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QSC K10 1000W 10" Powered Speaker Reviews

5.0 stars based on 58 customer reviews
Questions about the QSC K10 1000W 10" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the QSC K10 1000W 10" Powered Speaker?

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  • from NY March 10, 2017

    QSC K10

    Excellent! Love it! Interested to see how the QSC Ksub balances the sound. Can't wait.

  • from February 13, 2017


    Excellent sound reproduction.

  • from January 30, 2017Music Background:
    Keyboard player, vocalist

    Not the Best Choice for a Monitor

    QSC makes a great speaker that is built to put out clear, crisp sound. But these things really cut - and there is something about the quality of the box that just doesn't have that warm, enveloping sound you want in a monitor. Anything above an average of 85 dBas (with vocal peaks in the 90s) is pure pain. I have EQ'ed this thing to death on my Allen and Heath board - even bought a 31 band equalizer to throw on my chain - and I can't get that plasticy bite out of this sound. It's just the character of the speaker itself. These things are built for FOH, because they can put out a massive amount of sound (I haven't even gotten close to its limit) and cut through a room with ease. But from 10 feet away as a monitor, they're not a good choice. After about a month and a half with this thing I'm ready to sell it and try something else that doesn't make my ears feel like they're bleeding. I even bought a dBa reader to make sure I was playing at a healthy level, and I am. This K 10 is just not a good monitor speaker.

  • from Park Hills, MO January 5, 2017

    Spend the money.

    These are phenomenal speakers. Built like a tank.

    I bit the bullet and spent $ for a pair of these....after using cheap speakers for years.

    I previously owned a pair of Behringer active 12's and a pair of the 1000W Mackie Thump 12's. These QSC's make them sound like toys.

  • from Largo, Florida December 14, 2016

    Great Sound

    Purchased for our school. What amazing sound quality and power in such a small package. Highly recommend!

  • from Chicago, Illinois October 6, 2016Music Background:
    I play congas, djembe, and cajon drums

    Outstanding Speakers

    The K10 speaker is the best thing I've seen in years. I purchased the K10 for our softball program because it has all the features we need: compact, powerful, durable, multi-purpose, sound quality, and mobile. I used it to entertain 400 high school students in our school cafeteria. I was so impressed that I purchased the K8 for myself. I play congas, and these speakers are exactly what I need when I perform. I would recommend any one of the three speakers in this series. For the money, you can't go wrong. The engineers thought of everything to make these speakers easy to use. Way to go QSC!

  • from VA September 19, 2016


    Great speaker.

  • from Memphis April 27, 2016Music Background:


    I purchased the k10 after researching several powered speakers to mainly be used as a stage monitor. I have used this twice as a stage monitor and once as a main for an acoustic show. Let me tell you; for a 10" monitor this thing is amazing. At 1000 watts, this little baby has power to spare and it is crystal clear....I mean CRYSTAL CLEAR! I ran some music through it between sets and there was a noticeable difference between the k10 and my JBL ION 15". For the money, the ION is great, but you can definitely tell the difference in clarity. I do prefer 15"s out front for a full band, but I have no doubt that two k10s and a sub would more than deliver adequate power and impeccable sound in a small to medium size venue. I also love the size and the weight....(though it isn't particularly light for a 10") Another deciding factor was the fact that the k10 has bumpers for use while in floor monitor mode. I looked at the comparable JBL 10", but it didn't have this feature. Bottom line, it isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny. One thing that remains consistent with music equipment, you tend to get what you pay for, so invest in one or two of these and you won't be sorry.

  • from Lubbock, Texas April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Lifelong weekender

    Perfect for my application

    I bought one of these that I will be using in a couple of different contexts, an acoustic duo and an acoustic trio with electric bass. Free shipping from Sweetwater sweetened the pot, and it was delivered promptly, thanks!

    Most of the places we play are pretty small, but some of them have a lot of crowd noise, and our P.A. was not clear enough to get vocals up over the ambient noise level. I've used this speaker now in three different environments, and each time it has performed spectacularly well.

