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DigiTech JamMan Stereo Phrase Sampler/ Looper Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the DigiTech JamMan Stereo Phrase Sampler/ Looper Pedal?

Questions about the DigiTech JamMan Stereo Phrase Sampler/ Looper Pedal?

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  • Marvin Jolly
    from Buffalo, NY January 31, 2017Music Background:
    Drummer, Percussionist, Composer

    Great Gizmonic!!!

    As a musician and composer, I love this tool as part of my brainstorming and experimenting sessions as part of coming up with ideas for compositions. Whenever I have an idea musically, I don't have to set up my regular studio gear to hear them out. I can just try them out by layering parts and sequences On THE FLY with the JamMan!!

    The sky is the limit as to the possibilities and I can use any of the many options to achieve what comes to mind. The playback from this device is quite remarkable coming out of either my studio cans or my studio monitors! The JamMan can be configured in a variety of ways with my existing gear like my computer, digital portastudio, electronic keyboard, drum machines, live mice, etc., etc!!! And I can export and store my favorite soundscapes to the free downloaded JamManager software from Digitech for safe keeping, converting to mp3s, or retrieval later on for future projects!

    In short, this is a valuable addition to my "arsenal for creation" and for such a relatively small and easy to use gadget, it really packs a lot of features and the price is sweet to boot!!! Glad I got hip to it! Thanks DigiTech and thanks a bunch Sweetwater!!!

  • Smokey
    from Northern Mi. USA November 29, 2013Music Background:

    Digi Tech JamMan Stereo

    A well built looper pedal. An invaluable tool for student/hobbyist with room to grow. I couldn't ask for more!!

  • Randall Marshall
    from Northern AZ March 3, 2011Music Background:
    6-12 Guitarist, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Vocalist

    Band in a box pedal

    When I first saw the video demo, I knew I had to have it... With the SD cards, I can make and store as much digital quality music as I want. I've got karaoke tracks on one card, original music on another, etc; I had to find a way to work around not being able to hear the second layer in real time, but now I have a portable digital recording studio that fits in a few Samsonite cases and a couple of boxes... I think it was well worth the $ outlay... I spent $250 on my reverb pedal... another $50 bucks for a digital recording device of this caliber? No hesitation whatsoever... I love the digital age... and I love Digitech for innovating just what I needed for my own musical creation. As an added bonus, I can interface with my computer to move this stuff around... I'm looking forward to what software innovations they will come up with next. Very impressed!

  • Bob Knight
    from Minneapolis, MN February 4, 2016Music Background:

    Great Tool!

    This was my first looper. I was floored at what it can do. Still am, and still learning the ins and outs of loopage, but I know now that this will be a valuable tool in my arsenal. Not only is it fairly intuitive to use and the audio quality is astounding, but it's now my go-to for flying tracks as backup while doing my solo act.

    If you don't already have a looper, consider adding one to your live setup. Considering it costs little more than your typical stomp-box, and does amazing things for you both sonically and creatively, I can't imagine why you'd pass on the JamMan Stereo.

    As always, my guy, Chris Sanders, stepped up and made the selection and buying process a breeze. Great products and great service from Sweetwater prompt me to use a well-worn phrase: Why go anywhere else?

    Oh, and because I'm a rule breaker, and just read the rules about NOT including phone numbers in reviews, I've just gotta say this: It's REALLY a fun product to use to play 867-5309!

  • Bob KNight
    from Minneapolis, MN January 19, 2016Music Background:
    Long-time pro


    I have never owned or even goofed around with a looper, so my first foray into loop-world was misguided, and I purchased a one-switch looper, which, anyway you cut it, is rhythmically non-intuitive, because you cannot possibly stop the thing right on the beat. So, I returned THAT looper, and ordered this one, the JamMan Stereo, which features a dedicated "stop" footswitch.

    Audio quality is very, very good (yes, you can distort it, but it's not easy), and everything works as described. What I found the coolest, though, is, if you have prerecorded backup tracks (I have those of my original material), you can fly them right out of this box and into your PA. After years of doing MIDI stuff, dealing with playback machines and laptops, I had given up. Now, I can do a mix of loopity-fun AND play along with my tracks.

    It's fun, it is impressive to the audience, and it's perfect for those who wish they had another them.

    Great product, great price, and unbeatable service from Chris Sanders and the crew at Sweetwater!

  • Dale Crockett
    from London, OH June 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Songwriter

    LOVE IT!!

    The JamMan Stereo is the first phrase looper that I've owned, and it is going to open up a whole new dimension to my solo act. A friend of mine bought one a while back, and showed it to me one night a couple of weeks ago. We played around with it for a while, and when I left, I decided that I absolutely HAD to get one.

