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Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

Questions about the Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

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  • from New York March 3, 2016


    I had been eyeing this lil baby for quite a while and decided to buy it and man! I have not wasted my money and time with it.l!! You can truly make anything from sound design, compose and perform with it. I love the sequencer and the light weight since I used to own a Triton Extreme and it was very heavy to take to gigs. If you are serious about music you should get this keyboard.

  • from Philadelphia PA September 19, 2013Music Background:


    Keyboards come and go very often. Korg ad the other has been around for many years. I've always loved Korg but,So I'm not going to be biased.
    The Krome is an outstanding keyboard. The sound are all authentic sounding. The organs,pianos,and the synth sounds are all very real sounding. Speaking the drum sounds are incredible to.You have to compare the other keyboard work stations to theis to make your own choice but you won't find an easier operating keyboard than this. The price point is just right too

  • from June 7, 2013

    Korg has a winner!!

    This is my first major update since I bought the Korg O1w-fd way back in the early 90s, what an awesome update for me. The Krome was worth the wait, I have always loved Korg products and this fit the bang for the buck. My first keyboard was the Korg Poly 800. Like I said, I love Korg keyboards and this keyboard will make most anyone happy, at this price range nothing comes close......

  • from Dallas, Texas March 27, 2013

    Excellent workstation!

    What an excellent piece of gear the Krome 61 is. It is ALL the bread-and-butter sounds you'll EVER need. I thought I would like the Kronos better, but, in fact, I like the Krome better. I have no need for KARMA and all the other "perks" the Kronos had to offer. The Krome will suit me just fine and I have a distilled version of the Kronos that weighs onlyk 15 pounds and sequences as well. An excellent deal for the price. The included editor software also lets you delve in deeper!

  • from Detroit February 9, 2017

    Excellant sounds.

    Real nice syn. I was gonna sell mine but changed my mind. Did a few CDs on CDBaby with this and the sounds are great.
    So im keeping it.

  • from Clifton Park NY October 11, 2016

    Love this keyboard

    I purchased my Krome because I was tired of carrying an 88 key unit that weighed in at 85 lbs. Tried the Krome and bought it. I've had it over a year now and love it. Great grand piano sound, synths, some horns and strings also very good. No too crazy about some of the "B3" sounds, but still useable. I also use a Daw with a Mac and controller so I'm covered. My only real complaint is that I wish the buttons were back lite. When the stage goes dark I can't see the buttons to change sound between songs. I know, "buy a small light you dummy". Well I don't need one more thing to set up. But all being said, this is an awesome keyboard for the money and worth every penny. Love it.

  • from Indiana September 6, 2016


    I've become a KORG fan over the past few years. I own a Triton, which became ill. With a gig just a couple days away I didn't have time to merely wait for the diagnosis. After listening to a lot of keyboards for some specific sound types I landed on the Krome 61. So far, with a few more gigs under the belt, I'm really pleased with everything. There is the one caveat to my pleasure, given that it's a workstation it takes a bit to fire it back up once shut down.

  • from San Diego, CA May 13, 2016Music Background:
    Everything, all the time

    An excellent workstation

    I bought the 61 key Krome and am still finding things it can do. Just the ARP makes it a very inspiring instrument. The sounds of the samples is great - pianos especially. The acc guitar sounds are wonderful too. It has 3.8 gigs of sounds - that's quite a bit compared to the competition. Some have said the majority of the space has been used by just a few sounds, but I don't believe that - they all sound top notch and worthy of the memory space they take.

    Songs are easy to write and play. Combi mode give you plenty of room for splits, layers, multiple sounds, etc....Your imagination will be tested to keep up with this keyboard.

    Ah, they keyboard - it is fine. It is not 'weighted', but still as plenty of bite and reaction. They are 'synth' keys and they work fine. I banged on it and it played great (try setting different velocity splits). I played quietly and it was great too.

    The touch screen is the main reason sounds are easy to make and create. Right in front of you and plenty big - easy to navigate. It also comes with software so you can make all your changes on the PC, much easier than I expected.

    Tyler really set me up nicely and doing business and getting delivery were as easy as could be. The three pay makes it easy on the budget.

  • from New Hampshire January 18, 2016

    Great Keyboard Workstation!

    This a great option for someone looking for a lightweight synth that can work well without having to be integrated with a digital audio workstation (DAW). If you're into songwriting and would prefer not to have to connect to a computer when you write, I would definitely consider this synth because it seems to be designed more so as an all-inclusive system than most other synths I've seen in this price range.

    Overall, the Krome sounds awesome. PIANOS: Really great. The German Grand Reverb is absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure you have a sustain pedal. The electric pianos are excellent as well. ORGANS: Meh. I don't really use them though, so this doesn't bother me. ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS: Pretty good. But...Yamaha really sets the standard for this category, so if acoustic instrument sounds are overly important to you, I would definitely pick the MOXF over the Krome. That being said, some of the guitar and brass sounds are great. As a saxophone player though, I am a little disappointed with how artificial some of the woodwind sounds are. BASSES: Very good, and Korg gives you lots of options here. VOICES: Surprisingly amazing. New Age Strings is one of my favorite programs. SYNTHS/ FX: Really, really cool. If you're good with effects you can pretty much design any sound you'll ever need. Korg clearly takes pride in its synth sounds. DRUMS: Great. The Jazz Kit is the standout.