    We have very little space to work with most of the time. One of my goals was to reduce the footprint of the gear we have been using in the duo; this item is perfect since it has more than enough power to cover the rooms we play, and the dispersion of sound from the horn is ideal for these places. Several people, including our wives, who have heard us 'til they are sick of us, have said that we sound completely different (in a good way!).

    The trio application is a little bit different. We use a pair of 15" JBL passive speakers for our mains, so I just set this one up on a stand behind us, high enough that it doesn't point right into a mic, and patch it in as a monitor. Incredible difference both on stage and out front. I have it set in "vocal boost" setting, and it brings a clarity to the vocals that we have never been able to get with the 15's. Again, remarks were made about how much better we sound. I think ultimately we'd like to ditch the JBLs and get a sub and one more of these; it's a lot of money to us, but the improvement would be enormous.

  • from Meyersdale PA March 20, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer for 40 years

    Lived up to expectations

    I bought a pair of these to go with my Ksub. I had been using an older pair of Yamaha (12" passive) speakers with a QSC GX3 amp. When I first fired them up I had the LF switched to the deep setting. My sub was powered up with the attenuator all the way down. I actually had to double check and make sure the sub wasn't helping out...the bass was that solid. I use this set up as the primary amplification of my Yamaha DTX (edrum) set. Even playing in larger rooms there is more than enough volume. The sound quality is amazing...even when cranked up. I've been playing in bands since the 80's. Gear that sounded like this was at least three times the size and weight of these little guys.
    Then of course there is the Sweetwater buying experience. So easy, so personal, free shipping and best of all..24 months at no interest. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Southern MD March 15, 2016Music Background:
    Almost Rockstar, Musician, Guitarist, Bassist

    Perfection from QSC & Sweetwater!!!

    Last year, I joined an All-acoustic 4-piece cover band(2vocals,2acoustic guitars, cajon/mondo snare, and my acoustic bass). The drummer, at that time, had two EV ETX35P 3-way mains for their PA. He decided to leave the group, and we were without speakers. Well, I researched what would maintain the quality, as well as volume, of our shows, without spending more money than we had to in the long run. I also was trying to remain more "modular" to help with ease of load in/out, instead of schlepping 100lb mains every time. So, with the specs that this series has, my band's lead vocalist bought these through his Sales Rep(I bought the KSub through mine-You ROCK!, Derek Senestraro!!!). The level of clarity of this system is UNREAL for our band! No it doesn't make you sound better, but the clarity makes you hear EVERYTHING! In turn, making everyone pay attention to themselves as well as each other, and we sound better and tighter. After gain staging, the speaker levels are ran about 8 o'clock!!! I'd love to play outside and run it closer to "wide open" or at least Unity gain level on the speakers. The ONLY thing I wish we could do is get the K12's and see if we could run the bass thru just the mains with the DEEP switched on (maybe no need for the KSub?), but I'm not complaining AT ALL!!! I also love how I can secure them in top of the KSub and roll all that inside in one shot. Sure the K10's may NOT have the same freq responses as the 3-way EV's we used to use, but we have a VERY clean, hi-fi sounding PA! Plus, I can fit the whole band PA in the back of my Nissan Juke!!!

  • from Boise February 29, 2016

    Use for keyboard

    Bought a pair for use with my Yamaha Motif keyboard and pedal steel guitar. Typically, piano voices are very difficult to amplify accurately but these do a wonderful job. Setting them to "external sub" will remove the very very low bass keeping the pianos sounding real with only minimal affect on other patches. I've never heard my steel guitar sound so sweet! No muddiness and clear highs even at high volumes. And, the K10s are light enough to handle with ease. These speakers are worth every penny.

  • from Gilbert Az February 9, 2016Music Background:
    Fiddle Player

    Worth every penny !!!

    An absolutely amazing sounding speaker. I hesitated on this purchase but after receiving it and playing through it, WOW !!! I would definitely buy more and probably will at some point.

