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Korg Kaossilator Pro Reviews

3.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • Aaron Vea
    from Gilroy, CA February 3, 2013


    I owned this thing for awhile and I must say while it looks good on paper its just not realistic to do anything with any accuracy with it.

    1: It is almost impossible to actually play specific notes. You can jump through hoops to go note by note when trying to record but why punish yourself when you can buy and actual synth with keys.

    2. The sounds while cool are extremely limited with no ability to create or customize sounds of your own.

    3. You cannot easily control this device with and external keyboard because they failed to design the midi portion of it with industry standards. It sends cc messages instead of midi notes which is extremely tedious to go through menus and deal with.

    4: There is no undo function, so if you mess up guess what? You get to erase all your hard work and start over.

    For maybe 100$ this thing might be worth it just to fool around but like others have already said totally not a musicians music making tool. More like an over priced toy.

    I applaud the effort but at this price point it's simply not worth it, and was returned. save you money. IMO any basic synth has infinately more functionality in the real world against this all day.

    *** If you are making this purchase do not remove the plastic from the face or take the tape off to look at the manual or you will be losing on your return apparently that is enough to consider this item in used condition.

  • Jefferson Weber
    from Indianapolis, Indiana April 26, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Hobbyist


    Realy cool piece of equipment. So much fun. I am a musician who can read music and play a few instruments and this thing is still tons of fun! Easy to use sounds great.( you do not have to be a DJ to enjoy this piece.) Check it out for yourself.

  • Cedric Garman
    from March 30, 2011

    Its not a serious instrument....

    I like the Kaossilator and its a nice introductory instrument but it is very limited when it comes to performing live and with other musicians. I am currently using it in a band and in an electronic music project and it produces little more than techno music. The midi connection feature is a pain to figure out and the vocoder is weak. I had to buy a Korg Quad Pad to help create some more sounds. I'm buying an Akai MPC later this year.

  • Ricky Ray
    from USA & Europe May 27, 2010Music Background:

    Kaossilator Pro Fantastic !!!


    Just got my Kaossilator Pro today and spent non-stop hours on it. Mine had the latest Update but an Owner needs to go to the Korg site to get the Editor Software and needed Driver whether Mac or Windows.

    I Love this device BUT the Kaossilator Pro and the KP3 are like the Electribe units each in the Kaossilator Pro is like the blue MX unit that it's a Synth Instrument where the KP3 is a lot like the red SX unit in being a Sampler with Effects. They are very different and the Kaossilator is designed to work side-by-side with the KP3.

    You can export both WAV and AIFF files to the Korg units... BUT... it Exports as WAV, so if You use Logic/Garageband then You need to find online converter software like Switch to convert the WAV Files to AIFF... and I hope Sweetwater Techs warn Users about the huge difference between WAV and AIFF because WAV Loops will NOT work well in a Mac Logic/Garageband system. The Editor Software allows You to do vast tweaks and edits to the Loops You create and export them back to Korg units or keep on file once edited... BUT be aware they will be WAV Files so You have to convert them to AIFF if You're Mac Logic/Garageband. WAV is a Windows/Microsoft set-up.

    The Kaossilator is Real-Time like KP3 and You can create Loops up to 4 Measures. Electronica is Loop-Based. So this is a fabulous device. It has little in the unit for FX unlike the KP3 which is loaded with FX tweak Samples.

    This is a fantastic device and I LOVE this thing. It can record external instruments of all sorts but You need RCA end cables to the Korg unit Kaossilator and KP3 and You'd need a dual 1/4 TS-to- RCA ends to record into these units in Stereo... or a TRS 1/4"-to-RCA ends.

    This is very User-Friendly and anyone can make Music on this device out of the box and overdub Loops to create new Music simply and easily. It has 200 Factory Synth Sounds... and a very hip Gated Arpeggiator that You can tweak too.

    This is fun and I think Parents ought to get this for children to play and learn Music on. Also it has a grounding screw for hooking into a rig like a DJ/VJ which a lot of hardware doesn't have. This is a very wise addition.

    Users who need sampling/effecting will be best to look into a KP3 Korg unit as they are made for each other, again like the Electribe MX and SX units.

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