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AKG K271 MKII Closed-back Studio and Live Headphones with Mute Reviews

3.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the AKG K271 MKII Closed-back Studio and Live Headphones with Mute?

Questions about the AKG K271 MKII Closed-back Studio and Live Headphones with Mute?

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  • gtrsuite
    from Massachusetts July 6, 2016

    AKG Rocks

    I have owned these for many years and its almost hard to listen with any other headphones than these in the studio. I'm a big fan of AKG including the headphones, mics, etc. They always seem to just sound right to me.

  • William H.
    from Cleveland, OH, United States July 7, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Engineer/Musician/Voice-Over Artist

    AKG K271 MKII Studio & Live Headphones w/ Mute - Closed

    Really sound great and very comfortable. I can wear them or hours with no fatigue or soreness. Great dynamic range and no noise. I love them!

  • Bodie Boeggeman
    from Redding, CA USA October 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician Retired - Currently A Hobbyist.

    AKG K 271 MK II Headphones

    I love these phones. Not only the sound, but the comfort is fantastic. I can "live" in the phones for much longer periods of time.

  • Phil
    from Payson, Arizona May 13, 2012Music Background:
    Recording artist, former church sound man

    Great sound and very comfortable

    I used these phones in the recording studio for tracking my vocals with premixed tracks. I have a pair of 240 Mk II's in my own home studio for mixing, and these are very similar, but the 240's are semi-open and these are closed back, which is important for tracking vocals in front of a sensitive studio microphone. The sound is very clean and open, and they are very comfortable to wear for long studio sessions. Having only used them for one project, I'm no expert, but they seem like an excellent value.

  • Theo Verelst
    from AMsterdam October 6, 2010Music Background:
    musician, built synthesizers and elca

    Very well sounding,accurate

    Sound almost exactly the same as my main (5 way, 3 way multi amped, 15 inch sub) monitoring sytem, on a Lexicon MX400 used as convertor (from sweetwater...), minus the room reverb, which is absolutely geat for reference. Also, the bass variations, the sampling reconstruction issues and the stereo imaging issues sound alike, apart from the obvious binoral matters, s I'm ver glad my monitoring agrees almost rucksichtloss with itself: changes my major monitor system (with high grade electronics components and no bass-reflex) reveal a *very* similar overall soundscape sthese tyes of hedphones by chance are extremely slim, so I feel very good to be able to cleanly hear what's there in a mix, instead of some interpretation.

  • Bruce Bartlett
    from Elkhart, IN USA April 8, 2010Music Background:
    recording engineer, live sound engineer, pro musician

    Best headphones I"ve heard in 30 years

    I received the AKG K 271 MK II headphones today. They are fantastic - best 'phones I've ever heard. They sound very detailed, natural, and well balanced from top to bottom. And they reveal any colorations in the source material quite well. The K 271 MK II headphones seem to combine the best traits of the AKG K 240 and Sony MDR 7506. The K 271 MK II has the smooth, non-harsh mids and highs of the K240, plus the deep, tight bass of the MDR 7506 -- but none of the exaggerated boom and sizzle of the 7506. I'm a happy customer!

  • Daniel
    from New York, NY May 10, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer

    Great for mixing

    I purchased these headphones for mixing purposes and they give me exactly what I wanted. They're not that good just to walk around with an iPOD.

  • James Tavegia
    from Villa Rica, GA June 22, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist, composer of sorts. Piano player

    Great sealed cans

    I bought these after reading every review I could and came close to buying the Focals for $350, but $200 has pretty much been my limit for cans. I am not disappointed as these are clearly better than my 2 pair of Sony 7506's.

    I have owned a pair of AKG K701s for over a year and glad I added a pair of these 271 mk 2's. Very similar in sound to the K 701s, but not quite as clear, but this is very hard to discern unless you are an audiophile like I am. This is only very slightly so. A great pair of sealed cans and I like the accessories of the 2 pair of detachable cords, one coiled, and the 2nd pair of velour earpads. A very classy touch.

