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TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Colombia April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Sound engineering student

    Perfect for a near field monitoring system

    When you are building a project or home studio, or have the idea of mixing mainly in the box, and don't have the goal to make a recording studio, this interface will suit you fine. I've been using the konekt 6 for about 6 months, and have no complains. It does the job for what it has been created; You'll have a clear and friendly visual control of what you are recording or mixing. It works perfectly with Pro Tools 10HD, even though you will have to download a VST to RTA converter to use the plug-ins that comes whit the interface, which are awsome, the M40 Studio Reverb is one of the greatest i've tried.

    In conclussion, this is a simple piece of equippment for a simple use in a simple studio, that works perfectly.

  • from Muscat, Oman December 19, 2013Music Background:
    Audiobook Narrator

    Solid Kit

    I happened upon this by chance at a sale in my local store (sorry Sweetwater!) and for the price it was at, would have been simply criminal to not buy it.
    It looks great, is very easy to set up and the pre-amps are lovely.
    Gotta love the glowing red volume knob!

  • from United States March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Music Producer, Composer, Student

    Really High Quality Sound

    Just an incredible set of converters and I/O on this thing. If you don't need a crazy amount of outputs, and want a really great compact interface with incredible A/D and sound quality, this is really the way to go. And the onboard input reverb is a pretty great comfort verb too, so there's really no downside to the features the interface offers, if those features are the ones you're looking for.

  • from April 14, 2012Music Background:
    Sound Artist, Composer. Experimental Electronic Music

    Really really great!

    It is very very high quality audio interface with several perfect TC plugins and DSP. If you don't need many in/out and only AD/DA convertors is important it is for you! Really, don't spend more money for Apogee Duet 2 or RME Babyface, this interface is very clear and has excellent sound. I have RME Fireface 800 at studio too for many inputs/outputs and Konnekt 6 is perfect if you are outside your studio and want to create high quality recordings on the go.
    Highly recommended!

  • from Singapore August 25, 2010Music Background:
    Home Hobbyist.

    For Its Price, No other unit can touch it..yet !

    I bought this used 1 year old unit from a student at US $140. He actually had it shipped into my homeland, Singapore. I used it with my New Mac MIni... the sound from its outputs sound15% better than my Focusrite Pro 40.. hard to believe isn't it.

    I don't use the software reverb as i didn't use the MIC input..so it is mainly for DAW and audio playback.

    I had used normal CD tracks to A/B the sound difference, I don't think for its price, there is another better sounding USB or Firewire Interface..unless you can update me. My main aim was to use this unit for live gig for DAW or Audio CD playback.. the quality is top notch.
    Right now, i'm using it as my main home Interface while looking for a multi IN/OUt after I sold My Focusrite Pro 40..which I shouldn't have. Lots Of Laugh.

  • from Gainesville, FL March 4, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    A little workhorse for solo tracking

    The converters are top-notch, the inputs are clean, and the preamp surpasses anything I'd expect in an interface at this price point. Being a 2-in/4-out interface is slightly misleading, albeit useful; two of those outputs are reserved for the option of sending a separate bus out from your DAW to the headphone output. The monitoring section is a bonus, the controls are handy, and the 12-segment meters are switchable between the inputs, DAW levels, and monitor output. Reverb dial is nice, but the verb is entirely host-powered. I'd prefer to instead have buttons on the interface to toggle 48V or set the headphone bus source, which you have to otherwise select in the software. It's smaller that you think, but more solid than it looks, so it's not gonna get knocked around your desk all day like a lot of other non-rack interfaces.

    This is pretty much the interface I wanted someone to make. If you want the quality of a $500+ interface without ins and outs you don't need, this is your guy.

  • from United States September 11, 2012Music Background:

    Serious BANG for BUCK!

    Sounds clean and built strong. Nice level metering and master knob with. If you don't need or already have a high end preamp, this interface is a go!

  • from Minneapolis, MN May 25, 2011Music Background:

    Things to consider

    I had heard horror stories about TCNear and Windows 7, sound dropouts, crackling etc. so I was hesitant to buy this at first. At the very least I made sure my motherboard came with the TI Firewire chipset before I ordered it. I kind of expected the worst.

    Surprisingly, I suffered no such issues. I was concerned about this being the main sound device in Windows, because my PC, like many, isn't just a DAW rig, I use it for gaming, multimedia, video and photos, music, everything. I was expecting to have to rig up some ghetto macguyver something or other to be able to do everything.

    Works like a charm though. Games, MPC, iTunes, Youtube, everything. Win 7 x64 treats it like any other sound card, and I get no errors whatsoever.

    On the DAW side of things, and let this be a warning to fellow novices: 192khz sample rate EATS CPU. I screwed up and bought an AMD 1100T before sandy bridge was unleashed, so that may have something to do with it, but 192khz eats my processor for breakfast.

    Setting aside the debate over noticeable quality differences between 192 and 48 or even 44.1, at my level of experience I feel that 192 is rather wasted on me. Which makes me wonder if I could have gotten something more suited for my needs without worrying about 24/192 obsessively. Having no way to foresee the audible gap between sample rates I opted 'better safe than sorry'.

    In hindsight it would have paid to consider the target medium for the music I'm producing. iTunes. BeatPort. CD. YouTube. 192 is certainly wasted here.

    But no worries, it does more than I expected, and the price to performance ratio is more than satisfactory.

  • from Florida June 25, 2010Music Background:
    Former Pro musician, current recording hobbyist.

    Solid easy to use Interface!

    I'm new to computer based recording, but this unit was very easy to setup and once I got Cubase configured, it was incredibly simple to record with.
    I love the 3 scenes that automatically set up your inputs and the reverb plug in for monitoring. I used a Shure SM 58 for the vocals and also ran a TC Electronic Voice Live 2 through it. Fantastic sound, harmonies etc. Great product from a first rate company. Can't wait to get a quality condenser mic.

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