Taylor K4 Guitar Preamp/EQ No Longer Available

Neve Designed Parametric Equalizer Voiced Specifically for the Acoustic Guitar.
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Taylor K4 Guitar Preamp/EQ image 1

Sorry, the Taylor K4 Guitar Preamp/EQ is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Taylor K4 Guitar Preamp/EQ
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Outboard Gear For Your Guitar!

If you're a Taylor acoustic-electric performer, you're about to discover a whole new world of creativity and control. Conceived by Bob Taylor and Mr. Rupert Neve, the K4 Equalizer is Taylor's first piece of outboard electronic gear designed for the next step in your guitar's balanced signal chain, raising the bar for live performance and recording.

The K4 features a parametric EQ voiced specifically for the acoustic guitar, along with a Q control for pinpoint tone shaping. The K4 also features a custom circuit design by Mr. Rupert Neve, transformer coupled input and output, and pure analog tone shaping. Plus, it's an active DI with effects loop and tuner out.

Building on the fully balanced output of the Taylor Expression System, Taylor created the K4's EQ for the specific frequencies of the acoustic guitar. Taylor designed its voicing for the Dynamic Sensors that are an essential, and exclusive, part of the ES. Now, you can shape your guitar's tone by zeroing in on the notes or frequencies of your choice and then cutting or boosting them to taste.

The K4 Equalizer has low impedance, transformer-coupled balanced inputs and outputs, which connect directly to the balanced output of an ES-equipped guitar. Features include: bass and treble controls, sweepable two-band Parametric midrange control with adjustable "Q", an effects loop with choice of "Pre" or "Post" EQ, phase invert, headphone jack with independent level control, mute feature and a dedicated tuner output. Each Taylor Guitars K4 Equalizer is housed in a compact case, with a wood-trimmed top.

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Nathan Roemer

I love the full sound and balanced tone of Taylor acoustic guitars, and I'm continually impressed by the detailed, natural sound of the Rupert Neve designed Taylor Expression System pickup that comes installed in their acoustic electric models. With the ES' sonic leap and bound behind me, I was sceptical of the ability of a little box touting itself as a relatively simple "EQ" to have a dramatic effect on my Taylor's plugged-in sound. However, once the Rupert Neve designed Taylor K4 entered into my signal chain, my scepticism was no more. I plugged my ES-equipped Taylor into the K4 and recorded the resulting signal into my Roland VS-2480 for testing purposes. Listening to my signal through my Mackie HR824's, I had the EQ dialed into a great Taylor acoustic tone within seconds. After recording about 30 seconds of playing, I then removed the K4 from the signal chain and recorded another 30 seconds of playing. The A/B that followed was surprising. The K4 not only made a difference in the sonic qualities of the recording, but it made a significant one. I was impressed. The highs were crisper without being harsh, the midrange was natural and clear, and the low end was rich and pure from any "boominess." The track without the K4 still sounded good, but the K4 added a whole new dimension to the sound of the guitar. Just for kicks, I followed up my test with another A/B with a non-ES equipped acoustic guitar and found the results to be very similar. The direct signal was pretty good, but the K4 added clarity to the entire frequency range of the guitar. If you're looking for a great way to "clean up" and enrich the sound of your acoustic guitar in either live or recording scenarios, then definitely give the Taylor K4 some serious consideration.
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