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Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Surf Green Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Surf Green?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Surf Green?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Indiana January 31, 2016

    A Great Blast From The Past!

    Back in early 1965 I had bought a new sunburst Fender Jazzmaster to match my band mate's sunburst Jaguar. Played it in various bands through college and beyond. Years later it was gone (always had been a big regret). Once Squire released the VM Jazzmaster it was finally justifiable price-wise to purchase just to play at home and I bought the sunbusrt version to match the one I had owned years before.

    I was so impressed at the quality and sound and how true it was to the original that I just had to add the VM Jaguar. Chose the surf green just because it looks so great and so retro. Really looks like the late 50's, early 60's.Really the only changes from the early 60's Jags is that the fretboard radius is 9 1/2 compared to the original's 7 1/2 and that it has med jumbo frets compared to the original's small vintage frets. One other change is the lack of a string mute and locking trem (both things very rarely, if ever used on the originals).

    One other change is that the bridge pickups on both the Jag and Jazzmaster are wound slightly hotter than the originals (easily taken care of with pickup height adjustment).

    There are many stories out there about the bridges and trems on both these offsets. I can say that they work great stock with the correct adjustments. There is lot of info on the web for this. Heavier strings (I use 11's on the Jazzmaster and 11's or 12's on the Jag) are a big help. These guitars were designed for the heavier strings that were used back then (there were no light gauge options at the time).

    The Jaguar arrived in great shape and setup well by Sweetwater. Fit and finish were great. Installed a set of 11 pure nickel strings and was ready to roll. These sound and play like the originals. The shorter 24" scale on the Jag makes it a fun guitar to play and makes the heavier strings seem lighter.

    I do read a lot of comments about these having very little sustain and that is true. These were designed primarily for a very specific type of music, that being surf. The strong attack (percussive) and fast release were by design. These are not for someone looking for lots of sustain, like an LP, etc. These are bright sounding, very percussive guitars. They have a great sound all their own.

    The amazing part to me is that the price of either the Jaguar or the Jazzmaster is less than I paid for the new Jazzmaster I had bought back in 1965 and my buddy's 1964 Jaguar, and every bit as good as those (and remember I had owned and played both 50+ years ago). I jam with some old buddies that I have know and played music with for over 50 years (most play high end guitars) and even they were impressed with this guitar.

    As usual Sweetwater's customer service was as good as it gets. The kind of customer service that was common when I was young (many, many, years ago) but seems to have become very rare in more recent times. Thanks to my Sales Engineer Nate Edwards, as usual very helpful.

  • from Chino Hills, CA November 7, 2015Music Background:
    Blues Player

    Better than it was 43 years ago

    The Squier Jaguar was the first electric guitar I played. That was 43 years ago in Junior High School, and back then I could not afford to get one but it made me want to be in a rock and roll band. Yesterday, the Surf Green I ordered arrived. I got to say, this guitar felt better than I remembered. I currently own a few high-end Fenders but this one plays just as well. Great built quality and myriads of rich tones.

    Thanks to my sales engineer Jeff Jent. He had it set up the way I wanted - low without buzzing with the D'Addario NYXL 8's/38 - free of charge. This is why I will always buy at Sweetwater. The guitar had been on back-ordered for some time, and it's been worth the wait.

  • from Judsonia, AR USA December 25, 2014Music Background:
    Been Playing Guitar 50 Years, Hobbyist


    I Really Like This Jaguar Vintage Modified That Squier Has Come Out With. It Sounds Great And Is Easy To Play. Right Out Of The Box Sweetwater Had Allready Set It Up So I Just Tuned It And Was Ready To Go. I Can Definitely Hear The Ventures, Beach Boys Sound When Playing Thru My Fender Vaporizer Amp. Sounds Great! I Like Playing It So Much It's Hard To Put Down. This Is My Second One And I'm Blown Away By The Price And The Way It Sounds.

  • from Saugerties NY November 19, 2014Music Background:
    51 Yrs. Pro Musician, A&R, Project Mgr.

