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KAT Percussion KT2 Electronic Drum Kit Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the KAT Percussion KT2 Electronic Drum Kit?

Questions about the KAT Percussion KT2 Electronic Drum Kit?

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  • Zach Neels

    After playing a few other kits in this price range, I was really surprised by the quality feel and sound of the KAT Percussion KT2. Fast response, comfortable pads, and good on-board tones help it stand head and shoulders over the others. Plus, having onboard MIDI over USB allows for hooking it up to EZDrummer, Superior Drummer, or any other drum sound libraries!

  • Matthew
    from Mineral Wells WV October 18, 2016

    Great kit

    Did lot of research on this kit before I bought it and was amazed how it sounded and when I got it and all set up I was vary impressed with how it sounded live the drums sound great easy to use as well well built to great job Kat

  • Adam Boudreau
    from Westminster, MA May 19, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist for 20+ years, drumming for 10+, engineering off and on for years

    Excellent E-Kit for the price range

    For the price range I think this is a great kit. It's more of a four star quality in the grand scheme of things, but I'm going to bump it another 0.5 stars because of the sheer affordability for the quality we're getting out of this thing.

    I am primarily an acoustic kit drummer, but when I moved to an apartment, I wound up being unable to practice on a drum kit for quite a few years. Now that I'm able to afford and have time to get back into drumming, I was only able to play my acoustic kit once a week and this wasn't enough, so I went on the search for an e-kit, because then I could practice nearly every day in my apartment. I was, honestly, looking for something cheap that I could simply hit like a drum set and work on basic pattern arrangements on my songs, then record the real thing with my acoustic drums.

    When I found KAT, I was pretty surprised at the quality of the equipment I got for the price. It's a little more than the Alesis or DDrum low end models, but what we get for that extra cost is well worth it in my opinion. I've never liked the drum pads on the other two manufacturers and I didn't know anything about KAT, so when I asked my Sweetwater sales rep about it, who is also a drummer, he mentioned his customers are pretty happy with these kits. Well count me in that realm as well. The actual drum pads have a really great feel to them, they are sort of this cushion type of pad and it creates a good bounce back for your sticks. It might be a little more bounce back than an actual drum head, but, for me, this is a far superior option than hitting a hard plastic surface, which is what the Alesis pads felt to me.

    The one complaint I see brought up is concerning the crash pads and their lack of response. I'm experiencing this as well. It seems the crash pads have a particular sweet spot to really make them hit off. All of the pads are dual trigger, so you can generate two sounds depending on what angle you hit it. I've gone to the level where I just flat out turn this off, because I just want any crash sound to appear at all! I've also turned the sensitivity all the way up. The ride pad seems to work fine and I don't have any issues with that. The drum pads feature rim shot triggers, which I hated, so I reprogrammed the rim to just be the drum pad sound.

    That's one of the really great features of the drum module, is it has a lot of programmable features. I was really surprised at the breadth of samples available on this drum brain and I was even more shocked at how relatively realistic things sound. I had visions of really terrible samples for the price I was paying, but that wasn't the case. You can do a lot with the samples already in the system, naturally cymbal samples never sound particularly good to me, but they sound okay for the price.

    The KT2 is really a learning/practice kit, if you're serious about recording or engineering music then I'm not sure the KT2 is going to cut it, unless you are going to go the route of hooking it up with EZ drummer or some other kind of advanced program. You may want to look at their higher end models which seem to be far more serious in design such as the KT4. I've played on the very expensive Roland kits and those are the best I've ever worked on, but those get expensive fast and if you're looking for an affordable option then this is probably one of the best ones you'll find out there.

    The KT2 was the right choice for me, because it had a better brain module than the KT1, which wasn't expandable. Once I played on this kit and found that I quite enjoyed it, I immediately ordered the expansion kit for an extra crash cymbal and extra drum pad. I play a decent sized acoustic kit and the expansion pack let's me simulate the feel of my kit a little better.

    I've had the kit for a couple months and it's still going strong and I'm sure I'm not using it as exactly intended. Remember, I'm preparing myself to play on acoustic kits, so I probably hit far harder than I need to, so balancing out the sensitivity is quite a challenge on my end, especially with the bass drum. This kit does NOT come with a bass drum pedal, so right now I have my Iron Cobra double pedal hooked up to it. The beaters hit the bass drum pad so hard that it really forces the pad to hit against the drum rack. If you're in my position, I plan on getting one of those pool foam noodles to really help with this problem. Even on a carpet, I find the bass drum pad moves around a bit more than I would like it to, so hopefully some padding will reinforce the sheer force of my bass drum hits.

    The one other thing I can't seem to figure out is how to turn up the metronome. It's so quiet the drum samples are thunderous over it's click. I've just given up on it at this point and use the metronome in cubase. But sometimes I just want to use the drum brain and practice with that. It has a really neat feature where it tells you precisely if you're on time or not. Cubase doesn't have that, so I'd really like to figure out the volume issues on the metronome.

    As an added bonus to this system, you can actually hook it up to Rock Band if you buy the special conversion controller. This was the first thought my girlfriend had when I said I was going to buy an e-kit. You do not need the Rock Band drums to do this, you simply need the conversion controller which costs about 25 dollars. It's a cool feature if you have friends that want to use it. Like most drummers/actual musicians, I have a difficult time with these games, especially with a real e-kit, because I wind up wanting to play the actual drum line, and sometimes the Rock Band program rigs things up in a weird way. Maybe we just don't understand how to really use this, but it doesn't seem to recognize the hi-hat pedal on the program, so it has you hit the ride cymbal instead, which is annoying. Ah well, it mostly works, so that's an added fun feature with these kinds of kits.

  • David Miller
    from Columbus OH July 18, 2013

    Great value

    I recently purchase the KT2 kit so I could learn to play drums. I was very happy with the ease of assembly. I have been playing for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. The drum pad respond very good. The cymbals are so so. I seem to have trouble hitting them in the right spot for each zone. I am not sure if this is a design problem or a user error. The on-board sounds are great and it also works very well via USB midi. I have used it to control various software drums with no problems. I am a beginning drummer so I have been using the learning mode a lot. The kit would be a good investment for anyone looking a for good electric kit.

  • Wayne McGhee
    from Destin Fl. May 4, 2014Music Background:
    Played night clubs late 60's through the 80's. Now doing hobby recording

    Good kit for the price

    The connecting cables need to be about 10" longer. Not much wiggle room! Actually had to buy a longer cable to reach the crash cymbal farthest from the module. Also should have included more Velcro strips to tidy up the cables. But really those are minor details, so far the actual kit seems to perform well.

Questions about the KAT Percussion KT2 Electronic Drum Kit?

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