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Roland JUNO-Di 61-Key Synthesizer - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
  • from AMSTERDAM, NY June 8, 2015Music Background:

    roland keys rule


  • from Columbus OH February 13, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Producer, Artist

    LOVE IT!!!

    Had this "toy" for quite sometime and i must say that it is everything i was looking for and then some!! I primarily use it as a midi controller for my outboard gear. What i like the most out of it as a controller is that i can transpose the audio in my sound mods w/ease and use the jog wheel to scroll thru sounds on the gear without touching the unit(s) themselves. Plus i can control the effects parameters of this gear form this little keyboard as well. Thanks Matt!!

  • from May 7, 2012


    Amazing synth

  • from Estonia February 5, 2011Music Background:
    band keyboardist

    This rocks!

    I absolutely love this toy (some have said it looks like a toy and it's kind of sweet, actually:) So, this toy has 1000+ sounds, very well sampled. I love the strings, piano sounds are quite great, can't beat the Roland's FP4 I have but yeah- it's a stupid comparsion since one is a synthesizer and the other a digital piano. Key response and action is very good compared to my E09 I had previously. Although it has no weighted keys, it acts like one and the key input is nicely delivered.
    Sound modifying knobs are fun to play with and a computer interface with software that lets you create your own sounds and save to your Juno Di is and absolute blessing!
    I love the USB memory feature too - you save your drums and basses or whatever you need to a simple USB stick and you're off to rock with your Juno alone!
    You can also connect a mp3 straight to it so you can jam along with your favourite bands:)

    About weight: theres no weight. You can swing it around your finger if you put a belt on it. Light, yet strong build- looks like it's ment to travel.

    Finally - the price is a nail in a coffin.
    Can't beat it. Go and get one, it is fun!

  • from north carolina September 28, 2009Music Background:
    pro gospel and ,jazz player


    I got this board a few days ago and have not put it down. I've done a wedding and played @ church everyone love it sounds great go roland

  • from USA February 8, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound and Hobbyist weekend warrior

    JunoDi editor and sounds

    Well a lot of sounds some good other not that good. I like Pianos, Organs, Synth and Brass, for preset. Great Midi integration with Sonar. USB player for midi sequence or MP3 or wave.awesome!!. Record you sequences in MP3 or Wave pack your Juno and that is all you need. But the real power of Juno is with the editor and creating you own somes, splits, layers. You create very complex sound, fat sound incredible sounds and very very easy to do with the editor. I use the Juno for my gigs, I have created very complex electric pianos, brass that sound so real, splits the of 4 sounds, bass, piano, brass, organs, basically 4 synth in one. I strongly recommended if you gig and like to create your sounds. My others keyboards, Yamaha MO6, Korg Krome, Alesis QS6.1. Used to have an Korg X50 change it for the Juno.

  • from Columbia MD March 14, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    All Around Player

    Talk about something that plays right out of the box. I got the Di just a few days before a private party job and I was able to use it right away. It is extremely easy to navigate, very intuitive. Personally I like the action of the keys-- they have a bit of springy resistance that allows me to easily vary the velocity of my playing. Sounds are very good. I got the Di as a backup/secondary keyboard to my Korg workstation but find the Di so much easier to use and sounds that compare so favorably that the Korg is starting to fade to 2nd place. Only negative I would point to after having it for about a month is that the user manual is a bit thin when you want to get beyond the basics. It would be nice if they had an Intro section that covered the basics and then a much more detailed, Advanced section to go deeper. At any rate, highly recommend this keyboard. I couldn't find anything else on the market that had all the banks of sounds, the mp3 player ability, microphone/vocoder capability, internal rhythm section, chord memory, ease of use. It is just a very, very useful keyboard.

  • from Ambler PA February 11, 2012Music Background:
    Singer songwriter with personal studio

    Great keyboard

    Awesome keyboard. Tunes all the way to 432 hz tuning (a must for me), easy to use with the 5 nobs for changing the basics of each synth. Arpeggio is good and customizable I read one person say they couldn't get a random arpeggio but you just have to scroll down and change the settings) I love having a USB for backing tracks ( I was running iPod with them thru my mixer on my pedal board but this will be cleaner going thru the Juno) haven't hooked to computer yet but I love it so far

  • from Cleveland, OH USA July 22, 2010Music Background:
    professional/semi-pro musician

    You get a lot for the money

    I play a lot of one-hour gigs at assisted living centers, veterans' hospitals, etc., where it is impractical to bring my Korg M3-73 workstation. I found the answer to these gigs in the Juno-Di; it's easy to transport and quick to set up. Another important feature for me is the Song Player; I convert my sequences from the M3-73 to .wav files, then to MP3's, and use them as backing tracks! The piano sounds are passable, with some great organ sounds and excellent synth brass sounds. I haven't yet used the editing software, but I am looking forward to doing so in the future. The only complaint I have is that the keyboard action is stiff and cheesy; other than that, it is an excellent synth for the money!