    This is an amazing Buy. You will not be disappointed with this axe. Contrary to what you may have read or seen on You Tube This guitar does not need a bridge switch to a Mustang Bridge (which the Fender Rep.also felt was uncalled for) unless you are Windmilling it like Pete Townsend it holds it's tune and strings stay in place. I replaced the Bullets w/Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9's. I did a setup on it and then again after some playing time. It leveled out just fine. this guitar has a voice of it's own. Looking for a different sound along with the Surf Vibe. Dive into this Axe. You won't be sorry.

  • from Indiana, USA October 13, 2014Music Background:
    Many years in garage bands and now home recording and jams with friends

    Amazing Guitar Regardless Of Price

    Bought this VM Jag in surf green after having bought the Squier VM Jazzmaster about a year ago. Was so impressed with the Jazzmaster that I just had to complete the set of these Squier offsets.

    This guitar is so much fun to play and sounds great. The shorter scale is really part of the fun. The Duncan Designed pickups are really nice (as they are on my Jazzmaster). Can't see ever replacing them. The fit and finish of these guitars is top notch, regardless of price. The guitar arrived is perfect condition and ready to play (had to just slightly tune two strings).

    You may read of issues with buzzing at the bridge on these offsets, but more is made of it than deserved. These guitars were originally designed back when heavier strings were normal. I put a set of 11's on it and it was fine (not bad at all with the shorter scale). I also have 11's on the Jazzmaster. I may put 12's on this Jaguar next string change. I had no problem with buzzing, but did (after setting up the guitar) put a drop of blue Loctite on the saddle and bridge screws. Not needed but for just for precaution.

    Sweetwater has become my go-to place for gear. Their personalized service is great and having the opportunity to view online the exact guitar(by serial number) you will receive is just great. Their extensive inspection and packing checklist is another well appreciated bonus.

    I've been playing for over 55 years and this is the best service I have encountered. The guitar is also a definite keeper. My first offset was a 1964 Fender Jazzmaster that I bought new in the spring of 1965. These Squire offsets are their equal. Just amazing...regardless of price.

  • from Byron, GA February 23, 2014Music Background:

    I'm a Surfing hillbilly now.

    Just got an urge to get an electric guitar about 2 months ago. Had a few guitars in my life, 2 acoustics and 1 electric, but was never really heavy into it. After getting this Squier VM Jag I can't put it down, I'm addicted.lol It's got such a cool sound, twang and jingle. You've probably heard of the bridge problem, with slippage and buzz, well from what I've read this was a problem with the originals back in the 60's. I put size 11 strings on it, raised the bridge, and it's doing good now. If you love that surf/rockabilly/psychobilly sound, then you'll probably love this guitar. Happy Surfing!

  • from Kayenta, AZ Navajo Nation October 8, 2013Music Background:
    casual musician, sound engineer, luthier, etc...

    Sweet Piece of Wood!

    I bought this because about a year ago I restored an original beat to h**l 1965 Jag and fell in love with its tone, feel and looks after I completed it. Unfortunately I just couldn't afford...well not that I couldn't afford, I just didn't want to shell out for one of the new ones. So I figured I'd wait around and see what happens if I waited a bit. Sure enough I after about 8 months I came across another beat to h**l Jag online and bought it. Needless to say it sure was beat to h**l and I could only salvage the pups, trem, bridge and strap buttons. The rest was toast. A few more months later I was at a music shop and saw the Squire Vintage Mod Jag. I played it for awhile and put it back. I was really hesitant to buy a Squire. I normally don't buy these type of affordable guitars because of the build quality. But for some reason this Jag I played was actually pretty nice. It felt good, sounded good and looked pretty solid. After podering on it for a few more months I finally broke down and decided to buy one. I got the Surf green one because I personally think it looks pretty darn cool. When it arrived I unpacked it, tuned it and plugged it in my original 1966 Fender Super Reverb. I strummed a few chords and got some fret buzz. After doing a full setup I tried it again and it played really nice. The tone was good. Not stellar like and original but pretty good considering the price. For the price of this guitar you just can't beat it. As for me I completely rewired it, dropped in quality pots, switches, trem, bridge, etc ... and topped it off with original '65 Jag pups. Now this baby can keep up with the best Jags out there for a fraction of the price.

