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Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - Candy Apple Red Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - Candy Apple Red?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - Candy Apple Red?

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  • from Albert, KS January 31, 2016

    Great Guitar

    I was not a Squire fan but, this instrument has definately changed my mind greatly! I have the 3 color sunburst model and, it is absolutely stunning, vintage looking all the way. This guitar is made exactly true to original Jazzmaster specs. I looked at one of these when I was just starting to play but, it was definately out of my reach in price so I had to settle for something else but, I never forgot about it. 40+ years later I got the Jazzmaster itch and, I could not believe that this instrument at this price was available. The order was placed but, I had the Squire thing in the back part of my mind. I recieved the instrument and, I could not believe my eyes! Checked it over, tuned,checked the intonation and, lowered the action (very little ) and, this instrument was playable and, sounded Great! No issues of buzzing, strings coming off the bridge saddles and, the tuning stayed right on. I have always been a light handed player, light guage strings, thin picks, I'm sure that all these things could be why I've had no issues. Really Great guitar, I am very satisfied with it. SKB makes a Great case that is specially made for this guitar highly recommend it.

  • from NJ November 25, 2014Music Background:

    Squier Jazzmaster

    I love this guitar! I'm really impressed with how great this guitar sounds through my Crate Palomino V16 tube amp.

    The setup came pretty good, especially the neck, but I did some adjustments to my liking. I put on 11 gauge strings, an AVRI tremolo, Fender neck plate, white Fender witch hat knobs, red tortoise pickguard, & removed the print off the pickups & the back of the headstock with car wax.

    These guitars are such a bargain for $299. Where can you get a proper Jazzmaster for that? Sweetwater was really great to deal with & I love how you can view the guitar before buying. I would deal with them again.


  • from Rochester NY January 30, 2014Music Background:
    25 years am a qualified Electronic Tech amp tech

    Jasper the Jazzmaster

    instrument was and is a awesome guitar I had 3 MIJ and they cost me 500.00 a piece the main problem with these guitars Jaguar also is the bridge it is querky but ohhh that Vibrato soo smooth on slow ballad work very pretty like a lot of The Ventures tunes Lonesome Town it show cases the Jazzmaster Bob Bogle played one one most of the early stuff fine player I miss him alot well Fender did a dam nice job on this guitar ans Sweetwater sound is a great company to be associated with as always Thanks soo much

  • from Columbia, MO July 1, 2013Music Background:
    Charming the livingroom for 50 years.

    Great Value

    I had already purchased a Squier surf green Jaguar and was amazed at the build quality, the finish work and very impressed with the Duncan designed pickups. This guitar was equally impressive. No, the pickups aren't as good as those on a $2000 guitar, but they can be caressed to achieve all the tones you'd expect from a Jazzmaster. Sweetwater lets you look at the exact guitars to choose from and your account exec is there to advise and help you. If you are at all heavy handed, the bridge doesn't hold the strings in place as securely as I'd like, but it is a drop in bridge and replacements are inexpensive and require little skill to change. As is, it is a great guitar.

  • from Rochester NY February 7, 2013Music Background:
    over 25 years as a player also am a Electronic Tech

    Ventures Special LOL

    Instrument is a fantastic guitar It had a problem but no doubt it can be fixed I had someafter thoughts on this Candy Apple Jazz master
    I usualy like light gauge strings F-150 and this coupled with a low bridge
    setting so it was a little high but anyway it is still a great guitar the finish surperb electronics dual circuitry right on the money she has two personalities sweet and snarly just like a good woman lol lol thanks Sweetwater for making it happen for me sincerely Ed Kujawa

  • from Augusta Georgia January 10, 2013Music Background:
    Played evrything for the past 30 something years

    Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster

    First off no matter what your looking to buy, Buy it from SW. You will be getting not just a guitar out of the box from the Mfg'r but the also the service. I got the VMJ in just a few days after ordering. Ive been reading about these for awhile and that Squier nailed the Jazzmaster on the head without breaking the bank. I had to find out myself.
    I am impressed, Ive had quite a few Fenders, American,Mexican whatever. This one ranks up there with them..at a lesser cost.
    Quality is almost excellant. ( a slight blem ) in paint, who cares.
    Pickups clean up nice, and it will growl if pushed.
    The neck is fantastic..even the so called bridge it set low and no string buzz.
    And lots of tone options with the neck pickup control.

    Get it here..if they dont have one at the moment..be patient you wont regret it!!

  • from Albany, GA, USA October 10, 2012Music Background:

    $299 for a high quality Jazzmaster guitar! STOKED...

    It is absolutely absurd, ridiculous, even CRIMINAL, that you can buy a guitar of this level of quality for only $299. The guitar arrived INTONATED, there was 1 pickguard screw missing, all switches worked, and all of the rhythm and lead settings sound awesome. Even the fret ends are finished. The Indonesian factory must have the absolute best trained workers on Earth. This is my third guitar I've purchased in the Vintage Modified Series. Though impressed with my Jagmaster and Telecaster Special, of same brand and series, the Jazzmaster takes it to the next level. I'd happily pay $500 for another one if I knew it would be of the same quality.

  • from West Virginia panhandle July 26, 2012Music Background:
    Home/live recordist, semi-pro musician, most styles

    Inexpensive Pleasure!