  • from Solon, Ohio January 18, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist in an 8 piece 60's-80's cover band

    QSC K10

    My band recently purchased 2 QSC K10's to be used as floor monitors. This was part of a new P.A. that included the QSC -16 mixer and 2 QSC K12's for FOH. We are an 8 piece 60's - 80's cover band. Our drummer uses an IEM but the rest of us depend on floor monitors to hear. I was not sure whether 2 monitors would be sufficient for us as we had previously been using 3-4 passive monitors. We tried to place these very strategically and I am pleased to report that they were adequate for our band. Everyone reported that they were able to hear a good band mix. At this price point, the QSC speakers sound terrific! They seem to be built very road worthy. They are also light and easy to handle. The supplied power cord was longer than I expected and we were able to attach it to our snake without extension cords. So far, I am very please with this purchase.

  • from Boise January 5, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur Guitarist and Ukulele Player

    QSC K10 = WOW!

    You'd never believe that such pure sound can come from such a powerful little speaker. Doesn't matter how much you crank it up the sound, from what ever source, remains clear and precise. No detectable distortion or muddiness noted when I lists or play to my acoustic or classical pieces through this little guy. I can't wait until I get to order another. Their a little spendy but you get what you pay for.

  • from November 17, 2015

    Awesome clarity!

    Great clarity and note definition. I am using this with an acoustic guitar and a mic, voice and guitar both are very pure and well represented

  • from November 11, 2015


    love it. used it so far as stage monitor, bass amp and PA. great job for a small speaker!

  • from Sugarlands October 27, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Don't underestimate the 'little' guy!

    I love these speakers! I have to setup and tear down my rig every night, so the light-weight package is a big deal. But there's no shortage of power! I love for bands and customers to comment about the size and then see their faces when they get crankin'! I'll always come back to SweetWater and QSC first.

    Thanks, Patrick!!

  • from Rhode Island October 8, 2015

    QSC K10

    This speaker can reach 1,000 WATTS of power! However, I have a pair of these speakers releasing about 10 WATTS of power each within my home. This is accomplished by toggling the volume control on the back of each speaker and toggling the controls of the mixer feeding the speakers. Using instrument volumes such as on an electric keyboard or guitar gives even more control over the volume, especially when playing Live. Each speaker can be angled 45 degrees downward towards your audience. Also, the sound coming out of each speaker 'spreads' the sound coming out at 90 degrees horizontally making sure the whole audience hears you playing. The sound coming out of the speakers is pristine and at great value. Look carefully at Sweetwaters photos of the speaker (360 degrees) to see what other controls are on the back (it can do a lot more in addition) and view the many handles. Any questions, ask your Personal Sales Engineer - you won't regret this purchase.

  • from Daytona Beach Florida July 28, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Vocal & Guitarist

    For the Discernible Professional

    My quest was to find a speaker that would capture and deliver the nuance and quality of my live vocals as I pride myself on my authentic interpretation of the best and most notable singers and styles of the '50s 60's and even going back to the crooners of the 40's. My research ended with the QSC K10. A pair of QSC K10's will not make your voice any better but it will let everyone know what you really sound like. Studio quality sound on stage. I perform using the highest quality tracks available that I can remix when needed. The music quality raises to a new level as well. You can hear every instrument played clearly. My audience always comments on the sound quality of my performance. They often say it's like listening to or better than the recording. This QSC K10's are not necessary for Karaoke. Stick with your Yorkvilles and Peaveys from the 80's. With an Allen/Heath 12fx mixer it is a pleasure to do gigs. I know a little about equipment. I've been playing non-stop since 1965. And if you are new Sweetwater customer feel blessed and most fortunate that you found them. There is no better company in the business of musical equipment. I know a little about that as well.

  • from Los Angeles June 20, 2015

    QSC K10

    I run a pair of keyboards (stage piano & Hammond xk1c) in stereo through a pair of these. My quest is over for the elusive combination of a keyboard amplification set-up that is clean, loud, and portable. Simply an amazing product.