  • from Ava,Mo.(USA) April 29, 2013Music Background:
    Been playing since the 60's

    The guitar guy

    This guitar is awesome. I never was a Squier man, But, I took a chance on this new guitar. I wanted to have a Jaguar although I didn't want to pay a big price. This guitar suprised me and it sounds very good with my Fender Twin Reverb Amp. I own around 60 guitars and this is a keeper.

  • from Rochester NY January 16, 2013Music Background:
    30 years playing instrumental Rock and 25 years playing Pedal Steel

    Surf is Up

    Fender has done it this time fantastic guitar little tip for you boys who have Fenders with two channels Deluxe Reverb Twin Reverb you can reroute reverb Tank and get a soaking wet sound similar to a original 63 Reverb Unit you can use normal channel controls to set your depth and dwell of your reverb setting as I said this model as well as the Jazzmaster are Super guitars by from Sweetwater and you wont go wrong believe me

  • from Savannah September 5, 2016

    Excellent guitar

    I have Fender Marr Jag and a MIJ Jag, and this Squire is very good. After a quick set-up, the guitar plays perfectly. The fit and finish overall is very good, not great, I can see a seam line on the body near the tailpiece through the finish. The stock pickups are fine, no hum or noise. I purchased this for use in dive bars and more risky venues where I don't want to bring my better/more expensive guitars.

    I dig the surf green, though the pictures looked more sonic blue; and I have two Fender amps in surf green which makes a great stage look. Pay attention to the weight, this one is a boat anchor, it's my heaviest guitar which is the only downside. If you're looking for a decent Jag on a budget, you can't go wrong with this Squire which has may specs close to the '62 / '64 Jag.

  • from Miami Florida November 9, 2015Music Background:
    playing for 30 years was in many punk bands in the mid 1980s and was in a cover band hate to say. . But I mostly wrote my own music and people loved it but i got side tracked in my youth because in those days totally a different reality

    Brings me back

    I had one that look just like it no squire but this squire is just nice and sounds like apro. It is made well because I had one and it was stole. Brake my heart!

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician for 17 years

    Excellent guitar for the price.

    This is a very cool, great sounding guitar for an amazing price. I recently purchased this guitar and am very impressed with its tone capabilities and action. I did have to set the string height and the intonation, but not a big deal if you know how. The tremolo is not super great, generally puts the guitar out of tune fairly easy so no dive bombs. The bridge, although cool for the vintage factor is impractical. I replaced it immediately with a mustang bridge that I found online for $10. The grooves in the original bridge are just not deep enough to keep the strings in place. I play 11's, so it's not an issue of too light of a gauge. The tuning keys could stand to be a bit more solid, but the vintage factor is what it is. I use this as my #1 in a classic rock/blues band playing 2-3x/month. It holds up well and I receive compliments about it everywhere we go. I have the surf green model.

  • from November 7, 2015

    Amazing Value!

    For the record I own a wonderful MIJ Jaguar, so I am familiar with the traditional design. I purchased my Squier VM Jag for a stupid low price in Craigslist. I find that even if I had paid retail it would have been a terrific value. The Indonesian made Squier Jag is very well crafted - better in my opinion than the Fender Baja products. The neck is fantastic, nearly equal to my MIJ, with the exception of the obviously lower grade of rosewood on the board. Pretty sure it is a lighter color that has been dyed or stained, but you have to expect these kind of compromises at this price. I prefer the Squier Duncan designed pickups over the traditional Jag. They have just the right amount of gain and balance where the trad Jag tends to be overly bright and thin. The trem works great. Electronics are fine, though I'm sure costs were cut there as well. I think you would be foolish to pay more than twice the price for a Mexican made Modern Player Jag.

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar - Surf Green?

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