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Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS - Black?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS - Black?

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  • from CRAIG, CO January 4, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, uke-player, drummer, bass-player, guitar-player, in order of decreasing ability (mouth harp, recorder, Tonette--don't count)..

    Fender? No! Squier. Yes! :D

    I can't afford Fenders. I needed a bass. (Accidentally--I ordered in a hurry--I got a short scale, which is what I really needed as I play it in a recliner and as my left-hand fingers don't work so well and a regular [long] scale would have fret-distances to large near the head-stock!).

    So, I bought a Squier. And, I was (figuratively) "blown away" by the quality. Hopefully, some day I'll be able to afford a Fender bass (maybe a lefty as I play uke lefty, tho' I'm a righty--lefty due to some physical disabilities) and be able to compare Fender to Squier directly. Until then, Fender has lost any potential business because of the 5 stringed instruments I own (all 2015 dollars: forgotten-maker/$30 uke, $250 Ibanez tenor uke, $230 Peavey lap steel, and $300 Ibanez acoustic/electric steel-stringed guitar, and $180 Squier Shorty-Bass), the Squier is by far the best built and best sounding (tho', I love my tenor uke).

    Again, until I get rich ([chuckle]) enough to gamble on a Fender, my next guitar (will be a Sweetwater guitar) will be a Squier (lefty)!!

    Fender might not have shot themselves in the foot with (lost sales to) Squier, but, they surely must have a sore toe or two! The exceptional quality of my Squire bass is incredible for the price when compared with my other stringed instruments! INCREDIBLE!

  • from Philly/South Jersey November 4, 2015

    Amazing bass...how sweet the sound!

    I had played the same Fender Jazz Special for years and loved it, but I have recently developed carpal tunnel syndrome and was looking for a short scale bass for something easier on the hands and shoulder. This bass received excellent user reviews on Talkbass and for $179 from Sweetwater it was an easy lift. It has since become my main bass. Squier hit a home run with this one! BTW, the Fender Urban Short Scale Bass Gig Bag is a perfect fit. My sales engineer Robbie Resnick was awesome as usual. Couldn't be happier.

  • from Arizona October 26, 2015

    Short Scale at a reasonable price

    This was my first Squire purchase and I was slightly hesitant, but bought it anyhow as a project bass. I own a 72' Jazz and a newer Rickenbacker, but wanted a lighter, faster option and this bass definitely delivers both. I replace the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Jazz; which sounds great blended with the stock P-pickups. After replacing the strings with flatwounds, and a minor set up I was extremely surprised and decided to test it out at rehearsals. This thing sounded great during rehearsals and I started wondering if Squire might be an underrated option, particularly if you like tinkering around with pick ups, pots, etc. This is a great bass for the price, throw a little extra love (replace pick ups, and/or pots) at it and you may like what you hear.

    A thank you to my sales engineer Nate Edwards!

  • from Douglas,MA July 3, 2015


    I've been playing since I was 14 and I'm 55 so I've been around for a while and owned way too much gear in my lifetime. We got this for my wife to learn on and I have to tell you I'm blown away at the quality of this little bass for the money! The neck alone is worth more than the price! The fret work is exceptional for something in this price range and the set up was GREAt right out of the box...just had to stretch the strings and play them in. I'm blown away for the price.....you can't go wrong with this bass! GET ONE!

  • from Westminster, CA April 24, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    The Perfect Guitar Players Bass

    Other than tuning, this bass was perfect out of the box. Not a blemish to be found and all hardware secure and functional. Also, as a guitar player, this bass is a natural fit. Very comfortable to hold and play. Unlike some reviews I have read, I found the output and tone to be just what I need from both pickups. My favorite setting is a blend between the two with the split Precision pickup sitting just a bit above the Jazz pup but the more I play it, the more tones I find.

  • from San Francisco, CA May 27, 2013Music Background:

    Great For Guitarists

    I'm a guitarist who needed a bass for home recording. The short-scale makes it a natural fit. It's looks and feels like a mini jazzmaster bass. I'd recommend it to anyone. Best bang for the buck out there. Love sweetwater also.

  • from Berkeley, CA May 10, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist with big dreams

    Awesome bass!

    I don't have a whole lot of experience with different basses and I've never owned any really expensive ones but I have had a blast playing this Jaguar since getting it a few months ago! It's extremely playable and it sounds great. The tuners are super stable and it's light but sturdy. The neck has that great satin finish that makes it a breeze to play fast and the stock strings sound and feel perfect. Setup was great right out of the box (which was packed really well, props to Sweetwater!) although I did adjust intonation and action a bit. However, I wouldn't expect them to be able to do a perfect setup in Indiana for California weather so no worries there!

    I had heard some complaints about the pickups being weak; the J pickup is a little thin for sure but the P pickup is surprisingly full and loud. I am more of a P bass guy in general so I don't mind - I keep the P volume up all the way with the J a little rolled off just to add a bit more treble to the overall sound. This bass is also perfectly silent when you aren't playing anything - no hum at all, even when I turn my amp drive up quite a bit! I also haven't noticed any dead spots along the neck or sharp fret edges. The low E can get a little floppy but that is to be expected from a short-scale and compared to my Epiphone Viola (also short-scale) it's way better.

