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Marshall JVM205C 50-watt 2x12" 2-channel Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall JVM205C 50-watt 2x12" 2-channel Tube Combo Amp?

Questions about the Marshall JVM205C 50-watt 2x12" 2-channel Tube Combo Amp?

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  • from North Carolina April 14, 2016Music Background:
    Blues, Rock, Jazz, Reggae

    Versatile amp with modern amenities

    I was needing a pro-quality amp with channel switching and switchable master volumes and I picked the right one. It does everything from a high-headroom sqeaky clean to a triple gain-stage searing lead, with four steps in between. The footswitch programming can be a bit confusing at first but I prefer the default setup. The effects loop can handle both -10dBv or +4dBv so you're good to go with stompboxes and rack effects. It also has non-buffered line level power amp insert but I haven't experimented with that yet. This amp will be able to grow with my rig. If it was stolen I would cry and be withdrawn for a few days but once the tears dried up I would work, beg, borrow, but not steal until I could buy another.

    This is the first high gain amp I've owned so it has taken a bit to learn how to use it. WIth that said, the tone knob is your friend. This amp has a great top end and can cut though but might be too much by itself. The amp is pretty quiet until you kick in that third gain stage it gets pretty noisy and needs a gate.

  • from Massachusetts December 22, 2015

    Covers all the Marshall sounds.

    I wanted something that could get me classic Plexi and JCM tones and this thing does it all. The clean channel is fantastic to boot. So many tones that sound just like the artists. This amp is LOUD but also very manageable for 50W.

  • from July 28, 2015

    The best all around Amp.

    I have been playing Guitar for 30 plus years, no puns towards anybody on this review. I have had Mesa's, EVH iii 5150 very recent and many more top brands to name a few. This amp as I can remember has them all beat as for as balance, tone, plenty of gain and a great clean and everything in between. Sweetwater is by far the best in customer service and in sales. My rep. is Geoff Allen @ ext1386, Give him a call and he will lead you to you're needs.

  • from IA April 9, 2014

    Awesome Amp

    This amp is so great in many ways, the clean channel is super clean and allows for blending of effects through that side, while the hot channels are beyond smokin' white-hot! I haven't had time to totally explore all the possibilities with this amp, but so far I couldn't be more pleased.

  • from Reno, NV February 26, 2010

    Killer Amp!

    Amazing amplifier with plenty of tone and a powerful punch! Want a nice crisp clean? This amp can do it. Hard rock roar? Not a problem. That's what I love about this amp...amazing flexibility and a ton of tone! Hey it is a Marshall afterall! Built very well and the programmable footswitch is very nice also. Special thanks to my rep Ben Porter (ext 1275).

  • from Madison, WI November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Former Pro Musician

    Several tones at your feet

    When I first got my 205 I could see it was not another combo. I needed the instructions on the top of the amp to figure it out. I liked the idea of two different speakers and spent time how to make the most of it. On the Heritage side it has a better clean, so if you mic your gear for recording that's the ticket, but frankly, with the miles of overdrive, this is not a twin. I bought a 2266c also and like how they contrast. It could be argued the 205 has a few too dials but they all get used to set the foot pedal. It's very cool, It's a Marshall tube amp, well made solid cab, unlike the 2266 which is not as well made. The reverb sounds alright, my only fault with the amp are the push-pots, kind of cheap for such a rugged amp. It is also pricey but the silent speaker recording and endless voicing eases the pain. In sum, I like the series as a whole. And you can always add a cab if need be, but for me this a studio toy and does not leave the house.

  • from Crystal Lake, IL November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Blues, rock, jazz, gospel. Playing for 20+ years

    Very cool amp!

    I've always been a Fender amp player. There's nothing like Marshall for gain, but I never bought one because I felt their cleans left much to be desired. I just bought this 50w 2x12 combo and I'm really happy with the clean channel. It will go from smooth jazz to blues grit to high gain just by changing modes. The overdrive channel is, of course, terrific. You can dial in all of the classic Marshall tones. The OD channel has 3 modes as well, so you have a lot of versatility at your feet (the amp is supplied with a programmable foot switch).

    Again...I'm very impressed with the cleans as well as the different gain ranges. 50w is plenty loud for me.

    Thanks again to TJ Bechill for his great service.

  • from PA December 20, 2016Music Background:

    Marshall jvm 205c

    I really wanted to love this amp and it was good, just not $ good. I bought it mainly for metal. The 2 high gain channels were noisey , as everyone probably already knows. This was eliminated by putting a noisegate through the power amp loop, not effects loop. Also the sounds were pretty decent, but I think it was the stock speakers which made me not like the amp. I kept playing it trying to maybe break in the speakers, and love it, but it just wasn't happening. I eventually returned it. Sweetwater was great about the return. I wish I would have played it though a cab to see if there was a difference. I think my 25 watt Marshall code had better tones.

  • from Conestoga, PA February 11, 2016

    Liking It More.... Finally... With Some 'Adjustments'

    I bought this amp about a year ago and it's taken that long for me to make friends with it. It's been a journey. Will preface this review by saying that I've been playing for a long time (had many diff amps, modelers & software), play in a cover band now (need versatility), wanted to return to a more classic guitar sound (Les Paul+Marshall) and needed some technical capabilities (midi). My tastes are wide but at the core it's guitar-centric 70's/80's hard rock style bands & players. I'm not a gear snob or a collector of stuff. I tend to keep & use things which suit my purposes and which sound good.

    At first listen this amp seemed painfully bright. Clean Green and Yellow Modes sounded great and very classic old Marshall to me. Clean Red mode sounded good when pushed with an OD pedal. As for the OD channels: Green mode sounded thin EQ-wise, Orange and Red modes were very noisy, had LOTS more gain and were prone to uncontrollable feedback. I couldn't balance the volumes of OD OR & RED modes with GRN so there was a big jump in volume between them. The high end seemed fizzy and brittle. Overall OD sounds were very compressed sounding. I couldn't seem to dial them in and was constantly tweaking. This was really disappointing and I was regretting this purchase.

    Over months of use some break-in occurred with a slight softening of the sound. I learned where the sweet spot settings were for me but the results were still lacking what I'd hoped for.

    With information found online at the JVM Forum, I modded this amp to better suit my tastes & needs: replaced the output transformer, added a choke, inserted a capacitor to reduce fizz and added 2 controls to the front panel to tweak both amplifier negative feedback and volume balance OD orange and red. The bias was adjusted because it was way off from factory specs. Nothing hard to do since I can solder and use hand tools. There goes the warranty though...

    The result was profound; much more dynamic, open and rich sounding. Gone is excessive hiss and uncontrollable feedback. I can use all 6 modes now and have no trouble dialing in either classic or modern sounds. It finally sounds like a classic cranked Marshall. Its midi capabilities offer added versatility for mode switching with rack mounted FX gear. Footswitch programming options are useful and flexible.

    In the end I'm glad I did all this and will keep this amp. That was in doubt for months as was the decision to modify it. Maybe out of the box this will be right for you as it seems to have been with many others. Unfortunately it wasn't for me. Hope this was helpful in your decision making.

Questions about the Marshall JVM205C 50-watt 2x12" 2-channel Tube Combo Amp?

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