    Thanks to my Sweetwater rep, Brian Loney, for encouraging me not to settle for less.

  • from Rapid City , SD April 15, 2015

    I like it look very nice

    Sounds wonder full, and look very nice to.

  • from NJ, United States February 9, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro, Weekend Warrior Kybd. Player (Bars, Restaurants, Weddings...)

    QSC K10's are Amazing!

    I love these speakers - I now have two pairs of them, plus a pair of the K12's.

    The K10's sound just a wee bit tighter, sharper than the K10's - in small band PA setups, they're perfect, if you're not miking drums or bass... and if your are, then just a subwoofer and you're set!

    I also use a pair of them as a stereo keyboard rig sometimes - they sound great for that!

  • from La Crosse, WI November 25, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player and Singer.

    Such a great speaker

    I don't like the small black vertical switches on the back. They feel cheap. Other than that, These speakers pack a punch. They can fill any small, medium and some large rooms/bars/ballrooms with rich and clear sound. I'm probably going to invest in the Subs soon. Very, VERY, satisfied. Theres plenty of power to spare with these babies. 1000w of continuous power, 2000w max! Invest.....invest. You will be satisfied.

  • from Brackettville, TX November 25, 2014Music Background:
    Rock drummer who found a career in Western Swing

    Kicks Bottom

    I prefer to use a monitor to pick up my drums along with my vocal. I'm used to requiring a 15" wedge in order to allow the speaker to reproduce the low freqs necessary for a sweet kick drum. In fact, I prefer a 60hz bottom instead of the usual 80hz. That said, I don't use a monitor for volume. I use it for tone. We're not playing rock. We're playing Western Swing.

    Every stage is different acoustically, especially in the lower frequencies. I depend on a monitor smooth out the differences and return the kick drum sound I like. To me, it's supposed to blend with the acoustic sound of the kit and fill in the freqs the stage is stealing from me. It's often that 60hz that goes away first.

    The first time a sound tech threw a K10 on me on the drums, I scratched my head and wondered if the guy had any idea what I was asking for. How could a 10" speaker give me what I needed?!

    I was blown away. I really, really liked it.

    Appearances are deceiving, however. The next time that same guy put that K10 on me on stage, I went through the same stupid preconceived notions about how a 10" just couldn't cut it... and then was blown away again!

    Reading up on this puppy, I discovered the stuff about how it self limits it's own speaker excursion - a process that is apparently different from traditional compression. Perhaps that's what is allowing this little guy to reproduce the low freqs that it just shouldn't be allowed to claim. Who knows. It does though. Amazingly.

    So I bought one.

    I'm still blown away. This little box is giving me a truer, down low, tighter gut punch than I can get from most 15" monitors.

    I use an 18" kick. I knew when I moved from a 22" and bought that kit (especially since I like the 60hz fundamental) that I would need good monitoring with it to be satisfied with the kit sound. I use mics and low EQ on the floor Tom and the Kick just to even out the balance of tones from the high pitch of the snare to the bottom of the kick. Occasionally, the mid Tom needs a little tweak, just to bring it into balance. But again, the key is tone, not volume. And this box delivers.

    Caveat: I don't know yet whether the K10 would deliver enough volume for the biggest venues we play. But those are covered by big sound companies anyway. But heck, maybe I'd be surprised and find out it does more than I expect of it... again!

    One more thing. In my band, I've needed to turn it down more than I've needed to turn it up! Did I mention I really like this little guy?

  • from California Central Coast October 27, 2014Music Background:

    K10 PA used as keyboard & bass amp

    My review will be a little different from many, I think. Rightly or wrongly, I evaluate neutrality in speakers of any kind as compared to high-end audio equipment. In that context, the K10 is a little colored. However, I feel it is more neutral than another highly regarded powered PA I tried, and the build quality reeks "Class A" all the way. As a powered PA speaker with plastic casework, this may be as good as it gets for pro use. Note that QSC also makes a higher-end line with wood casework, but these models are both costlier and heavier. I am happy with my purchase.

