Kurzweil K2600 No Longer Available

76-key Workstation with 400 Preset Programs, V.A.S.T. Synth Engine, KDFX, and 32-track MIDI Sequencer
Item ID: K2600

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Kurzweil K2600 image 1
Kurzweil K2600 image 1

Sorry, the Kurzweil K2600 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Kurzweil K2600
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Amazing! That's the only word to describe it!

Whatever your dreams as a musician, these incredible instruments give you the tools to reach your goal. All of the features you might want in an electronic musical instrument are right here! The instruments in the K Series contain hundreds of ultra-realistic, natural sounds that are praised for their authenticity and superb attention to detail. The huge range of remarkable synthetic timbres and multi-effects processors at your disposal means you can create any sound imaginable.

There's a 32-track sequencer with power that rivals computer-based programs, built-in SCSI, and a floppy drive. But most importantly, the K Series features the most powerful synthesis architecture on Earth: Kurzweil's exclusive Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology. VAST shatters the boundaries of synthesis, giving you an astounding array of fully programmable capabilities.

Want more sounds? The K2600 can read the samples from .WAV, .AIFF, Roland, Akai and Ensoniq-to say nothing of the standard-setting Sweetwater Sound libraries! If you need even more power, you can expand and upgrade your K2600 Series instrument to meet your every requirement. Add first-rate sampling (with digital and analog I/O), Sample RAM (up to 128MB), internal/external hard drives, Program RAM, ROM SoundBlock upgrades, and more! In addition to hardware upgrades, the K2600 protects you from obsolescence with instantly upgradable operating system software. The K2600 Series also includes the revolutionary KDFX 4-stereo-bus digital effects processor as standard equipment!

  • All new set of 400 Programs (200 in ROM and 200 in RAM) and 100
    Setups, plus 48 more Live Mode, KB3 Mode, and Stereo Piano programs
    (the same as in K2500 700s bank). New "Groove Template" Setups provide
    some very cool interactive playing possibilities. The new programs take
    great advantage of the 8 sliders on the K2600 keyboards, with virtually
    every program having some aspect of the sound adjustable via the 8
    sliders, mod wheel, and button controllers.
  • KDFX now fully integrated (the Digitech effects processor found in the
    K2500 and K200 is no longer included)
  • Balanced Audio Outputs deliver professional audio signal levels (1/4"
    TRS) Unbalanced (1/4") are also supported.
  • Acclaimed Stereo Piano 4MB ROM included
  • 48dB of Resonance now offered (vs 24dB)
  • A removable panel on the bottom of the instrument allows for easy user
    installation of PRAM, SIMMs, ROM Blocks, and the battery (now uses a
    lithium "coin" type battery)
  • 512k Standard P/RAM (expandable to 1.5MB with P/RAM expansion board)
  • Sound ROM can be expanded to 44MB using the two existing ROM expansion
    boards (Orchestra and Contemporary) and 2 additional 8MB slots
    (Additional ROM Blocks to be released in the future).
  • Comes with 16MB of Sample RAM. Expandable to 128MB
  • Digital Out Option - For those that don't need the sampling option but
    still want Digital Outs, the Digital Out can be added separately.
  • 8 channel I/O Ready can accept the Digital Bi-Directional I/O (KDS)
    which allows 8 channels via DMTi to flow back into the K2600 to be
    effected or digitally mixed.
  • Manual LCD Contrast Control
  • PRAM26 - Program RAM expansion
  • RM126 - Orchestral ROM block
  • RM226 - Contemporary ROM block
  • RMB26 - Daughterboard for ROM blocks
  • HDC26K - Hard Drive Mounting Bracket
  • SMP2X - Sampling option
  • Digital I/O Board for K2600

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