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Korg Krome 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg Krome 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

Questions about the Korg Krome 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • BJ Price
    from Pekin, IL September 8, 2016Music Background:
    Accompanist/Music Teacher

    Amazing Keyboard

    I have been playing for 30 years now. I have played numerous keyboards/workstations (Roland X6, Yamaha Motif to name a few) over that time and this one tops all of them. The samples in this are great. I really wanted a killer grand piano sound and this provides that. The keybed feels great. Perfect action and fulfills my needs for the few bands I perform in. Thank you Korg and Sweetwater for an amazing instrument.

  • Mike
    from PA February 9, 2016Music Background:
    Bass Player

    korg krome 77

    Its A great keyboard for me it the studio, has great sound.Still figuring it out, there is a lot to learn. I was using a Roland XP 80 , JUST A LITTLE OUT DATED,

  • SweetRay
    from St. Joseph MI November 9, 2014Music Background:
    Blues Keysman

    An amazing value,

    I play professional blues, and for years Iv'e used a Yamaha ES7 which was damaged in a wreck. This Korg is not in that catagory but is lighter with a smaller footprint, plays beautifully with an easy to use interface and MOST importantly, SOUNDS AWESOME. The acoustic pianos, the electric pianos,..are spot on. I'm EXTREMELY picky about those two catagories, and this machine delivered. Pretty awesome Hammond sounds as well, (But you'll never pry away my SK1!)
    Just a few days before, I had ordered a Kurzweil 76 key unit for about the same price. It only had 128 sounds and EVERY one of them was USELESS! I returned it within 12 hours.
    This Korg Krome...a keeper!

  • Eric
    from Conroe, TX May 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    Krome 73 Killing It

    Ok, I've owned a Triton LE, a TR88, an MO8, a Motif, and a few of the old school Alesis QS series keyboards. With the exception on the Motif I know these are all on the lower end of the quality synthesizers. The Krome is pretty simple to use after a couple hours of playing with it. Has great effects and in my opinion, the best simulated organs I've ever heard.

  • Paul
    from Medina, Ohio March 30, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    The Right Choice

    As a gigging musician I was looking for a high-quality keyboard that is easy to haul and operate. I compared the Korg Krome with the Yamaha MOXF line. While initially partial to the Yamaha (based on previous experiences) I decided to go with the Korg Krome 73. The reason that tipped the scale was 73 keys.
    The board is incredibly intuitive to operate. It comes with a tutorial CD which is also on youtube. So far, I have had no need to using it.
    I haven't used the sequencer yet.
    I enjoy the pragmatic setup: you can write and create your own settings in a user bank. I use the transpose feature often (we play half-step down).
    The sound bank is amazing and the quality of the sounds superb. The color touch screen seemed like a bit of a gimmick to me initially, but has proven to be invaluable. Once you figure out how to navigate through the menu, it's fast and intuitive. The upper menu tab takes a little getting used to (I use my nail).
    The keys play well; although this is a very personal experience, they feel very natural and not cheap at all.
    The board takes a while to boot up, I assume that is to be expected with so much stuff under the proverbial hood.
    Finally, she looks good...

  • Joseph G. Saulsbury
    from Columbus Ga. 31904 September 16, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Korg Krome 73 Key Synthesizer Workstation

    This keyboard sounds great ,and has all of the bread and butter sounds for live play as well for studio work. The Krome reminds me of the M3 but no Karma. The piano is its selling point for me, the strings , brass, and drums are solid. The electric pianos, and guitars are good also with just a little tweaking. My favorite is the weight of this jewel, very light to carry for gigs. and anything else. This board is easy to get around on and if you are a korg person , you will be right at home. The power cord supply is the weakest link in this keyboard, otherwise I would have given it a 5 rating overall.

  • Sunny Heartley
    from Northern Arizona March 10, 2013Music Background:
    50 years and still going strong.

    Great Korg Again

    I needed Light weight keyboard to carry in and out of church that had great korg sounds. Korg 73 is just right and much easier editing than on my KARMA, man the menus on that thing are so complex. But on the Krome the Page button covers a lot of ground quickly and creating Combis are a breeze. I get to give this Board a run on Thursday night with the Praise and Worship team at church. I will let you know how it goes.Thanks Jeff you guys rock.

