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Blue Microphones Kiwi Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Reviews

5.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones Kiwi Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Blue Microphones Kiwi Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone?

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  • Carson McClain

    A lot of customers ask me what mic will give them a better sound on their vocals, yet also work well to record their instrument. Look no further than the Blue Kiwi, because this mic is amazing. If you want to take your recordings up 5 notches, this is your mic. I'm very impressed with the way it handles my vocals and how it sounds on the acoustic guitars that I record.

  • Matt Emick

    The Kiwi is perhaps my favorite multi-pattern condenser microphone. It has an amazing top end that seems to extend into the stratosphere, as well as a very detailed clear midrange that makes it a perfect vocal mic.

  • Aaron Rom

    My first experience with the Blue Kiwi was with a female vocalist who had a really powerful and dynamic voice. The mic handled everything she gave it, and captured a performance that almost made me and everyone else in the room forget that we were there to do a job, because this mic - coupled with the vocalist - did most of the work for us! Needless to say, it's now one of my favorites!

  • Jeremy Clifford

    As a vocalist, I'm extremely picky about what mic I use to record myself. The Blue Kiwi gives me the pristine sound I am looking for. And with nine polar patterns, it also brings a versatility that no studio should go without. This is my go-to recommendation for for customers wanting to kick it up a notch.

  • from Detroit December 3, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, Songwriting, Composer, Arranger, Audio Tech

    An Amazing Mic

    I bought this mic while I was still able to get the Robbie as a package deal and I must say, I am blown away. I can't believe how true to the sound source this is. I've used it on my voice and a couple of other singers and I feel it does a great job representing the true sound coming out. Paired with a Robbie or Focusrite ISA, you get an amazingly quite mic with lots of headroom. I have no regrets, this being my first high high end microphone that I've purchased.

  • from Minneapolis December 15, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician/Songwriter/post production

    Made my Neumann obsolete

    I finally picked up my Kiwi when it was being bundled with a free Robbie. I had other preamps I like better than the Robbie, but the Kiwi...oh my! I liked the vocals, both male and female, I got through it so much that after a year I realized I was never going to reach for my Neumann M-147 again, and sold it. Definition is phenomenal, and the space it picks up is great. I love the polar patterns, and the frequency response is natural for every instrument I've tried. I had no stand/holder issues like the first reviewer had. It's been solid as a rock. Now, today, this mic is on sale for $999? Just buy it. Best mic I've ever used, period. If it wasn't Christmas; I'd buy another so I could use them as an M/S pair.

  • from August 4, 2015

    Everything I Hoped and More

    I bought this for our home studio for my wife and I. She has a very powerful alto voice and I have a kind of soulful tenor voice. It has proven to be an amazing microphone for both of us. There's nothing else I could want from it. I was thinking of buying a couple of different higher-end microphones. I now have no need. I've owned it, coupled with the Blue Robbie, now since about January. One tip, try the omni setting with the vocalist a little closer to the mic. You'll thank me later. Beautiful mic in both appearance and sound. Just get it already.

  • from United States December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    This is by far the nicest microphone I've ever had. I had been looking into a few Neumann microphones but used on of these at a friends studio and was astounded at the clarity and smooth highs this microphone has. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic workhorse mic. I was trying to find one used, but it's very hard as most people that purchase these don't sell them for good reason.

  • from Orange County California February 16, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, composer, artist

    Gorgeous modern mic

    I've been on a quest for years trying to find the quintessential modern mic. I have never been truly pleased with any mic I've purchased ( I have quite a few ) until I bought the Kiwi. If you're looking for an open, warm and modern mic, this will not dissapoint. It's got most of the Manley Reference's good traits embodied within ( obviously not a tube )
    The Robbie compliments this mic very well, as it smoothes out the highs like melted butter. If you're a pop producer, who can't pony up the cash for the Manley, this is your MIC!

  • from October 23, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Beyond Outstanding

    The ABSOLUTE BEST microphone I have ever heard on modern female vocals, and great on men too. Combined with a good preamp this thing is MAGICAL. You'll find it used by a lot of very heavyweight names in the industry, and for good reason.

  • from Washington, WV August 19, 2013Music Background:


    I am a singer/songwriter that was looking for workhorse mic for my home studio. I found it in spades.

    As a guitarist that primarily plays acoustic, this mic absolutely shines in that application. Also love it on vocals. Paired with the Robbie it's ridiculous.

    Just blown away by this mic. Pristine pristine pristine. Especially like the smoothness of the highs. A lot of mics have a presence boost that's kind of obnoxious, this one is just smooth!

    Have not found an application yet where it didn't shine.

    Of course, Kurt at Sweetwater was awesome with the recommendation and service. Keepmupmthe good work!

  • from Lusaka, Zambia, Africa October 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Record Producer and Studio Owner

    Blue Kiwi aka

    When I opened the Box, first thing was the "Beautiful" Design and "The Size", then we plugged it in, I mean the sound of the voice coming out through the monitors was like someone was talking in my face literally. This mic has a presence that will blow your mind. Get ready to love your voice because this mic will bring it out and just emphasize all the ranges! I love it, I used it to mic an acoustic guitar and I tell you where ever you are seated in the room, the sound this mic produces is "IN YOUR FACE"! Thats my new name for it "IN YOUR FACE".

  • from Nacogdoches Tx June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Artist and Recording Engineer


    If u serious about your music then this is a great investment my friends:)

  • from Mt.Shasta March 27, 2012Music Background:

    Blue's Kiwi swings

    Just finished recording a swing band. 3 fiddles, 2 guitars, pedal steel, stand-up bass and drums. Put the Kiwi on the lead volcalist and allowed her fiddle to bleed through a little (she likes to play and sing at the same time). The Kiwi was able to punch right through all the other instruments. It brought her voice right to the front with unbelieveable clarity. Love it and can't wait to use it again.

