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Marshall JVM410H 100-watt 4-channel Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall JVM410H 100-watt 4-channel Tube Head?

Questions about the Marshall JVM410H 100-watt 4-channel Tube Head?

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  • from June 18, 2017

    Typical Marshall Junk

    I deeply regret purchasing this amp and then actually "giving it some time". Considering Marshall hasn't produced a decent amp in 25 years, this is no exception. This amp is so dull and muddy you can turn the treble and presence all the way up and it will still sound like it is being played behind a closed door. It sounds nothing at all like a tube amp - instead it sounds like a cheap transitor or modeling amp. I wouldn't wish this amp on my worsed enemy.

    Am I just Marshall bashing? Heck no - I have the 2525 Jubilee combo and it's the best sounding amp I have ever heard in my life. That said, this is probably the worsed Marshall I ever heard in my life.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO August 24, 2015Music Background:
    30+ years performing in cover bands

    Most Amazing Amp Ever

    I have been playing in cover bands for over 30 years and I have played through many brands of amps. This head is by far the best sounding amp I have ever played through. There is not one sound in my head that I cannot find within this amp. Playing everything from country to blues to rock, this amp covers it all. From the cleanest cleans to the dirtiest distortion imaginable, you simply can't find a better amp. My only problem with it is that it doesn't come with a cover. You would think for that much money they could throw in a cover.

  • from TN December 19, 2014


    First and foremost, I have NEVER been a huge Marshall fan. I have had a multitude of amps throughout my playing history: Bogner, THD, Splawn, Dr. Z, Peavey, Vox, Orange to name a few of the more recent. And to be honest, I bought this amp strictly based on the amount of tonal ground it could cover. But I am simply in awe. The tones are great and the eq is so usable on this amp with rich reverb...it is perfect. The jvm410h responds so well to my playing style that it is truly better than what i had ever imagined it could be!

  • from Aliso Viejo, CA USA June 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician's Mom

    This Amp Does It All

    My adopted son who is a touring musician just loves this amp. He plays with several different bands and he can't say enough good things about it. We combined it with a 1960AV cabinet and it is the perfect half stack for anyone in his profession. I've never seen him happier so I guess I picked a winner!

  • from Michigan April 16, 2014Music Background:

    Kicks Some Serious ***!

    I have always grown up listening to all these great players. I am 18 and got serious much too late at the age of 7. Before obtaining this amp from Marshallís second run making them, I didnít need to play a Marshall to know I was a Marshall guy. I had played many cheaper tube amps before seeing the JVM: Carvin, Budda, Orange, and nothing felt right.

    I did what I had to in order to buy this head matched with a 1960AV cab. I can tell you that I carried this down my incredibly long driveway from the back of a semi parked in the road. I opened the box it came in and just its monstrous look had me astounded. This amp is truly the pinnacle of Marshall Amplification.

    Most guitarists who see it wonder why I need so many channels each with 3 modes. The only answer is, "I use themÖand all of them." Everything in this amp has a purpose, a place in the mix, its own vibe; classic or modern Marshall. I use the distortion it has, no pedals.

    It took me until I was 15 years to know what head I wanted. Itíll take just as long for me to discover all its tonal possibilities. This amp is everything to me. Itís unbelievable! I highly recommend anybody interested in a high wattage British amp to check this baby out! Itís the pinnacle of Marshall AmplificationÖthe PINNACLE!

  • from Chicago, IL July 29, 2013Music Background:
    Member of Evolution Project

    Marshall JVM410H 100 Watt Tube Amp Head

    After using the Marshall DSL 100-Watt head for quite awhile and discovering all sorts of amazing tones, I decided to upgrade to the JVM 410H so that I could access many of those tones by means of a footswitch stomp. That kind of versatility is unmatched for live performances.

  • from NorthBay CA May 9, 2013

    Great from John Gillespie!

    It's got that Marshall sound.

  • from Las Vegas, Nevada USA October 12, 2012Music Background:
    MUSICIAN: Lead Guitarist

    Marshall JVM410H 100-Watt, 4-Channel Valve Guitar Amp Head

    In my opinion, this is the Best amp Marshall has come up with! Four channels to choose from with 3 levels for each (Red, Green, Yellow). This makes 12 different tones available through a programmable floor switch! I recommend this amplifier to ALL metal heads!
    Simply AMAZING!

  • from Nashville, TN USA July 6, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Recordist, Guitarist, Pianist, Keyboardist

    My main Guitar Rig---not your average Marshall...

    THIS is the PINNACLE of Jim Marshall's developments. THIS thing has every marshall amp circuit, practically, that you could ask for. AND, unprecedented control via MIDI OR the normal guitar cable/footswitch. Imagine switching 12 different amps in or out, and THEN adding reverb and your own effects loop onto that when you need it. Well, you can do it.

    I'm amazing at the variety of sounds that I can keep getting from this baby. Just when I think, "you know, I'll try the Matchless, or the Hiwatt, or the x or y", I always fall back to this one and I can generally coax the sound I want out of it. From the cleanest of clean (i'm constantly amazed how pristine and clean I can make this amp sound) to near ear splitting heavy distortion, this amp does it ALL. My review doesn't do it justice. I bought mine when it first came out, and I'm still discovering new things about it. It caught me off guard when I first plugged it in, cuz it is certainly much more complicated than most tube amps, but that's only because it has so much CONTROL, and you're basically using 12 preamps in one...

    If you like Marshall tone (and even if you don't think you do), you owe it to yourself to check this baby out, but don't let the first impression sell you, go back again and again---it invites experimentation. Get down and dirty with the 410H!

  • from Memphis TN May 3, 2012Music Background:

    smoking amp !!!!!!

    I am a Marshall guy----but this thing is a beast !!! The clean channel is as clear as a bell with lots of headroom...just a touch of chours and EQ and bam !! This amp is so eazy to work with and program...The high gain does have a bit of hiss---but a noise gate in the effects loop got rid of most of it....LOVE IT.....kudos to Marshall---4 channels and 12 modes !!! wow !!! The price tag may seem high, but this baby is earns it ----!!!

  • from TX October 26, 2011Music Background:

    Two for Three

    Have owned two JVM410Hs (full stack & half stack) for three years. These Marshall's are every bit as good as a boutique Bogner XTC full stack (purchased four years ago). Both are excellent, with different tonal characteristics and choices. Noise gates are used on both in high gain modes. The JVM410H's serve up most of the past 40 years of Marshall sonic bliss; plus awesome cleans. The clean tones are so dynamic that a compressor is usually employed. Extra bonus: the emulated, balanced XLR line out delivers excellent clean signal and great tone straight to a recording system. If I had to limit myself to one guitar amp it would be the JVM410H.

  • from Dallas, TX May 8, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Killer Amp!!

    Great amp. Very versatile. However, it had a tube fail after on;y 3 mos. I sent it down to Houston, TX to a guy called the tone doctor for re tube and some mods. It is now the most versatile and best sounding head I have ever owned.

    Dallas, TX

Questions about the Marshall JVM410H 100-watt 4-channel Tube Head?

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