    There are definitely some minor cosmetic issues - the pickguard feels and looks cheap and any smudges or dust will be super visible, and a few of the pickguard screws are installed at weird angles. You also seem to be stuck with the stock pickguard as it doesn't look like anyone makes custom ones for the short-scale version of this bass. The black paint on the pickup screws also wears off really easily. However, for the price it still looks awesome and has that timeless Fender shape.

    Overall I would say this is a great bass for anyone in the beginner to intermediate range. I would definitely have no problem gigging with it and it's really fun and effortless to play. Certainly not a top-of-the-line instrument but it does what it needs to do really well. I had planned to make some modifications but after having it for a while I think it's near perfect as is. Definitely something to consider if you're in the market for a bass at this price point!

  • from April 12, 2016

    Great Bass

    I have fender Jazz basses and I have hand problems, so I wanted a 3/4 size neck to try. You can't beat this bass for the price. It was way louder that I expected, since it is passive. I put DR strings on it and it even was better. It is nice and light weight also.
    These are perfect basses for open mic nights or bars that you don't want to take an expensive guitar to. The neck is not bad. It is better that I expected for $199.00. You could get a couple different colors for that price.
    It does not come with a case. I ordered a soft case for it.

    It is great for taking to rehearsals.

  • from Rockford, IA October 15, 2014Music Background:
    Bassist and guitarist for 20+ years

    Great Value

    I bought this for my 13 year old son. The long scale of my Fender Jazz bass was too much for his smaller hands. This short scale bass is a perfect fit for him. The finish is excellent. The set up was just right. It plays and sounds great. I'm impressed it and he is too. It is a lot of fun to play. The only complaint is that it does have neck dive. The body is light so the head stock drops as soon as you let go of the neck. Other than that it's perfect. Its a great deal and as always the people at Sweetwater are the best.

  • from Santa Barbara California March 30, 2017


    bass has a lot of punch sounds amazing thank you very much

  • from Hurleyville, NY December 12, 2016


    How is it that the 30" scale bass never really took off? It's SO FUN to play. I have long arms and wear long-length jackets for that reason. And I have a number of long scale basses. But I so LOVE the short scale bass better. More fun to play. When I saw the price of this bass I had to get it.

    The neck and scale length are around six inches longer than a standard Fender or Squier guitar neck in terms of Strats or Teles. It's longer than a guitar but not nearly as long and wonky as the normal 34" long scale basses.

    The "P" pair of pick ups rule. They are deep, thumpy and bumpy. Sons of Thunder, truly. But...not so much for the "J" pickup. The J is thin and weak. The J doesn't really add anything interesting or pleasant to the P pickups when you blend them together. Instead, the J seems to sap volume /strength from the P's the more you mix the J in. Drag. I'll change out the J pretty quickly. That's why only 4 stars.. But you just can't complain for the price.

    Black headstock is gorgeous. Neck is strong, smooth, straight with just the right amount of relief right out of the box. Action is just right. Superb! Bought some flatwounds to go on 'er but the rounds that come stock sound so good even without an amp that I'm going to keep 'em on for a while.

    I was expecting a larger body on the Jaguar Bass SS because of the body shape (same shape as the Bass VI I bought at Sweetwater AND same scale length) but the body is indeed somewhat small. About the size of a Strat. Definitely NOT the body size of a normal long scale bass or a Bass VI. Personally, I don't have a Jaguar guitar and haven't played one so I can't compare this Jaguar Bass SS body to that guitar body, but the body on this bass is about the size of a Strat. Not the shape but the overall surface area.

    And what a solidly built bass. It's crazy the quality of this instrument for the money. What an unbelievable deal for the price. The Urban Short Scale Bass Gig Bag I bought after the suggestion of another reviewer is a perfect fit.

  • from September 21, 2016

    I'm happy

    I'm happy with the product thanks

  • from November 22, 2015

    Squier quality HAS improved, but...

    Squier is the best bang for your buck on the guitar market, but I still see a lot of inconsistency...
    My bass came with a loose truss rod, so I had to spend good money to have it setup properly.
    That being said, this is great bass for guitarists,or new players! Easy to play, and fairly good tone.
    The only improvement I would request, is the use of a better wood, that would provide better balance.

  • from Madison NH January 7, 2013Music Background:
    pro Musician, engineer, producer, songwriter

    Great bass for beginners AND guitarists!

    Got this as a Christmas gift for an 11 year old, but played it myself and was quite impressed! The scale is great for guitar players not used to the long Jazz Bass neck... Only minor issue was some sharp edges on fret ends, but a quick swipe with my fret fils fixed it right up. Awesome deal!

  • from NYC June 2, 2012Music Background:

    Little Bad***

    Love practicing on my little Jaguar. Got it set up with some SS flatwounds and it is smoooth and so easy to play. Great for playing my favorite vintage rock songs. It's got a nice twang and a bit of thump as well. I still play my bigger heavier bass, but when something pops into my head I usually grab this first. I dig the body style too. For the money, it's a gem. Sweetwater sales staff are the best.

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS - Black?

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