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Hartke KM200 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Kevin Scott

    Excellent sound - from a very tight design!! Well laid out, well thought out, excellent connectivity!! Crisp highs and very, very punchy low end with volume to spare. This is a winner! I recommend this for almost any keyboard monitoring application.

  • Stephen Bavaro
    from Westchester, NY March 14, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Church musician

    Awesome amp!

    I was always dead-set on using Roland amps, but I decided to give the KM200 a try and I'm VERY glad I did! As a monitor, this thing cuts right through the noise on stage, and for the first time in a while, I'm able to FEEL my sound! The built-in mixing options are a God-send; I have full control of my own mix (I use keys and a guitar with modeled effects), as well as what I send out to the house, thanks to separate line out control. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend it!

  • Dennis Blankenbaker
    from Yorktown, IN July 6, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Buy it!

    Biu it! Buy it! Buy it! It blows away the top end Roland and the Alesis amps. I know. I have owned both of the other two manufacturers best keyboard amp offerings. I am now purchasing the Hartke amp. Simply put, the best sounding keyboard amp that I have heard in 30 years of playing, gigging, roading, etc.

    I am totally impressed. I may buy two Hartke 200's, just to run them in stereo and put the guitar player and his Marhall stack in his proper place in the on-stage mix...not the loudest, anymore.

    Blown away by Hartke!

  • Marcelino Quiroz
    from San Francisco Bay Area, CA October 13, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Composer

    What a GREAT piece of gear!

    I absolutely love this amp! It has been a world of difference for my B3, rhodes and other piano sounds I frequently use while gigging (jazz, funk, blues, etc.). Besides the onboard EQ, 4 channels and 200 watts of power, i love the fact that the KM200 reclines 45 degrees for the perfect onstage monitor! I'm usually a Roland guy, but this amp outperforms the KC-550 by a long shot. If you are on the fence about which keyboard amp to buy for your mobile rig, I'll save you some time. BUY THIS AMP!!!

  • Neil Barbu
    from Garden City Mi. April 9, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician/ Electronics Technician

    A PA and Stereo Mixer??

    So OK I`ve had the same keyboard amp since the late 80`s and I figured I`d take the plunge with the Hartke KM200. It was like taking a wool banket off of my normal sound tight, punchy low end and an almost seamless midrange to high that I`ve never heard out of any keyboard amp I`ve listened to and I`ve heard most. This amp gan get louder than my guitarists Egnater amp! Watch youre levels going in as you can get some distortion in the preamps if the gain stage isn`t ste properly. After that, Jam On Dude with stereo out and separate EQ from what you hear to whats going to the board. Exellent versatility with in ears mains and amp monitor with level controls for each and FOUR CHANNELS STEREO It`s hard to beat

  • Mark Shewczyk
    from Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 27, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Great for V-drums

    I've been searching for an amp for my Roland V drums for roughly 8 years. Initially I was using a Fender bass amp, then the Simmons 100 watt drum amp, and then a Roland KC-550. While the bass amp gave me good low end punch, I was not getting the highs. The Simmons amp had good highs but despite it's subwoofer, it wasn't giving me the lows I wanted. The Roland KC-550 didn't give me the low end kick I was expecting from a 15" speaker - even adding the KCW-1 subwoofer to it didn't help, and ithe subwoofer was just another thing to haul. This Hartke amp seems to be the one I was looking for. Because Hartke uses the same aluminum cone speaker for their bass amps and this keyboard amp, I get great thumping lows. It tilts back, which is a bonus, and has an equalizer. My only complaints are the top handle is not very sturdy (the screws pulled out- so lift it by the side handles only) and it's a very heavy amp.

  • Mike Elledge
    from Southaven, Ms June 21, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Teacher, Studio Owner/ Engineer

    Very Versatile Amp For What I Needed!