  • from Houston, Texas October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Bass guitar, sound engineer, singer

    K10s are my new monitors

    Small box with a big sound! Our band recently moved to a new Presonus 16.4.2AI. We needed to take advantage of the new monitor capabilities, and these fit the bill. They easily handle guitar, bass, and 3 vocals on each with clarity and still have some headroom. They take up half the space of our old monitors, and improve our load in-out as did the k12 mains. New qsc subs are next. We have also dropped our total max AC current from 30amps to 18 amps, allowing us to power and protect everything through just one voltage regulator. Home run!

  • from Marion In August 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Muscian and Live Sound Engineer

    All you need for a great sounding system!

    We listened to the the K12 and the K10 and decided to go with the K10. We have a seven piece band with a 3 piece horn section. Both speakers sounded great, but the 10s gave us a little more clarity and punch for the vocals and the horns. Our K10s are sitting above the KW181 subs and the combination delivers a great professional sound. As always, Sweetwater and our rep, Greg Baum are the best!

  • from Colorado May 15, 2014Music Background:
    singer/songwriter,guitarist and sound guy.

    Great sound in a small package....

    I have a mobile stage rental business and am in the process of upgrading my sound systems. The K10's are perfect for my small stage designed for solo,duo, or trio acts. I am hoping to be able to purchase a pair of KW 12's and subs for my big stage which will handle up to a seven piece band.
    I love everything about these speakers, size, power, ruggedness and most importantly the clarity and richness of their sound.
    The optional outdoor covers are great too...

  • from SF, CA April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician - Vocalist

    Love it, But One?

    Question for all you experienced QSC K10 lovers. I love love love it....my jazz band can finally hear me now. But the glitch is I could only afford to buy one now. Would that be sufficient for my indoor bar rock gigs? I know it is fine for indoor jazz gigs. Thx. for you help peeps!

  • from Florida October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Classical Percussionist, Student

    Reliable Speaker

    I purchased two of these speakers roughly 4 years ago and use them from everything from a mobile DJ rig (inside and out), to drum monitors, to vocal wedges, to speaking engagements, and these things are awesome! The only reason it got 4.5 is because the low end (even with the deep switch) it rather poor. After a few dj gigs ended up buying the kw sub and now have the perfect balance. Overall, totally worth the money.

  • from Iowa September 6, 2013

    works well in small church

    Rather than repeat the praises others have already left, I will specifically gear my comments to those in my situation. Small sanctuary, 40 ft wide by 60 ft deep, with two of these speakers flown overhead. Replaced Mackie SRM40's, and could tell a difference in the clarity right away. My main concern with the K10's was the 90-degree sound coverage angle from the speakers both horizontally and vertically, and that the sound might bounce all over, but because we have acoustical sound baffles on our side walls and back wall, there simply wasn't any reflections (which create a muddy sound) that I noticed, and in fact less reflections than the Mackies had, even though they had a tighter dispersion..

    All in all, a good choice for a small sanctuary, especially if you have some acoustical treatment on your walls.

  • from Grand Rapids, MI August 13, 2013

    Unbelievable Sound!

    I was in the market for a new amp and a well-informed friend of mine steered me in the direction of powered speakers as a more practical alternative to an amp. So glad I listened! I use just one of these in my music room for my guitar and mic. The sound is crystal clear and it simply looks beautiful sitting up on it's stand (though, the beauty may simply be an eye of the beholder thing b/c it's largely just a black box). I would completely recommend going with the QSC K10 if you're looking for a more versatile alternative to your plain old amp.

  • from Warsaw, IN July 21, 2013Music Background:

    Crystal Clear

    Purchased this at Gearfest this year.
    The Sweetwater salesman highly suggested it.
    I got it home and hooked it up to a Boss JS-8 that I got at Gearfest also.
    All I can say is that it is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I am no professional by any means, but this thing is great. Extremely good in every aspic. I have my laying on its' side and play my mp3's through the Boss hooked to it. This thing rocks at any volume level. The fit an finish on the cabinet is A++. No disappointment in this item at any level. See for yourself.

