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Fender Jaguar HH - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Southern Californa December 12, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player for 50 years

    Best of both worlds

    Right out of the box the instrument is flawless. The finish is perfect, considering it's black which will show every flaw. The controls fit the pickguard perfectly.
    The amount of tonal variations with the dragster pickups and the way they are wired, gives the player almost unlimited tonal possibilities.
    The switches and roller controls feel very good and silky smooth.
    The neck with the 7.25 radius gives you that very old school feel you expect from a Fender. The 24" scale is very comfortable and allows for some fingering that you couldn't do on a longer scale.
    In closing if you love the feel of the vintage Fender with the ability to create a ton of different tones, this is the best if both worlds.
    Humbucker, single coil ,or both this one guitar has it all.
    This could be the only guitar you will ever need.

  • from United States November 12, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Great Jag!

    Excellent Jaguar. The humbuckers sound great; I can go from high gain leads to a nice mellow jazz tone in no time at all. The vintage frets and short scale make the neck very easy to navigate. It's quite the looker with the black and chrome and the matching headstock is icing on the cake. A great guitar for the money and a worthy addition to my offset collection.

  • from Lynchburg, VA January 29, 2012Music Background:
    Active Player

    jaguar hh

    Great guitar. The finish and build quality is excellent. The guitar is very versatile as well. You can get a variety of tones from warm to dirty so it really works for almost any type of music one wants to play. The shorter scale neck is a little different at first but its fine once you get used to it. Also, it is a little heavy compared to a strat or tele, but I think this just adds to itís fantastic tone. I would definitely purchase this guitar again and I recommend this guitar to anyone thinking about purchasing it.

  • from USA April 20, 2007

    A near-perfect marriage of Fender and Gibson, just what I wanted for years.

    Honestly. Maybe it's because I just got one of these in the last week but then I used to work on Denmark Street, so I learnt how to spot a good one. And this is a very good one. Fender have given the Jaguar a new lease of life by removing the difficult vibrato system, installing some nice low output humbuckers but keeping the cool features like the 24" short scale and switching system. The none-more-black colour scheme does no harm either. Playability is excellent - the neck is butter, and as it has a 9.5" radius allows for more aggresive, technical lead work, unlike the standard Jaguar's 7.25". Plugging in is just as good. The Dragster humbuckers come across more like fat Texas Strat pickups mixed with P90s. A great sound with plenty of dynamic range and versatility from the wooliest jazz or woman tone right through to Catfish Collins/Bloodsugarsexmagik funk.The Japanese are making possibly the finest guitars in the world right now for Fender and other companies, and this is a fine example. In a way it's good these Jaguar Specials are rare because it means whoever plays one is more distinctive for it. I have two main guitars - a Jaguar Special and a Les Paul Special doublecut with P90s. I like the Jag best - it does all the tones I want and it does them with a tonal colour few other guitars have. The only thing I miss, coming from a normal '62 style Jag, is a vibrato system. I'm going to have to have a Stetsbar installed as an aftermarket upgrade - the ONLY reason this doesn't get five stars.

  • from Ft. Wayne, IN July 30, 2010Music Background:

    hh jaguar

    all fenders to me just have an amazing feel, but i wasn't particularly fond of the sound i got out of the single coil pickups of the strats and teles. well, on this tone machine, you get that great humbucker crunch combined with quality fender feel. the black one looks great, the pictures just can't capture what real life can. overall, this is a stunning guitar.

  • from July 1, 2005

    This guitar is fantastic! I cannot believe the value. It is simply outstanding. Impeccable fit and finish. I cannot find a flaw anywhere on it. Quite a big difference from my 1984 CBS Telecaster, better than most current USA production I've inspected, and a magnitude better than the Mexifenders. It arrived well set up by Sweetwater's tech and the intonation is spot on. I only wish the factory had equipped it with 11 guage strings. The 10's are too light for the 24" scale and feel like rubber bands. I was expecting to have to gut the electronics and replace the pick ups, but now I'm not so sure. They don't sound like a Jag, but they aren't half bad either. They are definitely unique. Time will tell. Leave it to Fender Japan to build the ultimate Jaguar. They kept the good stuff, and eliminated the crap. Way to go!

  • from Mooresville, IN USA May 1, 2005

    This Thing Rocks!

    This is a sweet guitar. The special Dragster pick-ups are hot! The bridge setup on this is way better than your standard Jag bridge. And it looks killer too. I wasn't too sure about all the black when I ordered it, but in person it looks sharp.If you wanna rock, you need this guitar.

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