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Jackson KVXMG X Series King V - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Jackson KVXMG X Series King V - Black?

Questions about the Jackson KVXMG X Series King V - Black?

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  • Justin Rix

    Since I bought the Jackson King V KVXMG, it has impressed me in every way. I own several guitars, but this one will continue to be the go-to for me whether Iím recording, gigging, or practicing. This guitar is built for metal, but also shines in other genres because of the variety of tones I can achieve and the ease of play anywhere on the neck.

  • from December 6, 2016Music Background:
    25 years of playing, including studio recording and gigging.

    Amazing Guitar

    When I unwrapped this guitar I could not help but to play it unplugged. The sound from it alone unplugged is clear with natural sustain and holds tune excellently and then I plugged it in. The sound is great. The pick ups are fantastic. I have a lower level Jackson Kelly which I thought was pretty good. . . Then I played this guitar.

    The difference is like driving a geo metro and then driving a Rolls Royce Phantom Convertiable.

    So smooth and looks good to not only impress yourself but pretty much anyone else as well. The tuners and a real Floyd Rose make a huge difference. I used to have problems with my fretting hand hitting the locking nut on other FR equiped guitars. Not the case on this guitar. Ease of moving up and down the neck with chords or scales/soloing.

    I could go on and on but I'll say this.

    If you want a super upgrade from an entry level guitar and like this style. Don't hesitate.
    If you ever wanted a Jackson king V but don't know which one to get and don't want to pay 1-2k. This one is the one.

    But to me the most important thing is to get the guitar that encourages/inspires you to play or play more.

    If this looks like that then it's performance will not disappoint.

  • from New York, NY July 13, 2016

    Jackson King V KVXMG

    I,ve never played a V guitar before
    But this guitar plays very,very smooth
    The nut width is perfect. It does not neck dive.
    The sound with the EMGs are fantastic. Sound is a bit bright. But who cares. For this price point. Amazing. If you are planning in purchasing this guitar
    Then GO FOR IT. Im not even touching my other jackson soloist SL2 ever again.
    Sweetwater as always has done an amazing job with their service and awsome packging of the instrument
    Thank you so much

  • from Denver, CO. August 17, 2012Music Background:

    Jackson King V KVXMG

    This thing simply rocks. It sounds great, and it plays fast. If you can't afford the USA Jackson's, this will do nicely. I love it!

  • from September 8, 2016

    Great Guitar

    What can I say, I got exactly what it said, a solid guitar that has that heavy Jackson tone. Needless to say all that needed done was a string swap and it was ready to go. The one complaint I had about it is that the pickups seen to be a little bit loose, but other than that a flawless purchase, I highly recommend it.

  • from Slagelse, Denmark. August 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    Yeah, This is the ****!

    Yeah. This thing is great, fast neck, great tremelo! Etc, etc.

    Very good guitar, very nice thrash sound.

    The reason it doesn't get 5,0. But 4,5 stars.
    Is that the body wood is basswood.
    And the fretboard is rosewood (not a VERY big deal)
    ^^ though, it could have been nice with an ebony fretboard on this thing.

  • from San Bernardino, CA October 27, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro musician; metal, death metal, power metal, speed/thrash metal

    You get what you pay for...

    For what it's worth; a neck thru guitar made of basswood, the sustain is amazing and of course the look of a King V is awesome. The tone is super bright so you do run into some feed back issues. Also in checking out the electronics the selector switch is somewhat flimsy and gage used for the battery are super thin so it might cause and issue later. Playability is nice, the polished body won't cause your fingers to stick to the neck...comparing it to a KV2, it's pretty good but you do get what you pay for.

Questions about the Jackson KVXMG X Series King V - Black?

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