  • from Princeton NJ July 5, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live Sound, Recording Engineer

    QSC K10's Simply the Best

    I have been using various speakers for our Flamenco Fusion band and we have tried other brands and set ups including the Bose systems and what we have landed with is the QSC K10's they can handle the full spectrum of sound from bass, synth, drums, backing tracks, and Flamenco Guitars and sound amazing. We use the PreSonus Studio Live 16.0.2 Mixer and we just sound great. The QSC K10's really made a huge difference in the way we sound and play. They sound clear, detailed no muddiness and the fans love the way we sound. The ease of the use is great too and can be used for a solo gig with a iPod hooked up to play backing tracks. Great speaker and for our use just the best we can play louder with out feedback and the clarity of tone is just something you have to experience to understand. Thanks QSC.

  • from Roseville, MI April 3, 2013Music Background:
    Gospel, Jazz, R&B

    K10 is Flawless!!!!

    I bought the QSC K10 to try it out after a Recommendation from my sweetwater Engineer, Aaron Rom. Right out of the box it sounded Phenomenal! I have a Yamaha cp33 stage piano and it sounds absolutely gorgeous coming through the K10. I will soon be adding a workstation synthesizer to my set-up (Sticking with Motif as The Kronos has turned out to be a disappointment). But as for the K10, you could run a toy Casio through it and not believe your ears. I registered it with QSC and its covered for 6 years!!!! I know it's price but take it from me... IT IS WELL WORTH IT!!!!!! I'll be purchasing a second k10 to run in stereo for sure! Hope this helps someone and GOD BLESS QSC!!!!!

  • from Washington, DC February 2, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Keyboard Monitor/Amp

    When we toured through Tennessee and Texas I noticed that EVERY venue we played used the QSCs as their house speakers and monitors. After hearing their clean and detailed sound I was sold and decided to shell out for the K10 with no regrets. This thing cranks, the bass response is unbelievable, and the two inputs and direct out make this a no-brainer, one stop monitoring solution for my Nord electro and RD700GX. I use it on stage and run it to the mains or just as a speaker/amp in smaller venues. The optional speaker bag is really handy too!

  • from Wichita Falls, TX November 20, 2012Music Background:
    Mobile DJ

    Great Speaker

    As a mobile DJ, these speakers were appealing on so many different levels. I love how light they are, how much power they have in a small space and the sonic quality of the speakers. By adding these speakers, my set up time has been cut in half by not having to run an amp rack with my mains and all of the extra wiring that entailed. I have two of these paired with the KW181 subs and this system rocks! I am now just saving up more money to buy another pair and another pair of subs for big gigs.

  • from Santa Rosa Beach, FL October 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    QSC K10 Rocks!

    I purchased this speaker to use as a keyboard amplifier. It has exceeded my expectations - it sounds like a powerful studio monitor - crystal clear with all the highs and lows you'd expect. It makes my Roland keyboard amplifier sound weak next to it. I plan on purchasing another K10 and the sub to go along with it now!

  • from Oklahoma City US October 19, 2012Music Background:
    Church music


    amazing sound for small speakers

  • from Marion, In October 14, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, semi pro

    The only choice!

    Go and listen to these amazing speakers, if you are looking for incridible sound, they are the only choice. Thanks Greg Baum for making us take the time to listen.

  • from Ft. Myers, FL USA August 29, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Elite Sound System For Elite Voices

    Elite voices deserve these elite speakers. K10's are the best music dollars I have ever spent. Coupled with an Audio Tecnica AE 5400 mic they deliver every pristine nuace of a great singer. They are not magic though they won't make a bad singer sound good. LOL

  • from Westfield, Indiana July 11, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    I like them.

