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QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way Powered Speaker Reviews

5.0 stars based on 32 customer reviews
Questions about the QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way Powered Speaker?

Questions about the QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way Powered Speaker?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from midwest June 20, 2017Music Background:
    Drummer with studio

    Amazing !!

    These are by far the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to own. They are powerful full range monsters that project way way way back !!!! I am using them with the QSC KW 181 sub and the combo is unbelievable !!! I will not use any other brand than QSC and I will only shop at Sweetwater ! Thanks Enej for the great customer service :=)

  • from Conyers Ga September 26, 2016Music Background:
    Minister of music, recording artist

    QSC KW 153

    They are more then I expected, they are awesome with my Bose F 1

  • from June 25, 2016

    QSC KW153

    Purchased four of these for a home practice room. Very clean sound at any volume. Great construction. I paired them up with the 18" bottoms. Very happy....

  • from Hickory, NC March 30, 2016Music Background:
    Studio owner and pro musician.

    Great for guitar sims.

    Great for guitar simulators.
    I use mine with a HD POD pro and tested it with a Helix and it sounds amazing. No more guitar amps for me. Just a sim and this speaker. Speaker is big but easy to move with a dolly and plenty loud and clean and the distortion is tight.

  • from Wenatchee, WA January 27, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Music Teacher

    The Best. Period.

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've lead worship for almost 20 years now and have seen and heard every sound system brand and setup that's out there. As of 5 years ago, I'd been primarily a Mackie guy. No offense to them, but one day my sound engineer setup these KW153's next to some similar spec'd Mackie's. Holy smokes. The clarity, detail, warmth, and no-hiss-even-when-pushed is flat-out light years ahead of any other brand. I've even set up 2 of these at wedding reception venues when they wanted LOUD R&B/Hip Hop music for the dance floor, and I'm telling you... The on board 15" low frequency driver on these bad boys is PLENTY of clean head room THUMP without needing separate subwoofers.

    All that to say, I don't know exactly what kind of wizardry is going on in the QSC factories, but it's absolutely magical to my ears.

    Try them. Buy them. Do it. Now.

  • from Fairfax VA January 14, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Can't beat these 3 ways

    I seriously tried all the 3ways out there for my band and actually bought the JBL 735s not because they sounded better than the QSC KW 153s but they were not as tall and I could fit them in my van standing them up which allowed me to fit more gear in there. The JBL 735s did sound good, no doubt. However after 6-8 gigs the housing in both cabinets vibrated and rattled at low frequencies. Could not hear it at shows but when I played my piano by myself in my basement it drove me crazy. I HATE cheaply built crap. Let's just say JBL is no where what they use to be. That goes for their new 3 ways SRX 835p I A/B them with the QSC 153s and The QSCs still have superior sound quality. JBL added some features on the back of the cabs but bottom line is sound and build quality. The JBLs fall short to QSC in both categories.
    Back to review. I traded in the JBL 735s for a fairly big loss but the QSC KW153s sounded even better than I thought for my band, and I mean substantially better. Crisper, clearer, punchier, and the lows, mids and highs across the board were much better blended for my piano ( wow ! } and vocals {WOW !}. We mix the entire band through the PA and use subs at every venue and ALL WE HEAR is how great our sound is at every show. It is loud as we want but always clean. I also bought the KW 152s for extra large venues to pair them with the 153s and MAN ! IT"S A WALL OS SOUND !! By the way if there is a will there is a way, and I still get all my gear in my van by laying the QSCs down but now my drummer pulls a trailer and everything goes in there. Highly suggest that if you can do it. QSCs are phenomenal !!!

  • from Goldsboro, NC December 7, 2015Music Background:
    DJ / Sound technician

    DJ Scott

    I have been running sound for bands and doing DJ work for over 15 years and have never been so blown away as I am by the QSC KW153's. I bought (2) of them 2 years ago and just added (2) more to my arsenal of sound equipment. They are so clear and powerful. I used to use the Mackie SRM1530's, which I too love, but they are much heavier and don't have the power of the QSC's. You can't go wrong with these speaker no matter what your sound needs are. Highly recommend!!!

  • from Charlotte, NC October 13, 2015Music Background:
    DJ/Sound Tech.


    Great speakers. Sounds very good and load. Had to turn them down on a football field ???? I brought two KW153 and two KW181. Man, these are the fantastic speakers. I talked to sales consultants at Guitar Center and AMS; both said, these were the best speakers they have in their company. They have; QSC, Peavy, JBL, Mackie, EV etc. The best speakers at that price range or even higher price range. Hi, most of all, QSC warranty these speakers for 6 years. I brought mind in May 2015. I'm covered until May 2021..That's insane. No one else does this. Maybe three years hmm..

