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Roland KC-880 - 320W 2x12" Keyboard Amp Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland KC-880 - 320W 2x12" Keyboard Amp?

Questions about the Roland KC-880 - 320W 2x12" Keyboard Amp?

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  • from Carmel, IN March 17, 2017Music Background:

    Roland KC 880

    It's an awesome amp for my RD-800, soon to be RD-2000.

    However, the power cord on my KC-880 needs to be extended. Obviously you wouldn't use a common electrical power supply to a lamp. It's very difficult for me to read what cable gauge is used on my KC-880.

    So I've resorted to calling Roland. I've never received service this poor from anyone. One lady said I've never had a question such as this. This is something to me that's very important to the quality of sound you'll experience from my KC-880. Everything else about any Roland product far exceeds anything on the market. And from what I've read about the new RD-2000 blows away anyother keyboard on the market

  • from Prescott, AZ September 29, 2016Music Background:


    Finally! I've had so many different rigs, I think this one is a keeper (as long as my back holds out). The only negative is the weight at 97lbs but it does have wheels and the weight is directly related to the build quality and quality of sound. I've been using so many different rigs - even the QSC K10 and others, but their application is different and there's no substitute for this stout build and heavy magnates in these speakers. I had a KC550 and loved it when it was played through softly. But overall, I couldn't control the bottom end with that 15" woofer. The KC-880 solves this. It's deceptively large but rather good looking for black and blue furry box. I think you'll love it since I suspect it will sound good with anything. I'm playing a Yamaha s90xs through it. Enjoy!

  • from Lisbon, ME August 16, 2016

    Awesome sound!

    I needed something powerful, yet providing true stereo reproduction of my many sampled DAW sounds. As a keyboardist, I've tried just about every kind and type of amp designed for keys over the years. I mean screaming keys! Gutsy organs. Cutting clavs. Wailing synths. This amp puts it all out there. Nice and clean from the controls to the in your face sound. Also, for the discerning modern synthesist, I'm impressed with all the little features, no nonsense tone controls...one knob multi-effects...direct sound inputs for my iphone/ipad...separate control headphone bus...AND...it's STEREO. So, that Rhodes vibrato sound from the original Fender Rhodes suitcase you've been trying to get? Well...I waited a long time to get this baby and I have to say that it is very well built, designed for serious music creators and players of all kinds...from harp to skins and every keyboard in between. I'm solidly sold on the sound this Roland keyboard amp line puts out!

  • from Oxnard, CA August 15, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player

    This amp help makes my Roland TD 25KV sounds like it's out of this world!what an awesome roland product!

    I played a few, different manufacturer keyboard amps in the market but this one, KC-880 stood out amongst others. It's really loud! I could hear highs middles and lows distinctively depending on set up of volume control. It's a superb match for my Roland TD25KV.

  • from Woodbridge, VA June 13, 2016Music Background:
    Keyboard for 4 years


    This speaker is truly the best I have ever had. Crisp clear sound and loud and powerful when I need it to be. I HGHLY recommend the purchase of this keyboard amplifier.

  • from Ohio April 29, 2016Music Background:
    Professional, paid musician for over 20 years.

    The mothership of all amps

    I've used Bose, Peavey, Marshall, Strawberry Blonde, Crate, Mackie, Behringer, Fishman, Fender and almost every other amp made. I thought most of them really sounded great. Then I plugged this beast in and I found out what you don't "hear" can hurt you. This amp makes a 100 dollar instrument sound like a million dollar instrument. Imagine what it did for my thousands of dollar gear. (Taylor, Martin, Deering, Stelling, Collings, Nord) Yes, it's very heavy but you get what you work for. In this case it well outperforms all amps in its price range and many well outside the price range. If you need an amp, buy a dolly and buy this amp. You'll not regret it.

    I expect I'll be buying a couple more once the band gets a listen to it at the gig tomorrow night.

  • from st.pauls January 1, 2016


    This is a,great amp and i received it faster than i was expecting

  • from Texas June 13, 2015Music Background:
    Playing music all my life. Lead, Bass, and Steel

    The Battle Ship Of Amps!

    I thought the KC-550 was the ultimate amp for me, playing pedal steel. Although it had no effects, it was the best amp I had ever heard using a delay and sonic stomp. And then I purchased the KC-880. This is the last amp I will ever buy, unless it breaks down, and then I'll get another one. I play lead, bass, and pedal steel. This amp will handle anything I plug into it. More power than I will ever need, and the sound from low's to highs could not be any better for me. I know it's a keyboard amp, and I don't play keyboard, but a pedal steel needs as much or more power and head room as any keyboard. This thing is a Pevey eater!

