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AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones w/ Adjustible Bass Boost - Closed Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Apple Valley, CA October 17, 2013


    They don't make the AH-D5000 anymore. The closest is the Denon AH-D7100. There 1000.0 bucks. I'll buy a pair of those sometime soon. These AKG still sound a tad better than D5000. The pioneer DJ, Audio Technica DJ, my favorite the Denon DJ don't come close.

  • from Apple Valley, CA October 17, 2013

    Best Headphones out there

    I own every single dj headphone + many of the best studios headphones. These are the best I've heard. The only headphones that come close are Denon AH-D5000.

  • from hawaii January 27, 2013Music Background:


    comfortable light weight. sits well on my coconut head...no pressure at all well to me. well though out cans. mini xlr plug in either side of cans now thats plus. oh yeah pump it up....listening to capital kings laying that techno beats just awesome ofcourse on my galaxy s2 into mini amp (Fiio11) just insane...feeling the bass on my hears but not irrtating to your ear drums just mind blowing... wow mids and highs are even pleasant.
    at just 32ohms mean your can push the up to desant levels too but i preffer mini amps.
    with 3.5w (3500mw) more than enough. i just had them for few days and out of the box sound amazing...
    do they reguire break in time to sound good? well, it amazing now and if it does then am it only gets better...worth every benny except...i just can't seem to register this on their website

  • from hawaii January 26, 2013Music Background:

    worth the price

    light wieght and comfortable on the head. my galaxy s2 can push these cans clearly. i prefer with amps which am using a fiio11. why these? i love my AKG 701 and i know they won't disappoint and it delivers. what goes in is what comes out. love the fact it still uses mini xlr.
    out of the box sounds good in a sense its what you put in is what you hearing. just imagine when it get broken in then will be even better. balance across to me. wow you can actually feel the air movement on your hear with high bass and still clear without distortion of-course with my fiio11 mini amp.
    wow not fatigueing so far on high volume with bass. 3500mw (3.5w) not bad. wow highs are bretty dame to me non fatigueing and piercing same with mids too and am granking some gospel here...yeah and its clear across still at high volume. pretty good maxing out my volume on both phone and fiio11. wow am amazed am not getting irritated with them yet and three songs so far. Usually i would be irritated by now on some well known cans which i won't mention.
    definately worth the price. i know i won't be granking that loud which i don't need to. Get em

  • from hawaii August 23, 2013Music Background:
    serious hobbyist

    quality build disappointing. update review.

    its been some months since my first two review.
    sound is awesome! the cans itself.
    plastic material suck big time and so is the screw that hold the cans comes off easily. i Got two of these bad boys and just that plastic junk ain't that cracked up to be. both the can on my two sets came off and one plastic just broke off..i do have big head but with the price...it sucked.
    not happy at all if i can wear them. now gotta figure out a better headband that can hold cans. i guess it a good idea to have either side with mini xlr on cans which still usable but now gotta use two cables. but first gotta figure out a better headband.

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