    I love the versatility of the QSC K10 inputs. You get pre and post volume control, RCA plugins as well as XLR. We're using them for monitors and the vocalists are happy with them, but they can also serve as auxiliary PA speakers too.

  • from CT April 18, 2012Music Background:

    Love them

    clear, clean, powerful, love them.

  • from Denver, CO March 31, 2012Music Background:
    I've been singing for 30+ years.

    QSC K10

    I was looking for something for live performances that reproduced clear, quallity music and brought out clear, intelligible, great frequency response for voice, with quality volume. The QSC K10 did just that. It blew me away! My friends also were very impressed.

  • from Bryan, TX March 29, 2012Music Background:
    Wedding DJ

    Lots of sound from a small package

    The K Series are simply amazing. Perfect for any mobile sound needs. For very small applications, you don't even need a mixer. You can plug in a microphone and an RCA device straight into the back of the speaker and go to work.

  • from tewksbury ma February 29, 2012Music Background:
    musician for 22 yrs

    own one and it let me down

    Was using it as a bass amp to play through the pa never over taxed it just simple stage volume playing small clubs and the speaker blew not happy goin back to conventional bass amp cant trust it. Sucks because it worked for 2 years with no problems , should have stuck with a JBL product

  • from Pismo Beach, Ca. November 29, 2011Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Best PA speaker ever used

    I have been mixing live sound for bands big and small, large venue and small, indoors and out, tried most of the good brands, but never heard such a clean, sweet, natural sound. Everything I plugged in raw from a 58 to a Martin Concert guitar, to an iPod, never sounded so real, clean, natural, punchy, powerful, with excellent sound at low to mid volumes,(100 db or less). Haven't tried pushing bass through yet. Even though the 10s put out a rich bass vibe, I likely will add subs for larger venues.

  • from Harker Heights, Texas November 4, 2011Music Background:
    Teacher/Party DJ

    Pricy, but Well Worth It!

    This is a fantastic speaker. If you're serious about high quality sound in a small, light weight case, this is the way to go. I'm a P.E.teacher that uses music all the time in my gym classes. I had been using a Samson XP-300. It was a good speaker, but broke down twice in the first 2 years (poorly soldered wiring.) It also weighed a ton. Moving to this model is like going from a cathode ray tube television to a flat screen LED! Two solid built-in handles are a nice touch. Once again, the sound is super full and rich. Can't be beat!

  • from evansville, Indiana September 10, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician

    I made the correct choice!

    I debated over several other brands, but I couldn't be happier with the k 10. This speaker is very clear sounding and made my acoustic guitar and vocal sound amazing! I have been using the jbl jrx15's for several years. The jbl is a good speaker for the bucks, but is not in the same class as the k 10. I love their weight, features and they are LOUD! I intend to purchase a second k 10 in the near future. Finally, Sweetwater was a pleasure to deal with! Thanks

  • from Washington, DC August 31, 2011Music Background:
    Full Time DJ

    exactly what I was looking for`

    Exceptional power to size ratio. Clarity and presence. Lightweight. Convenient I/O options. The only thing better would be a would cabinet, but the KW series was out of my budget and weight constraints. Couldn't be happier with the K10's.

  • from Chicopee, MA. July 25, 2011Music Background:
    weekend warrior, working on first solo original record.

    Everything they say...

    These things are so far above any other passive or powered speakers that I've used. I am a solo act (acoustic guitar and vocals) and I use a pair of K10s with the Allen & Heath ZED10FX mixer and I have to say that its a pleasure doing gigs with this set up. I got the bags for the speakers too which I would highly recommend. These speakers are LOUD when they have to be (I use them outside sometimes) but also perfect for the restaurants and small clubs I play. Great sound, looks and easy to carry.

  • from South Carolina June 29, 2011Music Background:
    Professional/ Vocals and Guitar. Well lets put it this way, I do it for the love and the money...

    These are the real deal.

