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Korg Kronos X 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from Avondale, AZ October 6, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer/Musician and Hobbyist Recorder

    Absolutely a MUST!

    Purchased my first KORG Product back in 2000 (Triton Pro X 88) and fell in love as it set a whole new bar for music creation.

    Once purchasing and using the Kronos X 88 I am immediately re-reminded why I started buying KORG in the past.

    Love everything about the keyboard, the sounds, the feel, and the capabilities. The Kronos X Offers are far more better than any keyboard I have ever used and it does it with style. I really love the SST (Smooth Sound Transitions) no other keyboard on the market that i know has this YET. SST is awesome and a necessity for live performances.

    Before KORG I had Yamaha and Don't get me wrong Yamaha makes a very good product too. But what really sold me on KORG was the user experience and how well it delivered exactly what i was looking for in a musical instrument.

    Still to this day i have my Triton Pro X88, and NOW, Kronos X88 Best two keyboards to have in a studio. Why no arranger you ask??? Well that comes in Friday... (PA 900)

    You can't go wrong with Kronos X, it without a doubt raises the bar! This is the BEST Keyboard i have ever used/own!

  • from Montana May 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist, sound engineer, studio owner.


    This is my third Korg. The Kronos X is Amazing. They have really stepped up the technology and out done themselves with this one. Well done and cheers!

  • from Dallas, Tx. USA October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong Rock Band Musician

    Kronos X 88 Delivers

    It did not take long to for me to feel the difference that Kronos delivers . The day I received this beautiful monster I used it in a rehearsal session with a progressive rock band . I was pretty happy with the Piano sound I got out of my Korg M50 but when I used Kronos the difference was amazing. The sound and feel was simply the real deal . Kudos to the 8 velocity samples. One thing that impressed me when playing my other boards along with Kronos was that the Kronos Piano sounds cut through and at the same time left more room than I had ever experienced for my Hammond XKC3 and Mini Moog . The Kronos CX3 sounds also blended well with my XKC3. The two keyborads together feel pretty close to a real B3. I would say they do but never had a B3. However much closer than my XKC3 alone. The other sounds that I listened to were all very real and wonderful so many , mellotron. synths, strings, brass, and the play along drum tracks which also have the real deal sound. Ideas and sounds just flow out of Kronos when using Karma . I still have not even begun to scratch the surface of possibilities that Kronos offers but I already know that Kronos delivers everything that a player could want from a main board or workstation.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO USA June 17, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong musician

    A worthy successor to the OASYS.

    This keyboard does it all. Great polyphonic abilities, an absolutely MASSIVE soundbank full of room to tweak and create and experiment, a ton of options for customization, eight knobs and sliders, a ton of buttons and of course your pitch ribbon and joystick. This thing is a beast.

    The Kronos boasts seamless sound transitions, which, for the live player, will revolutionize your music experience if you haven't used it before. From one program or Combi, simply hit your foot switch or designated button and the keyboard will prepare the next sound while letting all of the effects of your first sound ring for as long as you hold down the keys, making for an effortless and beautiful transition. The M3 sorely missed this ability, but the Kronos brings it triumphantly to bear.

    Another extraordinarily useful tool is the Setlist function. Hitting the Setlist button takes you to a screen that has 16 slots on a page (though many pages are available to select) waiting to be filled with your favorite programs and combis. Any sound can be added to the Setlist screen, and that point you can just tap any of the slots where the needed program or combi sits to activate the sound. Sounds can also be lined up so they can be toggled through with the help of a foot switch. This allows musicians to take full advantage of the seamless sound transitioning by giving them a huge number of options immediately available. And if you create one setlist you really like, that's fine: there's room for many, many separate setlists if you decide that you need more than one (I'm sure someone like Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater could have one setlist for every song in their catalog and still have room for more!).

    The sound quality on the Kronos is phenomenal. Nine different synth engines mean not only a ton of room to tweak and customize, but also an excellent array of sonic treats at your disposal. And of course, with KARMA and drum tracks being fully editable, you'll never run out of things to play with on this thing. Add to that, there's a Help button you can push at any time that will explain to you the ins and outs of every screen you can find, and even help you understand some of the different elements that go into creating your own sounds.

