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Keeley 2-knob Compressor Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Carmel, IN April 5, 2014Music Background:
    Rank Amateur

    Essential for a Tele

    I was looking for a compressor for my new Deluxe Tele - this had good reviews and I didn't want a lot of dials and tweaking. Plugged this thing in and it sounds gorgeous with a clean Fender sound. It's subtle, clean and crisp and makes a so-so tone become wow...

  • from west palm beach, FL April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Song writer, Engineer

    The Best

    Wow, what a super compressor, I have really enjoyed working with this pedal. When I first got the pedal I hooked it up in standard order, wah, tuner and compressor. It sounded great as I would have expected it too, however I used the suggested order from the keeley insert and wow I was even more surprised by the result than I thought I would be. Its really no surprise that a compressor dampens the dynamics of an O/D which isn't necessarily a bad thing. For my application, the O/D before my compressor hit it on the head. I get the dynamic tones from my O/D and the lush sustain of the compressor and they seem to gel like old friends. I am really pleased with the way this pedal effects my signal, its super quiet and has a very smooth affect on the tonal changes, It does exactly what it claims to do and does it with exceptional quality. I want to thank my man John Ptak for awesome service as well, the staff at sweetwater are the tops.

  • from October 3, 2012

    Worth it

    I've owned this pedal for about 3 years now, and I will definitely add my two cents to the acclaim this pedal has earned over the years. These days, you certainly have your choice of compressors, but for most players, I think it would be tough to find fault with this one. The Keeley does everything a compressor should do, with no excess frills or controls, and just does them extremely well. You get sustain and punch, as you will with just about any compressor, but with the Keeley you get an incredible level of refinement. It is, first of all, as transparent as compressors get. You will still hear the sound of your guitar, which is something not all compressors do very well and almost none do as well as this pedal. It's also as low-noise as compressors get. Added noise is simply a byproduct of compression, but even with single coils, you'll hear less of it with the Keeley. Overall, it's just incredibly musical and easy to use, and adds entirely new, inspiring characteristics to each guitar I plug into it. If you're a player looking for an incredibly specific or tweakable kind of compression, this might not be the pedal you're searching for. This is a straight-up, no-nonesense compressor that is extremely well built and does its job better than almost anything else out there.

  • from South Bend, IN May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader, freelance musician.

    Top Notch

    I've been using the Keeley Compressor for the last 6 years in my rig. It will always be there. THE most musical compression on the market. A must have.

  • from Oregon April 18, 2012

    This is the compressor you've been waiting for!

    Quit wasting your time and money with other compressors and get the Keeley. It's the best for everything from smooth tones to country and funk spank! The only compressor that beats this one is the Keeley 4-knob version, but those settings are accessible via trim pots inside this pedal too, they just aren't as convenient to get to.

  • from Boston January 28, 2013Music Background:
    Former pro

    Keeley Compressor

    This compressor lives up to the hype! Does everything it says and more. If you're looking to add a little, or a lot of punch to your tone this will do it. Don't be afraid to put it in different places in your chain...you might be surprised. Wish I didn't have to open the unit up to make additional changes (reason for four star rating)..but outside of that it's a keeper!

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