Keeley 6 Stage Phaser No Longer Available

6-stage Analog Phaser Effects Pedal for Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards with Tap Tempo, Ramp Speed, and Edge Control
Item ID: KPhaser

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Keeley 6 Stage Phaser image 1
Keeley 6 Stage Phaser image 1

Sorry, the Keeley 6 Stage Phaser is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Keeley 6 Stage Phaser
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A 6-stage Phaser!

Add a new dimension of sound to your pedalboard with the Keeley Electronics Phaser. The lush, swirling phase sounds are creating via a 6-stage analog circuit. Using OTA ICs, the Keeley Phaser has a rich and deep sound. Precisely set your phase timing with the built-in tap tempo function. An ultra-cool ramp setting lets you set two speeds and ramp up and down between by simply stepping on a switch. From deep swirling sound to trippy space stutters the Keeley Electronics Phaser is the perfect addition to any pedalboard!

Keeley Electronics Phaser Guitar Pedal at a Glance:
  • Tap tempo for precise timing
  • Ramp up your phaser
  • Keeley quality: great sound and dependability
Tap tempo for precise timing

Setting the phase speed on some pedals can be tricky at best. You want the speed to match or compliment the beat of the song. With the tap tempo feature on the Keeley Electronics Phaser, you can ensure precise timing of the phase effect. Perfectly match the beat of your songs by tapping in the tempo, much like you would do on a delay pedal. You'll never have to be out of time with the band again with the Keeley Electronics Phaser.

Ramp up your phaser

A cool and unique feature of the Keeley Electronics Phaser is the Leslie-like ramp control. You'll love the ability to speed up and slow down your phaser at a moments notice. Just set you fast and slow speeds and you can change ramp between those two speeds by simply stomping on the Slow/Fast button. Take a slow, deep phase tone and switch it to a dizzyingly fast swirl with a single button on the Keeley Electronics Phaser.

Keeley quality: great sound and dependability

The Keeley Electronics Phaser is packed with ultra-high-grade components. Guitar pedal guru Robert Keeley wouldn't have it any other way. With its weapons-grade build quality, you can also rest assured that your Keeley Phaser will stand up to road abuse and give you many years of great sound and trouble-free operation.

Keeley Electronics Phaser Guitar Pedal Features:
  • 6-stage analog phaser for deep, rich phasing
  • Built-in tap tempo for precise control
  • Ramp your speeds up and down like a rotating speaker
  • Deep, rich phasing to spaced-out sounds
Add a killer phaser to your board with the Keeley Electronics Phaser!

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