    For the most part, the keyboard is intuitive to operate, and the touch screen works really well. The sequencer is special in that it lets you see and edit what you've played after the fact. I will say that adjusting notes on the screen is very difficult to do with just your fingers because the notes are tiny and the touch screen, while accurate, doesn't seem incredibly precise. Regardless, it's still really cool that you can have a visual of an entire song without having to go to your computer. Not a lot of synths (and none in this price range, unless I'm mistaken) can do that.

    And I LOVE the way this board looks. It may seem superficial, but this was a huge factor in my decision to choose the Krome over the MOXF. Sure, the MOXF sounded great, and the keys felt great, but when I realized that I was getting a headache just by looking at the mess of buttons on the MOXF (and thinking to myself that I would only ever use about 20% of them), that was a big deal.

    Lastly, what isn't so good about the Krome...the keys are very cheap-feeling, and are hinged improperly (they can't be pressed down from the top). If you play with any kind of velocity, there is an audible click whenever a key returns to its neutral position, which is frustrating. Worst of all, your fingers can actually get caught (temporarily) underneath the keys if you approach them from a certain angle. Personally, I don't have an issue with the knobs, but I know a lot of people have complained about those as well because they lack precision.

    Still, I love this keyboard and look forward to learning more about it over the next few months. And thanks for reading this long review! I hope it was helpful.

  • from Stockton, Ca. October 2, 2015Music Background:
    Church band

    Love this Keyboard.

    Sound rival Daw and on stage as well. Sound really good and much easier to use on stage than a Daw system or a computer system connected to a Midi keyboard.

  • from Aromas, CA USA July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    I think it gonna be a great addition

    I haven't yet made this instrument "my own", so I can't give an intelligent response just yet. The sounds, of course, are great, as I expected from Korg. The light weight was a big factor in my decision, and I wasn't disappointed. The only negative of note is the action. I realize that the price point requires a little corner cutting, but maybe not this particular corner. Dealing with Sweetwater was, as always, easy and pleasant.

  • from September 3, 2014Music Background:
    40 yr Piano player..Salsa and Latin Jazz

    I was Wrong about this machine

    I had a Yamaha Moxf6 great sounds but very cheap construction aldo has a very nice sinth touch.
    so i wanted to test the Krome 61 and it sound cheap to me .....but anyway I purchased one......when i Got into the programing stuff playing whit waves and effects this machines sounds great.....and the contruction is light but professional very nice aluminum on top and strong plastic on the sides.........Bravoooooo Korg....Yamaha whats up???

  • from Rhode Island June 27, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Good Stuff

    I bought the Krome-61 to use on gigs with a good GB band, and it handled the music very well. Most important to cover were strings, brass, clav and organ, all of which sounded fat and realistic. The piano is surprisingly natural-sounding, and rivals the most expensive hardware pianos on the market. You'd need a weighted controller for the full effect, though. The Krome is inexpensive enough for a high school/college student or "weekend warrior", yet offers a professional sound for folks like me who need a second board with fresh sounds for commercial work.

  • from January 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great improvement.....finally !!

    Korg has finally upped the game drastically !!

    I previously owned a Korg TR-61 and I was very much dissatisfied with its overall built, sounds and interface. Korg always had a tradition of having very thin and poor quality piano and EP presets which why I personally dislike the Korg SP series pianos.
    But, I can confidently say that the piano and EP preset sounds on the Krome are really good and very detailed. In fact, u can even hear the sound of the hammers releasing as u play the higher octaves. This is a really great experience I must say at this price. Also, the strings, pads and synth sounds are really very good and very usable. But personally, I did not like the guitars, bass and brass section sounds as they lack depth and realism.

    The keybed has Semi weighted action which is quite average and is play able but definitely not the best action. However, the touchscreen is really a big improvement over the previous generation and is really very quick in response. The user interface is really very simple and easy to navigate through patches and FX for searching, editing, etc.
    Also the 16-track sequencer is really great and usin the touchscreen, its even simpler top edit tracks and save them upto expandable 32GB SDHC external memory card.

    Overall, for the price, the Korg Krome is bang on the money and offers more features and better value for money than other keyboards in the same price range like Roland Juno-Gi and Yamaha MOX-6.
    Highly recommended !!

  • from Naples, Florida December 24, 2015

    Some great sounds. Some just ok.

    My 12 year old Triton finally gave up the ghost, so I thought I'd go a little lighter. I'm 62 and I gig alot. When I tried it out at the store, I was very impressed with the piano, electric piano, horns, strings. The organs and synths not so much, but I figured I'd be able to tweak something good like I did on my Triton. So far, I havent found an organ sound, either in program or combination mode that I like even a little.
    In combination mode, (which I use alot for key splits) ,the menu is easy to navigate. Probably because it's exactly like the Triton. Same for the sequencer. On the whole, a decent keyboard which will probably be used as a backup.

Questions about the Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation?

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