    I bought this amp to use as (1) a bass amp (with a Line 6 Bass Pod), (2) as a acoustic guitar amp (with my Taylor 614 & my Line 6 JM4 Looper), and as a keyboard amp for my Roland A-90 (which finally died and was replaced by a Yamaha MOX8.I've played several outdoor gigs with it (all acoustic gtr & some electric gtr with some background tracks from my Ipod plugged into the RCA inputs & it worked great! The graphic EQ helps for quick fixes & it works great for both rehearsals & live performances! The amp has plenty of ins & outs, & the handles & wheels work good. It is a bit heavy & I wish they had put an extra AC outlet on it. I also wish it came with an amp cover!!! Other than that, I'm very pleased with it & it meets my particular needs!!!

  • Michael Gallagher
    from Lee's Summit, Missouri - USA October 22, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician - Recording Engineer and Instructor with Degree

    Cheap Jacks and Switches - Buyer Beware!

    When fully operating with no problems - the sound is much better than my Roland KC550 - much better full range fidelity. But I had problems right out of the box - the speaker 1/4' jack would not stay engaged especially when I placed the amp in the kickback monitor position. The on/off switch under the Master Volume had a short. The EQ Band is just so-so. This amp design needs an overhaul with much better components. But, I do like the speakers and the kickback design.

  • the professor
    from NYC area June 4, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Not bad , but limited

    I was looking for an amp that I could play left-hand bass thru. This amp can definitely do that . Like they had said, it blows the Roland amps away.
    What it will come down to, is how you hear the other sounds like the piano and strings. No matter I I adjusted the EQ, I couldn't get the sound I wanted to hear . It may be a function of the 15 inch versus a 12 inch speaker for piano. I think the era of keyboard amps is coming to a close. I eventually went with a PA speaker and got everything I wanted.

  • Aaron
    from Cookeville,Tn June 18, 2011

    not a roland.

    Have owned for 2 yrs and have already broken one of the cheap knobs and broke amp corner. I like some of the mixing options over my roland kc-500 but the tone quality is lacking. This amp is stronger in the low end and ok on the highs but the midrange is not smooth. Would be better suited for drum sounds but not the best for piano sounds


  • Kevin Scott

    I first picked the KM200 to review mostly because I was unfamiliar with Hartke's offering in the lineup of keyboard amplifiers. I was well aware of their well-deserved reputation for making excellent bass rigs, and so was somewhat curious to see how the KM200 would perform.
    I am happy to report that I was not disappointed in the least bit. Moreover there were a few very nice inclusions that I found to be very useful and well directed in the overall use of the KM200.
    First off - At this price point it's a LOT of amp!! Two hundred watts to be exact. This will allow for most club players, through most intermediate venue sizes, to have more than enough power to monitor themselves cleanly and easily. In addition they are stereo linkable so a person can run two of them from the same source.

    Next there is a 7-band EQ on the output stage which can allow for some very critical sound contouring when needed. Enough for even a demanding ear or difficult monitoring situation. Most of the others in this range usually offer only 2- or 3-band EQ.

    The kickback wedge action is a nice touch. The dual use angling ability is perfect for use on a table top, or pointing right at you from the floor as a "wedged" monitor.

    Next, and I think most importantly, is the sound. If anyone has ever been looking for a reasonably priced keyboard cabinet that can really deliver the lows - coming from a 15" aluminum cone driver. These come through as very well defined and punchy in almost any keyboard range - and from what I could see, at almost all volumes (I tried to see if it would take it all the way up to "Max" , but I had to stop in order to save my eardrums). The highs too - delivered from a titanium compression driver, were very crisp, tight, and articulate. This is a very punchy monitor!!

    Last we can talk about the connectivity - more than enough for most players and situations! Four discrete channels can be run in mono or stereo, with the expected, normal 1/4" inputs, and on the unexpected side, even an XLR on one channel and an RCA input on another for anything from vocals in a small cafe to bringing in a CD player or other outside source. This will allow the KM200 to double as a nice small PA in a small, intimate playing situation. With a seperate dedicated headphone out for cueing, and a separate set of outputs (both TRS and XLR) for direct-to-the-PA signal - Overall I rate it as powerful, very well laid out, and well connected. The KM200 scores very high - a definite buy in my book.

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