    I have mated the 271's to my PreSonus HP4 4 output headphone amp, which is slightly more detailed than my ART Headphone 4 I am using on my AKG K701 cans.

    Highly recommended and not just for the price.

  • Ali Molaee
    from IRAN July 18, 2008Music Background:
    sound engineer-vocalist-composer

    good not for monitoring!

    details in high and mids are excellent but no suitable for judgment in bas frequency!(it is a close one) its bas response is very different from what i can hear from my genelecs(8040) and i think this problem is normal from close headphones.

  • John
    from NYC November 28, 2015Music Background:
    professional engineer

    Flat Is Not Where These Are At

    Closed back cans with a response curve that has a goodly upper mid bump.

    Folks cutting vocals and guitars might find these particularly fun to work with.

    Try them out and see if they are your (ear) cup of tea.

    You can never have too many sets of cans in the studio.

    Extra players show up, a musician gives a set the inevitable "one drop too many".

  • Adam Turner
    from Lemoyne, PA November 26, 2014Music Background:

    Comfy but Cans

    2.5 because the closed back leaks a lot of sound into the microphone coupled with the fact they sound like they have an impediment. My $50 tracking sets have better detail. I don't like mixing with these at all.

    I'm sure these would be good for a dj or someone doing a live show. They are comfortable to wear for long periods. The closed back keeps ambient sounds out but leak too much to use for studio work.

  • Rob
    from Brooklyn December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Good... don't mix with headphones.

    I think they over-represent bass - but that is a personal take. If you're using these for tracking they're great but maybe a bit heavy( I like to swing my head). But if you plan on mixing with these,... then you're an idiot! Why the heck would you mix with headphones?!!! If you want to mix then get a pair of decent studio monitors and a sound treated room, otherwise, enjoy these headphones. They're decent... but they won't replace 5k worth of studio gear.

  • dimitris
    from athens ,greece April 2, 2011Music Background:

    not. the 1choise.....

    i have them for 3 years ....
    the leather pads are looking like a dry lake now !and the inner foam is out on both ears i had to glue them...so not the best built quality,and the luck of bass its true!but they still work...i would not recommend them for the studio,TV guys may find them useful and i think that they will do well for vocalists in monitor proposes.

  • Thomas
    from CA April 15, 2010Music Background:

    Good but lacking low end

    All around good sound, but as a previous reviewer mentioned these do not provide accurate bass. The highs and mids are clear and stable, even at high volume, but the bass is lacking punch. If you try to mix with these you will end up turning the bass too high, resulting in a very bass heavy mix when played back through speakers.

  • Customer
    from December 3, 2015

    Careful About Buying These

    Just a word or two about my experience with these. I bought a pair of K271's some time ago and the quality was terrible. I was so disappointed after paying that much. The foam ear inserts came lose within a few months. The sound is nothing to write home about. Not terrible, but not worth the price. And the switch that cuts off the sound when you take the headphones off your head is not reliable. You put the headphones back on and you have to adjust the head strap a lot of times for them to come back on. In my opinion, they should charge maybe $30 for these when the quality of the product is considered. My $30 earbuds sound just about as good.

    I had a pair of K240's that lasted for over 30 years. I was sorry to see them go. The K240 sound to me is the best I've heard in headphones. Buy the K240's instead if you want AKG's. They have been around for so long and the sound is superb. They cost far less. I paid $100 for mine back in the early 80's. Looks like they are selling for less than $70 now.

    I also have two pairs of K141's. They are kind of okay on sound, but the ear foam inserts came out on those as well. And, they are not comfortable at all. Bought them the time I bought the K271's. I never use them. Was a waste of money. Earbuds are far better than the K141's.

    Hope this helps someone to decide. My next pair will likely not be AKG's. 1 out of 4 pairs of headphones being good is not a good marker for quality.

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