  • from February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Professional Musician

    Awesome Amp

    This is an AMAZING Amplifier! Excellent tone and response. The added effects are a plus. I use it for live shows and rehearsals.

    The sampled instruments from Native instruments and East West sound amazing through it! All ranges sound crisp and clear, especially with the piano and organ samples.

    I even named mine "Ray" in memory of Ray Manzarek!

  • from Missouri September 19, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Teacher, Musician and Composer

    Probably the Best Keyboard Amp Available, But It's Heavy

    I just purchased a new Roland KC-880 Keyboard Amp to power up my new Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano. With the help of Luke, my Sweetwater sales rep, I stepped into the upper level of quality with this amp purchase. I have been using the KC-500 for the last few years which was the precursor to the Roland KC-550, and I always felt that the 500 series amps with the single 15Ē speaker and tweeter were too bass heavy and lacked midrange thus making the keyboard sound heavy and occasionally not as clean on certain sounds.

    With 2 two 12Ē speakers and 2 tweeters, the KC-880 solves this problem in a big way. The sound is clean, full, and in my opinion just right on the mid and low frequency balance. Itís got plenty of low end guts and a real pristine and clean mid and upper midrange, and the highs are fantastic.

    Obviously the build quality is Roland through and through, tough, heavy duty, and built for the working musician who gigs and moves equipment a lot. This thing weights 97 lbs.! Most guys can pick up 97 lbs., however the amp is 29 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep and so it is hard to get ahold of, hard to get your arms around the thing. It almost takes two guys to pick it up on stage, but Roland has provided casters, and if you donít have stairs, one guy can move it with no problem.

    With very good built in basic effects including, reverb, tremolo, chorus and rotary effects which can be applied to each channel with the push of a button, and plenty of in/out options, this amp offers conveniences that most other amps simply donít have. However, you can only run one effect at a time on the amp but that can be controlled with a Boss foot pedal. If you chose to run two amps in stereo, you could run two different effects one on each amp, but there again, you are going to be packing two large amps instead of one.

    Personally, I love this thing, and I think the sound is fabulous with way more volume and power than I will ever need. Set the volume on four or five and it will fill a large room and compete with a loud drummer and bass player, no problem, and with five stereo channels you can run a large keyboard rig and still use a channel for a vocal monitor.

    Iíve read a couple of negative reviews on other web-sights of this thing, and I think that people must have different ears than mine, because to my trained ears, this is the top of the line in keyboard sound.

    Highly recommended, and I canít wait to get another one and run it in stereo. I guess Iíll have to do more weight lifting, because packing this big animal is worth the effort. If you want you axes to sound the best, start body building and get this thing!

  • from Wellston, OH 45692 November 22, 2011Music Background:
    church musician, concert musician, multi-instrumentalist (12)

    Roland KC-880 is one powerful amp!

    The KC-880 is a very powerful stereo keyboard amp. I fed the signal from a Roland Atelier AT-90S organ through it for a Veteran's Day concert at a large church with very high vaulted ceilings, lots of angles in the sanctuary, hundreds of people in attendance, and the amp was partially obscured behind the pulpit and an 8-foot altar. I ran the organ master volume on 6 and the KC-880 master volume on 4, and had more than enough volume to play thundering Sousa marches and the Armed Forces service songs.

    The KC-880 has nice XLR outputs to feed signal to the house PA, a nice feature although I didn't need it for this concert. The dual 12-inch woofers easily handle all the low end I fed it from the organ -- and I fed it a LOT of bass during the marches. 4 channel inputs, FX and tone controls make this amp very versatile for any type of room.

    Hi freq hiss began to appear above a master volume setting of 6, though you would not hear it with a signal coming through the amp, and I did not go above 4 for this performance. A hi freq rolloff filter, or a quieter amp, would help with this issue.

    All-in-all this amp was everything I expected from a Roland product, rugged construction, gutsy performance, versatility, good sound, and enormous volume. And heavy! 100 pounds of guts!

    Sweetwater sound did an outstanding job getting this amp to me in a VERY timely manner -- 2 days! My sales rep Scott facilitated sales order processing and shipment and communicated with me directly via email. It was conforting to know that someone at Sweetwater was going to make sure I got the product on time and was happy with what I got.

    I'll be back, Sweetwater! Thanks for outstanding service! You get a 5!

Questions about the Roland KC-880 - 320W 2x12" Keyboard Amp?

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