  • Joe
    from Hammond,La October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Korg Krome 73

    Gorgeous Sounds, especially the UNLOOPED Pianos.Even with the semi weighed keys of the 73 the response is nice, although a piano purist should opt for the 88 weighed version. I understand its not the same keybed as the troubled RH3.

    The electric pianos are nice, although they still are not up to the bar set by Nords Stage 2, but in my gig they work nicely.

    The organs, another story. Lots of samples with percussion and just doesn't seem like the drawbar voicing samples I want. The rotary sim is so-so, A Ventilator would help tremendously . I am thinking of creating a combi with sine waves to see if I can evoke a more faithful
    B3 emulation.

    KILLER Drums, and lots of control over the kits.

    I use the board for live gigging, so the workstation features (including the drums) are lost on me and not the reason I purchased it. Its light weight is though. Saying that if you are looking for DAW integration and a multi timbrel sound source, this IS the board. Editing from the front panel is easy, but the new editor software is a breeze and the recommended way to go .

    BOOT UP time is 60 seconds, so if you lose power in the middle of a song, you better have a second board or wait out the song. LOL.

    My sweetwater Sales Engineer was very helpful with pre sales questions and follow ups.

  • Brent Kane
    from Elwood, IN USA January 12, 2013Music Background:
    20+ year Gigging musician

    First Impression

    First off: Ordered over the phone with Matt / Kenny on Thrusday morning. They updated the OS and shipped Thursday affternoon. It arrived at 12:30 Friday afternoon. I'm impressed. Oh and the Thank You page with a handful of candy in the box was a classy added touch.

    Cheesy Power Supply. Giant grounded cord feeding a tiny brick PS with a tiny cable that plugs in to the unit. Power Switch also does not give the warm fuzzies with it's feel.

    The Touch-View Display is fantastic and seems fairly responsive for it's size and the amount of data on it. I have the 73 key unit and I have to say that it's no Nord but in this price range it's not too bad.

    Piano sounds seem promising so far. I did gig with it last night alongside my Electro 3 after spending an hour or so with it in the afternoon. It performed quite well although it's worth noting that it takes 1 minute to boot up. Seems a bit long. My old Alesis Fusion took less time that that to boot and it was loading a TON of data. I can live with it but if you experience a power bump on stage you are going to wait.

    I'm the type of player who wants to plug in and go. I don't have the time or desire to do heavy programming but I do need some reasonable ability to tweak a patch, save it and easily find it when I want it. This board is quite capable of that and the editor software seems really nice as well. Quick on-the-fly tweaks of EQ settings, etc. are a breeze with this thing. There seems to be much to like about the Krome and it does seem reasonably well though out.

    Build quality doesn't seem to be superb but also isn't so bad. At least in this price range it's not bad.

    The recommended soft case for Krome 73 is the Gator GKB76. Unless you want your Krome 73 to swim in the bag then don't get it. I'm going to either send it back for something in a better size or look elsewhere. I'm not at all pleased with that part of the transaction. I have not checked the specs but I'm almost thinking that the Krome 73 would fit in the next smaller bag. I'll be looking in to that because carrying the Krome around in that giant soft case didn't have a safe and comfortable feel about it.

    The drum button and arp's are pretty well thought out as well. It's a great way to audition a patch and it inspires creativity.

    All in all, I am pleased after just the first day with the Krome 73. It sounds great for stage use. I haven't played with the sequencing features on it but for an on-board sequencer I am inspired to play with it and see what I can come up with.

    Perhaps I'll update this as I learn more. Hope it helped.

  • G M
    from December 17, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Good sounds but definitely a low budget build

    If you are looking for a high quality work station then keep looking (you get what you pay for), if you want good sounds, reasonably good user navigation, and a good price than this is for you. I have a Motif XS7 and picked up a Krome 73 as an inexpensive secondary board (a little redundant I know). Just set up the Krome and I did a few “first impression” comparisons between the Krome 73 and the Motif (76 key). The Krome has some nice features (touch screen, light weight, easy access) and the sounds, for the most part, are pretty good but it definitely has the feel of a low budget board. The On / Off switch feels like a toy and the key action is "springy" and a bit cheap feeling - the much higher build quality of the Motif is readily apparent. The Krome “sounds” are good but again I have to say the Motif sounds are superior. I know it is quite unfair to compare a Motif costing nearly 3 times that of the Krome but you should be aware that the Krome is not in the same league as high end boards. When you consider the price however, the Krome is very good value. You can produce a lot of sounds that are close to high end boards, apply a ton of layers and splits (more than a Motif!), and the learning curve for this board is a lot easier. In summary, definitely lower quality than a high end board but versatile, good sounds and a good value for the price.

