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Roland KC-350 - 120W 12" Keyboard Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland KC-350 - 120W 12" Keyboard Amp?

Questions about the Roland KC-350 - 120W 12" Keyboard Amp?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Kenny Bergle

    Man, I'd buy one of these if my original Roland KC-300 (predecessor of the KC-350) didn't still work so well! The new KC-350 is even more powerful and has a smoother repsone than the KC-300 AND it's less expensive. Now, that's progress!

  • Jeff Hollman

    Roland has long been making the clearest, loudest, and most useful keyboard amps in the industry. It's rare that I sell any other keyboard amp in the KC-350's price range.

  • from FL December 26, 2016Music Background:
    R&B sax, gospel

    Sax with tracks

    Buy it.
    Reliable, big/powerful/portable and most importantly clean.

    I use my KC-350 as a PA and a monitor. I utilize the RCA input to play tracks from my phone, connect my mic to channel 1 and you and done....

    Yea...no phantom power, yeah no effects SO WHAT...add a mixer

    Greatest amp for keyboards, PA monitor.

    Thank you Roland!

  • from Norwood , MA. April 2, 2016

    Roland KC350

    I have a typical size band room , I recently got the Roland KC350 & hooked it up to my synthesizer , the sound quality is awesome & I barely have the master volume touched. It truly has brought me to a new level.

  • from January 6, 2016

    Senior Pastor

    Such a power packed amp for its size with a lot of range and clarity.

  • from April 20, 2015

    Roland KC-350

    Only one word to describe this amp. Simply....."AMAZING"!

  • from Los Angeles April 9, 2015Music Background:

    over 10 years it's Excellent!!!

    I got mine over 10 years ago. Only minor problem I ever had was a knob slipping off many years ago and getting lost- I bought 3 or four replacements just in case but have only used the one I had originally replaced in all these years. It sounds clear and present and is for me of a level of sound and size enough for good music making- any room bigger or outdoor event of bigger size- then go through PA. I learned better than to let unproven sound people tell me not to use it! As long as I hear the KC350 (part of my instrument) I'm happy, let sound people worry about any more if the gig had one many don't and the KC350 is more likely to get a turn down rather than turn up request. I haven't had the luxury of hearing the bigger Roland units like 550 or new 880- no doubt they're even more amazing, but I'd like to stand up for the concept of the KC350 being on the more than adequate level which is true to sound and big enough that you're "moving some air"....without being so big as to be a back breaker. I also have to consider the size of vehicle, downsizing everything when possible or necessary. If anything I'd consider a second KC 350- for stereo! ..Been fantasizing on that for years!

  • from Ann Arbor, MI March 3, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    Super Sound companions

    I bought two KC-350's to be companions to my new Korg SV-1 keyboard. At first, I used the 1/4 phone jacks into channel 2 along with stereo link to chain the amps together with excellent stereo results.
    But after doing a little reading about improving the sound (for longer cable situations ) I got an even better sounding result using the channel 1, XLR inputs on each amp. I am so happy with these amps.

  • from Detroit Lakes MN November 11, 2014Music Background:
    FOH Engineer 35 yrs

    Super Functional!

    Get two of these and you can do an entire small venue / bar setup... super quality very versatile and good looking too. Big surprise on this unit.

  • from Simpsonville, S.C. September 23, 2014Music Background:
    40 year Piano, Keyboardist and Vocalist

    Perfect stage amp for Keyboards

    My Roland KC 350 gives my keyboards a rich,fat sound.I was very surprised with the power in such a small package. If you're looking for a lightweight ,powerhouse amp,then the KC 350 is a great buy.

  • from Clinton, Maryland August 28, 2013Music Background:

    Just what I need!!!

    Having used the KC550, the KC350 is perfect for me. The KC550 does not fit into the trunk of my car but the KC350 does and is powerful enough for my two keyboards (Roland XP-60 and Korg Krome). This amp is awesome!!!

  • from Florida May 3, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard player

    Awesome amp!!

    Sounds great at any volume..Plenty of power...It's not light but at 48lbs it can moved around for rehearsals without too much trouble, wouldn't be comfortable with anything heavier.

  • from Palm Bay, FL USA October 13, 2012Music Background:

    Roland KC-350

    This is a great little amp with loads of power. Use it anywhere. Plug your gear into it and use the headphone jack and not disturb anyone. Very quiet, can't even tell it's on till you hit a key. I use it a gig's every weekend. No problems just thrills!

  • from Fulton, NY USA July 6, 2011Music Background:
    Keyboard Hobbyist

    Great Value!

    If you are looking for an amp for home use and small venue gigs you cannot do better than the KC-350. The sound is great, nice bass response. The multiple channels allow you to add other instruments. A good quality product.