    I've been wanting to do some guitar instrumental stuff in my live act, and the JamMan gives me the ability to record and store the backing tracks, and then recall them later with just the "click" of a switch. For those wanting to work on your guitar "chops", the JamMan is a GREAT tool to use for practicing. You can just record a chord progression, and then play it back while soloing over it.

    This unit was designed really well, with all it's functions and capabilities. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen the "flat plastic" switches that someone else mentioned in their review, but it's not that big of a deal to use the metal switches. And the owner's manual is one of the best I've ever seen for any product - the detailed steps and illustrations make learning all the unit's functions a breeze.

    The 37 minutes of memory that comes with the JamMan from the factory is not a big issue if you're not going to store a bunch of loops. However, having the option of using an SDHC card with the unit is great, if you know you're going to store a lot of loops. After realizing the potential the JamMan has for my live shows, I knew I'd need one of the SDHC cards, so I ordered one.

    This unit is definitely worth the money, and it's so easy to learn how to use, someone who is new to looping can be up and going with it in practically no time at all. Thank you, Digitech, for the Stereo JamMan!

  • Steve Jay
    from December 1, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro guitarist and bassist for 30+ years

    So powerful it could pull a fully loaded semi trailer

    Loopers are the unicycle of the music world, you can learn them in an afternoon, but they can take a lifetime to master. This is the exception. To get you started, use the included factory loops to get your playing-with-yourself chops up. Later, pre-load your own loops from your computer. Finally, as you master your own inner clock, make loops as you play - WITH SO MUCH FEEL! It took me a few days to get free looping happening in a way I'd be happy to take live and it's so easy to drive. You'll need the manual for the power functions, but it's still enough plug-and-play to use straight out of the box.

  • Customer
    from Fredonia, NY USA August 27, 2012Music Background:

    JamMan Stereo

    Great little pedal! I have yet to use it live, but in practice it has been wonderful. I use it with my keyboards so the true stereo capability is great. It's solidly built and extremely easy to learn how to use. I love the reverse playback function, it can be used to create a really cool effect.
    Also the dedicated XLR mic input was a major selling point for me, it allows me to mix vocals and any number of acoustic instruments into my loops without needing any extra equipment (except a mic).

    My one complaint is that there is no hands-free way to save a loop, even with the optional FS3X footswitch.

    All in all though it's a great pedal, and I wish I had gotten a looper a long time ago.

  • Pete
    from North Port FL USA August 20, 2011Music Background:

    DigiTech JamMan Stereo

    This unit exceeds all my expectations.
    I intend to make my own loops and singles using Band In A box, realband and cakewalk.
    This will allow me to use when I need them insteasd of my laptop computer.

  • Zac Tishey
    from Cincinnati, OH June 14, 2010Music Background:
    21 y/o, 6-year acoustic guitar and piano player, recording engineer

    Fantastic Sound Quality - Great for Practice/Live Performance

    As a first time loop pedal user, I can't say I have much experience or skill using the JamMan right out of the box so bare with me here. But its been about a week since I've had mine but I can already tell its going to largely effect my song creation process. I was initially surprised at how great my guitar sounds during loop playback- it barely loses any tone and doesn't add any unwanted noise or distortion if the input level is set correctly. I have yet to test it with vocals, but I'm sure it sounds great with an SM58 or any other popular dynamic (can't say I would ever try a condenser/phantom box). Getting used to the metal stomp switches has proven to be a little rough without shoes on compared to using a flat plastic pedal (original JamMan), but I'll probably get used to it over time. The amount of storage on this thing is fantastic, with room to expand. The backing tracks are great for jamming with yourself or keeping tempo in a live environment. Besides a slight learning curve for users unfamiliar with looping in general, this product has an impressive amount of features and an ease of use that makes it perfect for practice and live performance. For someone just getting into looping/sampling, I probably should have started off with a basic JamMan, but for loop veterans this is highly recommended. I only wish I had gone with the delay/looper mega combo version!

  • Albert
    from Indiana July 8, 2014Music Background:
    serious guitar player

    looping mania

    this is a really nice pedal, easy to use and figure out. Sounds great and looking forward to using it for experimental ideas.

  • Rey More
    from Coral Springs, FL September 27, 2012Music Background:

    If you loop, this is a professional tool

    I have been playing a solo gig that requires a looper for some of the tunes. I have tried a couple of Boss loopers that sound OK and work OK. The only issue is that to advance from loop to loop I had to wear sandals and push the buttons with my big toe!!! Its a good thing I live in Florida!!! After lookiing around I found this product by DigiTech. It provides great sound quality in a rugged housing that feels professional. It has less on board memory than the Boss but that was quickly and cheaply fixed with an SD card. I can now wear real shoes like an adult !!!! If you are looking for a looper this one sounds good, is intuitive and easy to use, and feels like you could drive a car over it. Two thumbs up!!!

