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KRK KRK10S Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The KRK KRK10S is the perfect addition to any production studio needing loads of bass!

  • from January 11, 2016

    New Gear

    Great stuff Thanks. Arrived on time in great shape. Ready to gig

  • from Granville, OH December 1, 2015


    Perfect compliment to my KRK Rokit 6's! Really helps in keeping the mids and upper frequencies focused on the KRK Rokit 6's and expanding my frequency range. Be sure to follow the KRK Subwoofer placement & set up guide provided by KRK, made a HUGE difference after I plugged it in straight out of the box! Just don't forget to put a Sub Dude under it to keep things tight!

  • from Kissimmee, FL September 14, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Audio Production

    Feel what you have been missing!

    Remember the old commercial about "Where's The Beef?" Well, I found it!

    I was having trouble with the low end of my mixes. My 8" monitors just weren't giving me the full picture, especially the low end. I'd have to bounce a stereo track and then go listen in my truck, since it has a sub.

    Now, I can (using my monitor station) press a button and quickly check the low end. I can actually feel the punch of the bass listening to reference tracks, and can then dial in the same effect on my mixes. Just go easy on the volume with this thing... a little goes a long way.

    Be sure to get some bass traps, as these lower frequencies stack up and can cause standing waves. The set up instructions were very good. You can download test tracks (pink noise and such) at KRK's website to help with the process. A word of caution... The low frequency band-limited pink noise makes it sound like you are launching a space shuttle, so go easy on the volume when using that track. It rattled my windows & walls and scared my wife! How cool is that?!?!

  • from United States November 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Musician,Singer

    KRK 10S

    Very Nice Clean Low end. Easy to setup and Integrate with my system.

  • from September 8, 2014Music Background:
    musician, performance dj

    wow, I was missing some bass!

    Easy to set up, works great with a pair of rockit 6s. the sub far out powers these speakers. I'm used to mixing electronic music with the RP6 speakers but always had trouble dialing the bass.

    I no longer need to test my mixes on different sources, I can now dial it in on the studio speakers alone!

  • from Newbury Park, CA USA August 26, 2014Music Background:
    Master's Degree in Piano....write electronic music.

    KRK Sub Rocks

    This thing is a Monster. Doesn't need to go up to 11....it's frightening at 1! Love it! Sweet price, great equipment....Adam Briggs in Sales is the best!

  • from Fort Drum, NY January 17, 2014Music Background:
    Music student

    So Smooth!!!!

    I was torn between getting the Rokit 8" monitors for more low end, but chose to pair my Rokit 5s with this sub. I am very satisfied with this setup! The setup was fairly easy and the KRK website has downloadable test tones to make the setup easier. This sub has such a smooth sound (powerful). The footswitch is probably the icing on the cake!! Take my word for it- GET ONE!!

  • from CT December 12, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer



  • from New Jersey August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Music teacher, composer, and audio hobbyist

    What a woofer!

    I really needed this! I already have a pair of Rokit 6s for my nearfields and was getting great mixes, but having the extra low end has improved my recent mixes substantially. Especially since I'm getting started with epic film scores and electronic music. Great, solid bass. I just wish the power switch was in the front!

  • from Pittsburgh, PA June 18, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, recording hobbyist...

    The most features at this price point

    This makes a HUGE difference in my setup. I paired it with my Alesis m1's, the 6" drivers, and it's more awesome than I thought it was going to be... Setup was easy. I followed the instructions and used a sound level meter to balance between my near fields and the sub, and I'm good to go!

    And yeah, you won't find more features on a sub at this price point. Continuously variable crossover, the ability to bypass it are the two big ones for me. Give it a try, you can't go wrong ordering from Sweetwater...

  • from Pompano Beach, FL USA June 17, 2013Music Background:
    Voice Overs & Radio Imaging

    Here comes Da Boom

    Just what I was looking for... My 10' x 10' home studio was lacking some thump and coming in at the low end of my budget, I couldn't be happier. It looks and sounds really good and is a welcomed addition to my studio.

  • from Boulder CO May 6, 2013Music Background:
    DJ, Producer

    Good Stuff!

    I added this to my Yamaha HS50m order after some quick research and help from my Sweetwater guy.
    Part of my research was between the Yam HS80's & HS50's. When I found info on the freq response the 80's had a dip (somewhere in the mid range as I recall) that the 50's combined with this sub (or really any sub actually) would cover. Needless to say, after getting used to this setup and understanding how my mixes were translating, I'm in a whole different elevated league of music production. Hours spent going back and forth to the car and the iPod boombox are over!
    Second point: after being plagued with this annoying buzz for 2 years when my harddrives would spin and cursor move around the screen, I discovered this was caused from a "ground loop." I had spent a good while googling solutions, unplugging power cords, plugging them back in, turning of the computer only to turn it back on again to find the cause, and finally about to pull the trigger on a $100 ground loop isolator or some direct box when I noiced this KRK sub has a little tiny switch labelled LIFT-GRND...well low and behold if that little switch didn't fix my problem when moved into the LIFT position!!!
    (FYI, that's short for GROUND LIFT for you guys out there that are discovering this for the first time)
    This feature alone should convince you guys to just buy this sub.
    Great value and features...and sure it sounds good, but afterall, it's bass we're talking about here.