  • from Pittsburgh PA June 13, 2008Music Background:

    Fantastic amp

    For those of you who are looking for an amp to cover a wide range of instruments, this amp is the king for me. I have a modeling guitar effects pedal (w/ guitar), bass guitar, keyboards, electronic drum kit and an ipod. Each one is able to be connected (at the same time) with great sound. I was, at first, worried about not having two speakers for a stereo feeling. This amp with the ipod alone was able to produce a huge sound just on level 2 out of 10.

    Since I have multiple instruments, this amp is perfect. At the store I tested the bass quality with a really cheap bass and it was full of tone. A guitar through a model pedal is great too. This amp is basically a monitor/pa system.

    If you are considering buying it, spend the money. You will be happy. This is my guitar amp, my bass amp, my electronic drum monitor and when I have a party in or outdoors this is my PA system.

    Without a doubt, a great purchase.

  • from Springfield, Mo. January 26, 2007Music Background:
    Have played keyboards for 50+ years. Professionally for 35+.

    Very nice amp for keyboards.

    I purchased this amp from Jon Gauthier at Sweetwater. I am using the Roland VK-8M Organ Module with a Motion Sound Pro-3 Rotating horn along with two Edirol M-80 controllers for my Organ sound.(Also purchased from Jon G. at Sweetwater). I use the Roland KC-350 amp as the low rotor simulator. It sounds GREAT !!!!!!!Has a very nice Clear low end. SWEETWATER ROCKS !!!!!

  • from Santa Cruz, CA February 23, 2017

    Roland KC-350 Keyboard Amp

    This unit gives outstanding sound and convenience. I was using a Bose L2 system that gives great sound but I got tired of lugging all the parts with me and wanted a single unit for keyboard and a single microphone. The only things I wish it would have is a speaker pole hole at the bottom and a mini phone plug instead of RCA plugs for audio input. They need to move with the times. A bluetooth module would also have been minimal expense for Roland but I must say that I have a speaker with that and never use it.

    The volume is great for medium venues. The 3-part EQ is fine but it is best to roll it on a luggage roller as it is about 50 pounds.

    I am happy that I bought it.

  • from East Aurora, NY April 23, 2015Music Background:
    Piano and Rhodes enthusiast

    Really great sounding amp!

    Great sounding amp. Like having multiple L&R inputs in different channels and a mid-range equalizer in addition to treble and bass. Playing a Vintage Vibes electric piano through the amp and it sounds pretty amazing. Only negative comment: it's kind of heavy to have just one strap handle on top. The design would be improved by adding some side handles for more ergonomic handling. I tried the KC-150 and liked the smaller size and sound but really use the additional features cited above. Years ago I had the Roland KC-300 (discontinued) and that was a nice compromise between the KC-150 and KC-350. Can't say enough good things about Sweetwater -- they are all about accommodation and customer service. Great guys.

  • from San Francisco, CA October 3, 2012Music Background:

    Love this thing!

    Prior to buying the KC-350, I was using a generic amp, not one designed for keyboards. Once I plugged this in and started to play, it was like I owned a completely different keyboard. Unbelievable how much better everything sounded. The people I play with were as blown away as I was.

  • from Nashville, TN September 22, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician for over 40 years.

    Roland KC-350

    I have had two Roland keyboard amps. The first was a KC-150 which I still have and replaced it recently with the KC-350. I got the 350 when I purchase the Hammond SK1. The Roland has always been a solid workhorse for me. I like the multiple channels in stereo, and the 350 has twice the power of the 150 (120 watts). I have played many gigs with the Roland, and I expect the 350 to be a great amp.

  • from Boston, MA USA April 6, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician and sound engineer

    Great keyboard amp

    This is a fantastic sounding amp that packs a big enough punch to work in pretty much any sized room short of a gigantic concert hall. I only have two complaints:

    -It's often TOO bass heavy. Not a complaint you often get from this size of speaker cabinet! Running a Roland RD-300NX into it, I have to turn the bass EQ on both the keyboard and the amp all the way down, but then it sounds fine.

    -It's extremely heavy. The handle is only useful for getting it up off the ground and onto a cart, not for carrying it any distance at all.

  • from Washington, DC February 1, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Classical Musician

    One Amazing Speaker!

    finally got to try out my new Roland KC-350 this weekend at a concert, connected to my Yamaha CP-300. Tried the speaker system at the hall first to see if it would work. then switched to the KC-350, the difference was profound! The Roland had such a warm mellow timbre as opposed to the bright twangy sound of the speakers in the hall, and we're talking one roland KC-350 as opposed to four speakers in the hall. The singer I was with is a dramatic baritone, so he has a huge voice and was having trouble hearing the hall speakers, with the KC-350 no problems whatsoever.

  • from Massachusetts September 3, 2011Music Background:
    - songwriter - composer -

    KC-350 has excellent sound

    This amp has great highs and full lows. I was concerned at first by the size....I thought it would be smaller, but sound quality is very, very good. Now I'm glad I did not go with a smaller size. Keyboards sound true. Sweetwater delivered this product in record time with no shipping. Excellent sales service and there seems to be no question they cannot answer.