    The Kronos blew me away. Especially coming from an M3 which, as great an instrument as it was and is, looks like a toy compared to the Kronos. You won't be disappointed.

  • from Piscataway, NJ June 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer



  • from Germantown, Maryland March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician for over 30 years

    Enter Dreamland through Kronos

    Sometimes you receive a keyboard and it take's your breath away and it's almost impossible to change to the next preset. You play it and appreciate it more everyday! It is absolutely perfect for the Project, Gig, Church Service or Movie/Media you need to compose the perfect Score for!
    Ok, now it's time to review the KronosX88 I receive just two days ago. This Workstation goes way beyond what I mentioned above. Forget every Synth, Piano, Workstation, DAW or Softsynths you have ever played! This instrument let's you into the Musical World called Dreamland! I shut my eyes and my mind started to sync with this Musical Masterpiece called the KronosX88! I started to loose myself of all reality in the swirling, weaving wondering floating, flying world that the music was playing!
    I had to put that first in my review, because you too will be amazed beyond belief! How did Korg create a musical masterpiece with the keys of a Grand Piano, Lights, not only on Buttons and Switches, but even surrounding the Joy Stick. I turned off the lights in my Studio and it just made my music universe that much more beyond belief.
    A little History, my first Workstation was the Korg T1 which had beautiful wood all around it, very very nice, but only 256 Programs and 128 Combination presets, but I actually paid more ($4,300) then the Kronoszx88, CRAZY! But before that I had paid the same amount for the Oberheim OBXA Synthesizer and I could only play 4 notes at a time and had to store a max of 128 Presets on a Cassette! Maybe the Roland FantomS88, built like a Tank with over 1000 presets and deep sequencer would measure up, but again near $4,000.
    The Kronos, belw $4,000 just put's so much more! I could write a book on the developments and capabilities that have never ever been available till now!
    If you want to enter the Disney Land, trip to the Moon, racing on the fastest track and car of NASCAR, and then come into Dreamland, that used to be only available in your sleep, welcome to th KronosX88!
    Absolutely the best real and fantasy Keyboard I have ever had the chance to play! Get it!
    Call your Sweetwater Rep or mine, Ryan W. and order one. It will arrive in a huge carton, with the latest update,.Just plug into an IMac and no USB Drivers are required. Your computer will recognize it not only as a USB Device, but as a Sound Device as well! Download the Editor, restart and then double click on the Editor to transmit all of the KronosX Data to your computer. Be patient it will take some time, but so does launching the Space Shuttle. Then you can play everything in your DAW and Softsynths on what feel's like a Steinway Piano. No need to say more! WOW, and I've only played 15 -20 combinations out of almost 2000. I just can't get out of Dreamland to switch to a new world/Universe that every Preset has!

  • from Sherrill, AR USA February 3, 2013Music Background:
    Gospel musician, singer, and composer

    What Can Kronos Do For Me

    Just got the Kronos x 88 three days ago after playing around in the store on one of them. From a traditional stand point the kronos piano shine bright as the sun. The piano sounds great on classical and gospel music that is play. The learning curve was very easy since I already own a m3 88 I haven't had to consult the manual for help yet. Also, the ability to save presets by copy and paste make the kronos ideal for playing live church gigs. The graphical display is beautiful to look at and simple to operate. I like the fact the I can record live instruments ior vocal into the kronos by audio tracks. The electric pianos are wonderful and they sound great! Of a truth I don't think that there is a better keyboard workstation on the market than kronos. I am very happy with my purchase. I got my kronos. Now get yours!

  • from Arroyo Grande, Ca December 5, 2012Music Background:
    Classical, Progressive Rock, composer

    DEEP! machine

    Have always been a 'k' man. Kurzweil and Korg and this is yet another masterpiece from Korg. You can tell a ton of thought went into this and coming from the triton then triton extreme then m388 with external and internal Radias to this is another wonder to behold. Very serious board with very serious sounds! Probably will be so many mega years to exhaust the possibilities this has to offer and I have programmed all of them. The RH3 keys are near perfect and so far have programmed some scary organs and pianos. This lives up to all the hype and THEN some! A+++++ The poly6 strings are just too much..Very authentic to say the least.

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