  • Mark Brier
    from Centennial, CO February 25, 2017

    Had to sell mine, very dissapointed

    I read tons of review, watched all the videos, scoured the manual and finally bought a Korg Krome from Sweetwater.

    I play around 150 gigs a year from Dance band to Jazz combo work. I need something super light but with great sounds. I gave the Krome a good 4 months of gigs before throwing in the towel and selling it on Craigslist. At first I thought it was just a big learning curve that was causing my dismay but as one gig led to another I began to loath this keyboard.

    1. For someone who not working in live situations this is a great choice, packs lots of great sounds and functionality into a small box.
    2. Super Light Weight, yep it is amazing how light it is.

    1: The sounds are great when you are playing by yourself but they get drowned out when playing in a band. This was my #1 complaint and I even called Korg to no avail. It is like they have a compressor over the sounds, particularly the pianos and ep's. I tried every dynamic velocity curve but there was very little difference between hitting a key hard and hitting it softly. I put it next to my 20 year old Yamaha P90 and the Yamaha killed the Korg in cutting through a band. Then I played it in tandem with my 1994 Korg X5. The Krome failed again.

    2: Forget saving favorites and pressing a quick button to access it. You must do everything from a tiny screen which I can't see when there is sunshine.

    3. Very difficult software. I spent hours and hours learning the Krome. Great for a programming geek, bad for a musician who prefers to press a button and play.

  • Randy
    from NC August 26, 2015Music Background:
    40 years +

    It Is What It Is

    I've owned a Korg of some description for years. My main interest is playing live and I love the quality of the sound. My last Korg was an M50 (88) which decided to lock up at the most unlikely moments. Even after several trips to the repair shop I had to quit using it. I loved the sounds available on the M50.
    I still use it for home practice.
    When looking for another instrument to replace the M50 I wanted something close to it in quality of sound. Plus, I wanted something that was not quite as heavy and bulky to move around. So, I purchased the Korg Krome 73. Now "heavy and bulky" don't look so bad.
    I am really disappointed in the Korg Krome 73. The piano sounds are way off from what I expected and if you're a pianist you'll be as frustrated with the "feel" of the keyboard as much as I am. The strings "stink" compared to other Korgs I've played. The sounds are there, the expression and fullness aren't. However, there are some features that are nice. The drums are very nice.
    The question is: "Would you purchase this instrument if you had to do it all over again?" NO! I would stay with weighted keys and go for the 88 variety of anything I purchase. But for now, "It is what it is"!

  • Mark Brier
    from Centennial, CO June 22, 2015

    Not for the gigging pro Piano player

    I bought a Korg Krome in Sept 2014 from Sweetwater and I have tried to like this board but I am sorry to say I am going to have to sell it. It is probably great for the synth type player who is doing synths and pads and the sounds are great in that area. Very modern cool stuff. I am a pro pianist and organ player and it is has been very disappointing to me.

    The good:

    Super Lightweight
    Cool Modern Synth type sounds
    Pretty good organs and Rhodes
    Ability to add a sample to a key is very nice.
    Sequencing, Layering, Splits are all very good.

    The Bad:

    The sounds are very compressed, no dynamics even though I have the velocity set at the biggest range.
    The patches to me sound impressive when stand alone but they don't cut through in a live band situation.
    Piano samples, they sound toyish to me. (but I am a piano snob) The pianos sound very modern, nothing like a real Yamaha or Steinway.
    The keys are just not playable for my taste, they feel cheap and unresponsive to me.
    Impossible to see what the buttons are on a dark stage.
    Hard to read screen, very hard to see on-stage. Can't you just give a quick piano/rhodes/organ preset button? (but I'm old and need reading glasses)

    I am a big Korg fan , but I think this product is not for my type of playing.. I will be be buying a Nord Electro SW 73 after I sell this one.

    It is very frustrating to find a lightweight 76 key piano that plays and behaves like my good old Yamaha P90.

Questions about the Korg Krome 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

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