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Taylor K66ce - Shaded Edgeburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Spencer, NY March 20, 2017Music Background:
    Amateur music enthusiast

    Amazing Instrument

    I was nervous about buying an expensive acoustic guitar, let alone a koa guitar, without playing and hearing it first, but my Sweetwater rep (John Short) assured me I could return it with no hassle if I wasn't satisfied. I expected the guitar to be beautiful and it didn't disappoint - it is no exaggeration to classify it as a work of art. I expected the guitar to play easily, and again, it didn't disappoint - it plays as easily as a properly set-up 6 string. (Not an easy task on a 12 string). But as to the sound - it turned out I had no reason to be nervous about the sound - it is absolutely amazing! Out of the box the E and B trebles sounded a bit thin, but once I tuned them so that they beat very slightly, the treble sound exploded. The intonation is spot on all up and down the neck and the sound is huge, bright, full, with deep basses and clear, ringing trebles. I have almost 15 guitars in my collection, including Gibsons, Fenders, Martins, Gretschs, and other Taylors, and my wife always renders an opinion as to the sound of the guitar. When I first played the K66ce for my wife she got tears in her eyes. I was afraid that she hated it and was angry at me for spending so much money. But, in fact, she said the tears were because the sound of the guitar was the most beautiful sound that she ever heard from a guitar. She has heard all of my guitars many times (since I play almost every night), and I've never seen that reaction before, so I'm sure the sound is amazing. This is my first koa guitar, and the koa should continue to open up over time, so I expect the sound to get even more impressive. The string pairing, octave-treble-first, bass-second, took me a little time to get used to, but I don't have any problems with it. (My Ric and other 12 strings I have owned, are bass-first, then treble-octave). I loved the sound so much that I didn't even plug it in to an amp for the first two weeks, but when I did plug it in the sound was still fabulous. This is a very expensive instrument (by my standards), but assuming the instrument will hold up over time, I consider it to be an investment that I can enjoy by playing regularly, and I think it is money well spent. It really is an amazing instrument.

  • from Houston, TX July 5, 2016

    Stunning sound + unbelievable looks

    This was my first purchase from Sweetwater and Josh (sales engineer) was great………very responsive, professional and made taking my money fun for me somehow!?! I will buy from here in the future so Sweetwater gets high marks for initial customer satisfaction. The guitar arrived July 2nd with my full family there (4th of July celebration) to witness it’s unveiling. Perfect timing and it lessoned the punch from my wife who didn’t know I bought it.

    I typically wait to do a review until 3 months to a year after a purchase to ensure there are no defects and the instrument has time to acclimate to my home environment, as well as ‘open up’ after significant play time. However, this guitar requires a review now and possibly one later since it was absolutely unbelievable right out of the box! My comments follow much of the same as the others on this site, which were helpful by the way.

    My pride and joy is a D-41. After much review and talking directly with Taylor I decided the K66ce would complement my Martin which is Spruce / Rosewood / etc. The Koa sounded much better than anticipated. Some reviews on the web state Koa’s may not have a strong low end but that is not the case in my experience. The K66ce is well rounded and has a full bodied sound across the board. Adding the Koa sound quality was the right decision for me and I believe you couldn’t go wrong doing the same. I haven’t mentioned aesthetics because there isn’t too much more to say. Pictures look great online but the guitar is stunning in person................unbelievable! Taylor hit a home run.

  • from Pacifica April 6, 2016


    I received my K66ce a couple hours ago. As soon as I opened the case it was a "My God" moment. Love at first sight. Pictures really do not do these instruments justice. The wood grain on the top looks almost holographic, it is that deep. The fretboard vine inlay just pulls it all together. I've owned a LOT of guitars and this one is easily the most visually stunning of them all. But none of that would mean anything if the guitar was a challenge to play or sounded like crap. Yeah, you guessed it, it is a breeze to play, and sounds like...I'm sure how it would sound for you would greatly depend on your particular attack and style, but this thing just SINGS for me, and I can even get a phase/flange like sound out of it when I pull the strings just so. It. Is. Awesome. And, I gotta do a shout out to Nathan Malone for letting me know as soon as this arrived at Sweetwater, seriously man, I *do* appreciate it!

  • from Pennsylvania September 2, 2015Music Background:
    Long-time guitar player


    I have always been a Martin Dreadnought guy when it comes to acoustics, & still am for the most part.
    However, with this Taylor K66ce, I'm traveling through ANOTHER dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of guitars. This stop, the TAYLOR ZONE!
    The Taylor is different from Martin---not necessarily better or worse, but simply DIFFERENT in its own unique & great way! Soundwise, this Taylor 12-string rings out like beautiful chimes,with super sustain, while still providing plenty of warm bass! The ES2 electronic sound is terrific, but I hardly even use it because the acoustic sound alone really projects out there. The action is fantastic, making it so easy to play, even on the upper frets! As for sight, the Koa wood on this guitar is not to be believed! It is absolutely exquisite---even nicer than in the photos! This guitar is very hard to put down once you start playing it! Surely, I could go on-and-on about this guitar. However, let me switch subjects, & talk about my wonderful, long-time Sweetwater Sales Engineer, MIKE SOPER! Throughout our many discussions during all my various purchases of guitars, strings, equipment, etc., Mike has always taken all the time I needed---along with a great deal of patience---to share his great depth of expertise with me,
    especially when I had questions! NOBODY I ever knew knows more about the guitar world than Mike! For example, when I asked him what the difference is between Martin Dreadnoughts & Taylor Grand Symphonies, he described the comparisons & contrasts with such precise nuances, that it was amazing how spot-on accurate he was once I got this guitar & started playing it! I could give dozens more of similar examples. Mike Soper should also be YOUR "go-to guy" when buying from Sweetwater! Also, this whole company, & all of its "customer satisfaction comes first" policies & practices, make it the ONLY place you'll ever want to buy a guitar from! THANKS AS ALWAYS, Mike & Sweetwater!

  • from Illinois December 1, 2016Music Background:
    Lead worshiper

    Stunning to look at

    I have owned my K66 for a year now and I believe the sound has as they say , bloosmed -----a bit . It is a beautiful guitar to look at . One issue with the guitar that I read about before I bought it was the high end produced by the Koa tone wood. That no longer is an issue as I have found the string that belongs on that guitar . The brand Thomastik-Infeld was new to me but upon a recommendation by a Taylor 12 string owner I gave them a try . The set is the AC 211 and they are expensive ! A totally different string than anything I have ever used . This sounds like an ad more for the strings than for the guitar but I will tell you, you won't go back to what came on the guitar . I now can say I love the sound of this guitar ! Any 12 string this size is a lot of guitar to play but with the string change ,well worth the investment . As always Sweetwater is the only place to shop !

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