  • from September 26, 2015

    QSC KW153

    Wonderful Speaker's, You Will Be Amazed At The Sound They Produce, A Little Expensive, But They Are Worth The Cost, Solid Speaker's

  • from South Louisiana August 4, 2015


    This powered speaker is big (not too heavy). The sound is almost unbelievable. I haven't changed any of the settings. On "flat" and in normal mode with no boost and half volume is plenty enough sound for me. Great for outdoor gigs. Very clean sound with plenty enough bass for rock music without a sub. It has locking xlr connectors too. The price is also good for the sound quality and sheer volume level.

  • from Alva, OK July 11, 2015

    Power with a thump

    5 Stars for these speakers because they are some of the best I have ever heard. Amazing voice quality and enough base with no need to have a sub with it. We are professional rodeo announcers so we need both voice quality and music quality in fairly large outdoor venues. Very pleased so far. They are fairly expensive but up to this point have been worth the money.

  • from Marion Indiana July 10, 2015Music Background:
    Been in music for over 50 years

    The best of the best!

    Dollar for dollar, I do not believe there is a better speaker on the market.....

  • from Austin TX January 17, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Doesn't Get Any Better

    I have been in the industry since the early '70s, and have seen many come and go. Always a Voice of the Theater fan with 2000 w of Crown driving the sound for cozy settings, but these monsters crush it. Sold the rest of the gear and use a couple of these for almost every club venue I do these days. Might add a couple more for an outdoor gig. Solid balanced acoustics with great separation, plenty of reliable power and a sound as close to studio quality as is available in a live mix.

  • from Detroit Lakes, MN November 11, 2014Music Background:
    FOH Engineer 35 yrs

    Mind Blowing Sound

    This is the second set of four of these I have and every single time I use them I am blown away, rich deep bass clean sound all through, no dead spots, absolutely the state of the art cutting edge speakers, I use them inside and out and I have people call me from 2-5 miles away on outdoor gigs and tell me its crystal clear all while thumping chests in the vicinity and pure and clean.

  • from Tucson, AZ USA August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Production, Studio recording, Keyboardist

    Amazing Speaker!

    I have had a pair of these, a pair of K10s and a Pair of KW181s for a little over a year now. The KW153s are some of the most amazing speakers I have ever heard. I found out that much of EQing a house is actually EQing your speakers.... because these don't harly require ANY EQ unless your house is REALLY messed up (a recent gig at a local mall actually required some EQ for example). Not only does the 6"mid smooth out the midrange crossover that most two-way speakers don't often survive, but it enables the KW153s to actually be rated with a lower frequency response than the KW181's! I often will pair them with two KW181's (that I usually place next to each other at the center of the stage) and set the KW153s to use external Subs, but that is usually just to have headroom if needed (and trust me... that is a LOT of headroom!). I have used a pair of KW153's without subs and provided ample "running" music across an entire football field. In my opinion, the ONLY way to improve on the clarity/scope of these things is to go to a line array, and then you are talking more per cabinet of your line array than each of these speakers cost times multiple cabinets. If your requirements require anything less than a large line array, you owe it to yourself to try these speakers. Incidentally, because these have perfectly symmetric 75x75 degree patterns, you can hang them either vertically or horizontally if you don't want the hanging eyesore.

  • from Martha's Vineyard, MA May 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Sound/touring keyboardist

    Rivals Meyer!!!

    I am a pro sound guy, (40 yrs) and work with lots of pro stuff(Meyer,EAW,etc) and also own a lots of QSC equipment. When the QSC K12's came out, they set the standard that Yamaha,EV,Mackie etc had to play catch up. At this $ point, I don't think there is a comparable powered all-in-one high output speaker that can touch the KW 153.we've used these now on small club dates to large weddings and they kick a&$! I have the K12's-K-sub setup and these do the same job with a little more definition in the low mid section. They are a little heavy (90 lbs) but I challenge you to find a lighter cabinet that cranks out clear 134 dB! Kudos QSC!

  • from gulf breeze, FL April 29, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer and physician

    great powerful speakers

    Our main speakers at our church died finally. We are ordering Mackie Array. While we are waiting on gathering funds and installation, we are using 2 of these for sound. Our services are held in a gym and these things can rock it out. we had been using 2 Bose L1 systems and these are much better. They have the ability to fill the gym and have very clear and clean sound. Pastor can be understood well and worship team can rock through them. We are going to keep these for backup speakers and for outdoor events. we are well pleased.

  • from Arcanum, OH November 19, 2013Music Background:

    great sound!

