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Peavey KB 4 - 75W 15" Keyboard Amp Reviews

3.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey KB 4 - 75W 15" Keyboard Amp?

Questions about the Peavey KB 4 - 75W 15" Keyboard Amp?

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  • Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.
    from Westminster, MD USA April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Great sound, great features, great amp!

    I bought my KB 4 as an upgrade to my aging KB 3, which I bought when this series was first introduced. I was pretty happy with the KB 3, but it was beginning to show its age, and becoming a little flaky after 8 years of use. In my new amp, I wanted one with the same feature set as the KB 3, but with a bit more oomph.

    The KB 4 sounds great. The highs are nice and smooth, and the bottom end is nice and full. Overall, the tone is very well balanced. All the controls feel smooth, and the connectors are nice and tight. Typical of Peavey amps, it's built like a tank. Well placed, heavy-duty hardware makes moving the amp relatively easy, despite the weight.

    I have only one "complaint" with the KB 4, which is the master effects loop. It's a stereo effects loop, with no mono switching. All of the channel inputs allow connecting mono inputs on the left channel, and like most mixers, the input is then sent to both left and right buses. The master effects loop is also stereo, but if you run a mono effects rig (like a standard pedal board), plugging into the left channel does not split out to both channels. So, when the signal is then summed to feed the power amp, the clean signal is summed with the effected one, almost negating the effects. The work-around, of course, is a "Y" cable on the effects loop return, but that's an extra cable to cause problems on a gig, and I wish that Peavey had some sort of mono-switching on the master effects loop.

  • JackL
    from chicago, il February 17, 2011Music Background:
    extreme amateur

    Man is this amp big!

    I purchased a guitar synth recently from Sweetwater that sounded poor through our Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp. Roland recommended a keyboard amp or PA...

    ...So, I bit the bullet and purchased the KB4 from Sweetwater using their 10% gift card discount.

    First impression...Man is this box huge. It dwarfs the Loudbox. Weighs a ton (80 pounds +/-). Thank heavens it has rear casters and a pull-up handle. Kinda wish it had casters at all corners. It is a beast to move around. Good thing I am a big guy!

    Regarding Sound Quality...

    The before-mentioned synth sounds great through the KB4, even given that the KB4 is not a "stereo" amp.

    My modelers (amp and effects) also sound great through the KB4.

    And my steel and nylon guitars sound great through it. Ironically, the only instrument I have not tried (yet) is a keyboard!

    The KB4 has a bold, somewhat bass-leaning, crisp and tight sound. No muddiness at all. Just an in your face, clear, hum-free, buzz-free sound. I am very impressed.

    I like the mixer. I could use one more set of stereo line inputs (like the KB5). But it handles three sets of stereo inputs which is probably enough for most folks.

    I chose the KB4 over the Roland models because the KB4 offers send/receive connections. The KB4 and Rolands do not have effects, reverb, nothing. So, I wanted the send/return for outboard effects. Also, the KB4 offers XLR balanced L/R output connections for a PA, mixer, etc. The similar Roland model does not.

    There are a couple of cons:
    1. I could use one more set of stereo inputs.
    2. No ability to chain another keyboard amp for a left/right stereo setup.
    3. Master volume pot is stiff.

    I highly recommend this amp for its clear, faithful, in your face sound, its quality reproduction of the synth and amp modeler outputs, its mixer-connectivity options, and the low price. And it is an impressive (and massive) acoustic guitar amp.

  • james hayes
    from hillsboro il usa August 21, 2012Music Background:


    i have two that i use as a pa in my church ordered another for my piano works great!

  • Stuart
    from Ohio March 25, 2016

    Not a fan

    I purchased this amp while ago...it lacks the power to be used in most venues (IMO). For the price I'd spend Mose and get the Roland KC-550 it's just a better amp and has a lot more powerful. At almost 80 lbs. I am shocked that they don't have ore umph. This is alright in a living room or small venue or used in combination with another amp but by itself it is lacking. By the way I just purchased 2 QSC K12's and ove them. Thanks for all your advice Bart Good...

  • Robert Brainard
    from California, USA April 9, 2014Music Background:
    non touring pro

    Expected More

    Let me start with this. I'm a guitar player...of 30+ years. I can play. I've only been playing piano/keys for a few years or so. I bought a new KB4 at a great price - much less than retail. I bought it to replace my old beat up Roland KC300. I have a Nord E4d and use mostly B3 and vintage keys settings.
    The Peavey sounded great in the shop with an iPhone plugged into it. It sounds reasonably good as a single mic PA. With keys it just (IMO) sounds like hell. The 15 seems to have a less "even" bandwidth than the 12" speaker and clips quite easily and decidedly non-musically. Perhaps I got a lemon?
    I don't know what a "professional" keyboard amp would be, but this ain't it. I don't even like it in my spare bedroom let alone in a band setting. NOT loud enough without bad solid state clipping that had me checking every item not bolted down in the room for what was causing the horrible buzz...
    And now I know why solid state bass amps are rated at 500 - 800 watts. 75 solid state watts is measly. My 10w Reeves tube amp thru a 2x12 open backed cab BURIES even the loudest B3 settings on the Nord. I can't believe that anyone would expect you to gig with it even as a quartet.
    As a guitarist, I realize that you get what you pay for. As far as Peavey is concerned this looks like their flagship keyboard amp. YUCK. Do I really need to spend two thousand dollars for a decent keyboard amp? Guitarists have for decades now.
    I don't usually like to write - or even read - reviews that just flat out bash a product. I recently went all out and bought myself a Nord. My old beat up amp with the bad horn was just not cutting it anymore. I figured, this being a seemingly decent product from a great company ( I absolutely cherish my Peavey Valverb spring rev/tremolo unit form the 90's) the KB4 would more than suit my non-gigging needs. I am taking the time to write this so perhaps somebody in my situation can save themselves some cash.
    Still looking for a solution...

Questions about the Peavey KB 4 - 75W 15" Keyboard Amp?

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