    I was one of the first to buy this guitar from Sweetwater. At first, it didn't even appear in their inventory system, but my sales agent looked again, and behold, there it was. I wanted the candy apple red and since only the candy apple red was in stock, the choice was academic.
    Having read some of the other reviews on other sites, I saw that a few purchasers were not as pleased as I am. Many reported broken toggle switches, finish pits, poor neck pocket sets, noisy pickups, etc.. However, in my case, either due to good fortune or the eagle eyes of Sweetwater putting it through their 55 point guitar inspection regimen, mine arrived perfect. No finish flaws, no noisy pickups, correct neck set; in fact, the finish is glossy perfection, a deep metallic red (candy apple). The pickups are Duncan designed and have a nice vintage sound, each pickup actually slightly different from each other in model (and sound). The sound is unlike a typical Strat or Tele, but more like, well, a Jazzmaster. Set your amp right and it can rock out! It will definitely get gnarly if you want it, or creamy nice if desired. Another feature I noticed was that the tremolo seemed to stay in tune fairly well if used judiciously - it might not if you are a tremolo twister or play like the Ramones - but it seems to stay in tune compared to a lot of guitars that I have.
    Look at the tremolo arm and it will go much deeper into the hole than you might imagine - mine goes all the way down almost to the bend in it. If it needs some coaxing, put a little oil on it to assist it. The rhythm circuit works as expected - flip it up, and it has a deeper, less intense sound, but not overly bassy or unclear unless you roll off the highs with the tone control. This could be a cool feature when you want to solo by hitting down on the switch to put it into "lead mode". Some finer details included a vintage darkened maple tint, a logo-less tremolo plate, 25.5" scale (unlike some of the reported specs on the instrument.)
    If you can't afford the Fender version, then this will do the job. Buy it from Sweetwater and they won't let any dogs pass through to you; the manufacturers know better than to send them to Sweetwater with their inspection plan. IF anything should go wrong, just call your sales agent and discuss it with him/her. All in all, this, for me, is a great instrument, especially for the money!

  • from Eastern Nebraska January 19, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro, which I define as making money, but not a living.

    I didn't pay for perfect; perfectly happy

    I have been reading great reviews and had been wanting to try one for a long time. (my local Fender dealer had gotten a few when they first came out and had a hard time selling them, so they never restocked) I finally had a chance last August to stop by Sweetwater to play one and knew right away I would have to acquire one at some point. Finally, around Christmas time, I had some extra money saved up and pulled the trigger on a Candy-apple red iteration.

    To cut to the chase, yes it's fairly cheaply constructed compared to USA and MIJ versions, but it really works, and that's my bottom line. As for the troublesome bridge design, I plan on eventually replacing with a Mastery unit, but going up to .011s for strings helps a lot right off the bat, and I may even try some .012s next time. I've played double locking vibratos that didn't hold tuning any better than this does, so I'm fairly happy there, because I find that it's action is exactly what I want. Your results may vary.

    The worst thing with it so far is some string buzz on the high E string when fretting at the first fret. Upon inspection I can see that there's a touch more relief on the bass side than on the treble, which may cause trouble if it gets worse, but for now I'm pretty sure I can fix it with just a small bit of fret dressing, which I can do myself. That's the big thing I want to get across; whatever shortcomings I experience out of the box are not worth sending it back over. I'd much rather fix them. If it comes to a point that the neck is unworkable, I wouldn't mind a chunkier one anyway.

    Just a little more general discussion of the Jazzmaster design. This is a very different beast than a Tele or Strat, due mostly to it's bridge/ tailpiece design. It has a very different note envelope that takes either a desire to use that type of sound, or an adjustment period. I find it works best with a lighter right hand touch and more volume at the amp. If you bash on it like a Tele or Strat you're likely to feel like you're fighting to get a tone and/or sustain. A word to the wise...

    As always, a joy to purchase from Sweetwater. I like to buy local when I can, but I'm glad you guys are there when I need you.

  • from United States November 21, 2012Music Background:
    45 year hobbyist

    Candy Apple Christmas present!

    I must first complement Sweetwater for their excellent customer service. The guitar arrived in perfect condition, well packaged, and had been given a good basic set-up. I played it for a while to ensure everything was working properly, then decided to set the guitar up to my liking.
    The frets were nice and level, so I took some relief out of the neck, and lowered the bridge a little...this guitar dialed in perfectly, with no adjustments needed to the nut, no high frets, no problems whatsoever!
    I build guitars, and must admit that in this price range, I cannot compete! If you are looking for a good guitar for a starting player, or a gigging guitar that you don't have to fuss over...here it is!
    Why not a "5"? Electronics...the switches are not top of the line, some scratchiness, and a tendency not to connect sometimes...I'll investigate during the first string change.
    Tone and sonic versatility are adequate in this design...it takes premium wood, and high-quality electronics to go beyond what Fender has done with this guitar, which is an amazing value in this price range.

  • from United States June 20, 2013Music Background:

    Good to build on to...

    Very cool little guitar. Pickups are a little harsh, but the body and neck are great. I slapped some Classic Player pickups in for $90 and it's awesome. The bridge is a mess, but that can be solved with a mastery bridge...however, all the buzzes and clonks are part of the allure...

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - Candy Apple Red?

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