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Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module Reviews

5.0 stars based on 20 customer reviews
Questions about the Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module?

Questions about the Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Western Maryland Based May 3, 2017

    Bose Systems changed our life

    My experience has been great.Three years traveling with the L1 Model II and loving it. My wife and I have a duo that includes keyboard, drums, guitar and horns. We have played outdoors and thrown the sound clearly for a city block as well as large and small indoor venues. Last year we decided to try a Bose Compact for very small rooms and once again are super happy, even finding ourselves using the Compact for rooms larger than we expected. Last year we booked a festival where I knew we would be running hot to cover the crowd, For the first time I set the L1 System out front, put mics on the drums and then used the compact behind us as a monitor, Cranked the L1 and was amazed. But, this is the clincher, We can now carry both systems and all our instruments in our Honda Element fully ready to play any situation that we book..... yea Bose has changed our lives.

  • from MILLSTONE TWP, NJ March 27, 2017



  • from Southern California December 26, 2016Music Background:
    Bachelors in Music, Music Teacher, and a Wedding DJ for 20 years.

    Excellent Product I have Purchased three so far!!!

    Great product can't go wrong with Bose

  • from February 18, 2016

    1st rate

    top of the line system...easy to work with

  • from Chelmsford, MA September 22, 2015Music Background:
    DJ since 1987

    sound defies physics with Bose!

    I have been a DJ for 27 years, and never really listened to the Bose Pro line. After seeing a bunch of friends buy these very expensive speakers, I finally heard them and could not believe how crisp, clear and precise the sound was, even from a considerable distance. I bought a pair of Bose L1 MII with B2 sub, and I have been getting compliments at every event I have done because of the outstanding sound.
    I have a hotel client that asked for them specifically and I now offer to rent them out and advertise specifically that I use a Bose professional system. Those who know, want the Bose!
    -DJ Terry Moran
    Crown Entertainment
    Chelmsford, MA

  • from Tennessee July 2, 2015

    Brilliant !!!

    My family loves to get together and sing Karaoke. I bought the L1 Model 2 B 2 for our home. Expensive, but takes up hardly any space and everybody loves loves loves it. Whether you're a road warrior or just sing at home with friends. Bite the bullet and GET THIS SYSTEM!!

  • from Virginia Beach, VA April 15, 2015Music Background:
    been in vocal groups and bands for decades

    End of our search for band sound gear

    Incognito Brothers Band is a 6 piece group that plays a mixture of R&B, Blues, Classic Rock, etc. We were deathly tired of hauling heavy monitors, mains, subs, and gear that was often too big for the venues and needed a trailer to haul. The Bose L1 Model II with the B2 Bass fit our needs perfectly. We have 2 Bose systems and so far, they have fit the needs of all venues we have played. Best of all, all of it fits into one car trunk or SUV with room to spare for lights, stands, etc. Also, it sets up very quickly. None of this would be important if it did not sound great....but it does. The towers radiate virtually 180 degrees or better and there is no need for monitors (which were never balanced or adequate). Now we can hear ourselves and each other, and it has made us a tighter band with less ear fatigue. We are sold on Bose!

  • from Mid West April 7, 2015

    Booo ose

    So far every thing has been good But! That's where it ends. If you have one system
    TRY 2 it will literally kick you %^$% one of the very few system that will really reproduce 30 hertz without pushing it at all. IT"S THE REAL DEAL

  • from Rensselaer, IN USA March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/Song Writer

    Great System and customer service

    Have only used the system for a few gigs. We are using a presonus 16 board and two L1 system ll's with B2 bass modules. I will likely get a tonematch to use with one system to do duets and solo gigs with in the future. All our gigs were outdoors and the system sounded great! I had an issue with the power base this week, so I called Nathan Saturday. Sweetwater customer service called first thing Monday, contacted Bose while I was on the line, we conversed, and a new base is being shipped under waranty today! No arguments or waiting! Awesome customer service!

  • from Maine December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician and recording engineer.


    Color me skeptical. Now, color me convinced. Just sold off a very heavy QSC KW series of speakers (just had back surgery) and bought a pair of these. Our church, approx. 40' x 90' with 200 people, has never sounded so good. No EQ needed. Bass response tight and defined. No significant change in sound no matter where you sit in the room. That's nuts -- defies acoustic science. Entire worship team running through the mixer (X32) into these (guitars, keys, Roland drums, bass and 11 singers; we use no amps on stage). Turned up to only about 20% and PLENTY loud for contemporary music. Expensive, sure. Worth it? Absolutely!

  • from New Hampshire April 30, 2014Music Background:
    KJ, DJ, Hobbyist

    Incredible sound

    This Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass sounds SIGNIFICANTLY better than any other system I've had (from Cerwin Vega to QSC and some in between). Hands down, this is the system that produced the clearest sound at higher volumes. I haven't even been able to turn this thing up HALF way (no need), but I'm so glad Bose finally upgraded their Bass Module! The previous version sounded great, but you just knew it was never going to be enough with just one; this thing sounds great as is. I barely had to touch my equalizer (and that's just to suit my personal preference), and even without the ToneMatch (I prefer a mixer as a DJ/KJ to give me more channels and better access on the fly), using mics from Shure to even cheap-o VocoPros all sound so natural. I'm blown away. So glad I decided to bite the bullet and grab this with the 0% interest deal through Sweetwater! Totally worth it, and NOTHING is simpler to set up!!!

