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Korg Kronos X 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from Laurel, MD May 21, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby composer

    Korg Kronos X61

    I sold my Triton Le 76 because it was so out of date and purchased a Korg Kronos X 61. This is the best keyboard I've ever owned. Need I say more? ;)

  • from Jacksonville, FL February 18, 2014Music Background:
    musician, producer

    Korg Kronos X 61

    This is the finest keyboard I have ever owned. I have seen reviews of this masterpiece that it is the best keyboard on the planet and I would have to agree.

  • from December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Best Keyboard I've ever had

    Wow, Blown away. So much here that its hard to fathom. Great key action, great parameter control and Set list is a life saver. As a key player in a pop band switching patches on the fly, the organization and capabilities are a must.

  • from Thousand Oaks, CA May 18, 2013Music Background:
    Lifetime musician


    I knew this thing was incredible after seeing it at a local music store, but nothing can prepare you for this thing except owning one. I spoke with my Sweetwater sales person and now have one. Besides being an incredible sounding keyboard, this thing samples and is a 16 track sequencer and 16 track audio recorder. I don't think the word "workstation" accurately describes this incredible keyboard. If you are a serious play, get one... you won't regret it! Sounds unbelievable and easy to navigate.

  • from Boynton Beach, FL June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Instrumentalist, Producer

    With Great Power Comes Great Confusion

    Oh boy, Kronos! The most wonderfully powerful keyboard you could hope to use. Looks, sounds, and plays AMAZING. And it's ready for serious live performance too.

    But be warned...you MUST prepare yourself for INTENSE frustration with the UI. Korg has provided all the power and flexibility you could want, at a somewhat steep cost. To use Kronos' full power, you must understand a GREAT many things. As a seasoned software developer, I can't help but wonder if navigating this computer is this difficult for me, how challenging will it be for the lay musician? The challenges start with the names of things. The 9 synth modules do not all behave the same way, so you'll need to learn the differences between such cryptically named engines as SGX-1, CX-3, HD-1, and MS20-EX. You'll also need to know how each of the 7 modes of operation work together (or don't) and perhaps most frustratingly, you'll become fully responsible for understanding how to manage storage vs. memory and loading and auto-loading and...oh my.

    After 2 whole days of ownership, the love affair has yet to really bloom due to all the operational frustration. Kronos will allow you to screw it up, and I have. Then there's the "demo sounds" that ship with the same naming scheme as fully operational sounds, but they fade in and out when you play them, making you think you're losing your mind unless you magically know which of your sounds are demos and which are not. Then there's the wealth of general information about Kronos available online, but a real shortage of quality, in-depth tutorials for those who really want to maximize its potential.

    Kronos is a beast. If you're prepared to be bitten, your frustration will surely eventually transform itself to deep affection. But you have been warned. The learning curve is BEYOND steep. Good luck!

  • from Burlington NJ January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Almost awesome Workstation

    I sometimes gig out as a solo and duo act with tracks. Been using Korg for a long time. Seq memory holds an entire evening of trax. I just load up the sequencer and then send the songs to the playlist. 16 songs per set means i have the whole set viewable at one time. makes it very easy to mix it up too. Sounds are very up to date and fresh but I think I prefer the sounds in my Trtiton Studio. I wish they'd add some features of the Krome like Cue Lists and Drag with your finger etc.

  • from Chicago, IL December 29, 2013Music Background:
    Worship, Rock, Blues, Classical Keyboard Musician

    Flexibility I need

    I love the keyboard which I knew I would. I replaced by M3, Nord 4D and Hammond XK-3 with this keyboard and am happy. The sounds are great and I love the flexibility of mixing sounds using combi's on stage. Some songs require piano and a number of pads at various points in the songs and the mixer gives me the real time control I need.
    I also like the little "joy" stick which has some very cool real time mods for the pads that I like and use.
    I'm still tweaking the B3 sounds. I Leslie for the tweeter has a lot to be desired, but it could be that I still have more tweaks to make to get a sound that is more to my liking. What I like is that I do think that I will be able to tweak it to my liking.
    The user interface is awesome for the programs. I wish the combi UI was as cool as the program UI. It would be a great improvement if the UI for combi's could be as flexible so I can make mods to the Leslie and organ for a combi. But that is more of a nit. I have my own programs that I use to feed into the combi's.
    I enjoy carrying a single keyboard now and makes gig much easier for me. No more recovery time from hauling in and setting up.
    I highly recommend this keyboard. I have no regrets.

  • from dallas texas December 16, 2013Music Background:
    professional musician stage and studio

    so much so beautiful

    the sound is just incredible. especially the FM synth. this is the absolute best Desert Island Synth ever on this planet. the user interface is pretty nice too. the touch screen is not nearly as nice as a Roland touch screen like the V-synth or the Jupiters which makes sequencing on the unit a bit un-creative. it slows you down. but if you mainly use it onstage or in studios with a good DAW like Logic pro? OH YEAH! and the sequencer is at least good enough for a hotel room idea pad. CANT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH

  • from Valparaiso, IN October 26, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Best All In One Keyboard

    The technology behind keyboard instruments keeps improving and the Kronos raises the bar. You will need to set aside blocks of time to hear all the sounds, they go on forever in all directions. Like every other keyboard out there, you get plenty of non musical and bizarre sounds along with the good ones.

    This is surely not a good choice for a first keyboard. If you have owned the types of keyboards that are all brought together here, it's great to have them all in one package. The synth engines have a learning curve but you can get terrific results with patience. I am also finding that sampling my Moog and Oberheim equipment into banks in the Kronos is a very good option for having these sounds on tap.

    My favorite feature is the Setlists. You can have 16 icons per page on the touch sensitive screen that take you directly to your programmed sounds, and you can have many dozens of these pages. Patch changes are immediate, I'm always ready for the next song and can easily change sounds on the fly. Splits and layers (up to 16!) are easily programmed and stored here too.

    My only gripe would be the same as other people's: the file handling system on the hard disc is confusing and clumsy. You can learn it - well, you pretty much have to - but it could be more user friendly.

  • from Stroudsburg, Pa February 12, 2013Music Background:
    Sound engineer and musician

    Korg Kronos X 61

    I love this keyboard. The versatility is outstanding. I had narrowed down my choice to Yamaha motif XF (sounds and versatility) and the Kurzweil (sounds - strings and piano). The outstanding versatility and screen won me over on this unit. I figured I could get the Karo libraries for better strings and piano.

  • from Chicago October 7, 2013Music Background:

    So Frustrating

    This keyboard sounds good but it is SO FRUSTRATING to use, especially the sequencer. I normally don't write reviews but had to on this one. First of all, it is nearly impossible to figure out simple things like how to add a drum pattern to a track or how to save a patch that you worked on and find it for later use in a sequencer track without overwriting the original. Could not for the life of me even figure out how to quantize a drum pattern. Still have no idea how to edit midi information as it just looks like a bunch of blocks and can't zoom in. Want to transpose in the sequencer? Good luck. I've been pitch shifting stuff down because transpose is only available in program mode. Undo? Sorry. There's a compare button that let's you undo one level if you're lucky. Want to re-record an audio track? Sorry - "track info exists." It takes literally 5 minutes to start up. Can't even figure out how to assign drum sounds to keys AFTER 100 HOURS OF USE. Want to punch in a performance real-time somewhere? I dare you to try. Manual and all available info useless on these issues. But... you can move the piano lid down in the picture of a piano and it sounds a little different. Great.

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