  • from Atlanta, Georgia May 14, 2010Music Background:
    Rock, Lounge and Church Keyboardist

    Bang for Buck

    This product has the most bang for the buck in a keyboard that I've seen in a long time. It is great for live use - full array of the usual sounds, including a very fun dirty Hammond. Overall, the sounds are very strong for this price range. You can select your favorite sounds and assign them to quick recall keys for fast switching. It's lightweight and easy to learn the basics quickly. You won't sell your MOTIF, but this unit is a great starter or second/spare keyboard for live use. The deep features and software support will give you plenty to play with at home as well.

  • from Nashville, TN October 11, 2009Music Background:
    live sound engineer turned Recording Engineer/Hip Hop Producer,

    Its something More

    Ok I know all the things you have heard about this board great sounds, mobility, battery powered and a lot of other cool things, but to me the best thing is I can use it as a midi controller. along with all of it's chord functions arp functions and yes even the D-Beam (don't put it in midi control mode if you are using reason to use the D-Beam), and yes for those of us that like the joystick style mod and pitch control you can use that too. So along with all of the other things this board can do it is a great midi controller. I use it in conjunction with my Akai MPD32 and it is a great rig when you combine it with the power of Record and Reason from propellerhead. Heads up for you producer's out there my beat sells have gone up since I purchased this board.

    P.S. If you are wondering why it did not get 5 stars it's because I thought the piano sounds were weak, I have better ones in my Reason Rig.

  • from WV August 7, 2009Music Background:

    Amazing Synth!

    Roland did their homework. The new Juno-Di is going to be a huge seller. There are so many new features on the Di. If you have the Juno-D/Le it's well worth the money to upgrade. You get a cool (modern looking Juno) with a 128 note Fantom based tone generator. You even get a Vocoder with the Juno-Di. Way too many (new) features to list. Roland designed the Di for the budding keyboardists and for those of us who have been playing for many years. The software editor is a HUGE improvement and brings the patch editing up to a pro level. Stop reading this review and GO BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF!

  • from August 23, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Recording Engineer/Mix Engineer/Studio Owner


    Love the sounds and many of the features. My one criticism is that the keys feel a bit flimsy.
    That said, I must add that I am yet to ever be disappointed by my dealings with Sweetwater. I've bought a great deal of equipment and software thru them and they are great to work with, always fair priced and very helpful.

  • from Brazil June 23, 2010Music Background:

    Excellent all-arounder

    Like most reviews already say, it's a great peace of gear for the price. But, forgetting the price, it boils down to a good keyboard but not such a great synth. The vocoder is very good, but not as good as other keyboards in this price range, such as the korg r3. Most synth sounds are recycled or slightly modified to form a huge library of mediocre synth sounds, but there are definitely a few gems. The orchester sounds are great, the piano sounds are great, the organ sounds are so-so, and the synth, even with it's limitations, is still fun to modify and fool around with. The usb is a great feature, but not as greatly implanted as most korg products are. I'm not a korg fanboy at all, just that on the roland drivers have to be installed for the computer to recognize the keyboard, which is a big downer and the knobs aren't recognized in either way. But if you are starting out and want a great keyboard, this is it. Or if you want a great synth for traveling and touring, this is it.

  • from Plainfield, IN April 2, 2011Music Background:
    Intermediate musician, wanna-be producer


    I got this almost a year ago as a guitar player who wanted to get into keyboards. Since then I have really got into the field of keyboards/synthesizers, and I have found a lot out.
    Well, when I first unboxed it I was extremely excited and was very pleased with it for the first couple of months and was completely in love with the sounds onboard. I think the organ sounds, Clavinet, Bell, Harpsichord and most of the string sounds are extremely accurate to the real instrument. I sort of like the synth sounds, although most of them are monophonic and just sound like a stereotyped synth sound. Nothing actually INTERESTING.
    The pads are EXTREMELY cheesy. I really can't emphasize to you how horrible the pad sounds are. Just NOT for me...
    I somewhat recently have gotten into analog synths (the real synths) and MIDI programs such as Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live. Before I owned the Reason Piano Expansion (I highly recommend it) I thought that the Juno Di piano sounds were good.
    Yeah....... There not.
    Before I owned a Juno 106 (an popular 80's analog synth by Roland) I also thought that the synth/pads on the Juno Di were good...
    No....... They're not.
    However, I cannot completely bash this keyboard. It did teach me and get me to where I am today, and the software on it is very good and completely customizable (something very hard to find on the synths nowadays... actual control of your own sounds...) however the software only runs on newer OS's so if you have an older computer you probably won't be able to run the software.

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