  • from Westport, KY March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, singing for fun and religion for 38 years.

    Great product

    The system works as advertised. Bright clear sound with amazing eveness of sound in distance and angle of listening. Plus with the speakers behind you, you hear exactly what your audience hears. I sing with a Southern Gospel group and we sing at small to medium sized churches, senior centers and such. This is perfect for that application. The B2 bass really adds depth to the music. The system is easy to transport and store.

    This system is priced the same wherever you so I went with
    Sweetwater for their outstanding customer support.

  • from Loveland, Colorado August 7, 2013Music Background:


    This system is not for the faint of heart. A bit expensive. But hey... Run with the big dogs, or stay on the porch! I am so impressed, that with my next few gigs, my plan is to save up some cash and buy a second one.

  • from Anderson, IN USA July 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module

    A bandmate and I got to talk with Bose people at Gear Fest but even better they were able to demo the system for us with a real band, on stage and lots of people around. We were blown away and we both bought systems within a couple of days (from Sweetwater of course). Now we have been using them on gigs for a few weeks and are even more impressed with them. It has changed how our group sounds for the better but more than that, we have drastically reduced the amount of gear required for gigs. I now play through a pod directly into my system and by bandmate plays through a bass preamp directly into his system. We mic the kick drum and all of the vocals go through them of course. The systems are plenty loud for any gigs we have played so far and some have been outdoors too. Wish we had done it earlier. The best move we have ever made gear wise. Really more impressive than I can describe.

  • from Lecanto, FL USA June 26, 2013Music Background:
    DJ/KJ for 23 years

    Love My Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module

    I'm absolutely loving my new Bose System. This is the third Bose System that I have purchased from Sweetwater within the past year and I'm loving them. My sales rep., Branden has been very helpful and extremely professional throughout all of my purchases. I will continue to do business with Sweetwater any time I need additional gear.

  • from Alvord, TX April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Karaoke DJ, Musician

    This System is Amazing!

    I own a karaoke company and I use the Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module 5 nights a week. Its super quick and easy to set up and does not take up much room on stage. The sound is absolutely amazing! I no longer need a monitor speaker, and even though its set up behind the performer, there is absolutely no feedback. The sound is crystal clear across the entire room and projects 180 degrees so it still sounds amazing no matter where you are in the room. I also use this when hosting open mic nights and have had 3 guitars, 1 bass and 3 vocals running through it and it was fantastic. I highly recommend this product!!

  • from Warren, MI March 25, 2013Music Background:
    DJ & Guitar & Vocalist.

    The Ultimate Bose to Date

    I own a Bose Compact and decided to step up to the L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module. It is all as advertised and then some. You have to experience the complete coverage that this system does. This is my new go to system for larger gigs. The bass is awesome and the sound pristine and clear. I DJ and perform live so this fits the bill in larger venues. Thank you Bose and Sweetwater.

  • from Hamburg , AR August 23, 2016Music Background:
    25 years in a 10 piece bluegrass- gospel band

    Cleared our stage!!

    This system allowed our band to clear out 6 floor monitors , all the associated cords and power amps. Sound is excellent with hardly any drop off in volume for a nice distance out. Softens up the music so it's not blaring. Wish we would have bought them sooner not to mention it cut our set up time by more than half!!

  • from NC December 18, 2013Music Background:
    guitar junkie

    Pleasently surprised

    As a weekend warrior playing small clubs, this is a great system! But, keep in mind, it is not the same thing as a full pa. I miss the fullness of really nice subs and a 3-way top, but I don't miss the load-in and load-out! The band tends to play more dynamically and at lower levels, and the clubs and patrons have really loved the net result.

  • from Columbus, Ohio October 4, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician / Engineer

    Amazing System... Totally Worth It!!

    I've seen and heard the towers many times, and was moderately impressed, but never had the opportunity to sing and play through one myself and tweak it the way I would have wanted. Naturally, I was a little skeptical as to wether the cost would equal the value in the end. Having used it for several different applications now, I have to say that I'm blown away. Unbelievable amount of horse power when needed, but small enough and soft enough to really enhance a quiet environment. Overall sound quality is fantastic, and you really have to push it to the limit to get any feedback. VERY glad that I went with the larger B2 bass module as well. Makes a tremendous difference in the warmth of the sound, particularly as you get further into the room and away from the system. Lastly, the set up and tear down times have been reduced by 40 minutes on each end. A "must purchase" for any soloist, duo, or even trio.

    Had a little mishap at first with a faulty base that was delivered, but both the people at Bose and at Sweetwater were AMAZING with regards to service, and they priority shipped a new one immediately without any hassles or cost on my end. THAT'S how it's done!!

Questions about the Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module?

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