    These speakers are great! They weigh a little bit but the extra weight is worth it. They have a nice warm solid sound to them, crisp and punchy. We use them with a couple of 18" subs and run them full range and the results are great.

  • from September 10, 2013

    Rock Solid

    Extremely clear and well balanced. Sounds like a pro speaker should. In my opinion the best in it's price range.

  • from Crossville, Tennessee USA June 7, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician recording hobbyist

    HiFi PA Speaker? Is it REALLY REALLY Possible?

    The KW153s---- I bought them for gigging. I have them in my living room. They DO look like a well made PA Speaker, but the resemblance ends there.

    They have no typical PA coloration and mid range drop out. I have had many very fine stereo speakers in my life. Ar's ESS Klipshe, Home builts, you name it.

    These speakers sound more like a high-end home stereo speaker than a PA speaker. The mid-range is ALL THERE!
    The highs are high quality horn projecting highs like you would hear in a movie theater, and the lows are like
    having a live bass player standing right in front of you.

    To top things off, and what was MOST surprising to me is that
    the dog-gone PA speakers not only sound good, but they IMAGE as well!
    The image is also stable throughout the frequency range and doesn't wander.

    The singer' voices and horns are localized and don't make funny little trips through the soundfield because of unmatched
    frequency response between the drivers in the two speakers.

    You can hear the room ambiance and you can listen in further to the image they project and even hear the height and width
    of the soundstage.

    Come ON!!! Out of a PA speaker??? This just should not BE!
    They SHOULD sound grainy, nasal, plastic and metallic like
    every other self-respecting PA speaker in the world.

    You won't regret this purchase, I Promise.

  • from Jonesboro, Arkansas April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live sound engineer

    I am Speachless! Hands-down they are the best in their market.

    I have to pinch myself every week to make sure that I'm not dreaming. These are the most clear speakers I have ever heard. I have used pa equipment for over 30 years. The clarity and presence are the same wherever you are in the room. I had planned o getting subwoofers but did not get them. I am NOT sorry, the KW153's have all the low end you need, ever without using the Boost function. We built a new sanctuary that seats 700, so we have a cluster made up of 5 kw153's. No matter where you go in the room, the speaker sound like he's standing right next to you. The clarity is the same at low volume as it is with higher output. You will not be sorry for choosing the kw153s.

  • from Tulsa, Ok. USA March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, ret.

    QSC-Quality Sound Continously

    Having 2-ways on a stick over subs isn't bad, but when you need the complete sound field reproduced, nothing compares to a great 3-way system. I use a Korg Pa3x, and fire my own arrangements plus four part harmonies at these KW 153s, and believe me, you can hear everything...top to bottom! The mids that were missing in the vocal range are there, plus the pianos have come alive. The bass response is killer, but throw the bass switch, and you'll think some subs just appeared. These boxes are pricey, but they're tight and IMHO, worth every cent. What are you waitin' for? Do your ears a favor grab a pair from Sweetwater today. Keep on rockin'!

  • from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Entertainer 33 years

    Best Speaker for Me

    I sing and play guitar along with computer tracks. I gig 5 days a week in different venues. This speaker sounds awesome for every job, even outside. I have played through many speakers including QSC K12 and this speaker blows the competition out of the water. Big enough to fill a room but still managable for one person with a hand truck. This is the last speaker I will ever have to buy.

  • from Saint Louis, MO USA December 14, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboardist, Backing Vocalist, Live Sound Engineer for "Empty Promises"

    Best Powered PA Speakers...Hands Down

    Worth every penny...need I say more?!

    The clarity is incredible, and I didn't even need to turn on the DEEP switch, but when I did...it was like a DANCE CLUB! The bass was thumping... I first tried it with the setting flat, and even used the VOCAL BOOST...the vocals cut through the entire mix wonderfully!
    So much sound that it didn't even compare to the drums coming through my Roland KC-500 keyboard amp! Probably won't even use it, to be honest! Just going to separate out the drum track, shoot it directly to the Allen & Heath ZED12FX, and then add some reverb from the mixer's on-board effects. No need to touch it any more than that I think. Sometimes when you try to add too many effects on the drums, it "dorks" it up...and I have only cranked these speakers to the 1/4 mark. The tag attached to the speakers themselves after I removed them from the box said they could go up to 134dB! That's just shy of a jet engine! These speakers can handle our entire mix...now on with show!

  • from Tinton Falls, NJ April 17, 2012Music Background:
    I am the lead singer of a classic rock cover band and both a recording and live sound engineer.

    Love These Speakers!