  • Ken Brown
    from Trinity, Texas June 21, 2016Music Background:
    Solo Performer

    JamMan Stereo Looper

    Does everything advertised but not as "heavy duty" constructed as the original Jam Man. The buttons make a clicking sound when pressed. I ordered an 8gb (optional) memory card with the Jam Man Stereo Looper and it only held 61 recorded country backing tracks. I was expecting the 8gb card to fill up the 99 slots for recording.

  • Graham
    from Fredericksburg, Texas, USA March 4, 2011Music Background:
    Nothing to Write Home About

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    This pedal is fine if you want to record all your loops at home and then use them as a kind of "band in the box" during gigs. You will not be happy with it if you rely on live looping during a gig unless each of your songs comprises only one loop. This is because, after creating a loop on the fly, you have to kneel down and press the save button before selecting a different program number ready for recording a different loop.

    So if you're into recording your loops at home, the manual has no example of how you record several loops, each with the same tempo, that make up a song. Here's the way you do this. Start by selecting an empty program and tap the tempo you wish to use for the whole song. Now save this tempo (without any musical overdub). Now copy this program to as many different programs as your song requires.

    Let's say your song requires a intro, a verse, and a chorus. Before recording the music for the intro, make sure Auto_Record is OFF. Let's say your song is in 4/4 time and you want to give your drummer 2 measures of clicks before starting the intro. Tap the Record button, wait for the first 4 clicks (these are not recorded) and THEN WAIT AN ADDITIONAL 8 CLICKS (these give you the 2 measures of clicks for your drummer). Record the music for your intro and tap the Record button at the end of the intro. The JamMan will automatically quantize your intro so it is an exact number of beats. When saving this loop, remember to save it as a "Single" loop and make sure the Stop mode is "Finish".

    You can use the other programs that have the empty click track already recorded for your verse and chorus loops. Again, make sure Auto-Record os OFF and, after tapping the Record button, remember to wait for the 4 clicks before playing the music. When saving the verse and chorus, save them in "Loop" mode with the "Finish" stop mode.

    After recording your intro, verse, and chorus loops, you can step through them, cue the next loop before the current one is finished playing, and all loops will have the same tempo.

    Hope someone out there finds this long-winded explanation helpful.

  • Charles Williams
    from North Carolina February 29, 2016

    Jam Man Stereo Looper

    Purchase mid January 2016. Looks pretty well but takes practice and patience in getting my pre-recorded back up tracks to loop without sounding choppy. One warning is you need to turn off any pre-set built in rhythm tracks before recording your own loops. Manual does not really mention this so there is a learning curve. Little disappointed in that this unit requires an older style usb cord and it does not ship with one. Luckily I had one that I saved from the older backup storage drives and other older hardware. not sure why they still use that type of cord. I am so far not at all pleased with the JamManager Librarian Software.
    It is supposed to let you archive and transfer loops between the Jam Man Stereo and your computer.
    This software seems rather dated and message received was no new updates to the software.
    When I play back a loop with the software - it does not loop - only plays as a single phrase so can not use the software to see if the loop sounds ok when it loops.

    I do like the fact that you you can use an SD memory card but you must format it first - ie read the manual. Not sure what type of file format loops are save as. I assume the same as you what one inputs, it mp3 etc. But in the library software I can not find the info on the loop ie. loop 1.mp3 , loop 2.mp3.

    Would be nice if Digitech could provide support on the software. I have used Sound Forge software for years and other music software.

  • Chumley Shaver
    from Minnesota November 4, 2015Music Background:
    Long Time Pro

    CLI... CLI... Push down Harder! .... CLICK!!!!

    I migrated up to the JamMan Stereo from the older 2-button JamMan. I'm now selling this new Stereo model and going back to the older original version. The hard click buttons are really terrible, less responsive in live use and a real downgrade to the soft touch pedal pads on the original. Plus there's pretty a loud CLICK when you step on them an acoustic setting. Why Digi went with these dumb little hard-click buttons verses the big soft touch pedals is beyond me. My next "upgrade" will be going Boss!

  • James
    from Phoenix, AZ November 30, 2016Music Background:
    Bassist, recording enthusiast

    Disappointing quality

    I don't really like to leave bad reviews and I love most pedals for what they are but I'm really not a fan of this one. The loop playback is poor and gets worse the more loops are added. That's just it. Despite it having awesome features it just doesn't sound good. And the more loops added the worse it sounds. Save yourself $ and start a band or go for the Ditto.

  • Tim Allen
    from California May 2, 2011Music Background:

    Not Reliable

    Warning! These pedals are another fabulous MADE IN CHINA product. I've owned both this pedal and the smaller single mono pedal and had circuit problems with both of them. I only had this one a couple of weeks before it just stopped recording loops. I'm not a big digitech fan anyway.

    I very seldom give bad reviews for products, but this is one of them

Questions about the DigiTech JamMan Stereo Phrase Sampler/ Looper Pedal?

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