  • from Evansville, Indiana May 10, 2012Music Background:
    Played guitar for 12 years, been making electronic music for 5 years, A.A.S. in Audio Recording.

    Fantastic! Crisp, clear bass!

    This is a great sub! I make a lot of electronic music, and was looking for a good sub that would accurately give me my bass frequencies. This sub did the job, and then some! I can't say enough good stuff about it! Even though, its not huge, it throws out the spl's like crazy. I had to turn down the sub quite a bit so it wouldn't overpower my KRK Rokit 8's (Which are fantastic as well, I might add.) Basically, just make sure you have your settings right for it and this sub will easily fulfill your bass needs for a small/medium studios.

  • from Muncie, IN December 2, 2011Music Background:
    Drummer, Saxophonist, Mastering engineer.


    The KRK 10S sub is HOT. I have it in with a pair of Mackie HR624 monitors, and it has opened up my sound like nothing has before. In addition to my amateur stereo mastering rig, I also have my monitors wired into my home theater setup; where I have used a line level shifter to raise all of the levels to +4dBu. Running a Blu-Ray movie through the monitors and the KRK 10S is something to behold. I am sure my neighbors hate me now, because this has some very serious, powerful bass. I think for the money in new gear, (as opposed to used) you would be hard pressed to find a better sub than the KRK 10S.

  • from United States July 15, 2013Music Background:
    Former Pro Musician, Recording Hobbyist, nice guy... :)

    I like what I feel...

    I have this paired with a set of Alesis 620 M1Active speakers, and it sounds great.

    Without the sub, I was noticing that my mixes were REAL bass heavy when I'd listen to them on other sources. With the sub, I can hear the content I was missing with just the 620's... That's the idea, right?

    The continuous knob on the cutoff frequency is GREAT! The only model in this price range that has that, and was one of the biggest selling points to me. Also, the ability to bypass the sub is great too...

    At this price point, you can't find another speaker with the same features as this. Great product, I'm glad I bought it!

    I gave it 4.5 stars because of the lack of 1/4" balanced output jacks. You have to switch to XLR, which isn't a big deal...

  • from Chillicothe Ohio April 2, 2014Music Background:
    Metal Metal Metal!

    Excellent product

    Works well, I was having trouble with my mixes with the extra bass I was just not hearing with near fields alone, with this problem solved.

  • from Houston, Tx September 9, 2013Music Background:
    professional mixer, producer, engineer, musician

    Works and Plays Well With Others

    I have KRK V8's which I have mixed with for over 6 years. For the price, they have served me very, very well. I needed a sub but put off buying one. The venerable car-test, home stereo test, and headphones filled in the blanks between 80-40hz. This sub dialed in quickly, and now I forget that it's there, except I have not needed to check the low end with the endless routine of going out to the car,... taking the mix home, etc. The only caveats are these: It would have been awesome to have a stepped potentiometer on the gain and crossover knobs. It would make setting up even easier. Finally, the gain knob is quite sensitive. Almost non-linear, meaning that you have to make tiny adjustments (which are hair-trigger hard to finess) in the lower regions. Once you're set up, you're good to go.

  • from United States January 3, 2013Music Background:

    A very Nice upgrade to our studio environment

    Thanks to my Sales engineer and his recommendations, we added this active sub-woofer and isolation pad. The sound is remarkable.

  • from USA August 10, 2011Music Background:
    recordist, mixer, producer

    An excellent, affordable sub for near-field work

    I've owned the 10s for about 4 years and I very much appreciate it. It has enough power and headroom for near-field, critical listening (as a part of a properly calibrated, full range system). Bass frequencies come across as full and realistic. The high pass filter helps when you're calibrating and integrating the sub into an existing monitoring setup (in my case 2.1). For the money it's an outstanding value. As active subs go at any price it's one of the most useful ones I've come across of it's size and power output.

  • from Roanoke Va. June 2, 2011Music Background:

    krk subs are boomin'

    These subs are extremely powerful, I had to turn it down as low as possible to use it in my small control room. This would make a great speaker for a surround sound system.

  • from August 29, 2013

    Stopped Working

    I only had this sub for about a year, when it started making this weird noise. I never turned it up much past a quarter of the volume, so it shouldn't be damaged from anything like that. It noticeably buzzes in the 100 hz range. It's very distracting when mixing down the low end of a track. I can't even turn it up loud enough for it to be useful without it buzzing like crazy. Maybe I just got a lemon, but I wouldn't risk the purchase. Spend a little more and get a quality sub.

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