs

Number of Speakers 24 speakers (Line Array), 2 (Bass Module)
Speaker Drivers 24 x Small Drivers, 2 x 10" Woofers
Number of Mixer Channels 5
Number of Mic Preamps 3
EQ Intelligent zEQ
Inputs 3 x XLR/Line Combo, 2 x 1/4" (TRS)
Outputs 4 x 1/4" (TRS)
Enclosure Material Polypropylene
Height 92"
Width 10"
Depth 27"
Manufacturer Part Number 359377-0010

Customer Reviews

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Bose System

This model is awesome. I have both the L1 model 1, and now the L1 model 2. They are both excellent! L1 model 2 covers more area. But both have superb sound!!

Awesome Portable PA System

I absolutely love this system. Awesome sound. Easy portability. Learning curve was minimal. Works beautifully with my Yamaha keyboard and iPad.
Music background: Worship Pastor

Perfection in simplicity

I am a solo keyboardist and singer. I use this in various size venues. Performance is flawless. Is very powerful but not too loud up close , produces a sound that carries farther. I bought 2 of them for stereo sound. for acoustic piano voices of Yamaha sound flat in mono and I did not like that. Tonematch can be useful but not needed if you already have a mixer. If you have deep pockets this is the system to get.
Music background: Hobbyist


I've had this unit now for a little over a month and love it more everyday. It is perfect for a solo artist, duet or even in church. I would not recommend for a band unless each member has their own system - and the bass and drums have extra subs . But - for the aforementioned - wow! It is exceptionally clear - almost too clear - my vocals aren't good enough to be extremely clear - I need a little mudiness but I'm getting used to it! My PA3X sounds utterly amazing and with the B2 sub, I had to set the sub to "-" and adjust the EQ on the keyboard down - I was getting way too much bass. With the adjustments it sounds great now! You can hear very detail in the mix like you've never heard it before. Feedback is not an issue - although be careful if you have cheapy microphones and it seems to be overly sensitive to headworn mics as well. I used it at church a week ago Sunday and they had me order them one - arrived last week. I've never heard this type of quality in a sound system in my 40+ years of playing.
Music background: Pro Musician

A Game Changer

I'm in a duo featuring acoustic guitar and upright bass, and we both sing. We have a gig at a major resort playing four nights a week ( six hour drive twice a week ) as well as one day a week locally. Not only did the Bose perform flawlessly but I've saved hundreds in gas not having to tow a trailer full of heavy subs, mains, amps, and mixers around. When my bass player plugged in for the first time, I dialed in a pre-set and asked him what he needed. His response was "I don't know, it's never sounded this good!" It always amazes me how big of a room it can fill. Bartenders and waitstaff always say " best sound we've had in here ". Get the SKB cases for it.
Music background: Pro musician
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