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Korg Krome 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg Krome 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

Questions about the Korg Krome 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

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  • Michael Splechter
    from Texas March 28, 2017Music Background:
    Pro mucision

    Korg Krom

    We already used one at our church. So, we decided to get one for our music room at home. We are very impressed. The sound, the diversity of sounds, the light weight. It is a great keyboard. I would recommend it to anyone either pro. or student. Very good instrumeint.

  • Mathew Griggs
    from Indiana May 25, 2016

    No Complaints

    The sound is very impressive, and the workstation features a wide variety of voices. Some of the features are a tad difficult to figure out. I recommend using the USB feature if you're planning to record MIDI or use the keyboard in any music software. You will need an amplifier or PA if you want sound without headphones, so bear that in mind when purchasing.

  • kevin rockwell
    from Holbrook, Massachusetts March 22, 2015Music Background:
    Music production - sound engineer


    What can i say this thing is a beast too powerful to be honest don't let the other reviews tell you anything bad about this workstation I've been trying to find a way for years to make my music production feel as good as i want it to be and sound as good as i want to hear and this monster of a machine did it for me this is it if you can't make you career happen with this then you probably not meant to be doing music ! :D

  • Jon Remy
    from Dallas, TX, USA August 19, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, etc.

    Excellent sounds!

    Don't let the fact that this is not a Kronos food you. As a matter of fact, it's just as good in my opinion. I really didn't have the need for KARMA on the Kronos. The Krome is the Kronos without the KARMA, and that suits my needs just fine. The sounds are awesome! The guitars rock, the "real" and "FM" electric pianos are beautiful, the strings and acoustic sounds are wonderful, and the drums are PUNCHY! The 16-track sequence is a joy to use, and has 5 insert effects, 2 master effects, and 1 total effect. The vintage effects are an added bonus, too, such as the orange and black phasers! Buy this, you will NOT regret it. I would've liked to have seen a ribbon controller, but the joystick works just as well. A+!

  • Larry Maconaghy
    from Boston June 20, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    Great keyboard

    I've owned virtually every brand of keyboard, at least 4 Rolands, a few Yamahas. This instrument does everything, with an amazing OS. The practical keyboard to use live I have ever seen. Light weight, realistic piano sound, with the usual great EP's, Organs, etc. I also own the 73 note version! Best keyboard for the price out there.

  • Ray Champion
    from Imlay City, MI USA December 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    A Lot of Sounds & Features for the Price

    I am a one-man-band solo performer and this keyboard is perfect for the stage. The number of sounds in each category are numerous. The differences in some may be subtle but it's nice to have the choice.
    The number one defining characteristic in a keyboard for me is the quality of the sounds and this instrument has them. The touch screen editing is terrific & makes it a lot easier and more intuitive than other keyboards I've had. I like that you can combine up to 16 programs (voices) in one combination patch. It's easy to mute or play an instrument on the fly so i don't need as many "setups". Just like any keyboard of this quality there is a learning curve. Some of the editing features may not be where you'd expect them to be in the table of contents but the search box helps to locate them. I've been accustomed to a different keyboard maker for many years and this is my introduction to Korg. I'm sure I'll enjoy the Krome for many years to come.

  • Phil Beck
    from Texas June 21, 2016

    My New Keyboard

    The Korg Krome that I purchased is great for the price. There are more expensive keyboards out there that might have even bettered sampled sounds on it, but for the price, it is fantastic. The software and the ease of navigation is great.

  • Music-Mann
    from United States July 20, 2013Music Background:

    I'm in love w/Krome Kardashian! :)

    I played the krome 88 after church today & I was impressed! 1st off you'll love it if you know your way around a korg workstation like I do (same navigation as triton/oays/m3/kronos). The keys felt great to me "natual weighted" vs Kronos' "RH3 Graded Hammer"(meaning a little heavier__I played the kronos 73 b4). You don't get the 9 engines/1k+ sounds/ or a ribbon controller...I was ok w/not having that...BUT it's all depends on you & what your looking for. I wasn't on it that long(5-10 mins) but I can say that if I had to choose a master KB/controller out of all of the KB's on the market...I'd choose the krome88! IDK, I kinda just fell in love w/it. I also am PRO korg/novation joysticks over the up/down pitch/mod wheels lol. So if ur like me, get the krome & get everything else as sound modules(motif rack XS/roland integra-7/voyager RME). Have fun!

  • Tom
    from Lumberport, WV June 13, 2013Music Background:
    sound painter and luthier

    There's always a catch

    There were 2 things I wanted - great sound, and internal recording capabilities. The sounds truly are amazing, but nowhere in the advertising did I ever see that you can't save any sequencing that you create internally. You always have to back up and load from a USB drive. Not exactly what I hoped for, but the sounds make up for it.

  • stan stewart
    from United States October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Killer Krome

    This is a modern, functional Korg. And that's all good.
    Could it be better? You bet. The main pianos take a tiny bit of EQ tweaking in order to be authentic (pure), subdued (accompaniment) or cutting (band/ensemble solos). For reasons that I have not fully explored, none of the built-in piano programs quite fit the bill for any of these.
    That being said, this is a very useful workstation with a very useable set of basic programs. I've used this very successfully with a bit of board EQ in classical ensembles, solo pop/jazz and rock band gigs.

  • Samuel l jones
    from May 4, 2016


    awsome coooool

  • Tom Kemp
    from Seattle, WA February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Studio work and light gigging. (Very light these days)

    Not the workstation I'd hoped for

    The Krome does a lot of things right, but nothing particularly exceptional. The sounds that sounded so good in the showroom have, after 3 years, begun to feel thin. The piano is barely passable and worst of all, the velocity has become uneven where ever my softest playing registers at 127 for about 30 of my 88 keys necessitating a cleaning of the circuit board that I'm not comfortable with and not looking forward to repair. In retrospect, I would have been happier with the Korg SV-1 73 at roughly the same price.

  • Michael
    from Bar Harbor, Maine April 18, 2013Music Background:
    weekend warrior

    way over my head

    great sounds but that's where it ends. I've owned lots of keyboards and workstations, this one by far is the most obtuse to get around on. I'll be years learning it if I don't ditch it out of frustration. Not a performance keyboard by any means, no quick on the fly adjustments, no tweaking without digging into pages of parameters and settings. I wish this were simpler and more intuitive. In the hands of a skilled keyboard programer, this would be a formidable tool. Probably great for an advanced home production studio, but not a gig-able axe.

Questions about the Korg Krome 88-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

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