    I used these for one man show using backing tracks, guitar and vocals. This all you will need for average gigs, inside or out. I have a great business relationship with one of the engineers. This guy has the time to make sure you are happy with the gear, suggest ideas if you have questions and always making sure that your purchase is what you want and need. I have bought thousands of dollars of gear from Musicians Friend and American Musical Supply. Prices will be the same but you are going to get true customer service here at Sweetwater.

  • from Stambruges, Belgium May 22, 2011Music Background:
    renting company, dj, live gig

    The purest sound I ever heard

    I use this piece of gear for mobile dj and live gigs, the first time I turn them on and listened to it, this sounded exactly like a studio monitor with a perfect balance in sound and clarity. For me, it just sounds better than my studio monitors and they are better than any high end hifi gear, also for domestic use. My bose system sounds like a cheap installation in comparison with the QSC and I don(t compare about the volume, just the quality of sound.

  • from Phoenix, AZ February 21, 2011Music Background:
    Full Time Touring Musician (8+ years)

    Amazing Speaker

    I'm absolutely blown away by the clarity and power of these speakers. Over the years, I've used a bunch of different powered speakers, and full PA's, and these are by far above and beyond everything (especially in their price range). 1,000 WATTS is no joke, and it shows the pure power of what they can do.

    The K10's plus the KSUB's I feel are one of the best combinations you can buy. You get a larger speaker than the K8's, but a wider spread than the K12, making it one of the best live speaker combos you'll find.

    I play primarily as a duo, but even with a band, add a sub and you'll be blown away by the power.

    I use this speaker with an Allen and Heath mixer, and the combination of the two can't be beat. You will not be dissapointed with any of the three speakers in the K Series line up. (K8, K10, or K12).

    Thanks sweetwater!

  • from Rochester, NY January 23, 2010Music Background:
    Part time musician - guitarist and vocalist

    great speakers

    I recently bought a set of these after trying several other big name speakers ....WOW !!! I use them now for solo gigs as well as with a 4 piece band...at 31 pounds each ..they are easy on the back and great on the ears !! They are perfect for anyone who is tired of lugging heavy gear. I used them in a small bar recently with 4 piece band...I had more than enough headroom and the clarity of each instrument was terrific. ... and I only use one for small solo gigs... if you are not sure ..try them ..I did, and I'm keeping my set!!

  • from Upstate, NY October 12, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-professional musician

    This powered speaker puts all acoustic guitar amps to shame

    I consider my use of this speaker somewhat non-standard in that I'm not using it as a PA system, but hopefully there are others that can benefit from my experience.

    I was initially looking for an acoustic guitar amp for live use in a four piece rock and roll band. I run piezo saddles in my electric guitar and switch between or sometimes layer the piezo and magnetic pickup signals (each signal goes to a different amp). I quickly found however that none of the standard acoustic guitar amplifiers could keep up with the band or even my 40 watt tube amp. So after speaking with my Sales Engineer, I decided to try the K10. I was actually going to go with the K8, but that cabinet is not configured for stage monitor orientation.

    So the K10 arrives and I plug in my piezo rig, which consists of a Boss AD-8. First of all, I noticed the extremely clean sound. 20-20k, clean, balanced and quiet. Then I noticed how incredibly loud this speaker can get. So much so that it overpowered my tube amp, which was definitely a first. No matter how I eq'd the AD-8, the speaker delivered and it never went into clipping. Even with the volume on the speaker and my pre-amp dimed, it seemed as though the speaker never broke a sweat. At one point I was seeking more cut than my pre-amp could deliver, so I switched the K10 eq into "vocal" and holy smokes that was exactly what the doctor ordered.

    I've had some past experience withe JBL's first gen EON and the first gen Mackie SRM450 and while those were great speakers, this just blows them away. This speaker is smaller, lighter, more powerful and better sounding; very smooth from bottom to top. And there are more ins and outs and overall control on this speaker than you could ever need. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this purchase. Thank you Sweetwater for making the suggestion; you guys actually do know about the gear you sell and I am extremely impressed!

  • from COLUMBUS, OHIO August 4, 2009Music Background:



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