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Fender American Vintage '64 Jazz Bass - 3 Color Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the Fender American Vintage '64 Jazz Bass - 3 Color Sunburst?

Questions about the Fender American Vintage '64 Jazz Bass - 3 Color Sunburst?

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  • from Arcadia, Ca May 17, 2015

    Awesome pickups. Great neck. Excellent Sustain.

    I have had this bass now for about 3 months and I am loving it. I play in a Rock/Pop cover band in the Los Angeles area. My main amp is the Hartke LH1000 and their HyDrive 410 cabinet. I also play it through an acoustic b15 practice amp.

    Comparing this bass to my Squire vmj jaco style fretless with EMG jax pickups: The 64 jazz reissue has a completely different feel to it. The neck is stiffer, thinner and plays very fast. The fingerboard radius of 7.5" is very comfortable but requires some getting used to because a lighter touch is required. There is a much better overall resonance and sustain to this bass. The pickups are at least as 'clear' sounding as the EMG JAX active pickups with an excellent tonal range and the absolute lowest noise that I have ever heard from a passive single coil pickup. The volume output is also exceptionally strong for passive pickups.

    The first thing that I did when I received this bass was to remove the pickup and bridge covers. I found it to be a little awkward playing this bass with them attached. The sound dramatically improves on this bass once the foam mute is removed from the bridge cover. It seems that foam mute would cause some unusual harmonics to occur. Once the bridge cover is removed, the sound really improves although it does reveal the copper grounding strip from the bridge pickup to the bridge.

    In terms of the action and setup when it arrived: The neck relief was exactly within the fender specs. I checked this with a feeler gauge. The pickup height needed some minor adjustment that was due to my playing style. The bridge saddle heights were consistent with the neck's radius but I made some adjustment to prevent string buzz to suit my style. In general, I was able get a very low action on this without any truss rod adjustments.

    The internal electronics look pretty much the same as a vintage 1964 jazz with the cloth covered wires, ceramic capacitors and brass grounding plate in the bottom of the control cavity.

    I am able to get a very diverse range of sounds from the classic mid range growl to a 'hi-fi' scooped sound when using both pickups and the treble all the way up. It's also pretty easy to get that classic Jaco style staccato, trebly sound when playing just in front of and on top of the bridge pickup.

    The appearance of this bass has all the vintage authenticity and appeal of a real '64 jazz.

Questions about the Fender American Vintage '64 Jazz Bass - 3 Color Sunburst?

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