    I have a set of JBL EON 515s and a set of JBL PRX-618s subs and wanted to upgrade my mains. I bought a set of JBL PRX-635s and returned them after one failed on the first day out. Did a bit more research and talked to Ryan at Sweetwater. He turned me on to the QSCs. I am amazed and blown away. The overall sound quality is amazing and through the entire range, they deliver pure, crystal clear sound at any volume. Having upgraded my mains, the overall sound of the band is amazing, loud, and clear. I would recommend these to any serious buyer. They are solid, heavy, and amazing.

  • from Grand forks -ND USA October 19, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engr,musician

    QSC K 15-3 WAY


  • from Cambridge OH USA July 29, 2011Music Background:
    live Sound Engineer

    QSC great speakers

    just did my first gid on 7/16/11 & it was with a new up coming christian group . rush of fools they couldnt beleave how great the sound was . thanks QSC for a great sounding speaker

  • from Austin TX July 6, 2011Music Background:
    I do some recording , some live sound, just an audio guy that's been at it for a while.

    QSC KW153 Real World Test

    Well, I don't ever write reviews but I felt inclined to do so for this bit of kit because quite honestly I was impressed. Not loud impressed which they certainly are, but clean impressed at volume which is a whole different animal. I put two of these beauties to the test in a medium size club for the Detroit based Electronic pioneers Ultradyne at the Victory Grill here in Austin a couple of weeks back paired with a 2-18" Properly loaded JBL Sub and was just floored by the amount of headroom and brute strength of these 3 ways. Everybody involved was happy,happy,happy with my efforts on their behalf and the reality was that albeit I'm competent at a minimum, these speakers made me look like a genius. They are that good. Spring for the 3 way 153's. They are an entirely different beast and in a whole different class than the 2 way 15's on a stick that you see everywhere. Get the assisted Ultimate stands because these are not light but the added midrange 6.5" really makes for a nice addition to a balanced full and effortless mix. Paired with the 181's these would be just flat out monsters.QSC did an outstanding job on this offering. Get some. You will be happy.

  • from Rockport, TX June 29, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician, home studio dude

    Worth every penney!

    My review is based on some experience. I was in a dance hall band back in the early 90's using 6 - EAW tops & bottoms w/ Crown power amps ($50k). I believe those EAW tops were about 4 to 5 times the price of these KW153's and were amazingly efficient. I would honestly say that these QSC's are very close to those EAW's.
    One weekend before the KW153's arrived, I went to see a local band that was using the new powered JBL's with separate subs and was disappointed in their sound. The next weekend, our band was performing using the QSC KW153's. Just for grins, I left the subs in the trailer and would get them out if needed after sound check but that wasn't necessary. They worked flawlessly. The highs were sizzling and the total sound was crystal clear. The bottom end had attitude. I first tried the extra lows switch and had to turn it back to flat because of being too obnoxious. These speakers are perfect for the price. I think QSC has hit a home run with these and I believe the competition is not even close.

  • from Birmingham, Al June 24, 2011Music Background:
    Keyboard/Steel Player for the Blake Scott Band

    QSC KW153 Super Crisp

    We have a pair of these for our mains and absolutely love them! We have been using them for about 6 months and they have not missed a beat.

    We run them with a pair of Peavey SP218's for the subs and In outside venues the setup is great. Solid clean sound and no issues. These speakers have a ton of options to handle any situation. We have used them in medium sized clubs without the subs and they still sound great.

    Having the option for the front light to show peak is something that I would miss using another brand. We used Behringers for mains before these and the difference is night and day, we now use the behringers for floor monitors. I would put these up against any other speaker up to almost twice the price. Mackie, JBL etc..

  • from Bellingham, MA USA March 11, 2014Music Background:
    Retail dealer, Musician

    QSC KW153 Worth Every Penny

    Yes, they are heavy and not exactly compact, but they are worth every penny when compared to the more popular plastic enclosure powered speakers. I've used the QSC K-10 and K-12's and the K-Sub with our band, but they are no match for the KW153's. For club spaces up to 250 people, these are all you need. And unless you are outside, you probably won't need a sub. The sound quality is excellent, dispersion good enough for relatively short rooms, and vocal quality is excellent. I sold my K-12's and unless the room is pretty small (K-10's with K-Sub) I use the KW's. I love them, even at 80 pounds each.

  • from Sunnyvale, CA June 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Excellent but not "flat"

    I agree with everyone else with one exception. I consistently have to boost at 10K to get things like Piano to sound correct. No big deal but there is a hole in the frequency range. It certainly lessens as you get farther away from the speaker but not by much.

    It's also relatively heavy but no big surprise there.

    It does have smarts built in so be careful what you leave plugged in or you will here a nice hiss after a while as the smarts try to guess what you have hooked up...

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