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AKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the AKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones?

Questions about the AKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones?

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  • from Houston July 6, 2016

    Sweetwater replacement is a must!

    I owned a pair of the akg tiesto headphones for the same price and after about a year and a half the plastic adjustable headpiece broke on both sides and Sweetwater offered these as a replacement when akg couldn't repair them. It was all part of the warranty......I wouldn't buy headphones anywhere else! These are great quality for mixing down and are great for mixing live dj sets. You definitely get what you pay for!

  • from Stevenson Ranch, CA May 14, 2016Music Background:
    Studio engineer, professional recording artist, musician.

    The Cushoins

    Just had to jump back in here for a quick minute. Gentleman below mentioned the cost of replacing the cushions as being expensive. I replaced a pair on my old set of K702's a month ago (keeping as a spare if needed down the road) for the whopping price of 20 bucks for the pair ! BRAND NEW ! You just have to shop around a bit to find it!

  • from Stevenson Ranch, CA May 13, 2016

    Pristine Headphones

    I'm on my second pair of these headphones. First pair still works really well but there is a slight distortion out from the left phone when volume is loud. I do loud quite a bit so that was a problem. They worked flawlessly though for 2 years. I'm actually surprised they lasted that long and like I said, they are still very usable. I will buy again in two years if the current pair becomes defective in any way. I used to use the K240's. Used them for years. Blew out pair after pair but I didn't mind because the sound quality was great. The overall sound quality of the K702's blow them away though bigtime. Once you've tried these open end technology phones, you will "NEVER" look back to anything else. I've always been a headphone man for my work in the studio. I record, mix, and master professionally using these headphones along with my 350 watt pyle studio monitors in my modest but very powerful home studio. I've signed contracts with producers, publishers, etc for many, many tunes some of which are aired worldwide, movie trailers, etc... All that just to say, your money is well invested in a pair of the K702 headphones.

  • from Hobe Sound, FL March 16, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Mix Engineer


    AKG K702's through a Dangerous Source, My goodness!!!

    I mostly mix EDM and I've heard some nay-saying about the low end response, but not here! Nothing but crystal clear purity! Killer cans. Don't think, just jump out and get 'em! BTW, the replaceable cord doesn't suck either.

  • from December 19, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Go get it.

    This headphone is light and confortable, easy on the ears, and the soun is so clean you'll be surprised. My main headphone now, tracking, mixing, mastering, it just reveals things others hide. Excelent job by AKG.

  • from Arizona January 31, 2013Music Background:
    Sing and play for fun, songwriter

    Great, Balanced Sound With Comfort

    These are fantastic headphones! Incredibly comfortable, balanced, and high quality. It comes with two jack sizes, nice if you want to plug into a zoom H2.

    I am using them for acoustic guitar and vocals, and the realistic sound is just amazing. You won't be disappointed!

  • from My studio September 6, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyest, noise maker, live performances,

    Best headphones I've owned so far

    After doing my research I wanted to get my hands on these and I've not regretted it. Using them for both music production and listening, I find these to be a great pair of headphones. They eat up a lot of power so you may need to find a quiet room or use something to mildly boost your headphones if you're going to be someplace kinda noisy, they don't isolate but that's one of the reasons I wanted them so I can hear alarms and my phone ringing. Comfortable to wear, sound great and recently have I finished breaking them in (almost 3 weeks of constant play through them). Worth the buy, worth my time. I highly recommend them. I like them.

  • from Maryland March 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    A couple steps up

    I never thought heaphones can sound this nice. They reveal more than expected listening to older mixes. Comfortable to wear. I am very pleased I bought these.

  • from Stratford, CT October 8, 2014Music Background:
    Ex-drummer, guitarist, audiofile

    Top of the line?

    The chain. Old laptop, hosa tech stereo interconnect 3.5mm trs to 1/4 trs, Samson S-am to AKG K702 headphones. They sound good. As good as my old Audio Tech ATH-M50? The cups fit over your ears, but aren't as cushy as the Audio Tech. They are open back, my first type of pair, so I guess you can't expect really deep full sound as a closed back. But, that's what I was looking for, something to take the stress of wearing closed backs for a long time. They don't have the solid build quality of the Audio Techs. But, their good. Have to see over time how well they hold up. Very, very pricey if you ask me. I bought because highly recommended online.

  • from California July 3, 2015Music Background:

    No fatigue headphone monitoring

    I own a studio and wanted to be able to do track editing at home and these headphones performed perfectly. I was able to hear all the things I needed in order to comp vocal tracks, drums, everything and even keep track of some eq and compression changes that I wanted going back to the studio, which was a bonus. Another unexpected benefit was the fact that, after long sessions, my ears were not as fatigued as using other phones. That was cool, so cool in fact that I'm trumpeting this benefit as a huge one. No fatigue monitoring. I'm impressed and am happy I own these. Also these headphones are great for referencing recordings for mix ideas and sifting through complex mixes and copping mix "licks".. Lol. If you are looking to be impressed by the headphone sound, look elsewhere. What you are given is what you get. Meaning if the mix and mastering is not up to snuff you will hear it! These headphones so far, tell me the sonic truth. Which as a producer, is all I want.

  • from Louisville, Ky June 1, 2013Music Background:

    Great till the cushions lose there form

    I've owned these for several years, They start out as good as others state, however after the cushions lose there form they get harsh. Manly because the base gets lost. A new set of cushions will cost you about a Hundred dollars to replace, they sell for about 40 dollars each.

Questions about the AKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones?

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