  • from April 11, 2017Music Background:
    weekend player and hobbyist

    workhorse amp

    I've owned a KC 350 for years. It gets regular use as my practice amp and most of the time it is my gig amp, too. Just plug in it in and play.

    No noise. Plenty of bass and decent overall sound. There aren't a lot of adjustments on board - 3 band EQ and volume for each channel and the master. That's it. It's a nice, clean, sound, which I have also used for acoustic guitar. No tubes, no overdrive or effects here.

    I usually use it for stage volume, and when the room is bigger, I can send a stereo signal to the board.

    Like other gear from Roland, it's durable, simple and easy to live with. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

  • from green valley arizona February 9, 2015Music Background:
    hobbyist , who play at retirements homes

    rolland kc-350 amp

    It has work out better then I expected, it has all the volume I need for home or gigs. The souund is very clear. I'am glad that my sweet water rep suggest a little larger amp

  • from Central Florida August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    KC-350's a killer

    It's everything it says it is - clean sound and plenty of it. Easy to use controls, very pleased

  • from Vancouver, WA. USA November 10, 2006Music Background:
    Guitar playing pastor of Music

    Sounds great with guitar modelers as well!

    I run my Vox Tonelab SE thru the KC 350. I'm very happy with the sound.. the KC 350 allow the amp/cabinet styles to sound as close as possible. I play my Yamaha Motif ES8, thru it as well, and grand piano, B3 patches sound clear. Its more than loud, I use it as a fold-back monitor, and line-out thru our house PA. As a wotship leader, I need to cover a wide variety of muscial styles... the KC 350 is a great rig!

  • from Seattle, WA March 19, 2017Music Background:
    50 years performing and recording

    Good for low volume / monitoring

    I have been using a pair of these in a stereo configuration for about 5 years, primarily for piano and organ. They are going to be replaced as soon as I can afford it.

    At low volume, they're not bad at all, just a tad bassy, and that can be mitigated via EQ. I set the bass control at 10:00, mid at 12:00 and highs at 1:00. If you're using this exclusively in small rooms or as a stage monitor, it'll do fine. I love the 4-channel stereo mixer and stereo link feature, and that it has L/R line outs for a feed to the mains. Plus a headphone out. In terms of features, it's nearly perfect for a keyboardist.

    However, a year ago I began using them in a moderately-loud classic rock band, and they truly SUCK for that! They begin to distort at even moderate volume, and in a most unpleasant way because it's the tweeters that fail first. The result is that my usually nice-sounding pianos (Korg Kronos 2) lose HF sustain, turning sustained chords into plinks and upper-octave solos into sonic nails to the ear. Even organs, which normally benefit from distortion, just sound shrill because the distortion is not linear across the spectrum - highs are much more distorted than mids.

    Other complaints: they're fairly heavy (48 lb) and have no casters, are awkward to lift and carry, and the power cable is too short and not detachable.

    There are alternatives (such as QSC K10s and K12s) that weigh less, are more compact and sound better at all volumes. I would urge anyone considering the KC-350 to look at those or the very similar Yamaha DXR10 and DXR12.

  • from Washington, DC December 12, 2008Music Background:


    I bought the 350 in 2006 for my FP-3 piano and it has been ok but the sound is not great. I am now going to upgrade to the 550. Be very careful with these units, they are extremely sensitive to moisture and by this I mean hunidity.

  • March 29, 2006

    Roland KC-350 Keyboard Amp review

    I disagree with the first reviewer, only comment as to the KC-550 from trying it out in the store, was that it was way too loud to try and see where its limits were. I felt bad for all other customers for trying it out at the leve i did go to which was like 3/4 on the volume knob. that is dangerously loud. for a keyboard player near their monitor. I got the KC-350 and took it to a gig the very next day. I play with in a very loud rock band, both the guitarist and the bass player go through 4 speaker cabnits with tons of wattage. my single 12" set at my side was more than plenty to let me hear myself, as well as triggering looks from the guitarist when my licks were tasty to his ears. has a out to go to the mains so what more could i ask for. my keyboards sounded true, and clear, no distortion or atrifacts, no radio station buzz. its small enough and light enuf to carry and fits perfectly ontop of a 19" keyboard gig rig rack.

  • from Martha's Vineyard, MA July 1, 2005

    Roland KC 350 vs KC 550 Dissappointed for sure.

    I had bought the big brother of the Roland KC 350 first, the KC 550,much heavier and louder, but I loved it. I bought the 350 to play in stereo and use for smaller club gigs as it IS lighter (but surprisingly has NO wheels!). The inputs are similar as are the controls, but that is where the similarity ends. The sound is thinnish and totally significantly different than the 550's clear balanced tone. The 350 kills piano sounds and distorts quite easily even at regular gig volumes. Forget doing battle with a guitarist's twin reverb! The tonal difference between the KC 550 and the 350 is so different that stereo setups are too weird to do.Stay with the Roland KC 550, unless you want to play really quietly and have some weird EQing to get the right timbre!

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