  • from Ypsilanti MI USA June 25, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Composer, Emcee, DJ

    Great Microphone!!

    I was looking for a microphone that would compliment two emcees with dramatically different voices. This microphone HANDS DOWN beat every mic in it's price range - I can mic just about anything with my Kiwi and it comes out sounding great. A good quality tube pre with this mic really brings out the smiles (I use a UA 2610).

  • from Berkeley, CA April 30, 2011Music Background:
    Artist, Producer, Engineer, CEO

    Great Microphone

    Buy this mic along with the "Blue Robbie" Preamp. You will have a professional vocal chain that rivals vocals recorded by any major artist or studio. I was blown away by the quality of the "Blue Kiwi" since the first time I used it. IMO it beats the Neumann TLM 103, Neumann U87, AKG C414, etc... Best microphone I have ever used hands down. Crystal Clear, you can tell that it was built well and care was taken when they made this microphone. Get this if you want a professional microphone.

  • from UT February 8, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer/producer/singer

    Very versatile microphone.

    Wow, This microphone is something a producer NEEDS in his studio.
    Great microphone for male/female vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, and drum overhead, and many more instruments.
    If you are thinking of getting this microphone, but don't know if it'll match your style,
    Here is a bit of info:

    This mic is great for vocals from opera, to pop, to rap. I highly recommend it for acoustic artists though. (in my opinion)

    For heavy rock vocals, I would recommend the Blue Cactus.
    (it is also awesome on saxophone)

    They are both great microphones for rock vocals. Make sure to study them both, and then choose what microphone you would prefer with your vocal sound, and style.


  • from Texas December 10, 2010Music Background:
    Studio Owner

    Its an ugly color, but it sounds so pretty!

    If your thinking about getting this mic, do it! You will not be disappointed.
    Great on any vocal. There's only two things that can make this mic sound bad. A bottle of Jack, and bad engineering. So remember please use the Blue Kiwi responsibly.

  • from Albion, MI July 13, 2010Music Background:
    Student, Rapper


    I had the opportunity to record on this mic late last year during a trip to a studio in Cleveland, and i was blown away! The way the microphone made my voice punch through the mix totally impressed me. A few months ago I bought it for myself, and haven't regretted it since. It is the envy of every rapper that comes into my basement studio, I would recommend this mic to anyone looking to step their game up. I have it running into my MacBook Pro through my MBox2, and I am amazed how good the quality is. I could only imagine what this mic is gonna sound like when I have enough cash to get the Robbie.....Stop shopping around, and BUY THIS MIC!!!

  • from FLA July 23, 2007Music Background:
    Recording for years...

    Amazing... High end sound.

    I record vocals, mainly hip hop/rap in my home studio. I have been recording for 4+ years now and have had the opportunity to use some great mics.. Manley reference mic... u87... TLM series... Many rodes... Just to name a few.. None were as flattering and versatile as the Kiwi. I also took advantage of the free robbie rebate deal, and I couldn'e believe my ears when the pre finally arrived (took nearly 3 months). Seems to be the perfect combo... The high end tube with the high end solid state is the way to go, you can get pure sound when you want it, or a nice colorful tube sound, and have the ability to adjust the polar pattern on the mic as an added bonus. Don't listen to all the hipe about neumanns and other high end mics, and the avalon or UA pre's, that are supposedly industry standards... Go BLUE and you'll never look back!!

  • from Detroit Michigan July 10, 2007Music Background:
    Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer.... (and I'm modest too...)

    Blue Kiwi Rocks.....

    Simply the best mic for the money... I took advantage of the Free Robbie Rebate ... and the two together are amazing... Great on Vocals and Amazing on Sax..... Pretty much can use this as the only mic for multi tracked recording... thing stack up very well....

  • from Miami, FL USA February 25, 2013Music Background:
    mastering, mixing, recording engineer

    Smooth baby smooth

    This mic is simply amazing and worth the penny. It's true about mics: the price reflects the quality. This is a high end mic with excellent build quality. I've never heard a mic so clear and clean with the highs, smooth mids, and round bottom end ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I couldn't believe my ears. I gave it a 4.5 because there are more expensive mics which would probably be better. But, if you climbed to this mic ladder and stayed on this rung, you'd be impressed and happy. Great job Blue.

  • from Oklahoma City, Ok January 4, 2013Music Background:
    Formal education in music performance, almost 50years in television production and photography/cinematography.

    No good way to hold KIWI

    Just bought the KIWI/ROBBIE package couple of weeks ago. First problem the older type shock mount that came with the mic(clamp type) could not hold on to the body. Blue almost instantly replaced it with the newer design(using threads on bottom of KIWI). Next problem threads w/mount vs. mic didn't match. Again they were quick to respond. I now have a mount(shock) that with very careful and time consuming effort will thread. Next...the tightening nut/bolt that holds the mic in position on whatever stand lets go(releases) too easily. Is there another mount anyone is using(NOT BLUE) to handle the KIWI?
    By the way, the mic sounds very nice. I also have a BLUE Baby Bottle and have simultaneously record our deep throated announcer with it and the KIWI. I like both, both cardioid position, but would hate to live on the differance. I do think the KIWI is giving a slightly different treatment, but it isn't day and night. NOTE....the KIWI is going through the ROBBIE and the Baby Bottle is going through a GRACE M101.
    I think I will keep the KIWI but won't need to buy another. I think their Q/C in the factory might need some help.
    I however cannot say enough good about the USA service and customer care, they have been excellant.

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